Captain Chonkers Chapter Fourteen


Thicc Corgi kept the ship in global orbit until the news informed that the worst of the storm was over. It was morning back on Kauai now and my family was back in the lab, watching the news.  Queen Floofy Floofer was chewing on a snack beside me. She seemed a bit better than she had been before. She was still upset and worried, of course, but now instead of keeping to herself she was talking to us. I was playing with the bandage on the back of my head. "Stop that  Captain Chonkers! Let it heal," Thicc Corgi scolded me and I lowered my ears. He just shook his head and scruffed the top of my head with me frantically trying to swat him away. Queen Floofy Floofer laughed. Mrs. Doggo had her hand resting on her stomach and was looking down at her lap. I knew what was on her mind. Shiba Chonkers had his arm around her as he watched the monitor. Sir Chonky was reading another magazine. It had been a long night. Thicc Corgi went over and typed away on the computer again. "Ah!" he said suddenly, causing us all to look up. "We should be okay to return home within next two hours." Everybody looked relieved. I just yawned again and sat staring out of the window at the Earth.  Queen Floofy Floofer had brought up her paper and pencils. Once she finished her snack, she started drawing again, offering me some paper and crayons. I climbed down beside her and we started to draw. I mostly watched Queen Floofy Floofer as she drew. She was getting better. Her picture this time was of all of us in the ship. I had no idea what to draw so I tried drawing Thicc Corgi. Or at least, what I thought was Thicc Corgi. It didn't turn out too well and when Queen Floofy Floofer saw it she giggled. "Oh, ama-gunda Queen Floofy Floofer," I told her, but smiled. She just flicked me on the nose. "Show him!" I cringed. I didn't want Thicc Corgi laughing too. "Go on!" "Feecha!" I said, sighing. I stood up with the bad drawing of Thicc Corgi and went over to him, pulling on his lab coat. "Ih." He ignored me for a few moments, so I tried again. "Ih ih ih! Ih ih ih ih." "Yes  Captain Chonkers?" he asked, turning to look down at me and I handed up the drawing. "What is this?" he asked, but started laughing when he realised what it was. "Yes, Captain Chonkers. Very nice. Keep it up and you will be great artist in future!" I groaned. I knew he was being sarcastic. I expected him to throw it away, but to my surprise he pinned the drawing just above his work station. I stared. He winked at me with his outer left eye. That put me in a good mood. I thought it was terrible but he seemed to like it. "What is this, Captain Chonkers? Hair?" he asked me, pointing to my drawing after inspecting it a bit closer. "Why have you done this?" I went over to him. "Thicc Corgi lucha bootifa neequez ret'chaz daba hack haicha. Retcha litaba." "You still remember those days, do you?" he asked and I smiled. "Kinda. Captain Chonkers saw picture last night!" I paled as I realised what I'd said. "Um... I mean...  Captain Chonkers remember picture he saw once?" "Ahh," he responded slowly but I heard an edge of anger come into his voice and knew it was too late. I'd blown it. "You were snooping around in my quarters again, weren't you Captain Chonkers?" I looked at him sheepishly. He crossed his arms and tapped his foot. I really was not supposed to be in there. He kept the door locked all the time for that sole reason. The bedroom back at home was fine, but his room in the ship was off-limits to me. It was to everybody. "Er... naga?" "So I guess that means B.U.G will not be determining otherwise then Captain Chonkers?" I gave him a huge grin, but he wasn't having it. He growled at that and reached down and gave me quite a hard smack on the patookie. "Ogata!" "Bad boy!" he roared at me. "Stay out of my room!" That made the three others jump and look across at us. Queen Floofy Floofer just stared as did Mrs. Doggo. They'd never actually seen Thicc Corgi scold me before and I was really embarrassed. To put things into perspective - while everybody had been asleep last night, I had been awake and completely bored. I'd had a big sleep after the anaesthetic so I'd wandered about the ship. I ended up finding a pile of Thicc Corgi's old photos stashed away at the top of a metal cabinet in his room. I knew I wasn't allowed in there but out of boredom I'd wandered through the ventilation system and found a way in there through an air vent. I hadn't originally meant to defy him and go in there... but... well... I was curious. I only found the photographs because I was small enough to climb into the back of the cabinet. I originally didn't know they were there. I don't know why I climbed in there, but I had a habit of squeezing myself into small spaces and wanted to see if I could fit in there too. Yes, I been that bored. I'd felt something hit against my foot right at the back and realised it was an old box and opened it. It had been full of photos from Thicc Corgi's younger days and just after I was born. I had sat there going through them in the cabinet for what must have been an hour. 621 had been in one of them. It had made more memories resurface. 621 had been Thicc Corgi's first 'complete' experiment before me. He'd made others, but they'd failed and if there were more, 621 was the only one I had known of besides his 700 series 'mutants,' or so he had called them. They were giant crab like creatures that he'd sent out alongside me on the missions to wreak havoc. But since they were mutants they weren't sentient and often I'd had to kill them when they'd tried to attack me. I'd stared at 621 in the picture. 'Chopsuey' the back of the photograph had said in Thicc Corgi's messy Tantalog. That was right. It had been his nickname. He had a habit of stealing Thicc Corgi's chopsuey behind his back, hence the nickname. Chopsuey wasn't as strong as me but he was similar in design with green fur. I had light blue fur underneath my chin down to my stomach, but his had been a pale yellow. I remembered he wore a suit similar to mine, though in the picture he wasn't in it. I remembered his mohawk the most. He used to gloat about it something stupid. I had looked away from the photo and set it aside so I didn't have to see it. I still wasn't able to remember what exactly happened, besides him turning on my father and I, but something had gone down between us. Something really big that had led to something very bad happening. And because of that... I'd done something I wasn't proud of. I'd become something else. At the time Thicc Corgi was happy about it but then he'd realised what the real outcome and damage was. Thinking back to it now made me sick. I was ashamed. If Mrs. Doggo and  Queen Floofy Floofer, let alone Shiba Chonkers, ever found out what I'd become they'd probably never want anything to do with me again. Maybe even willingly hand us over to the authorities to be captured and experimented on. I'd felt my stomach turn thinking of that. Queen Floofy Floofer turning on me was my worst nightmare. To take my mind off it, I'd looked through Thicc Corgi's other pictures and come across the days when he'd had hair. I'd always thought his hair looked cool. It was long and jet black and reminded me of Queen Floofy Floofer's hair. I was far too young to remember him with it when I'd been born in his lab, but he'd told me it had started falling out due to stress so he just cut it off. Thicc Corgi had been much slimmer when he was younger too. Kweltikwanians were naturally big in stature and I'd inherited Thicc Corgi's genes so I was a little chubby and short in stature myself, but it still amazed me that this alien was my father. He looked so different. He was toned back then and some of the photographs showed him with his arsenal from his bounty hunter and assassin days as well as his partner in crime, who was another male similar to him. After I had been created I think he'd just had enough and let himself go. My 'mother' wasn't really a mother to me at all. His ex-wife had caused him a lot of pain and stress and I think that further contributed to his hair falling out. She had been the worst thing about his life. I felt bad for him. Things had been rough back then. I had nearly fallen asleep in the cabinet, but jolted awake when the ship jerked and quickly fled from there. After that the picture had stuck on my mind for the rest of the night. I had hoped he wouldn't know but I had really wanted to try drawing him with his hair and then just let slip I'd been snooping due to my stupidity. Thicc Corgi was the only one that knew about those photographs, besides me. I knew the B.U.G was able to detect smells and it would have picked up my scent. Thicc Corgi was really quick to pick up on things, even if I hadn't let slip I was snooping through his photos. Even if one little thing was just slightly out of place, he'd find out. I sat down sadly. Thicc Corgi was still growling at me, but out the corner of my eye I saw him look at the picture I'd drawn of him and then a saddened expression crossed his face. I saw him sigh and clench his fist, but then he just went back to his work on the computer, ignoring me sitting there. It was like he wanted to say something but he didn't. Maybe he just didn't want to say it in front of the others. That was also a possibility. Thicc Corgi never stopped working. There was not a day that went by that he wasn't at work doing some job or another. I was still quite embarrassed so I got up and left on all fours quietly. My leg was still sore from the fall and Thicc Corgi's belting had actually hurt, even if I was indestructible. Again, I saw him turn and watch me as I left out the corner of my eye, but I didn't want to talk to him when he was angry. He had a really bad temper. As Mrs. Doggo had learned just before. He just turned and continued what he was doing. I stared for a moment before leaving, the mechanical door sliding shut behind me. I went to the rear of the ship and hid in the engine room. It was dark in there. It wasn't because Thicc Corgi had scolded me. I was just bothered by more thoughts of my past. I sat against the wall of the room and hugged my legs to my chest. I often did wonder what actually happened to Chopsuey. After our fight, he was apprehended by the Captain of the Galatic Armada and the UGF police force. Back then, that had been Mr. Pupper. I'd hidden and ensured Thicc Corgi's safety after the first incident. That was how we escaped from there. We'd got away, but that was only the beginning. My ears perked when I heard what sounded like a very quiet sinister sounding laugh and I looked up quickly. The room was empty. I switched on my night vision and the room went red. I scanned the area, also sniffing the air and trying to detect a scent. There was nothing there. Needless to say I was a bit creeped out by that, but I remained where I was. There was absolutely no way there was anything else in the ship besides my family. Thicc Corgi had heat sensors and detectors all over the place so he would have known right away if there was something else on board with us. He would know I was in here regardless if I hadn't told him where I was going, and the GPS in the chip would also reveal my whereabouts. I did want to leave the room after that incident, but I couldn't be bothered. So I remained where I was. I jumped about a foot when the door suddenly opened though. I quickly darted up the wall and clung to the ceiling to hide. I saw the shadow of whoever it was fill the room from the doorway. The engine room was pitch black inside however there was a bright light in the corridor outside. I sniffed the air and let out a sigh of relief. It wasn't Thicc Corgi. It was  Queen Floofy Floofer. "S- Captain Chonkers...?" I heard a small voice say. She sounded apprehensive. I knew she was a little afraid of the engine room. There was a lot of machinery in there that made strange and creepy noises. I fell from the ceiling and darted over to her. She jumped at first, but when she saw my outline as the light hit me she looked delighted and I hugged her tightly. I pulled her inside and the door shut behind us. "I can't see Captain Chonkers!" she cried. "It's all black!" "I'm here. Queen Floofy Floofer safe with me." I sat down and pulled her down beside me in the dark. I held onto her hand so she knew I was right beside her. She rested her head on my shoulder. "Why has Thicc Corgi been so mad lately?" she asked me. "Papa just grumpy. Had bad nightmare before. When Queen Floofy Floofer left kitchen, Captain Chonkers wanted food," I told her. " Captain Chonkers qui'xiptzo oatmeal tay went to eat, but Naanee angry with Captain Chonkers. Yell at me. Scare me and made Thicc Corgi very angry, so Thicc Corgi yell at Naanee." Queen Floofy Floofer couldn't see me and I saw her looking around trying to find me. I switched my night vision back on and she jumped beside me when she saw the red glow of my eyes. "It's Captain Chonkers," I told her. "Naga... scary monster." She put her hand to her heart but then laughed. "That looks so creepy!" I giggled at that. " Captain Chonkers going to suck Queen Floofy Floofer blood!" I said, baring my fangs at her and she laughed, trying to back away from me. I leered over her and pushed her to the ground, opening my mouth and going to bite her neck. She pretended to faint in terror and then let out a soft scream of horror as I gently clamped my teeth on her skin. I felt her flinch at that but she laughed. "No more Queen Floofy Floofer! Count Captain Chonkersula strikes again! Now lie very still so Captain Chonkersula can drink blood!" I growled. "Not unless I bite you first and foil your evil plans!" she retorted, shoving me back and pushing me down. "Plot twist!" She did the same thing and actually tried to bite me on the neck, but ended up sputtering instead. I thwacked her on the head gently. "Baka Queen Floofy Floofer! Captain Chonkers has fur." She flicked my nose in response and I held it. "Ogata!" In the dark I could see her wiping at her mouth, but she was smiling. "You stink! I think you need another bath!" "Rude!" I retorted and tackled her to the ground again. We rolled about in the blackness, but then we both laughed. I looked over and could see her rubbing her neck in the dark. She trusted me more than enough to know I'd never hurt her, but that did make me a little sad. I leaned over and licked where she was rubbing and she giggled. " Captain Chonkers hurt Queen Floofy Floofer?" I asked. " Captain Chonkers no bite! Just pretend! Never hurt you!" She smiled. I could see her staring up at the ceiling in the dark as she couldn't see me and I'd turned off my night vision again. "I know. It just felt strange. I didn't realise how sharp your teeth are Captain Chonkers." "I sorry..." I told her sadly. "Don't be," she responded. "You'd make a pretty cool vampire though. You already have the fangs for it!" I heard her giggle. "Maybe you should bring that old vampire costume to the hula competition, and then after it's over, dress up and scare Mertle!" I giggled. "Oh, Captain Chonkers naga nota Queen Floofy Floofer!" I drew out, tapping my chin. "Alto shi'bach, Mertle might pee herself in fright!" Queen Floofy Floofer burst out laughing at that. "Oh my gosh! Imagine if she did it on stage and everybody saw!" We both laughed quite hard at that. Queen Floofy Floofer held her stomach on the ground, trying to catch her breath. I sat her up and put my head against hers and she eventually calmed down. "Should be done? Captain Chonkers scare as vampire after dance?" I asked her. "That would be so funny to see! Yeah, okay!" "Okeytaka! Captain Chonkers be vampire then!" If she wanted me to scare Mertle then I would. I didn't care about anybody else or what they thought. Making her happiest was my priority. Besides, it would give us both something to look forward to after the concert. And with the way Mertle had been treating her lately, she deserved it. Queen Floofy Floofer and I remained in the engine room together for a while, playing in the dark. I made sure she was safe though, considering she wasn't supposed to be in there to begin with. It was a dangerous area. She did manage to trip over a metal bar along the ground at one point while we were playing 'Rooster Zombies of the Midnight Swamp' but I'd been right behind her and caught her. There were lights in the room, but the controls were in the main bay of the ship where Thicc Corgi was so they couldn't be turned on in there. Even without my night vision, I had pretty good vision in the dark so I could make out the machinery. After playing we sat and spoke to each other for a while. Queen Floofy Floofer told me about what she had done when Thicc Corgi had repaired the chip while stroking my ear against her chest. I told her about Thicc Corgi repairing the chip, although there wasn't much to tell as I was asleep this time. " Captain Chonkers?" "Ih?" "You're indestructible, right?" "Ih." "So then... why do you still feel pain?" " Captain Chonkers feel pain  Queen Floofy Floofer, just like you. Without pain, no warning of danger. Like in humans." "What?" she asked. "Well... when human isa hurt, body in pain to tell human something wrong, ih? Same for Captain Chonkers. Not hurt easily, but need pain to tell when there isa danger." "Oh. I see," she responded. "You looked like you were in pain before when Thicc Corgi smacked you." I felt my face heat up. "Why did he?" she continued. "I went into his room," I laughed. "Kinda let slip. Meant to be secret." She giggled. "Mrs. Doggo has smacked me before too. I used to sneak into her room and steal her make up to play dress up." "Thicc Corgi smacks very hard. Sore patookie. Ouchie." She giggled. "I suppose you get in trouble with your dad too. Mrs. Doggo yells at me when I'm bad. Like the whole oatmeal thing. Rotten big sister." I wanted to say to Queen Floofy Floofer that it wasn't right how she acted towards Mrs. Doggo either, but I didn't want make her upset. "Fighting no good. Very bad..." I trailed off. "Yeah. Very bad." "I hate fights too Captain Chonkers..." she responded sadly. "I never want to fight with you again." "Same here Queen Floofy Floofer," I responded quietly. She clutched my fur. My nose was buried in her hair. I could smell her coconut shampoo and it was nice. I couldn't help but play with her hair for a few moments but then we both were hit with blinding light as the door suddenly opened. "THERE YOU ARE!" It was Mrs. Doggo. She was angry. " Queen Floofy Floofer you KNOW this room is off-limits, just WHAT are you doing here?!" "I'm here with Captain Chonkers..." she responded with a small voice. I looked at Mrs. Doggo sadly. We were clutching each other. Mrs. Doggo just put her hand to her head. I could tell she was relieved. She knew Queen Floofy Floofer was safe with me. "Soka..." I voiced quietly. Mrs. Doggo just gave me a sad smile. "Okay, okay. Out you go... we are almost home," she shooed us out of the room and we got up quickly. Though I wasn't watching where I was going and ended up walking into Thicc Corgi's foot, bouncing backwards and falling onto my rear. Queen Floofy Floofer fell beside me. Mrs. Doggo picked her up and Thicc Corgi took my paw, helping me up. I avoided looking at him with my ears down. I wondered if he would yell at me. "Found you through chip. Larger girl worried when no sign of little girl." His voice still had a tone of anger, but he pulled me away from there while Mrs. Doggo carried Queen Floofy Floofer. "Go back to main lab. Be there soon," Thicc Corgi told Mrs. Doggo. She nodded and carried Queen Floofy Floofer down the corridor. Thicc Corgi stood there beside me, looking down at me. He let go of my paw and I stared at the ground. He crossed his arms and tapped his foot and I knew a lecture was incoming. I shifted my foot uncomfortably. " Captain Chonkers. I have explained multiple times to you never to be going into my bedroom, yes? Yet you defy me. Not only this time, but other time too. I know you got in through ventilation system and I have blocked it off now." I remained still. I peeked up at him. "I don't want you in there!" he looked frustrated, staring at me with his eyes wide and clenching his fists. "There are... things. Things in there from Thicc Corgi's past that... if you see them, they could... trigger it." My ears flipped up in alarm at that and I stared at him wide-eyed. " Captain Chonkers... c-could...?" I choked. He nodded, unable to face me. I was horrified! I jumped up onto him and pulled at his collar. "Why keep them?! Why not get rid of them?!" He pushed me back. "I-I... I could not let go of her. As evil as she was..." I looked away and sighed. "Naga kaphong! Naga naga naga!" I cried, pulling down my ears. He pushed me against his chest and rubbed the back of my head gently. "Hush little one..." he said softly. "Now do you realise why Thicc Corgi so angry?" "Ih..." I responded. "Please believe Thicc Corgi, Captain Chonkers. I have tried to get rid of them. Many times. But.. each time I tried to, they would always come back to me, one way or another. Like a curse. So I just kept them out of mind and out of sight until I could figure out what to do, but got lazy and never got around to it," he looked stressed. "Where you found photos... you were dangerously close..." he trailed off. "I forbid you from room for very reason. I know I have been bad at getting rid of things due to finding it hard to let go of past, and it is entirely my wrong doing... but is hard for me to get rid of. Not so easy for Thicc Corgi as was 12 years of life. Well... torture. But regardless, please understand." I nodded. I wasn't reassured in the slightest knowing those items were in there. " Captain Chonkers I have permanently shut down that part of your brain and programming and I have installed fail-safe but is no guarantee of it working. I do not know. I have done my best for you, Captain Chonkers. I truly have! Everyday I work to find more options due to being so scared of fail-safe failing. If it is triggered, I do not know how to stop it this time! What you could be doing to me... to family... we cannot risk it!" I stared him in his main eyes. They were glossy. It pained me so much that I just slumped against him. I didn't want to cry. I needed to be strong. I just had to accept this was how I was created by Thicc Corgi and there was nothing I could do about it. I hated seeing him upset. " Captain Chonkers sorry!" I squeaked against him. "Never go in room again. Chi chabada!" He grunted in response and held me tight. "Family is too important. We do not want this to happen again, yes?" I nodded against his chest. "So let us not risk anything, as I said before. This is all my fault. I am to blame and I have been taking responsibility for my actions for years. You know this." Thicc Corgi held me tightly. "I am heading back out now. Put at back of mind. We will be alright  Captain Chonkers. Chip is there to warn of another glitch, but also of that too. Is actually real reason why I installed it." I felt him rub my head. "Everything will be okay." "Promise?" I asked. "Promise." Thicc Corgi pushed his nose against mine and we headed back up the corridor to start to head home.

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