Captain Chonkers Chapter Thirteen (Part 2)


Exactly as the news had been warning us for that day, the weather continued to decline and become much worse. Dark grey storm clouds had settled in, and the electricity had been knocked out. The house was dark and quite spooky. We used Thicc Corgi's laptop to watch the forecast as it didn't need electricity to run.  Queen Floofy Floofer and I were huddled together underneath the blanket that Thicc Corgi had given me before on the couch while the rest of the family were moving our belongings out into the ship. Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky used the teleporter pod in their bedroom because they didn't want to walk out in the heavy rain, but Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers just went outside to do it. They were nervous about using the teleporter despite Thicc Corgi had told them it was perfectly safe. I wondered why but realised it was because they were humans. Humans feared the unknown and our technology was well advanced beyond their time. My ears perked as I could hear the winds howl outside and our home creak underneath the strain. I could tell it was loud enough for  Queen Floofy Floofer to hear this time and she gripped at my fur. "I'm scared Captain Chonkers..." she said to me. I held her against me. "It will be okay." "What if our home is destroyed?" "Rebuild. Like before." She nodded. Thicc Corgi and I had blown up their home years ago when he'd been trying to capture me. I'd ripped out the oven and lured him into firing his gun by turning the gas valve up. We'd never told the sisters about that. They thought Thicc Corgi's blaster had exploded. Mrs. Doggo peered into us from the doorway. "Come on you two. Time to head up to the ship." "Will our home be okay?" Queen Floofy Floofer asked sadly. "I really do hope so, Queen Floofy Floofer," Mrs. Doggo told her gently. "But you need to understand there isn't much we can do about it if it is destroyed. As long as we are safe, that's what matters."  Queen Floofy Floofer nodded. She didn't want to get up. I could tell. Queen Floofy Floofer hated leaving things behind. She wanted things to stay as they were. It's why she took so many photographs of fat tourists and anything she deemed special, like random moments she thought worth capturing or sunsets. She liked capturing moments and memories for what they were, not for what they became. I gripped her hand and pulled gently. She looked at me. "We'll be okay Queen Floofy Floofer." That reassured her a little and she stood up. Mrs. Doggo picked her up into her arms in the blanket as I watched. I reached out an arm to Mrs. Doggo but Thicc Corgi came in from the hallway at that moment and scooped me up into his arms as well. Sir Chonky beside him. Mrs. Doggo faced us. "Are we all set to stay up there now?" Thicc Corgi nodded. "Everything is ready."  Queen Floofy Floofer watched me from Mrs. Doggo's shoulder and I watched her from Thicc Corgi's. "I'll meet you guys up there." Mrs. Doggo closed the door and left. Queen Floofy Floofer never broke eye contact with me as my father turned and we headed back up to the bedroom to teleport back to the ship. As evening drew in, I sat beside the window with my head in my paws, looking outside. It was too dark to make out anything but I could see the trees violently blowing. I wondered if other people on the island were evacuating and I wondered how they would. We were the only ones that had access to a ship. I could overhear Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers talking about this and some of their friends. "...Do you think they'll be alright?" Mrs. Doggo was saying. "We can only hope so Mrs. Doggo. We cannot tell them about this. Then everybody will want to come. We risk our family being exposed." She nodded at him.  Queen Floofy Floofer was sitting on Thicc Corgi's lap and Sir Chonky was making us all hot drinks in the main bay of the ship. We were sitting in Thicc Corgi's lab for the time being. It was warm in there and the monitor was being used as a TV. We were safe in the ship, although if things got much worse Thicc Corgi was ready to get up and pilot us into the global orbit zone just beyond Earth's atmosphere. "Here Little Monster," I heard Sir Chonky say and turned to find him holding a mug. "Takka," I told him as I took it from him and had a sip. It was hot chocolate. I sat cross legged facing away from the window after that, looking around at my family. Queen Floofy Floofer looked very sad. Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers looked solemn but were talking quietly. Thicc Corgi was on his computer while Queen Floofy Floofer rested against his stomach. I could see what Thicc Corgi was looking at. It was one of my files. I had no idea what the terms on there meant but it was all to with my physio-biomechanology. When he opened up an x-ray of mine on the screen,  Queen Floofy Floofer's interest piked and she leaned over and stared. Thicc Corgi was tapping his chin as if trying to figure out something. "Wow! Is that Captain Chonkers?" "Yes little girl," Thicc Corgi told her. It made Shiba Chonkers and Mrs. Doggo curious too and they also looked. Sir Chonky had seen it before. "What are those things?" Mrs. Doggo pointed to something. I couldn't see what it was from where I was sitting but I figured it out soon enough. "Arms." She looked confused. "Arms? Oh you mean-" "Yes." She looked amazed as did Shiba Chonkers and Queen Floofy Floofer. "How did you...?" "Alternating muscles enable lower arms to act as switch-blade. When retracted, bones fit into and slide along grooves. Allows Captain Chonkers to keep arms in body comfortably without hurting him or damaging organs. Similar process for antennae and spines on back." Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers stared. "But how did you design that?" Thicc Corgi shrugged. "I just did." I went back to window gazing at nothing but I could hear them talking about me. "How long did it take you to create him?" Mrs. Doggo asked. "Four years." "How did you create him?" Shiba Chonkers also asked. I could see him looking at me in the reflection of the glass. I could tell Thicc Corgi was a little annoyed with the constant questioning, but he answered. "Lots of testing, failures, stress, anger and sadness. Many days and nights of no sleep." "Oh..." Shiba Chonkers responded. I knew that wasn't what he meant. "I am aware of what you are asking me," Thicc Corgi continued, looking at his computer. "On subject of how I created  Captain Chonkers that information is classified to Thicc Corgi and only Thicc Corgi. Is also in Tantalog so you would not understand, let alone terms used. I studied genetic engineering and biomechanics for years. Since I was child, actually. Thicc Corgi was child prodigy." "That doesn't surprise me," Mrs. Doggo said. I could see her look at me as well in the reflection. "I thought that people who created robots were smart, but being able to create another life from scratch let alone all the other things you've created around the house..." She watched what he was doing. "Our dad was an engineer. But he worked with planes and aircraft." Thicc Corgi seemed slightly interested, but grunted and continued looking through my files. After a moment or so he got up and picked me up. "Gaba?" I asked. "Need to check something," he muttered. "Very important." The family watched as he carried me over to the table again and sat me down. He strapped a cord to my arm and he flicked the feed on the monitor over to my statistics. Queen Floofy Floofer looked a little scared. "Uncle Thicc Corgi...?" she asked. Thicc Corgi didn't answer her. I could see him typing on the monitor frantically. Eventually there was a beep and he jumped up shouting "Aha!" Everybody stared. " Captain Chonkers, sit up." "Okeytaka...?" I asked, sitting up straighter and trying not to slouch. I'd felt a bit more tired than usual since moving the debris. I wanted to know what was wrong. He held my arm in his fingers and flexed it again, before doing the same with my leg. He'd been doing this quite a bit lately. He went back to the monitor and typed something in again, only to have that same beep from the monitor as before. I think it had confirmed something to him. "Thicc Corgi, what is going on?" Mrs. Doggo asked. "When  Captain Chonkers fell down hole, he was receiving mild concussion," Thicc Corgi explained. "I have noticed slow reaction speeds. Lack of tension and contraction when flexing limbs – very unusual for Captain Chonkers so I have been trying to figure out problem after watching him move debris today. His movements were awkward and clunky." They were? " Captain Chonkers slucha tez hakri dekris?" "Yes Captain Chonkers," Thicc Corgi responded to that. "So... what does that mean then?" Mrs. Doggo asked. She looked between us. "Chip in head has shifted off center. Signal firing mix up and interference is causing slight alternation to pilix-minus junction. I need to fix it." "Pilix-minus junction?" Shiba Chonkers asked. They looked confused. "Eh... similar to what you are calling neuromuscular functions in earthlings," Thicc Corgi waved his hand at them. "Come Captain Chonkers." He picked me up and carried me to another section of his lab. Queen Floofy Floofer instantly tried to follow but Thicc Corgi wouldn't allow it. Mrs. Doggo held her back. " Captain Chonkers!" she called sadly. I looked at her from over Thicc Corgi's shoulder. "Not to worry, Little Girl. Won't take long to fix." "Something wrong with Captain Chonkers?" I asked my father as he set me down after the door shut behind us. "No," he responded. He looked a little distant before continuing. "Well, only little. But I can fix easily. Lay down my boy." I did as he asked and once again felt the bandage on the back of my head being removed. Thicc Corgi wasted no time with what he was doing. This time, he did knock me out for it though. When I came around I was sitting upright in the sleeping quarters of the ship. That strange sluggish feeling I'd had before was gone even though I'd had anaesthetic again. I had figured it was something from the concussion, but apparently it had been something else. The family was instantly at my side when I woke. Thicc Corgi rushed in. " Captain Chonkers? How are you feeling?" he asked, feeling my head. I smiled. "Better." He looked relieved. "Not tired? Excellent. My theory was correct." I looked a him. "Naga, atibakacha. Gaba ika tasoopa daka beecha tak?" He stared at me for a moment and then at the others before looking back to me again. "Dak jootaba el kayot. " "Gaba?" He gave a nod. I was surprised to hear that. "Did fix?" I asked him and he nodded. "Hopefully so." I looked down and rubbed at my head. Thicc Corgi had informed me that the chip in my head had actually dislodged a little more than he realised but he had fixed it and repaired the sheath it was inside of in the back of my head. He reassured me by waving at me. "I am 100% certain it is repaired," he told me, his Kweltikawnian accent quite strong. "Not to be worrying,  Captain Chonkers." I trusted his words so I smiled and nodded. Queen Floofy Floofer walked over to me and held my paw. "Leelo!" I smiled at her and she hugged me. "It's scary outside now, Captain Chonkers," she said to me quietly. "Even the ship is rocking." I sat still for a moment at that, perking up my ears and twitching them to listen. She was right. I could feel the slight movement of the ship rocking in it's position despite grounded. Thicc Corgi checked his computer again. "Center of storm to be hitting very shortly. I am thinking I will perform global orbit at this point, just to be on safe side." Queen Floofy Floofer sat up on the bed beside me and Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers held each other. Sir Chonky looked sad. "We will still have a home to come back to, right?" "Cannot be answering that Sir Chonky. Can only hope for the best." Thicc Corgi looked at me. I smiled at him sadly. We never truly did have a home until we came to earth. At least, that was how we'd felt for the longest time. "I'm sure the house will be fine," Mrs. Doggo said, although she didn't sound too sure of herself. I looked at her and she looked back at me. "Come Sir Chonky. Time to leave," Thicc Corgi gestured, and he and Sir Chonky headed for the cockpit, leaving me with Queen Floofy Floofer, Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers. Mrs. Doggo watched them as they left before turning to me. She pulled me out of the bedsheets and sat me in her lap. Queen Floofy Floofer rested her head against her side. I looked up at Mrs. Doggo and she gently stroked me along my back. I let slip a purr without meaning to and Shiba Chonkers smirked. Queen Floofy Floofer just remained solemn. She wasn't moody, just sad and worried. "Naga worry. Captain Chonkers sure we okay," I said after a few moments of silence. They just looked at me."Papa knows what he is doing. He make sure... ah... all? All of us is safe." Mrs. Doggo kissed my cheek and Queen Floofy Floofer closed her eyes but held onto my paw. Shiba Chonkers just looked at the wall blankly. That was how we remained for the next few hours. Later on that night, my family had all fallen asleep in the sleeping quarters. Except for Mrs. Doggo who I noticed was sitting and gazing out of the window. I knew it was her first time in space. She looked across to me as I walked over to her. "So," she smiled. "You come from here, huh?" "Jajie, ih," I told her, climbing up beside her. "But long way from here. From Kweltikwan." "I guess that makes you like Thicc Corgi then. What term do they use for your race?" "Quana jes aliens," I told her. "Thicc Corgi species called 'Kweltikwanians'. Meega Kweltikwanian like him, though Captain Chonkers isa different and Captain Chonkers isa experiment." "I see..." Mrs. Doggo looked intrigued. "What was Kweltikwan like?" "Kinda like Earth," I responded. "Big. Flying cars. Naga humans. Lots of different aliens though mostly our kind." "Did you see much of your home?" I shook my head. "Naga.  Captain Chonkers... had to be kept secret. Only saw bits." She nodded and ruffled the fur on top of my head. "You know... for the longest time I never believed in aliens. I always thought they were those creepy Greys with those huge black eyes and slit noses. I would never have suspected you were an alien the first time I saw you at the pound." I tilted my head at her. "Though, your eyes set you apart from dogs I guess. You have alien eyes like them." I just looked at her sadly. I had no idea how to respond to it. She sensed how I was feeling though. "I don't mean that in a bad way, Captain Chonkers. You're unique and your eyes are the only indicator of something unusual. Well... with the exception of blue fur, of course," she smiled. I just stared at her. "What... Naanee mean?" She sighed slightly and went back to gazing out of the window. "I guess what I am saying is that... things are different when I look at you." "Gaba?" I put a paw on her knee, causing her to look back at me. "When I look at you... I see you. I never saw a dog. I always knew in the back of my mind that there was something else to you. Something more than basic intelligence. You're not just looking back at me but you're looking back at me and thinking - you have thoughts, feelings, emotions. Just like us. Your eyes spell that out." "Naanee knew Captain Chonkers was alien?" I asked. "Well. Yes and no. I didn't believe Queen Floofy Floofer when she said you could talk, but I knew something was different about you that night I saw you at the fridge getting the soda. It was creepy how you kept looking at me. I thought you were going to attack me, honestly." I thought back to that night. It was a long time ago. "Naga," I told her. "Just annoyed Naanee came into kitchen." "Why?" she asked. " Captain Chonkers was alien. Naanee nearly saw me." She looked confused but then seemed to realise. "Oh." I nodded. She continued. "Your eyes are quite beautiful, Captain Chonkers." "Really?" I smiled at her. She nodded. I was touched. Mrs. Doggo could never know about my past. Ever. "Dougabba, Naanee..." I told her, hugging her side. "So nice to Captain Chonkers. Make'a meega happy." I could tell she was still feeling guilty from before, though she didn't say anything. "You've done a lot for our family, Captain Chonkers. You brought Queen Floofy Floofer back around. I was barely managing with her. You really do keep her going, you know?" I nodded, recalling back to the times Queen Floofy Floofer said she needed me. Mrs. Doggo ruffled my head. "It's good you came to us, Captain Chonkers." She smiled at me before she went back to window gazing again, so I jumped down and ventured out to the cockpit to see what was going on. Space wasn't new to me. Going back into it wasn't anything exciting to me as I was from there. I could see Thicc Corgi's hulking frame in the left seat. Sir Chonky was sitting in a chair off to the side, head rested in his arm and sleeping. Thicc Corgi was awake as I could see him moving about. I walked over quietly and put a paw on his knee. He jumped slightly. I realised then he hadn't been awake, but was also dozing and the ship was on autopilot. My mind must have been playing tricks on me. " Captain Chonkers..." he said drowsily, and I climbed onto his lap and curled up. He stroked my back. "Where are we?" I asked. He pointed out the window to the earth. "That is Down-Under Land. Over there is Japan." "Eegalagoo!" I responded, sitting up to look out. Earth amazed me. Depsite I'd seen it quite clearly when I'd crashed here 3 years ago, the sight never ceased to amaze me. It was an amazing planet. So crystal blue and clear. All seemed peaceful from here. But I knew that wasn't the case. Thicc Corgi tapped the side of my head and then pointed to the small monitor in the cockpit, prompting me to look. The storm had hit Kauai and a news report was showing the damage that had already occurred via a drone. Some buildings had been impacted by the winds but nothing seemed to have been knocked down. There was flooding. But that was all we could see so far. Thicc Corgi switched it off and sighed. "Now that larger girl is aware of 621, she is going to be asking more. Promise me  Captain Chonkers, you will not be saying anything. They cannot know about us and our past. If larger girl kicks us out of family, we will have nowhere. I am banished from Kweltikwan and you were exiled to Earth rather than asteroid." "Naga telka," I responded. "Love o'hana. Captain Chonkers don't want to leave." "Yes," he responded. "I do not want the past to catch up to us." I shook my head. " Captain Chonkers... naga monster. Naga nala..." I said against Thicc Corgi, holding onto his shirt. I heard him let out a pained sigh. "I'm so sorry Captain Chonkers." I hugged him. "As said. No hate." "Good. Am very glad you do not hate me. Could not live with myself if you did." How could I? Thicc Corgi had been there for me from the start. He'd created me and raised me. He was my father. No matter what he'd put me through or what I'd done because of him, I would always acknowledge that fact. "Preecha." He looked surprised. "Proud? Of me?" "Ih. To be Captain Chonkers. To be Thicc Corgi's." I could tell that hit him hard. His eyes narrowed slightly and he gazed out of the window at the blue planet. He said nothing though he did put his hand over me. "Sleep, my little Captain Chonkers." I smiled. I snuggled against him and drifted off.

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