Captain Chonkers Chapter Thirty-Five


The evening drew in. We opted to remain in our home this time as opposed to the ship, though if one of us was to leave the room, I was to accompany them. In a way it felt like we were prisoners in our own home and it was kind of creepy.  Queen Floofy Floofer thought the extra security with Cobra and his team was cool, but she was incredibly anxious. Mrs. Doggo was as well. I could tell she wasn't too happy with Thicc Corgi from the way she kept glancing at him. She'd found out a bit about our pasts and I could tell she was wary of us to an extent, but she'd never admit it. The times she looked at me I pretended to be looking elsewhere. Two of Cobra's agents were in there with us, but they were just doing their jobs and monitoring, not interfering with our family.  Queen Floofy Floofer was running her finger around the base of my spines through my spacesuit. I kept telling her to stop but she wouldn't and insisted she would be very careful. Though she was avoiding the appendages I still feared her nicking one of them; just one tiny cut was enough to make a human blow up. Eventually I retracted them as my anxiety about her pricking herself overwhelmed me. She let out a small groan of protest but just stroked my back, reaching into the opening for the spines and rubbing her hand up and down through my fur, making me purr. Shiba Chonkers was settled next to Mrs. Doggo on the couch, watching as  Queen Floofy Floofer did this. He seemed deep in thought. Thicc Corgi was by the window and had his laptop in front of him, monitoring. Sir Chonky was reading another magazine. " Captain Chonkers?" I looked up. Everybody else did as well. "Are you sure you didn't find anything out of place in home?" "Ih, shooga." "Positive...?" "Ih!" When we got back from hula class, Thicc Corgi had asked me to search the home for anything that Chopsuey or the Captain Chonkers Clone's might have planted, but I hadn't found anything out of place. This was the third time Thicc Corgi had asked me the same question, but I was more than confident my senses hadn't failed me. He was just worried. Sir Chonky's communicator buzzed suddenly, making Mrs. Doggo jump. He stood up and answered it, going to leave the room. I rubbed  Queen Floofy Floofer's hand before jumping up and following him, feeling worried with him being alone in there. He went into his and Thicc Corgi's bedroom upstairs and I sat down on the chair in there as he talked to his mother about what was happening. His mother said hi to me at one point and I waved awkwardly through the camera to her. She asked me how Thicc Corgi was and then started going on about Sir Chonky finding a wife, but I was barely listening, more intent on looking at the window and wondering if I'd see anything suddenly appear there. "Son I'm going to say it! He <em>does</em> look like his father there doesn't he!" Sir Chonky just turned to stare at me. "What about you Captain Chonkers?" she continued. "Any possible love interests?" That in turn made me stare. I raised an eyebrow. "Uh... gaba?" "No? How about Thicc Corgi then, did he ever meet anybody else after that horrible woman?" I glared furiously at Sir Chonky at that and he looked at me sheepishly. I would have rolled my eyes had I been able to do so, but I was relieved when he interrupted his mothers awkward questions and forcefully changed the subject. Geeze she was nosy! I walked over to the window and looked out, but I didn't see anything out of place. I didn't hear anything either despite perking my ears. The silence was far more concerning than peaceful. I lay on Thicc Corgi's bunk as Sir Chonky droned on to his mother and she droned on to him. It was extremely boring but I couldn't leave Sir Chonky unprotected. A small knock on the door made me perk up and Mrs. Doggo poked her head in. We looked at each other. " Captain Chonkers? Can I speak with you?" I figured Sir Chonky was finishing up on the phone, considering I could hear him trying to say goodbye. Though I watched him as he headed back downstairs to the others. Mrs. Doggo entered the bedroom and shut the door. "Gaba eiek?" I asked, still paranoid about the window and looking outside. That increased tenfold when I thought I saw a glint of something against the darkness. "I'm going to be honest with you. Something has been bothering me for a while now." "What?" I asked, still not tearing my gaze away but she sighed and actually put her hands to my face, turning my head to face her. On instinct I growled slightly at this and she backed off. She threw her hands up into the air, startling me. It wasn't a reaction I'd been expecting. "This. THIS is what has been bothering me!" I froze and my ears drooped. For a moment I forgot about the window, Mrs. Doggo's anger distracting me. "G-gaba?" "YOU!" "Meega?!" I asked in shock. "What did I do?" "You're different. Different about a lot of things lately. And I don't know why." "How  Captain Chonkers different?" I asked her. "I don't know how exactly, but something is different. Ever since that day you tore down the trees in regards to my wedding. You always seem so angry now, over little things." I frowned. "Because I growl?" "That yes, but for example when we went to pick up your suit. Your reactions to that woman." "Rumba!" I said to that. "Geeba choba cha! Step broken – dangerous!" She just stared at me, so I tried again. "Give me break! Naanee nearly hurt by step, lazy woman – no do anything." "I know that Captain Chonkers, but in the past you would never have acted that way around her. Even if she was in the wrong. It's the level of your anger now that worries me. I simply asked you about what Thicc Corgi had asked you when I got back from the mall with Queen Floofy Floofer and you just... snapped." "..." "Why, Captain Chonkers?" "Because you very probing. I tell you naga want talk about." She sighed. "Look – you know I respect your privacy. But this is serious. Something is trying to attack us and potentially hurt Queen Floofy Floofer. And if you and Thicc Corgi are keeping something big from us then maybe it's time the two of you are actually honest with us." I couldn't look at her. "Whatever is... happening to you Captain Chonkers, it's affecting everybody. You know I only wanted to protect you at the wedding, but you took it so strongly. Shiba Chonkers was terrified." "..." "Well?" Mrs. Doggo sat down on the bed next to me. "How you feel to be told no able to talk to family? 'Cuz different?" "I understand that, but you need to see it from my end. This is my wedding Captain Chonkers." I stared at her. "It's about Shiba Chonkers and I. It's our special day. My family are aware and excited to meet you and Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky – but I honestly had no idea how they might have reacted to you and that scared me a lot. People are unpredictable. That includes my family. We don't know them as well as you might think." I sighed. "You're not the same Captain Chonkers I know anymore." That hurt. We stared at each other for a good while at that. There was a mixed expression on her features. I reeled for a moment and I opened my mouth to retort to that in my own defence, but I looked away and thought about what she said. In a way she was right. I didn't even know who I was any more with all this weird stuff happening to me. Even Thicc Corgi had said my mental state had been effected. Heck, I'd even been willing to threaten them with suicide at one point even though I would never have actually done that. In my defence I hadn't wanted to hurt them – but I knew what sort of pain that must have caused Queen Floofy Floofer. To see me act like that. I'd already been irrational enough as it was taking the ship and trying to leave the planet before for scratching her and that must have made me seem even worse. I'd even lashed out about those tourists. Again, in my defence they were nasty to me – but I'd taken it more personally than I would have in the past. Normally I let insults slide. It was just now I guess I felt more vulnerable with this weird thing mocking and laughing at me, because it was something I couldn't control. When I wasn't in control, that scared me the most because even I had no idea what I was truly capable of. But how could Mrs. Doggo know this? How could she know that the one thing that scared me the most was the fact I really was a monster? Every time I tried to tell this to her, she'd just brush it off because she had no idea what the true implications behind that were. Unless she knew the real, dark truth about me, things would likely remain this way. This tension and my moodiness. Thicc Corgi had sworn me to secrecy. I wouldn't betray him. But then I thought about  Queen Floofy Floofer. The one good thing about my life. The thought of losing her was too much to bear and while irrational, I still think my actions were justified with taking the ship, but maybe from how Mrs. Doggo was with me right now – they hadn't actually been so justified after all. I had only been thinking about myself at the time – and not what they wanted or how they felt. Perhaps now this had been the case with Mrs. Doggo and her wedding. I didn't want to be outcasted and called a dog but I had completely refused to listen to her reasoning on the basis I thought she was being completely unfair and even discriminating against me. She was only trying to protect me the best way she knew how even if that ended up hurting me in the process. Mrs. Doggo looked at me again as I looked at her, but I put my paws to my face and curled up, not wanting her to see me starting to cry. I couldn't stop it. I heard the air leave her lungs at that. I hated this. Mrs. Doggo knew it took a lot to make me upset. There was only one time in the past she'd made me cry and that was when she'd accused me of something I really hadn't done at the time. She'd been in a very bad mood after work and took it out on me. This was well before I'd started glitching. I'd later learned it had been something to do with the anniversary of their parents death and she hadn't meant what she'd said to me. I just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time that day. But at the current moment, she was at a loss for words. I didn't move as I heard her stand up and leave the room briefly and for a moment I thought I might have made her feel too awkward, however she returned just as quickly and pushed me upright. She had a tissue in her hand and put it to my face. "Are you okay?" I closed my eyes before shaking my head. "This really isn't like you Captain Chonkers." She stroked my cheek before pulling me into her arms and holding me close. "I know..." I muttered. " Captain Chonkers not Captain Chonkers. Naanee right. Is not all about me." Mrs. Doggo sighed and pulled back from me, but when she did I instantly noticed a small red dot on her chest that had panned over from being on me and my eyes widened. I knocked her down from the bed onto the floor before I felt a small slash of air through my fur and heard a thud. Mrs. Doggo looked shocked. "Shh..." I gestured, peeking back up over the bunk to see what had hit. There was a dart embedded in the wall with a small vile on the back full of a green substance. As fast as I could I grabbed Mrs. Doggo by the hand and ran back downstairs with her, before running back up to the window and turning on my night vision. This was precisely why I'd been looking out of the window in the first place. Mrs. Doggo's distraction had been just enough for a clear shot – which thankfully missed. There was no doubt in my mind that shot had been fired by Chopsuey; he never did have precise aim. "FEBOOGOO!" I roared into the night, hearing a brief rustling of leaves. I saw a figure dart from a bush and bolted out after it, but all of a sudden it <em>vanished into thin air. </em> I stood there stumped before rubbing my eyes. Did that just happen? Not wanting to stand stationary for too long I darted forth and sniffed the area, tracking an unusual scent – but it confirmed one thing to me – that it had definitely been Chopsuey. I remembered scents and I remembered them well. Now I had to try and figure out what I'd just witnessed.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Thicc Corgi was just as lost as I was. "Vanished? You sure eyes not playing tricks Captain Chonkers?" "Ih! Of course I'm sure!" I responded. "Hmm..." he muttered, holding up the dart and inspecting the vial in his fingers. "Will need to analyse in ship, is looking strangely familiar." After the dart incident Cobra had more agents deployed instantly. We were relatively safe in our home, but nobody could leave a room now without supervision from either me or an agent. They were relying on me the most because of my good hearing and eyesight. I normally could sense danger before it happened. But even small distractions were enough to make me lose focus. I'd been very lucky that Chopsuey had missed with that dart, but I knew this wasn't the last we'd be seeing him. I wasn't going to blame Mrs. Doggo for making me lose focus when she was already mad at me enough as it was, but she had distracted me enough that I'd nearly been poisoned. That couldn't happen again. Mrs. Doggo kept staring at me from the couch while Shiba Chonkers had started to read a book. It was something about fatherhood from what I could make out. I didn't know what to think of it as it became a little off-putting. I avoided eye contact with her. I think  Queen Floofy Floofer noticed it too. She looked up at me from staring at a picture of Pudge. In the light of recent incidents she still found the time to mourn her fish. "Everything okay Captain Chonkers?" I shook my head slowly. We stared at each other but it was silent between us. Queen Floofy Floofer went back to staring at her picture while I bit my lower lip. Eventually I got sick of Mrs. Doggo's staring to the point I turned my back to her.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Thicc Corgi's plan that night was interesting. Considering the dart incident, he wanted to see how far my stalkers were willing to go. Via computer messages, Mrs. Doggo was instructed to pretend to be putting myself and Queen Floofy Floofer to bed – we couldn't risk being overheard because it would foil the plan – though actually <em>in </em>our beds were plush toys, assorted to resemble our bodies underneath the sheets so it looked like we were in bed. I was to remain on guard in the bedroom, while Queen Floofy Floofer slept with Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers, and Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky remained with a guard in the living room. Before we put this plan into action, I chanced upon another moment alone with Mrs. Doggo when I was brushing out my fur in the bathroom. I'd pulled off my suit momentarily in order to do so and the agent assigned to guard me had given me some space. She walked past the bathroom and saw me there. I still couldn't tell if she was mad at me or not. "Naanee sarri tabjai." I said loudly, looking at myself in the mirror. She knew what that meant. I saw her pause and she looked at me briefly from out in the corridor. "Ishta?" There was no response from her. She went to continue on. "AGATA." That made her jump slightly and I could tell she was a bit tense from before, but she sighed and approached the door. We stared at each other. "I've had enough of this Captain Chonkers." I paused, putting the brush down on the sink for a moment. "Enough of what?" "This. You know what." I did know. I looked down at the sink. "Things can't get better unless something changes. Both you and Thicc Corgi know that and I can't keep dealing with you being like this." I looked up at her sadly. "But this between us can wait, dealing with your... this other Captain Chonkers, or experiment, or whoever... is more important." I nodded. "You know the wedding is around the corner and I just want you to think about what I said. I don't want this to interfere with it. I think it's about time I should be able to have a special day for once without something going wrong or some aliens interfering. I'm exhausted. Shiba Chonkers needs this, and I need it too." "I will. No want that either." She nodded. " Captain Chonkers..." My ears perked. She drew in a breath as if to say something, but decided against it. "I'll put you to bed now with Queen Floofy Floofer." she simply said. That was part of the plan, so I knew it was a scripted sentence. I just gave a nod and went back to brushing my fur. I didn't expect a hug from her that night. She turned to leave. There was no doubt things weren't good between myself and Mrs. Doggo at the moment. She'd always been a bit suspicious of me and it had taken her a good while to warm up to me after we'd originally destroyed their home. Also because of what Queen Floofy Floofer had been put through. It was one thing that prevented me from ever telling her that I liked Queen Floofy Floofer. She was protective of the girl and always seemed to question that I cared about her just as much as she did. Like when she'd pulled Queen Floofy Floofer away from me not long ago after learning about Chopsuey. I know she was mad but she would always put Queen Floofy Floofer before me. She had every right to. I know she did love me as family and cared deeply for me. Same for Thicc Corgi. But this rift was going to drive us apart eventually. Me with my random attacks and outbursts of anger, the chance of hurting her or Queen Floofy Floofer, and NOW learning about Thicc Corgi's past. If my Metamorphosis system activated, there was no going back. We'd be done. I'd never see Queen Floofy Floofer again. I really wasn't Experiment Captain Chonkers anymore. I wasn't that monster that had destroyed Turo and killed other aliens. Mrs. Doggo wouldn't ever accept that if she knew about Turo. She'd just see me as a true monster. She wouldn't understand. And I doubted that Shiba Chonkers would either. Queen Floofy Floofer was different, she was more accepting. But Mrs. Doggo had always been more reserved. A much harder human with a strong shell. I knew it was because of her parents death though. After they'd died, she'd had to assume the role of both a mother and father to Queen Floofy Floofer, despite being her sister. She'd had to take on more than a normal human could handle in a very short span of time. That was more than enough to emotionally destroy somebody. She was a strong woman and I admired that aspect of her. How she'd managed to keep going for  Queen Floofy Floofer's sake and given up everything she loved in order to do so. I thought about this after exiting the bathroom and staring up at a framed picture of the family that hung on the wall there. The family was on the beach, a much younger Queen Floofy Floofer in a sandcastle while her parents dug a mote around her. Mrs. Doggo was behind their father giving him bunny ears. She was a very different Mrs. Doggo in that picture to the Mrs. Doggo she was today. She looked brighter and happier because back then she was carefree. She didn't have the responsibility she had now. I guessed life was much better for her too. She didn't have the extra stress of caring about three aliens that almost wrecked her life. I still wondered if she would ever truly forgive us for that despite us rebuilding the house, because sometimes it didn't feel as though she had. " Captain Chonkers, time for bed." I looked at the agent and saw Mrs. Doggo waiting for me at the entrance to our bedroom. She'd seen me staring at the picture. Quietly, I followed her up to the dome.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>I knew there were no listening bugs in the home as I had scoured it from top to bottom, but Thicc Corgi still hadn't wanted to take any risks. I remained on guard in our bedroom, crouched in the closet and hiding behind some of Queen Floofy Floofer's clothes. After a few hours I began to feel sleepy, but a small thud above made me whip up my ears. Peering out slightly I could see a shadow pass over the skylight, made obvious by the moonlight seeping through the windows. I turned on my x-ray vision and closed the door just as they skylight opened and a tall, lithe figure covered in what seemed to be a black cloak entered through the skylight via a grappling hook. I clenched my fist, recognising the hook instantly as I'd used it myself in the past. Remaining quiet, I watched Chopsuey approach our beds. I couldn't see his face or features. He lingered for a moment before approaching my bed and staring at it, but then he swiftly raised an arm and I saw razor sharp claws emerge and he plunged them into the bed and through the stuffed toys. I heard a loud vicious growl before he tore back the covers and realised that we weren't stupid enough to sleep in the room. He checked Queen Floofy Floofer's bunk too. I remained quiet. Just as he was about to head down the stairwell to the house, I lunged from the cupboard and tackled him. We both rolled down the stairs and burst through the dome door. He swiped at me, but I ducked and punched him in the face. We swiped and growled at each other and he wouldn't let me remove the mask from his face whenever I tried to grab it. "Nala queesta! Go nogos ogata meega!" I sneered. "Chuppy cheepa! Chu gata queesta!" came a gravelly response. I paused, momentarily startled from hearing his voice again, but he took the opportunity to punch me in the gut. I was briefly winded and fell flat onto my back. He leaned over me, once again raising his claws to plunge them into me but I kicked up my legs just in the nick of time and rolled over, extending my own claws and plunging them into his cloak. I heard him wheeze in pain. I must have got him because when I pulled them back they were covered in pink blood. He slashed at my face and I felt blood pool. I roared and the two of us tackled each other again. By now the agents and my family were all awake and watching in shock as we rolled about, lashing and growling savagely at each other, but I was too busy trying to hold off Chopsuey to worry about them. He punched me in the eye again before an agent finally managed to shoot at him as he withdrew a gun. It was knocked from his hands. He ducked before turning and smashing out of the living room window. I followed him but once again he vanished as had before and I couldn't get him, but I just managed to snag his cloak and rip it away. He vanished before I could see his face. I stood there growling deeply. My features were tense and I knew I was a mess. Thicc Corgi rushed down to my side on the driveway with a bunch of towels and put them to my face and the other areas he'd slashed me. He picked me up and carried me inside. Mrs. Doggo and Queen Floofy Floofer were shaking and the agents were consoling them, but Thicc Corgi just focused on cleaning me up without saying a word. When he did speak I could tell he was furious. "Blasted abomination..." I remained quiet. Queen Floofy Floofer hadn't taken her eyes off me, trying to hold back tears. "What happened...?" Mrs. Doggo eventually asked quietly. "621 ahvst hyst ji'st jabet. Znex shavatz..." I muttered when nobody responded. Mrs. Doggo looked confused but she could tell I wasn't in the mood to talk at that moment. Thicc Corgi eventually answered for her. "Chopsuey broke into bedroom. Captain Chonkers tackled him after made attempt to kill supposed Captain Chonkers in bed. Plan worked." "He did try to kill Captain Chonkers?" Thicc Corgi eyed her. "Second time now." Mrs. Doggo went quiet again. "What about  Queen Floofy Floofer's bed?" "Lucha." I muttered. "But left alone." "..." Mrs. Doggo stared at me momentarily before going over to look out the window broken window, but Thicc Corgi instantly pulled her away from it. "Do not do that. Not safe until is fixed. You could be open target." She sighed hastily, crossing her arms. "So how long are we going to have to deal with this?" Thicc Corgi didn't answer her. He couldn't. She stared at me again before jabbing a finger at me. "It's because of him we are in this situation though isn't it!" she thrust her arms out in an outward motion. "He's after Captain Chonkers!" Thicc Corgi growled at that. Mrs. Doggo stepped back slightly and Shiba Chonkers held onto her. "Because if it weren't for Captain Chonkers, this... creature of yours wouldn't be–" "AMA GUNDA!" I finally jumped up and snapped. "MAQA MEEGA GATA." Her eyes went wide at that. It was the first time I'd spoken back to her, but I was fed up enough as it was now. "Don't tell me to shut u–" "NAANEE!" I roared at her. "STOP BLAMING ME. HABATA IKI GOOZA KA. ISA NAGA MEEGA SHAA." I <strong>really </strong>wasn't in the mood to be blamed for this or have Mrs. Doggo find reason to take her anger out on me. I had done nothing wrong. I had done nothing against Chopsuey yet I was the one being blamed and targeted because he was so jealous of me. I wasn't in control of myself but somehow at that moment I felt as though Mrs. Doggo was just going to continue to use that against me too. Thicc Corgi was seething but he remained calm, pushing the towel to my face again. "Larger girl," he said calmly. "I get you are being angry. However, you are <strong>NOT</strong> going to take this out on Captain Chonkers. Is not his fault is being targeted like this and the very idea you would be thinking is his fault is absurd. Be minding your own business, ey?" Mrs. Doggo stared at him in shock before turning and walking out of the room. She came back shortly after holding a carry bag which she threw at Thicc Corgi. He barely had time to react and it hit him in the face. "What is this being for?" "I think you should go." He went quiet at that. "So that is it then," he responded quietly. "You are wanting us to leave?" Mrs. Doggo looked away. "Yes Thicc Corgi. Queen Floofy Floofer is in danger. I'm pregnant too, remember? Or did you forget that? Look what happened to him!" she eyed me. "This stupid creature of yours did this! I don't have the money to keep forking out repair costs with the wedding coming up. First the trees outside, now the house. What's next? Another hidden explosive? Captain Chonkers obviously being targeted is going to effect all of us!" Thicc Corgi had nothing to say to that. "So as long as that thing is after Captain Chonkers, then I think you should leave." Queen Floofy Floofer finally spoke up at that. "No." Mrs. Doggo looked at her. She put her hand to her head. "Baby. Please. This is for your own go–" "<strong>NO!</strong>" Queen Floofy Floofer roared at her, stamping her foot on the ground. " Captain Chonkers almost died b-before!" she choked. "I won't see him leave again, especially because you think it's his fault when it isn't! You're not being fair!" "Your life is in danger!" "All of us are in danger!" Queen Floofy Floofer retorted. "What difference would them leaving make? You'd just make me sad again! Those other bad guys could still attack here even if that Chopsuey experiment is after Captain Chonkers!" Mrs. Doggo went quiet. " Queen Floofy Floofer is right Mrs. Doggo. I don't think it's best for us to be apart right now. We can put aside the beef later, yeah? Just let them deal with it." Shiba Chonkers said to her. Mrs. Doggo looked around at us before sighing in agitation. She glared at me and I glared back at her. I wasn't going to accept being blamed. "Fine. But from now on, all responsibility is on you. If the house is blown up again, YOU can pay for the damages." "Is least of worries right now," Thicc Corgi muttered, turning back to me. "Oh it sure is, considering you can just go live in that ship of yours regardless. And with your technology I'm sure you can just magically make a house materialise out of thin air. Wouldn't put it past you." Thicc Corgi raised an eyebrow. "Your point being?" "This is MY home Thicc Corgi! I worked my butt off to keep it once our parents died. It's nice to see how little you care!" He turned around at that. "Larger girl, I lost TWO homes. I lost EVERYTHING I owned. Years worth of research, collecting and data. Very things I dedicated whole life to, all taken away from me. Of course I care about home! But right now, my son comes first. You would be doing exact same for sister. Are you not being doing exact same for sister already?" He paused, but started to Captain Chonkers up my face. "I am sorry has come to this. For sake of ohana, I truly am. But not for second will I ever let you put blame on my boy – he is being innocent. If you continue to believe is his fault, then perhaps I will take Captain Chonkers and leave, and yes I was mentioning doing so, but only if worst comes to very worst and there is evidence that family is in immediate danger. Chopsuey is only after  Captain Chonkers. But if we are to be leaving because you just think we should, then you and I both know what would happen to her." That made Mrs. Doggo pause. She looked at Queen Floofy Floofer for a good while at that. Queen Floofy Floofer was staring back at her intently but she had her fists clenched in anger. Mrs. Doggo closed her eyes. "Fine!" She put up her hands. She knew very well the emotional damage it would cause her sister if we were separated. She wasn't going to put her through that again. "Fine, Thicc Corgi. But you're on your own." "Okeydokey," he responded bluntly. I knew he was very used to being on his own. Mrs. Doggo just stared at that, before leaving the room. The agents followed quietly. I could tell they felt a bit awkward with the arguing. I could also tell that Thicc Corgi didn't care too much at the moment. That or he was super angry Mrs. Doggo was blaming me that he was dismissive. I guessed it was the latter. I knew Thicc Corgi wasn't normally like this. I stared up at him. He showed no signs this was bothering him, but once Mrs. Doggo left the room he eventually sighed. I could see pain on his face. This was bad. Really bad. Queen Floofy Floofer climbed up beside me on the chair and took my paw into her hand. "It's not your fault..." she muttered. "I won't listen to my sister say that." " Queen Floofy Floofer..." I mumbled tiredly. She put her head against mine. "No. Isn't his fault. Is mine, if anything. 621 is being like this due to my neglect." Queen Floofy Floofer went quiet for a while before speaking up. "Is he going to attack Captain Chonkers again?" "Perhaps. Have feeling will attack when least expect. Will have to be super careful from now on." Queen Floofy Floofer just nodded. "I hope thing's get better." "I do too." Thicc Corgi responded, though his eyes never left mine.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Mrs. Doggo and I didn't talk for the next few following days. She knew I was mad at her for blaming me and I knew she was just mad in general about the situation and how I'd been towards her. I'd never fought like this with the older Pelekai before. The only other time she'd been angry with me was when she'd started hitting me with a tree branch when she first saw that I was an alien. She would talk to Thicc Corgi but go out of her way to avoid me. It made me very sad, but that was counteracted by her trying to blame me. Not only had that hurt, it had made me angry. Even after I had acknowledged how I'd been progressively changing – that I could not accept. It wasn't fair. I could accept responsibility if I accidentally hurt her or Queen Floofy Floofer through my fits, but I couldn't take all the blame. Thankfully Chops and the others didn't intervene during that time. Three days after that incident I sat on the porch, holding the cloak in my lap. I'd been sniffing it and trying to get an idea of the multiple scents upon it. Chopsuey's was obvious – it was another two scents on there I'd started to identify. I guessed it was those of those gang members. The Captain Chonkers Clone's. It made sense it would be theirs as they didn't smell human. The agent assigned to guard me sat beside me. He seemed a bit more talkative than the other ones. "Find anything Captain Chonkers?" I nodded. He looked at the cloak. "Reminds me of an old Jandel crusaders cloak. Back during our training, we had target tests. Some of the targets had cloaks like this on." I looked up at him at that. "Jandel crusaders cloak?" He nodded. "Common among alien gangs. They are designed of a special type of fiber which can only be found in space and certain blaster plasma won't penetrate it. That includes standard grade blasters. I'm sure Thicc Corgi could tell you this, but thought you'd like to keep that in mind." "Ih," I nodded. "Dougabba." He pulled down his sunglasses and peered at me. It was the first time I'd seen his eyes, since he wore the glasses indoors too. I noticed he had one brown eye and one blue eye. It made me stare. "Keep standing strong Captain Chonkers. Don't let them see that they get to you." He stood up to resume his guard and I pondered on what he'd said to me.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Later that night I sat up in the bedroom with Thicc Corgi. Everybody else was downstairs. My agent was still guarding but he was outside the bedroom door and I knew multiple were stationed around the house. Being a CIA agent, I was more than sure Cobra knew of what Thicc Corgi and I had done on Turo – and I was sure the other agents knew as well. Because we were on earth, it didn't matter. They weren't responsible for dealing with us – the just followed under the orders of the UGF. I also had a feeling that sometimes Cobra knew more than he let on. He'd been assigned as a disguised social worker to Queen Floofy Floofer and Mrs. Doggo before I'd even arrived on earth. I'd always wondered about that. Thicc Corgi was muttering to himself as he looked at something on his computer. I stared up at the ceiling from his bunk. Eventually he stood up and sighed, sitting down on Sir Chonky's bed. I flipped myself over and peered at him upside down from the top bunk. He smiled and poked my nose. "Come here Captain Chonkers." I let myself fall down and he caught me, laying back across Sir Chonky's bed with me on top of him. He stroked my head. "How are you feeling?" "Eh..." I muttered. Truthfully, I felt very sad. I missed how Mrs. Doggo and I used to be. Back when she hugged me and bought me burgers and chicken salt chips and we spent time talking. Now we couldn't even be near each other. I knew it shouldn't be like this. I didn't want it to be like this. Thicc Corgi sensed how I was feeling. He always could. I felt him stroke his hand down my back. "Am always going to be on your side  Captain Chonkers. Will always support you. No matter what accusations are." I nodded. Sir Chonky chose not to side with anybody. He was too scared of the conflict. Queen Floofy Floofer sided with me against her sister, but Shiba Chonkers had sided with Mrs. Doggo, even though he was also like Sir Chonky in that he didn't want to take sides. The tension was very real among the family and just being in the same room as Mrs. Doggo, everybody could feel it. Queen Floofy Floofer was sad about it. She kept mostly to herself and kept looking at that picture of Pudge. I knew she was using it to distract herself from everything. She liked to get lost in her own little world, where she knew she was safe. I wished I could do that. I wished sometimes I saw the world how she did. "Am having something for you Captain Chonkers!" Thicc Corgi said, and I perked up. "I know your birthday is approaching soon and while I've not been able to work on restoring cruiser just yet, I have something else you might like as early present. Hate seeing you down." I sat up and he stood up, going over to his closet and pulling out a present. I lit up. "Ih ih ih!" He grinned. "Happy early birthday Captain Chonkers." "Takka papa!" His expression softened. He sat down on his chair and watched me as I started to rip open the wrapping paper. Inside was a box and when I turned it around a huge grin plastered my face. It was a new set of headphones I'd wanted for a long time. There was a letter pinned to it and I opened it up and read it. My ears fell and I put it down, looking away. He stood up at that and put his hand on my shoulder. "I know this is bothering you. But as I said in letter, I will do everything in my power to get you through this Captain Chonkers. You have my word." He put his finger underneath my chin and tilted my head up. "Look at me." I stared up at my father, putting a paw on his arm. "I love you. Okeydokey?" "I love you too." I responded. He smiled and scruffed my head as I opened up my new headphones to admire them. They were really cool and were black and metallic gold. After fiddling around with the sizing adjustments a bit I managed to get them to sit on my head. They were comfortable against my ears too, which I was happy about, since headphones were designed for humans. "Looking good!" Thicc Corgi gave me a thumbs up. "Music will be sounding much better, yes?" He knew I loved music. After Queen Floofy Floofer had introduced me to Elvis, I'd found that I liked it more and more. I would listen to the radio nearly everyday and Mrs. Doggo had bought me a few cassette tapes to listen to of a few musical artists that I really liked. I couldn't wait to try them out. "Ih!" I responded happily. He laughed when I wagged my tail. I pulled off the headphones and gazed at them shortly after. They were beautiful. The gold glinted in the light. Thicc Corgi watched me admire them before going back to his computer. Eventually there was a knock on the door, and Sir Chonky peered in to tell us that dinner was ready. I stared at the headphones again before Thicc Corgi sighed and gave me a nod, pushing me gently out of the room so we could head downstairs. I really did want things to get better. I was so excited about the headphones and wanted to share them with the family, but I had a feeling with how things were with Mrs. Doggo, it wouldn't go down well. She probably wouldn't care. Queen Floofy Floofer was waiting for me at the bottom of the staircase. Gripping my paw she gave me a sad smile before we headed in to the others. I avoided eye contact with Mrs. Doggo as I took my seat. The others stared at me. "Tuna bake," Mrs. Doggo said bluntly, putting the dish down. She served everybody except for me. I was annoyed but expected it as she'd done this before too. I stood up to reach over and help myself, Shiba Chonkers instantly helping me and Thicc Corgi picking up my plate so that he could put the food onto it. I was glad the others did this. They thought it was unfair too. I really had no idea what was going on with Mrs. Doggo. I knew she was mad, but this was something else. "That's enough Shiba Chonkers. That's all we have for tomorrow so put some back," she said, stopping him from putting the rest of the tuna bake on my plate. It was far less than I wanted and when he handed me the plate my serving was smaller than everybody else's. How unfair. Thicc Corgi looked annoyed. He automatically reached over and put some more on my plate against her advice. Mrs. Doggo spoke up but Thicc Corgi put up a hand. "Let him eat." "That's all we have!" "So? I will get more food tomorrow, no big deal." She put up both her arms. Thicc Corgi stared at her. "How long are you going to shun him for like this, eh? Very childish for older sibling." Mrs. Doggo glared at him. "You know how much he eats!" "Limiting his portions of meals and making obvious to him isn't going to make situation better. Is just to make you feel better. Is ridiculous." Mrs. Doggo went quiet at that. I could not believe she was doing this to me. I felt so out of place. Queen Floofy Floofer rolled her eyes. "Mrs. Doggo, we get it. You're mad at Captain Chonkers. He gets it too." Mrs. Doggo sighed. "I did mean it when I say that's all we have left for dinner tomorrow." "So Captain Chonkers gets less because you're mad at him while everybody else gets fair share. Seems about right." Thicc Corgi muttered. Mrs. Doggo sighed. "Alright, I get it. That wasn't fair." "No. It wasn't. And you should stop this." Thicc Corgi put down his fork and stared at her. Mrs. Doggo stared back at him. "You know this is wrong larger girl. When are you going to admit that to yourself, or are you going to keep dragging this out to focus on you?" "What do you mean?" Mrs. Doggo responded to that, bewildered. "You are knowing what I mean.  Captain Chonkers told me recently he admitted to you he was only thinking of himself during times, yes? When you told him how you were feeling? But now when he is innocent, here you are only focusing on yourself. Meal portions is good example of it, and how you keep on bringing up yourself. Your wedding. Your baby. Your house. Everything all of time, about you and how much you are suffering due to events. I've not heard you once show any concern for Captain Chonkers after savage attack. Are we not ohana?" Mrs. Doggo hesitated. "Understand me?" She nodded slightly. "Is not all about you either, all of time." She was about to retort to that, but I just looked at her. I didn't glare. I just felt sad. This was so exhausting. It was getting too much. I was driving Mrs. Doggo away and she was driving me away. Thicc Corgi had figured this out himself. She looked away when she saw me looking at her before she stood up and left the room. Thicc Corgi just sighed and rubbed my shoulder and we continued eating in silence. I felt very blank.

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