Captain Chonkers Chapter Eighteen


It took me almost half an hour to convince  Queen Floofy Floofer to get up out of bed the next day. She was very down. I watched her sadly as she pulled on her normal hula outfit and helped her pack her belongings into her duffel bag. She just sighed as I brushed her hair for her. " Captain Chonkers?" she said, and I tilted my head at her. "Hm?" "I... never mind." I stared at her before squeezing her hand in my paw. " Queen Floofy Floofer, we won't be banned. I promise." She just nodded at me, picking up her duffel and sighing again before heading down to the car. Thicc Corgi was taking us this time. Mrs. Doggo had informed me on the way out that he'd spoken to her about what had happened with Mertle last night. He was in his disguise and I had to do a double take, stopping midway down the stairs to the driveway and making  Queen Floofy Floofer bash into me from behind. "Uh... Captain Chonkers?" My jaw dropped open. My father had been bald since I was young, but there on top of his head was long jet black flowing hair. When Queen Floofy Floofer noticed it, her jaw dropped open as well. "Uncle Thicc Corgi?" Queen Floofy Floofer asked hesitantly as we approached the buggy. "You like?" he smirked, looking directly at me. We climbed into the car, Queen Floofy Floofer getting into the back while I sat in the front seat beside Thicc Corgi. I stood up and grabbed some of the locks in my paw, tugging. "Ouch!" he said rather loudly, swatting my paw away. "Yes Captain Chonkers, is real. Not wig." "But... but how?!" He chuckled, starting up the buggy and reversing down the driveway. My eyes never left his head. "Decided to perfect disguise for dance recital. But... remembered what you told me on ship, about thinking it looked 'cool.' Did some experimenting and figured out new formula for regrowth. Took me many hours, but was something I must have missed before! Genius, yes?" "Ih!" "It looks great Thicc Corgi!"  Queen Floofy Floofer agreed. He grinned. "What you think Captain Chonkers?" "Perfecto," I gave him two thumbs up. "Your picture motivated me." "That stupid thing?" I asked. He laughed again and scruffed the fur on my head but never answered me. I felt him reach around to the back of my head. "How is this?" My head was a lot better. My fur had finally started growing back and it looked somewhat better than it had before. I was still embarrassed about it but realised I had better things to worry about. "Better," I said. "Good," was his response as he focused on the road. He took the other route as they still had not done anything about the massive hole in the middle of the road. <hr size=1 noshade><p> Queen Floofy Floofer was still down as we arrived at the school. I waited for her to climb out and slung her duffel over my shoulder before heading inside with her. Thicc Corgi went in first and the girls stared up at him in disbelief. Moses came forth. "Oh... hello there," he said. That was when I noticed Mertle standing off to the side with Elena and Yuki. She was in casual clothes and Aleka wasn't there. That little brat. She was smirking.  Queen Floofy Floofer noticed it as well and looked broken. I rubbed her back. "Greetings Mr Queen Floofy Floofer's teacher sir," Thicc Corgi spoke up. "My name is being Thicc Corgi Jookiba and I am Queen Floofy Floofer's uncle. I have come to discuss matter with you regarding obnoxious red-head girl over there." Mertle looked stumped and Queen Floofy Floofer and I giggled. Moses didn't know how to respond. "Uh... very well Mr... Jookiba? Come into my office." "Stay here Queen Floofy Floofer," I whispered to my best friend. " Captain Chonkers make sure everything okay." She gave a nod. I squeezed her hand in comfort again before running into the office after Thicc Corgi. Moses seemed surprised by that but allowed me in and shut the door behind us. Thicc Corgi sat down in front of his desk and the chair creaked. I jumped up onto his lap and sat back against him making Moses stare again. "Oh... is Captain Chonkers your dog?" Thicc Corgi grunted in response. I could tell he was insulted by that, but like me he couldn't say anything about it. Moses cleared his throat, looking awkward. Thicc Corgi spoke. "Little girl informed me last night that red-head brat (I snorted loudly) came around to home while we were out shopping and confronted her with apology." Moses nodded. "Little girl? Do you mean  Queen Floofy Floofer?" Thicc Corgi nodded. "Yes, Mertle came into the school today despite being suspended and told me that your dog there pushed her over and went to hit her," Moses continued. "She said I should ban him and Queen Floofy Floofer from the dance recital and from class." I growled deeply at hearing this. Thicc Corgi was angry too. He stood up, holding me under an arm. "Please do not be banning either of them. Nasty red head girl threatened Queen Floofy Floofer. Was telling her to be 'watching' herself. Captain Chonkers reacted in appropriate manner to threat. Is why he jumped on her." "She... threatened her?" Moses asked quietly. "This is the first I have heard of this. Mertle told me that Queen Floofy Floofer laughed at her apology and called her names." I slammed my fist onto Moses desk at that. I hadn't meant to, but I couldn't stop myself. It scared him and he stood up. Thicc Corgi was very quick to restrain me though and I yelped slightly. "Eh... sorry." I shook under his grip. It was lies. All lies. "Um... from how your dog is reacting, perhaps what Mertle told me wasn't the truth," Moses said quietly. He sat back down. "Was most certainly not! She threatened Queen Floofy Floofer and laughed at the fact she was going to get her and Captain Chonkers banned. Is why I am here today. To set situation straight." Moses nodded. I eventually managed to calm myself down and Thicc Corgi put his hand on my head. "I know how she has been treating  Queen Floofy Floofer as of late. I know that her dog is extremely protective of her. I had a talk to her mother yesterday. I do not want to ban Mertle from the ceremony but her actions as of recent as well as her dance not being within the rules lead me to think I might have to. I will have a talk to her today," he explained softly. Moses made eye contact with me. "I know you're intelligent enough to understand me, so you can be rest assured that I will not be banning you or Queen Floofy Floofer from class, okay?" he smiled at me. I was relieved to hear that. Thicc Corgi sensed how I felt and scratched my ears. I let out a purr without meaning to and that made Moses stare. I looked away in embarrassment as Thicc Corgi laughed. Moses seemed to pan between us, first looking at Thicc Corgi and then at me. He did this for a few moments and I started to worry, as did Thicc Corgi. He gripped me tightly. "What is being wrong?" he voiced. It was clear he was uncomfortable with it too. "Oh, I am sorry," Moses said. "I just couldn't help but notice that you two look look very alike." This was a new one for both of us. I looked up at Thicc Corgi and he looked down at me. I wondered how Moses noticed this so quickly yet so many other humans hadn't and then I realised why. It was the hair. "Eh... well..." Thicc Corgi started but trailed off. There was a knock on the door at that moment and Moses opened it up to reveal Queen Floofy Floofer. I let out a sigh of relief at her timing. Moses welcomed her inside and shut the door. She stood beside us. "Your uncle explained everything to me  Queen Floofy Floofer. Rest assured, you are not banned. I know Mertle lied to me and threatened you." Queen Floofy Floofer looked elated. "Really?" "Yes. With how she has been behaving recently, it is evident to me." Queen Floofy Floofer smiled and walked over to me, reaching out for my paw. I smiled at her and we hugged. Moses smiled seeing this. "Oh yes! As I mentioned before, I am curious as to why you two look so alike," he continued suddenly and Queen Floofy Floofer paled. Thicc Corgi looked at her and then at me. I knew this was down to her now. We couldn't say anything. Queen Floofy Floofer simply smiled. She looked at Moses. "Um... I guess it makes you wonder a lot why me and Captain Chonkers are so close and why he is so different from other dogs." He smiled back at her. "Well, yes it has Queen Floofy Floofer. I have noticed this for years, but have never said anything out of respect for you and your pet. He is extremely intelligent and aware." I remembered when he observed me in class that time as I'd snored at Mertle's dance. Perhaps this had been bound to happen. With the current situation we were in, it seemed reasonable. "Well... that's the thing," Queen Floofy Floofer responded meekly. I looked at her in shock and Thicc Corgi was a little afraid as well. "He's not my pet. He's my best friend." "Not your pet?" Moses asked her gently. "But... I have seen him with a red collar in the past, I thought he belonged to you?" "It's... complicated," Queen Floofy Floofer sighed. She looked at both of us before looking at Moses again. "You think they look alike?" "Well... I don't mean to be nosy," Moses responded. "It is just very apparent to me. I also heard about what happened in town with your dog being electrocuted. He looks okay to me, which is quite strange  Queen Floofy Floofer. He should not have survived that." Queen Floofy Floofer paled slightly again. "Uh... well. He got lucky I guess?" Moses just shook his head but went around to Queen Floofy Floofer and bent down to her level, placing his hand on her shoulder. " Queen Floofy Floofer, I have known you for a very long time. Your mother and sister attended this school before you did and I have nothing but respect for you and your family. You are one of my best students and I will always support you." Queen Floofy Floofer stared at him. "Thank you Moses," she sighed and stood up, reaching for my paw. I reached out and held her hand. Was she really going to tell him? She was. "Moses... Captain Chonkers and my Uncle Thicc Corgi look alike because Captain Chonkers isn't a dog. He isn't our pet either." Moses looked a little stumped. "Uh... okay Queen Floofy Floofer. He is not your dog?" "No. Captain Chonkers is Thicc Corgi's son." That really stumped him. He blinked in confusion. "So-son?" As in, keiki?" "Yes. We're all o'hana. We actually don't have any pets." Moses was so confused. Thicc Corgi scratched my ears again. "I used to think he was a dog too. But he's an alien. As is my Uncle Thicc Corgi." Moses almost tripped over and Queen Floofy Floofer quickly went to grab his hand. "A-alien? They're aliens?!" he asked, sounding scared. "Yes." "Eh..." Thicc Corgi finally spoke up. "Yes. I am from planet Kweltikwan and Captain Chonkers here is a creation of mine. We were exiled to here many years ago." Moses stared back and forth between us. His eyes rested on me. "Aloha," I said and he jumped in shock. "You can talk?" I nodded. He held a hand to his chest and I could hear his heart racing, but he smiled. "Well, this certainly explains a lot." Queen Floofy Floofer nodded and he smiled at the three of us. "I promise though  Queen Floofy Floofer, this will not change anything. I will not tell anybody about this either. Please do not feel afraid to talk to me. You too, Captain Chonkers." I nodded. "I'm going to have a talk to Mertle now, you two can rejoin the others. Thank you for discussing this with me today Mr Jookiba. Are you going to be attending the recital on Friday? Captain Chonkers is dancing." Thicc Corgi nodded and shook his hand. "Of course! Would not miss him dancing for world." "Wonderful. See you then." Thicc Corgi grunted in response. "Will pick you two up after class," he said to Queen Floofy Floofer and I before leaving. Queen Floofy Floofer was beaming. She'd been happy when the lamp had been fixed but now she had an expression identical to one I'd seen her wearing in Graceland. Moses called Mertle across and she smirked at us. Now that Moses knew about me, I didn't hold back from sticking out my tongue and blowing a raspberry at her as loudly as I could. Queen Floofy Floofer did the same. Mertle looked disgusted and we both howled with laughter. The other girls stared at us. I still had to be careful about my identity around them, but I felt much more relaxed now and I knew Queen Floofy Floofer did as well. I would prefer Moses knowing my secret than those stupid brats. Mertle eventually came back out. She looked upset this time as opposed to angry. She avoided looking at everybody and ran out of the school. Moses approached us. "I explained to her that I know what really happened," he told us and this time I noticed him looking between both of us as he talked as opposed to only Queen Floofy Floofer. "She has one last chance. But she has been suspended from tomorrows class as well. I will allow her back on the day before the recital." Queen Floofy Floofer went to speak but I raised a paw. "Thank you. Bullying has been going on too long." Moses looked a little shocked at hearing my voice but smiled at me. "You are welcome. He turned and went over to the stage to begin class. <hr size=1 noshade><p>Once class had finished,  Queen Floofy Floofer and I sat inside waiting for Thicc Corgi. The other girls had already been picked up and Mrs. Doggo had informed us that Thicc Corgi would be a little late as Sir Chonky and Shiba Chonkers had gotten into some sort of predicament in town. Moses was sitting at his desk in the classroom and my best friend and I were openly conversing now that I didn't have to hide anymore. Moses seemed extremely intrigued by me, especially when he heard me speak Tantalog for the first time. It made him pause and listen. "Ashi salaam zeik Queen Floofy Floofer?" I asked her. "Much better Captain Chonkers," she told me. "She ruined so many classes for me." "I know. Naga hurt you anymore." "All thanks to you," she smiled, kissing me on the nose and putting her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her back. "You really are the best." "Hate seeing you sad," I told her. "You don't deserve this Queen Floofy Floofer." She sighed. "I still don't know why she hates me so much." "Is jealous, like I said. Jealous of us." "I know. I bet that's why too." Moses didn't interrupt us. When Thicc Corgi finally arrived he bid us goodbye and we both waved. Queen Floofy Floofer and I climbed into the buggy once outside. Sir Chonky and Shiba Chonkers were in the car. I sat in the back with them and Queen Floofy Floofer sat in the front. "Howzit Queen Floofy Floofer, Captain Chonkers," Shiba Chonkers greeted us. "Class go well? Thicc Corgi told us what happened." Queen Floofy Floofer beamed. "It was great! Now Captain Chonkers can talk without having to worry about Moses." I nodded with a huge smile on my face. Shiba Chonkers looked surprised. "Are you sure it's safe? Nobody else knows, right?" "Yes. Kumu is a good person," Queen Floofy Floofer told him, twisting back in the seat to look at the three of us. "Ih," I agreed with her. Thicc Corgi just grunted again. "Decision to tell was down to little girl," he spoke up as he drove, avoiding a rather big bump on the road. "Obviously she was okay with doing so." Queen Floofy Floofer nodded. She went quiet. As we pulled up the drive way of our home, Thicc Corgi stopped us from jumping out. I noticed Shiba Chonkers grinning slightly.  Queen Floofy Floofer just stared. "Oh little girl, I have surprise for you!" Queen Floofy Floofer's face lit up. "What? What is it?" Thicc Corgi reached behind him and pulled up a newspaper cutout. He handed it to Queen Floofy Floofer and she gasped as her eyes lit up. "There is a prologue of Wasp Mummies out?!" she gasped. Thicc Corgi nodded. "Yes. It's called 'Wasp: The Beginning'," Thicc Corgi explained. "Saw in paper today. Would you like to be going to be seeing tonight?" Queen Floofy Floofer screamed loudly and jumped up in her seat. I was the only one who flinched at that. Her louder screams pierced my eardrums. "Sorry Captain Chonkers," she said quickly, noticing me pull at my ears, but she bounced around. "Wasp Mummies! Wasp Mummies! Oh my gosh! I'm so excited!" Thicc Corgi laughed. "We will all go tonight. Even one-eyed noodle is coming." "Hey!" Sir Chonky retorted at that. My family climbed out of the buggy. Queen Floofy Floofer danced around me. I could tell she was beyond elated and I grinned at her. "I'm going to buy the BIGGEST popcorn available," she grinned at me, grabbing my paw and yanking me up the stairs to the door. Shiba Chonkers, Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky watched us. Queen Floofy Floofer paused suddenly, making me bash into her. "Wait. But... what about Mrs. Doggo?" she asked. "Not to be worrying. I have explained to larger girl situation at school. She is aware of Mertle girls nasty antics and she is allowing you to be going to see scary movies, provided we are with you." Queen Floofy Floofer screamed again and laughed happily. She dragged me inside and danced with me. I threw her up into the air and caught her on my feet before pushing her upright again from a handstand and catching her in my arms. Mrs. Doggo stared in shock at this. She'd been on the couch. This was something else I'd been training Queen Floofy Floofer to do, as well as ride on my back as I walked across the ceiling. It was the first Mrs. Doggo had seen of it though. " Captain Chonkers, is that really safe?" I waved a paw at her. "Not let her get hurt, you know this." She relaxed a little. Queen Floofy Floofer was too distracted to notice and continued dancing. "Thank you Mrs. Doggo!" she ran over to hug her sister. Mrs. Doggo flinched a little. She didn't look well. I could tell she wasn't. "Y-you're welcome  Queen Floofy Floofer." "What time are we leaving?" Queen Floofy Floofer instantly asked. "After dinner. Session is not being till seven o'clock," Thicc Corgi answered her. "That's like forever away!" Queen Floofy Floofer groaned. "It's only an hour and a half away, Queen Floofy Floofer," Mrs. Doggo rubbed her head. "Just make sure you're ready to go."<p> Queen Floofy Floofer grinned. "Okay!" She pulled my paw again and we both went up to the dome. <hr size=1 noshade><p>Later that evening, I had just helped Mrs. Doggo finish clearing the table when Queen Floofy Floofer bashed into me from behind, throwing her arms around me in a big hug. "Thicc Corgi said it's time to go Captain Chonkers!" I faced her. She had on her mummy costume and a few cardboard wasps stuck all over her as well as a little flag she had made. I giggled. Mrs. Doggo was standing with her hand over her stomach. Queen Floofy Floofer noticed. "Mrs. Doggo? You're still coming right?" Mrs. Doggo smiled at her softly. "Sorry Queen Floofy Floofer. I'm kinda tired. I think I'll give it a miss tonight baby." "Oh..." Queen Floofy Floofer looked disappointed but then faced me. "I just need to get something!" she took off back up to the dome. I put down the tea towel and followed Mrs. Doggo into the lounge as she sat down on the couch. She looked miserable, but gave me a smile as I looked up at her. I felt bad for her. We were all going out to enjoy ourselves but I knew she was going through a lot and it was on her mind. It would be hard for her to enjoy the movie. Queen Floofy Floofer came back and started to drag me towards the door. "Come on!" Shiba Chonkers, Sir Chonky and Thicc Corgi all came in ready to go. I hesitated. Queen Floofy Floofer looked back at me. " Captain Chonkers...?" "Uh..." I said. "Go, Queen Floofy Floofer. I want to stay here." Her face dropped. "W-what?" Thicc Corgi, Sir Chonky and Shiba Chonkers also stared at me. "But..." Queen Floofy Floofer began but I held up my paw. " Captain Chonkers want to stay here with Naanee." Mrs. Doggo looked shocked. The rest of my family looked surprised but Queen Floofy Floofer looked just downright sad. I felt bad. " Captain Chonkers, you can go. You don't have to stay here with me," Mrs. Doggo told me but I shook my head. "Naga. I'll stay here," I responded. I walked up to Queen Floofy Floofer and put my paw on her shoulder. "Next time, I go. Chi chabada. Just think Naanee should not be alone." She looked sad but then looked at her sister and smiled. "Okay  Captain Chonkers. It won't be the same without you, but if that's what you want to do..." She pulled me into a tight hug. I hugged her back. "You will have fun. Queen Floofy Floofer queen wasp mummy. Big star!" She sniffled at that, but kissed me on the nose. "Come, we will be late..." Thicc Corgi said, and the family left. Queen Floofy Floofer looked back at me before following them out and closing the door. Mrs. Doggo was still staring at me. " Captain Chonkers...? But why?" I scratched my head and shrugged. "Not fair Naanee here, dealing with stress and baby all alone. Sick. So, Captain Chonkers stay." She looked touched. "Come here..." I went and sat up beside her on the couch and she hugged me. We listened as the buggy started up and reversed down the driveway and eventually everything went silent. "Well..." Mrs. Doggo looked at me. "We've got a few hours to kill. Did you want to watch a movie?" "Okeytaka." I responded. She smiled at me but then I noticed her face fall. "Oh no..." She pushed past me and rushed into the toilet where I heard her throw up. I went into the bathroom after her and quickly wet a wash-cloth for her, handing it to her as she stood back up. "Thanks Captain Chonkers... I feel terrible." She went back in and sat down. I looked at her sadly after following her and my ears folded back. It had worried me. "I'm okay!" she smiled at me, noticing my expression. "Just sick and pregnant." "Naga tell others yet, right?" "No," she responded. "I plan to tell them after the dance recital. I want it to be a nice surprise." I smiled. I turned and left for a few moments, before heading back in with a blanket. I put on my pyjamas Mrs. Doggo bought me as it was a little cold in the house and she looked flattered when she saw me in them. Normally I didn't wear anything to bed, but with this stupid weather I'd felt the cold more than normal. "You like those, huh?" she asked me as I climbed up beside her. I put the blanket over her and snuggled alongside of her. "Ih." "Um..." I looked at her. "So has Thicc Corgi said anything...?" she asked me. I shook my head. "Naga. He is aware you might be having baby though," I told her. "I can tell. I've seen him give me a few weird looks lately." "Thicc Corgi very quick to pick up on things. Like knew Captain Chonkers had concussion from fall. Meega naga telka." "Well... he created you. That doesn't surprise me. I don't think any person on the planet is as smart as Thicc Corgi." She pet me on the head and stared into my eyes. I tilted my head. "Gaba?" "Nothing..." she sighed, but smiled at me. "I guess I'm just wondering what my own baby will be like." "Cute, like me," I grinned. " Captain Chonkers will play with baby!" She stared at me for a moment or so at that. I knew instantly what was on her mind from the expression on her face. "Naanee, I'm not going to hurt baby," I told her. "Be very gentle and careful.  Captain Chonkers aware he is dangerous." "It's not that..." she responded. "I would trust you with my life, Captain Chonkers. It's just, I know that accidents might happen. Queen Floofy Floofer had a lot of them when she was very young and our mother once had to rush her to the hospital with a broken wrist." I was alarmed to hear that. " Queen Floofy Floofer broke her wrist?" "Yeah. Her left one. She doesn't remember it though. She tripped down the stairs. With me having to work and Shiba Chonkers also working... well, while he still has a job... somebody will have to really keep an eye on this baby. I know I can trust you and Thicc Corgi, but it's still hard for me not to worry." I put my paw on her hand. "Naanee, Thicc Corgi raised me. I was baby too for little bit, like your baby. Sure we will be able to take good care of baby while Naanee and Shiba Chonkers work." "Thanks Captain Chonkers. I know I can count on you," she said to me and I smiled at her. "So, what movie do you want to watch?" "Um..." I responded. I got up from the couch and went over to our pile of videos, sifting through them. I wanted to watch another horror movie as I enjoyed those but I think Mrs. Doggo was tired of them, so I pulled out a comedy. "This one?" She nodded. "Okay Captain Chonkers." I put in the cassette and climbed back up on the couch beside her. We watched the movie for a while and ended up playing a game of checkers while it was on. I let Mrs. Doggo win most of the time as I knew it would be unfair on her if I kept winning, but we had fun. We joked about and laughed over things in the movie. Eventually I must have fallen asleep at some point because I was startled awake by the buggy coming up the road. My ears flipped up and I realised Mrs. Doggo had put the blanket over me beside her. I yawned and she scratched my ears as she acknowledged me. She had her hand across my back. " Captain Chonkers... thanks..." I heard her murmur to me as our family pulled into the driveway. I snuggled against her. "You're welcome." The door opened up and Queen Floofy Floofer rushed inside. She instantly saw us snuggled up on the couch and leapt at us. Mrs. Doggo yawned but welcomed her under the blanket. "Hi baby!" Queen Floofy Floofer grinned. "The movie was so cool! You would have loved it Captain Chonkers! It showed the back story of the wasps and how they found the tombs. And the when the king mummy was a human he used to eat honey on oatmeal!" Mrs. Doggo looked at me at that and I smirked. Queen Floofy Floofer was bound to eat her oatmeal now. "And then the wasp leader... oh my gosh! You should have seen it!" she said excitedly but yawned. Thicc Corgi, Sir Chonky and Shiba Chonkers stepped inside. Shiba Chonkers was holding a huge bucket of popcorn and some drinks. They stared at us wrapped in the blanket on the couch.<p>Thicc Corgi walked over to me and pulled back the blanket. I suspected he would. He laughed at my pyjamas. "Ah,  Captain Chonkers... is always treat seeing you in silly clothes." I scowled at him and he rubbed my head. "Is cute though." That stumped me. He left the room, as did Sir Chonky and Mrs. Doggo snorted at me. I looked at her. "Well, he's right." Queen Floofy Floofer smiled at us tiredly. "What did you two do?" Mrs. Doggo pet me on the head again. "Well, we talked. Played some games and watched a movie but Captain Chonkers fell asleep for the most part." "He did?" Queen Floofy Floofer giggled. "Did you have fun?" "Yes baby," Mrs. Doggo told her. "Though, I think you two should head up to bed. It's late now. I'm going to turn this off." Mrs. Doggo pushed back the blanket and stood up. Queen Floofy Floofer held my paw and helped me down from the couch. Shiba Chonkers came forth and sat beside Mrs. Doggo. "Come on Captain Chonkers!" Queen Floofy Floofer said to me and pulled me back up to our bedroom. "I've got so much to tell you!" Mrs. Doggo smiled at me as we left. I was glad she appreciated my support. <hr size=1 noshade><p>As Queen Floofy Floofer and I sat on my bunk a short time later, I took her left hand into my paw and twisted it back and forth sightly. She stared at me in wonder as I did this. "Uh... everything okay Captain Chonkers?" I rubbed my claws against her wrist. "Naanee told me you broke wrist when younger." "She did? Yeah, but I don't remember it though. Apparently I tripped down the stairs outside and landed on it. Mom took me to the hospital and I had to wear a big cast for a long time." I sighed. Humans were so fragile. I could never break a bone with my skeletal structure. My bones were made from iron and titanium and some of the strongest chemical compounds in the galaxy. Queen Floofy Floofer was staring at me by this point. She knew something was on my mind. She confirmed it by asking me "What's up?" " Queen Floofy Floofer..." I said to her. "You are so delicate. You can break so easily." She shrugged at me. "Well... yeah. I guess you're right. You're like a brick wall, aren't you?" "Sorta. My bones cannot break." Now that I knew that Queen Floofy Floofer had broken her wrist, it had somewhat scared me. I hoped she would never break any other bones. I was terrified if she ever did, I would be the cause. If that happened I couldn't live with myself. Thicc Corgi had promised me the fail-safe in my brain would prevent anything from happening. That was all I had to go by. I held her wrist in my paw delicately. I hated how she was so fragile. I hated seeing those claw marks when I looked into her face. She continued. "That's so cool. I wish I was like that. You could easily be the leader of the wasp mummies!" I shook my head but grinned. " Captain Chonkers no wings. Cannot fly." "They would carry you! I think it's possible!" " Queen Floofy Floofer, is movie." "Oh yeah..." she laughed. "Oh well." I pulled one of the cardboard wasps off her bandages. " Queen Floofy Floofer really like this movie, yes?" "It was amazing  Captain Chonkers! You would have loved it. There was even one part where it showed the king regenerating before the end of the movie. You could see all the bones and blood and guts forming." "Ew." "No way, it was cool!" "Naga takabah, icky!" I retorted. She poked my belly. "You say that now, but wait till you see it!" I sighed, but smiled at her. " Queen Floofy Floofer, dance soon." "I know!" she grinned. "I'm so excited!" "Me too," I responded. I was glad that Mertle had finally been dealt with by Queen Floofy Floofer's teacher. The brat had no right to try and ruin something so special to Queen Floofy Floofer. It disgusted me that her and Aleka had tried to make us dance at the very back so that our family couldn't see us. I really had no idea what was wrong with the pair of them. I entirely blamed Mertle for everything though as I knew that without her, Aleka wouldn't have acted on her own accord. It was like those girls loved kissing Mertle's butt. I watched Queen Floofy Floofer quietly as she pulled off her bandages and wasps and put on her pyjamas. It always made me happy to see how excited and passionate she was for things she really enjoyed. It was a stark contrast from Mertle. Queen Floofy Floofer put so much of her heart into what she loved. She was a special girl and always stuck true to her word and that's why I admired her so much. Mertle didn't care about anything except her ego. She didn't care about her dance let alone it having no meaning behind it. She just used the opportunity as an excuse to brag about her rich parents. It was disgraceful and I hoped Moses banned her from the recital. I doubt he would but it was something to hope for. It would all depend on how she acted over the next few days. Queen Floofy Floofer climbed into my bed and pat for me to join her. I happily snuggled up with her under the covers. She scratched my ears. "It was nice of you to stay with Mrs. Doggo. I noticed that she's been kinda ill lately. Is that why you stayed?" I nodded. Queen Floofy Floofer continued to scratch me. "I can't wait until Friday. It will be so funny when you scare Mertle." "Yep." She laughed. We waited for Mrs. Doggo to come up and say goodnight. "You're the best Captain Chonkers..." she said, kissing me on on the nose and snuggling me. "You too, Queen Floofy Floofer," I responded. "Bestest friend Captain Chonkers could ever ask for." She gave me a heartfelt smile at that. I smiled back at her. I knew she always would be.

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