Captain Chonkers Chapter Five


Mrs. Doggo was in a grumpy mood when she arrived home from work. The family was relatively quiet about it, not wanting to make it worse. Even Shiba Chonkers was keeping to himself.  Queen Floofy Floofer, Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky all remained in the living room watching the news. They wanted to see the weather updates. I took it upon myself to help Mrs. Doggo with the dinner. I could tell she was stressed. Occasionally  Queen Floofy Floofer kept checking around the door to watch me. It made me laugh, though I knew her reasoning for it was quite upsetting. She was very over protective of me. Shiba Chonkers was sitting at the kitchen table, watching us with his head in his hands. He watched both of us, but mainly was interested in watching what I was doing. " Captain Chonkers, here. Mash this up." Mrs. Doggo handed me a large bowl of sweet potato. I set to work mashing it. "So... was there much damage?" Shiba Chonkers asked hesitantly. Mrs. Doggo sighed as she cut up the vegetables. "Mild water damage. Most of the equipment is okay. But Old Man Wong is closing the shack down for a few days. Because it's a wooden floor it's going to need to be replaced due to mold issues so I have to go back there tomorrow afternoon and help out. Provided the weather is a bit better." "So... will you need me to pick up  Queen Floofy Floofer from hula class?" "Oh right. Class was cancelled today, wasn't it?" she responded. "Aye. Due to the weather. She has to go back tomorrow." Mrs. Doggo groaned. "Don't tell me. Afternoon?" Shiba Chonkers pushed back his chair. "Actually, I'm not sure on that. Let me ask her." "Afternoon," I spoke up. Both of them paused and looked at me. "No morning class." "Oh," Shiba Chonkers responded, sitting back down. He looked slightly uneasy. I knew he forgot that I often went to hula class with Queen Floofy Floofer. Even after two years he was still shocked sometimes to hear me speak as well. I wondered about it sometimes, but had come to a conclusion that Shiba Chonkers simply took longer to adjust than other humans. He didn't mean anything bad by it. Like the others, he was completely devastated when I'd died. So I knew he cared for me. Shiba Chonkers had never believed in aliens. When Thicc Corgi, Sir Chonky and I had arrived on earth and he had learned about us, he took a long time to accept it. He seemed to think we were cool though. He had brought up the topic of space surfing a few times. I liked Shiba Chonkers, even if he did have a reserved nature. I often thought about talking to him more and decided to give it a try after dinner. Both of them went quiet again and Mrs. Doggo just went back to cutting the vegetables. I finished mashing the sweet potato and started to set the cutlery on the table. Shiba Chonkers watched me intently but didn't say anything about it. "Thank you  Captain Chonkers," Mrs. Doggo smiled, patting me on the head. "Tell the others to come in." "Okay Naanee," I responded, heading in to call the rest of our o'hana for dinner. Later that evening, Queen Floofy Floofer decided to go to bed early. She gripped my hand, asking me when I'd be up. I knew what that meant. We liked to pretend to go to sleep after Mrs. Doggo said goodnight to us, but we stayed up for a little bit practicing our hula. She looked keen. I was helping Mrs. Doggo clear off the dinner table and wash up at that point, so I told her I'd be up shortly. Mrs. Doggo looked so tired that I thought she was going to drift to sleep on the spot. "Naanee fooboo cha tagas yon?" I asked her. She jumped a little and looked at me. I could tell she was confused. "Uh, what Captain Chonkers?" I paused, thinking about my words. English was still something I struggled with. "Naanee. Tired... ack... ackter-" I struggled to remember the right word. That was it. "-after.. day big?" She looked even more confused. I tried again. "Naanee tired after day big?" It took her a moment, but then she seemed to realise what I was asking her. "Oh, big day. Yeah... it was a long day Captain Chonkers. I'm quite tired." I gave a nod. "Naanee go to bed, get rest, ih? Meega finish." She gave me a heartfelt smile. She didn't say anything but instead she reached down and picked me up, holding me up to eye-level. I wondered what she was going to do. She simply put me over her shoulder in a hug and I could feel her scratching the nape of my neck. Normally I would have been surprised by this, but Mrs. Doggo had started to do this more often lately so I'd become used to it. I had also noticed she tended to do it when nobody else was in the room. In the past she'd never done this, so it was nice for me. Each member of the family had their different ways of coping with what had happened to me and each of them expressed their gratitude and affection in various ways after that day. This was hers. I couldn't stop myself from purring, though I think that's what she wanted. She laughed slightly, but gazed into my eyes. I stared back at her. "Naanee okeytaka?" I eventually asked when she didn't look away. She just gave me a soft smile. "Sometimes, I still can't believe that Thicc Corgi created you." I was surprised to hear that. "Eh... Ih?" I honestly had no idea how to respond to it. I had noticed Mrs. Doggo had been staring at me far more frequently as of late, especially over the past two weeks. I wondered... " Captain Chonkers. I know that Thicc Corgi created you but..." I tilted my head. "Neesa?" She paused. "You two just look so alike. And the way he's been treating you ever since... it's been..." she trailed off. " Captain Chonkers, is he...?" I realised what she was asking, and gave a big proud smile. "Ih!" Mrs. Doggo looked shocked for a moment or so, but then smiled at me. "Well, that explains that." She ruffled the fur on my head and then set me down. I looked up at her. "Thanks  Captain Chonkers," she said to me, looking around the clean kitchen. "I appreciate your help." "You're welcome!" She hesitated, before continuing. "I'll say goodnight to the others." I gave a nod. "Jhua tehrqua." I knew she understood what I said there. She'd often heard it from me before. She looked back at me before she left the kitchen. "Goodnight Captain Chonkers." It was quiet by the time I finished drying the last plate. After resisting the temptation to eat it, I put it back into the cupboard and threw the towel onto the kitchen counter, heading into the living area. Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky weren't there. I heard them moving about in their room and I could also hear Queen Floofy Floofer upstairs in our bedroom. Shiba Chonkers was on the couch, staring boredly at the television. A movie was on but he seemed distracted. When I walked in and climbed up to sit beside him he stared at me. "Ey Captain Chonkers." "Aloha," I responded. He stared at me for a moment or so, before looking back to the television quietly. I crossed my legs and rocked on the couch slightly, before settling back. Shiba Chonkers wasn't uneasy around me, but he was usually quiet like this. After ten or so minutes, I tried talking to him. "Shiba Chonkers busy day?" He seemed surprised, though he looked at me. "Hm?" "No home," I told him. He seemed to think about what I'd asked. "Ah. Just at home, cleaning the place." I gave a nod. " Captain Chonkers, busy day. With Queen Floofy Floofer. Doing new hula dance. Need lot of practice." Again, Shiba Chonkers seemed surprised by this. I knew it was because I'd never really sat and spoken to him before. "What... is your new hula about?" he asked, making an effort to keep the conversation going. I could tell it was hard for him. "Same as other. Heeieeaka." Shiba Chonkers stared at me and much like Mrs. Doggo I could tell he was confused. "Oh, Hi'iaka." "Ih." "What means that word, Captain Chonkers. Eeeh... eh?" "Ih?" I repeated, and he nodded. "Means 'yes' and 'ok'." "Ah, I see." Shiba Chonkers responded, looking quite interested. I smiled and nodded. "You have a very interesting... language." "Takka." He went back to watching the TV after that. My ears flipped up when I heard Queen Floofy Floofer calling me from up in the dome. I pushed myself down from the couch and Shiba Chonkers watched me curiously. " Queen Floofy Floofer," I pointed in the direction of our dome. "Call." "Okay then," he smiled at me. "Have fun." I scurried off towards the dome, opening up the door and heading up the stairs. " Captain Chonkers!" Queen Floofy Floofer cried happily when I stepped onto the landing. She barreled into me and knocked me over, but both of us laughed happily as we rolled about on the floor. I pinned her beneath me, but only gently. I knew how easily I could hurt her. I stared into her eyes as I pinned her arms down and then used my two lower arms to pin her legs down. She stared back up at me confused. "... Captain Chonkers?" I remained quiet for a moment or so to throw her off, showing no expression on my face. Then I sat up and yelled. " Captain Chonkers wins!" She threw herself at me and tackled me back to the floor again. I laughed. Eventually she lost her breath and collapsed across the floor beside me. I looked over at her. "You're still fine to do the Hi'iaka story with me, right  Captain Chonkers?" she asked me softly. "Ih," I responded. She gripped my paw. "Are you sure? We can always do another dance if it bothers you too much." I shook my head at her. "Naga. If Queen Floofy Floofer want to do, Captain Chonkers happy to do." She gave a nod, staring up at the ceiling. Normally we had the roof opened up at night-time but the weather kind of ruined that for us. Queen Floofy Floofer asked me something interesting. " Captain Chonkers? What is space like?" I sat up and stared at her. "Jajie?" She gave a nod. I put a claw to my mouth and thought. The only memories I had of space were distant memories of the planets Thicc Corgi had sent me on missions to and Turo's architecture. Though I didn't get to see much of the actual planet as we were in relative buildings. I vaguely remembered Kweltikwan and Thicc Corgi's lab. When he had visited Kweltikwan with me he had kept me hidden. I told her what I could remember. "Big. Open." She laughed. "I know that Captain Chonkers. I mean... where you came from. What was your home planet like?" " Captain Chonkers naga remember much," I said, looking at her. "But Kweltikwan... big... purple. Lots of purple and blue trees. Green sky. Thicc Corgi kept Captain Chonkers hidden." "He did?" I gave a nod. " Captain Chonkers illegal." "Oh... right," she responded. " Captain Chonkers... created in Thicc Corgi lab. Then sent out to destroy," I looked away. "Sent to worlds. Thicc Corgi wanted Captain Chonkers to collect things. Big missions. But also destroy." "Did you hurt anybody?" Queen Floofy Floofer asked me sadly. She was aware of my original destructive programming. I couldn't face her, but I also couldn't lie to her. "Ih. Captain Chonkers very bad. Hurt innocent aliens. Killed police soldiers." Queen Floofy Floofer looked afraid. She went quiet. "They all try to kill me," I tried to explain. "Hated me. Captain Chonkers, ugly mutant. Wanted me to die." She said nothing but simply reached over and pulled me into a hug. "I don't hate you. You're the best thing to ever happen to me. And you're not ugly or a mutant at all." " Queen Floofy Floofer same," I responded. " Queen Floofy Floofer change Captain Chonkers." I felt her nuzzling her head into my shoulder and she gently ran her hands along my the fur of my lower arms. "Why did they want you to die?" "Illegal," I repeated. "Thicc Corgi criminal." I still recalled the day we finally got arrested. They wouldn't listen to Thicc Corgi's pleas about my molecules needing to be charged. They didn't care. They just saw us as monsters. The whole council did. And because of what those police officers had done, I had ended up momentarily dying and breaking Queen Floofy Floofer's heart. I hated those police officers so much. I'd probably kill them if I knew who they were. Not just for breaking Queen Floofy Floofer's heart, but Thicc Corgi's too. " Captain Chonkers and Thicc Corgi... put on trial," I started to explain. " Captain Chonkers sentenced to life on desert asteroid. Thicc Corgi go to jail. But I'm clever," I grinned. " Captain Chonkers escaped in no time!" I pretended to be holding a blaster gun and stood up, shooting around the room. "Pew pew! Guards fire at Captain Chonkers! Meega-o-itumi! Ziz-ziz, tsi'cong! Air-vent! Let's escape! Chabata!" Queen Floofy Floofer watched me curiously. I tried to make it interesting for her. She seemed a bit distant. " Captain Chonkers destroy power to ship. Escape in police cruiser. Red one! My favourite colour!" I grinned. "Blast away! Escape from shooting guards, but then... tsi'cong!" I made an explosion with my hands. "Crash into  Captain Chonkers. BOOM! Captain Chonkers activate hyper-drive and blast off. Blast off to earth!" At this, Queen Floofy Floofer perked right up. I'd never told her this before. "Earth? Here?" "Ih, ih!" I told her happily. "I... remember that..." I heard her say, but had no idea what she meant by that. "The falling star!" I tilted my head at her. "That night, the night before I met you at the pound. We saw something come out of the sky and crash. It was green. I thought it was a star, but it was you!" I smiled and gave a nod. "Crash here. Big explosion. Captain Chonkers, not know where is. Strange planet! Doonga! Captain Chonkers haga bla-bla earth. Kweesta! Then hit by big wheels and get knocked out. Captain Chonkers wake up... meet you. Tada!" I grinned at her. She knew I'd tried to use her as a shield, but I wasn't going to bring that up. I was bad back then. Back when I'd met her. She understood that. Queen Floofy Floofer smiled slightly, but she gave a clap. "Very nice story, Captain Chonkers!" I bowed. "Takka, takka." "Ok silly," she flicked me on the nose. "I'm just glad you did crash here. Want to practice some more?" I gave a nod and went to get my costume. We climbed up onto Queen Floofy Floofer's bunk and started practicing our new and improved dance. Queen Floofy Floofer called it the '2.0' dance. I watched her as she moved about the bed beside me. She seemed much happier. That was all that mattered to me, seeing her happy. I was bad once. I had hurt and killed in the past. Like Thicc Corgi, my past was dark. Queen Floofy Floofer was too young to understand the extent of damage I'd really done. I just hoped she would never bear witness to that side of me. I would rather die than see her in pain. I watched her dance intently. I couldn't imagine how she'd react to seeing what I'd done. Destroying the amplifier in the hula school was nothing. In the past I'd destroyed buildings by throwing cruisers into them, causing fires and devastating explosions. I had four blasters, provided by Thicc Corgi, that I'd gone around shooting and anybody that was unfortunate to cross my path ended up dying. At the time I was proud, because that was what I was designed to do. Now thinking about it made me feel sick. I wasn't a murderer. I'd never told her about this. I didn't want her to know. Thicc Corgi and I kept it only between us and he had sworn me to silence. Only the Grand Council knew of our heinous crimes. She had forgiven us. Forgiven me when she'd seen I'd been given a 360° rehabilitation by Queen Floofy Floofer. I hated myself for it. For my past and what I'd done. Because back then I wasn't Captain Chonkers- I was Experiment Captain Chonkers. 

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