Captain Chonkers Chapter Four


The rain continued for the rest of the day, which meant we had no chance of going outside to do anything. I could tell Thicc Corgi was irritated. I was as well. I had wanted to explore the forest with  Queen Floofy Floofer. Mrs. Doggo was still at work. She had rang before to say she would be staying back late today. Apparently the rain had caused mild flooding at the rental shack. Thicc Corgi sat on the chair in the living room, Sir Chonky beside him. Both of them were watching one of  Queen Floofy Floofer's documentaries about Elvis. I had no idea where Shiba Chonkers was. I hadn't seen him all day, so he must have probably gone back home for a while. While Queen Floofy Floofer was up in our bedroom, I sat on the floor in front of Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky. I wasn't so much interested in the documentary (I'd seen it many times before on account of  Queen Floofy Floofer) so I just gazed in the direction of the window. The rain was hitting against it quite hard and the wind had picked up quite a bit. I knew Kauai had tropical storms but this was one of the worst I'd seen. The others wouldn't have heard it, but my hearing allowed me to pick up on numerous creaks and groans of the house shifting under the winds. I flipped up my ears and twitched them, hoping nothing would happen to our home. It was built on wooden slats and I knew in the event of a hurricane it had no chance. While Kauai had bad storms thankfully there had never been a hurricane. Thicc Corgi was distracted when I did this. I could see him staring at me out the corner of my eye. "Isn't it amazing how he moves his hips like that?" Pleakely suddenly voiced. He stood up, trying to imitate Elvis on the TV. "How does he do it?" "Who cares," Thicc Corgi responded, his voice sounding dull as he looked at the window. "Curse this despicable earth weather. I will get nothing done at this rate." "Can't you just wait till it stops?" Sir Chonky asked him. "It's not as if we need the ship for anything right now, right?" Thicc Corgi shook his head. "Is not that. I am worried about winds blowing off tarp. I set it nice and secure but rains can cause damage to interior of ship since it is unprotected underneath." He seemed to think for a moment and then stood up. "I am going out to check." "Naga hugata. Muddy. Thicc Corgi slip and fall?" I said. He looked at me. "I will be fine,  Captain Chonkers." I wasn't so sure on that. I ran out after him through the doggy door as he left. The rain was brutal. Thicc Corgi had brought the family umbrella but it did nothing. My fur was drenched within seconds and the wind was whipping my ears back. I shuddered. I followed Thicc Corgi up the pathway to the ship. Despite being a genius I knew he was quite clumsy as well and sure enough my prediction came true - before he reached the top step he slipped and cried out as he began to topple backwards. I lunged forward and caught him in all four arms. " Captain Chonkers!" he voiced, startled. I carried him up to the tarp and we both went under it, out of the rain. "No listen to me," I said to him. He rolled his eyes. " Captain Chonkers you know me better than I know myself." I just looked at him and shrugged, before looking at the side of the ship. When I'd had my final glitch, the one that killed me and fried out my circuits, I'd lost control of the ship and crashed it into the mountains. Thankfully only one side of the ship had been damaged and the engines and hyper-drive were still in tact. Some of the front panels of the ship had come clean off and when I crashed I had been thrown through the window. Thicc Corgi was doing his best to fix it, but he had required some help. A few members of the UGF had come by, on behalf of a request by the Grand Council woman and helped him out over a period of three days. The rest, Thicc Corgi was capable of doing himself. The only thing that limited him was waiting on particular parts to be delivered through the transporter. They weren't accessible on earth. Thicc Corgi was busy looking up at the side of the ship. Most of it had been repaired but there was still a-ways to go. I stood beside him after making my way through scrap metal and bits of debris. I could see why he wouldn't allow  Queen Floofy Floofer up here. I picked up some red scrap metal and stared at it before tossing it aside. It clanged, making Thicc Corgi jump slightly. He looked at me. My ears were blowing wildly in the wind and around us the tarp fluttered. "Not sure how long it's going to take me to fix ship fully," he told me, sitting down. I went over to him and sat on his knee and he pulled out a rag, starting to dry my fur. "Could be few more weeks." "Ih." I felt him stroke my head. "I am not angry about it." I was glad about that. I'd broken some of Thicc Corgi's expensive equipment in the past, but nothing was comparable to the damage of the ship. "I'd be hypocrite if I was Captain Chonkers," he continued and I tilted my head at him, confused. "Gaba?" He laughed. "I built you to destroy." I tried to smile, but I just couldn't. I sighed. Thicc Corgi wrapped me in the rag. After a moment or so I realised it was a pair of his boxers. They were huge! "You gave me big, big scare. When you took ship and left." I felt so bad about that. I was well aware that I'd scared them all. At the time I wasn't thinking straight. All I could think about was scratching Queen Floofy Floofer and how dangerous I was. The one thing I'd had so many nightmares about had come true and I had just wanted to get away from them. I would have rathered live on an isolated planet for the rest of my life than hurt Queen Floofy Floofer, or my family for that matter, again through a glitch that I had no control over myself. "I can't lose you, Captain Chonkers. Not again." I lowered my ears and looked up at my father sadly. He was closing his eyes and looking away. I put a paw on his finger. " Captain Chonkers will tell if hurts," I said. "Tell Thicc Corgi. Chi chabida." He looked at me sadly. "After ship is repaired, I will be upgrading all equipment. I am also going to be implanting you with microchip." "Microchip? In  Captain Chonkers?" He nodded. "Is nothing to be concerned about, Captain Chonkers. The chip will tell Thicc Corgi if something is going wrong with your circuits. I have plans waiting to be developed. This time I will be prepared." I gave a nod. " Captain Chonkers... hope nothing go wrong." "Me too." I trusted Thicc Corgi enough to know what he was doing. He'd worked on my circuits in the past as well as done numerous tests on me. If he wanted to install a microchip I had no issue with it, especially if it was designed to benefit me. The wind howled around the tarp at that moment and Thicc Corgi held me close. There was still water in my fur so I shivered slightly. It had been warm before but now the winds were cold. Thicc Corgi looked cold too. "Quana chi doonga. Fava no pugy?" I asked. He gave a nod, standing up. "Curse this stupid earth weather." "Icky. Haga bla-bla." I agreed. Holding me in one arm, he quickly checked the tarp was secure and then headed back down the stairs to the house. I watched him closely in case he slipped again. Queen Floofy Floofer had been searching for me when we got back inside. Thicc Corgi still had me wrapped in his boxers. He set me down as she rushed over to me. " Captain Chonkers! There you are!" I smiled at her happily. "Hello Queen Floofy Floofer!" She pulled the material away from me and stared at it. I could tell she was confused. I couldn't blame her. " Captain Chonkers was soaking from rain. I use those as old rag, but served well as towel," Thicc Corgi told her, holding a towel he'd claimed from the linen cupboard. "I think I'll have warm shower." Sir Chonky just stared at us. "So how's this hula dance thing of yours going?" Queen Floofy Floofer sighed, and sat down beside me. "Class was cancelled because of the weather." "Well... you can still practice here, right?" "Yeah," Queen Floofy Floofer looked at me at that. I stared back at her. "Go to room?" I could always tell when something was bothering her. She gave a nod and reached for my paw. I happily obliged and we headed up to the dome. "Can you get the costumes out of the bag?" she asked me with her back turned. "Okeytaka!" I said happily, eager to practice with her. I opened up her hula bag and pulled out our costumes, but then to my horror, I heard her burst into tears. " Queen Floofy Floofer!" Dropping my costume, I bolted across to her and wrapped my arms around her. All four of them, considering I still had my extra ones out from before. She cried into my shoulder. I put a paw to the back of her head. Part of me knew why she was crying, but the other part of me thought it might have had something to do with Mertle. I asked her if this was the case quietly but she didn't respond. She pulled back and snivelled, looking up at me. I picked up a tear with a claw, once again being faced with those distant scratch marks etched into her delicate cheek. They would be there forever. I really hated myself for that. "Oh  Captain Chonkers," she cried softly. I pulled her into my lap. "Why was I so stupid." "You weren't," I told her. "Mother special to you. Tach'nen." "I should have listened to you... you needed me and I only cared about my stupid hula dance." I sighed. I'd been through this so many times with her, but I was willing to let her have as long as she needed to deal with her guilt. " Captain Chonkers forgives you. No hold against." She gripped the fur on my chest. "I know. I just... find it hard to believe. After all you..." she trailed off. " Captain Chonkers died," I said firmly. "But Captain Chonkers here now. Alive and well." I know she hated hearing that. Sure enough, more tears streamed from her eyes. But I had to be blunt with her. She had to learn to accept it and move on. If she didn't accept that I had forgiven her then she never would be able to. I gazed into her eyes and she eventually locked eye contact and stared back into mine. I gripped her hand. "No be sad," I told her softly. " Queen Floofy Floofer, bring me back. Captain Chonkers loves you." She sobbed at that and pushed herself into me. "I need you." I just nodded quietly. Eventually she settled down. I handed her a tissue and stood up, putting the new tiki mask I'd created on my head. "Let's dance baby!" I yelled, gliding across the floorboards on my knees and holding an arm out straight ahead of me, trying to imitate Elvis. Finally, a laugh. She smiled at me and stood up. "Silly Captain Chonkers," she said, going over to get her own costume. But she smiled. "I love you too." 

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