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Captain Chonkers Chapter Forty

I didn't get much sleep that night. Let alone a moment to break out and escape. Thicc Corgi kept moving about, back and forth. Thankfully he took me out of the cage and unshackled me, allowing me freedom, however it was just to start performing the intrusive tests. When he said they were intrusive, he meant it. He shoved tubes down my throat. Shone bright lights into my eyes and poked and prodded inside my ears. He made me open my mouth to 180 degrees again. I flinched when he put multiple needles into my body. A few times I snapped and growled at him in frustration. When I swiped at him for getting too intrusive, he pushed me down...

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Captain Chonkers Chapter Thirty-Nine

" Captain Chonkers!...  CAPTAIN CHONKERS!" I shot up in fright,  Queen Floofy Floofer bending over me with an anxious look on her face as she shook me awake. I realised I was in the bed beside her. Considering I didn't remember getting into it, she must have put me there herself when I'd fallen asleep earlier. "Gaba katchooga?" I asked her quietly. "I hear people outside the room..." she responded in a small voice. I jumped from the bed at that and went to peer out of the window, when I heard the sound of the door trying to be opened. Since I'd punched it open before, the lock was broken and I'd put a chair against the back of...

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Captain Chonkers Chapter Thirty-Eight

Bonding with my father had been something I had needed, even if only a momentary distraction from the situation. Later that night I sat by my father as we watched some television in the ship. Sir Chonky had remained in the house, but Shiba Chonkers had returned to his parents to be with Mrs. Doggo and  Queen Floofy Floofer. I was beginning to pine for Queen Floofy Floofer and Thicc Corgi noticed. I was too distracted to concentrate on the movie he was watching. He scruffed my head, noticing my distance. "She'll be back tomorrow, Captain Chonkers. Even if larger sibling keeps away, you are knowing little girl is stubborn and persistent. She'll find a way back." I nodded slowly....

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Captain Chonkers Chapter Thirty-Seven

Thud... thud</em> I jerked up and opened my eyes, slightly disoriented. For a moment I felt confused and couldn't understand where I was. This wasn't my bed – but then it hit me. We were in the motel room. I looked at the clock on the bedside cabinet. My ears perked up at that. Through the curtain I could see figures moving. My heart raced slightly but when I heard a giggling female voice I realised it was just a few other humans. There was a jingle of a key before I heard the door to the room beside us open and shut and it went quiet again. I yawned and looked at Thicc Corgi. He was in a deep...

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Captain Chonkers Chapter Thirty-Six

The following morning, I sat up in Thicc Corgi's bed staring at the wall. Everybody else was up already, but I hadn't felt like going out to them just yet. Cobra had sent along more agents so I could ease up on guarding and have some more time to myself. I was glad about that considering Mrs. Doggo was still avoiding me for unknown reasons and I felt more and more down from it. I was still angry she had accused me but still, I hated arguments. I had been sitting and staring at nothing for a while when that strange, onset pain I'd felt before resurfaced in the back of my head. I grunted and put my paw there,...

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