Captain Chonkers Chapter Thirty-Nine


" Captain Chonkers!...  CAPTAIN CHONKERS!" I shot up in fright,  Queen Floofy Floofer bending over me with an anxious look on her face as she shook me awake. I realised I was in the bed beside her. Considering I didn't remember getting into it, she must have put me there herself when I'd fallen asleep earlier. "Gaba katchooga?" I asked her quietly. "I hear people outside the room..." she responded in a small voice. I jumped from the bed at that and went to peer out of the window, when I heard the sound of the door trying to be opened. Since I'd punched it open before, the lock was broken and I'd put a chair against the back of it to keep it shut, but it wasn't strong. I'd assumed nobody was going to use this room considering the motel was pretty desolate. "Choota haffu hak!" I seethed. I grabbed  Queen Floofy Floofer from the bed and quickly bolted into the bathroom with her, pushing her into a cupboard before getting in myself just as the door was pushed open. Queen Floofy Floofer was shaking beside me and I held her close. "Shh..." "What the heck?!" A gruff masculine voice sounded. I switched on my x-ray vision and saw a man out there, two children and an adult female behind him. They had luggage. "Why's the room not cleaned? They said it was ready! TYLER DON'T TOUCH THAT!" Queen Floofy Floofer pushed herself into me hearing that roar. One of the kids had tried to put some of the leftovers I'd stolen into his mouth. "God's sake. I'll go and sort this, wait here." The television was still on out there. My heart pounded when I heard them reporting that bulletin of us missing again during a news update. The family wasn't paying too much attention, but the kids started to worry me. They were exploring and opening cabinets. If they came into the bathroom and did that, we'd be found. Little shi- " Captain Chonkers... I'm scared..."  Queen Floofy Floofer interrupted my thoughts. I knew at that point we had to get out of there. I hadn't wanted the police involved in this to begin with and was furious with Mrs. Doggo for going to that length. I understood why she'd done it, but she had made things worse. She'd put me into this position. I growled. That stupid woman was too paranoid and overprotective. <strong>"Atta boy. She is stupid, isn't she?"</strong> <em>Shut up.</em> I felt so angry. Angry that this was happening, angry this stupid family had to pick THIS room out of all the rooms available. Angry these brats were about to ruin everything. " Captain Chonkers?" I put my paw to Queen Floofy Floofer's mouth when I saw one of the kids come into the bathroom. I raised my other paw, claws unsheathed. "Whoa! Cool, this shower is huge!" Of course, he started opening up the cupboards to look inside. Finally the inevitable happened; he opened up the one we were in and froze up in shock when he saw me. I let out a deep growl. He screamed loudly and ran from the room, nearly tripping over his brother on the way out. His brother saw me as well and also screamed. "We need to leave  Queen Floofy Floofer. <em>Now.</em>" Before Queen Floofy Floofer could utter another word, I grabbed her tightly in my extra arms and scaled up the wall before punching a hole through the ceiling as hard as I could, climbing inside before punching another one through the roof. It shot up into the air and crashed onto a car somewhere below, causing a bunch of screams and chaos below. I heard the family also screaming, but didn't stick around to see the commotion. Instead I bolted across the motel roof with Queen Floofy Floofer and leaped across to the next building, plunging my claws into the concrete and climbing up. I hid behind an air conditioner, putting Queen Floofy Floofer down beside me. A police siren sounded in the distance. Queen Floofy Floofer had started to cry. Now I felt like a real fugitive. As bad as it was, it almost felt exhilarating. Almost as if I was <em>enjoying </em>it. Just like I had back during my missions. I blinked. Enjoying this? What was wrong with me? This was terrible! <strong>"But is it really?"</strong> I grit my teeth and shook my head. Queen Floofy Floofer watched me, tears streaming down her face. "I'm so scared,  Captain Chonkers... I just want to go home!" "Naga." " Captain Chonkers please..." she rasped. "I can't deal with this anymore! You're really starting to frighten me!" I was about to silence her again when I turned to look at her in shock. I actually looked at her this time and studied her expression. Staring back at me was a broken child. A child that looked lost, scared and alone. Fear was brooding behind those beautiful eyes. A fear I'd seen only once before in my life. When I'd given her that scar. Fear of me. The one thing that scared me the the very most; my angel fearing me and leaving me... abandoning me. Seeing the true monster I was and the true monster I was becoming. More and more it was starting to show. I looked at my paws, seeing my fully unsheathed claws. I was so angry. Angry at Mrs. Doggo, angry at innocent people. I was changing and I'd already started to change. And then I realised – I wasn't protecting her. I was putting her in more danger. I'd taken her away from her home and family out into a strange area purely because of my own selfishness in wanting her to myself. I was the one being outcasted, yet she was paying the price for it. Did she deserve this? No. I saw blood trickle down her face. A cut was on the side of her head. I knew where it was from. What the <em>hell</em> was wrong with me? I lowered my head in shame. It was already too late. And I knew it. The chair appeared in my vision again and a silhouette appeared beside it, appearing to lean against it. What looked like arms gestured to it openly, almost like I was being summoned. I was changing because the Metamorphosis System was initialising itself. The countdown had finally begun.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>As the sun rose,  Queen Floofy Floofer and I held hands, walking up the driveway to our home. I'd said nothing to her through the trek back. After fleeing the motel I'd found an empty home and broken in, using the residents bathroom to clean up the cut on her face before we'd collapsed on the couch from exhaustion. She was too tired to keep her eyes open. I'd sat up the entire night, thinking about what I'd done and keeping watch. Before dawn, I finally began to carry her home. " Queen Floofy Floofer," I said quietly, and she looked at me blankly. "I'm so sorry I did this to you..." Time was finally up. The police spotted us. She just continued to look at me before the police forcefully pulled her away from me. Agents surrounded me, pointing guns at my face. I saw Thicc Corgi pushing through them, reaching out to me, but I heard nothing. Everything had gone silent around me. I saw a brief flashback. The UGF police surrounding me as I was taken away from Thicc Corgi in a capture container, paws against the glass. I never broke eye contact with my father as a blindfold was placed over him and he was shackled before everything went dark. Mrs. Doggo bolted down the stairs, Shiba Chonkers and the rest of the family behind her. She was crying, reaching out for Queen Floofy Floofer. I could only see red from that point onward. I heard a roar as I lost control of myself again. <strong>"DO IT Captain Chonkers! DO IT! ... <em>DO IT </em></strong><em><strong>NOW!</strong></em><strong>"</strong> I could feel everything. I felt myself snarling, snapping and slashing at the skin of the police restraining me. I tore apart the metal ring around my neck they'd tried capturing me in and broke free of them. I charged at Mrs. Doggo and leapt into the air, claws raised. Ready to make her pay for what she'd done to me. For what she'd put me through. <strong>"NUKASHA!" </strong>I screamed, but I couldn't hear my own voice. <strong>"DEKETA!"</strong> Her eyes widened in horror. And then suddenly Thicc Corgi was in front of me, a gun aimed at my face. A bang. And then everything went black.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p><em>"Soldiers scattering in panic, screaming very loud!</em><br><em>'It's him!' one cries out frantic, as  Captain Chonkers stands proud!</em><br><em>He turns to flee, not knowing what is ahead!</em><br><em>And that alone, fills him with dread!</em><br><em>And then it happens - a blast fills the air!</em><br><em>So swift and fast, nothing else can compare!</em><br><em>Eyes widen in terror, he goes down dead!</em><br><em>From the clean shot that took off his head!</em><br><em> Captain Chonkers my boy, such a sight to see!</em><br><em>And only to think – you were created by me."</em> I clap and laugh. A tall figure comes into focus before me and I recognise the facial features of my father. He is bellowing with laughter and that makes me smile. He reaches out and pets me on the head. "You liked that didn't you!" "Igatta feeb Thicc Corgi! Igatta feeb!" "No, no. Time for bed and sleeping now. Captain Chonkers needs to rest." I tried to run away, but he caught me. I was too small to get out of his grip. I pouted as he put me to bed. Sitting beside me, he smiled. "One day, you will do that for real Captain Chonkers! You'll be my true little monster," he smiled. "You will avenge me, and make me proud." "Gaba eiek?" I asked, confused. "Oh... you will be seeing when the time comes, but when you do, you will make Thicc Corgi happiest he's ever been!" "Acha isa? Gaba ne purcho?" "Mhmm..." he nodded. "Are you happy to make Thicc Corgi proud?" "Ih! Ih! Suecha pataka!" "That's my boy!" I smiled as he pat me on the head again. "Now, goodnight little one." "Gee tu jay!" I watched my father leave, smiling before everything faded to black as I fell asleep. <strong>"Aw. Such a precious memory."</strong> Sudden light. All around me. I shielded my eyes. The mist finally cleared. I was in front of the chair again. A dark silhouette was before me, still too blurry to make out. <strong>"So, you want to make him proud still, don't you Captain Chonkers?"</strong> <em>What are you saying? </em>I seethed. <em>Thicc Corgi's always been proud of me.</em> <strong>"But has he really? You nearly defied that him that one time, when you know you shouldn't have. It was his wish, after all."</strong> <em>What wish?!</em> I snarled, looking around. <em>Reveal yourself you coward!</em> <strong>"Now now, patience, my friend. You've never exactly been the patient type, have you? After all, instead of talking things out with Mrs. Doggo you just took her sister and ran off, didn't you? Like the selfish... should I say... </strong><em><strong>coward</strong></em><strong> you are."</strong> I growled. <em>What do you want from me?</em> The voice laughed at that. The light was starting to fade – the spotlight above the chair, dimming. <strong>"The better question is, what do you want from me?"</strong> <em>WHO ARE YOU?! </em>I screamed. The chair was getting further and further away now, I was being sucked backwards. Everything started to spin around me. I screamed and screamed. And then, everything went silent.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>I blinked. My vision was coming back into focus. Groaning, I sat up going to hold my head only to find myself shackled. All four of my arms. I was in a cage. "Gaba eiek?!" I exclaimed, going to break out of them but a yell stopped me. I looked up to see my father. "No,  Captain Chonkers! I know you can break out, but please listen to me... I need you to promise to stay in those for now." "Why?" I growled. "I'm not criminal, so let me go! <em>Now!</em>" Thicc Corgi just stared at me. "Cell has switched, Captain Chonkers." "Gaba?" I asked in confusion, feeling my heart start to pound. He closed his eyes, before pressing a button on the computer before him. I realised I was in the ship at that point. A diagram appeared, showing my nervous system. Three coloured circles were next to it, and the yellow circle was glowing. My heart dropped. I felt my very soul leave my body. "You remember this, yes?" Thicc Corgi voiced quietly. "Yes..." I rasped. He sighed. "Police have been dealt with. Media has been instructed to take down missing broadcast. I had to erase their memories, like with Mertle girl. Family however. I did not erase their minds." "Why not?" I asked. I was genuinely curious about that. "Because is already too much drama to deal with. If erased memories, would just create even more damage if they are finding out their minds are being purposefully tampered with. Had long talk with larger sibling. Spent hours and hours telling her what you have been doing is because of your 'problem'. Is not you. Is like when you crashed ship. Took her long time to finally agree with me. She knows you are not like this Captain Chonkers, and has finally admitted that. Has finally realised. Stress has pushed you overboard. You've reached your limit, am I correct?" I nodded. "Wedding and birthday are coming up very shortly. I want you to remain here in ship with me up until then. Larger girl is still allowing you to come to wedding, but on condition you remain in ship up until then. I need to run a lot of tests now. Lots of work to do. Lots of preparations... for the unknown. Understand?" I just nodded again. My throat had locked up. "Not taking any chances Captain Chonkers. I will repair cruiser during day. Not going to fail you on your birthday over this, however I want to be testing you during night hours. Tests will be intrusive. I cannot promise I can fix this before switch turns green, but I will die trying if I have to. The time has come, Captain Chonkers. We need to be strong, and I am now on time limit to be finding cause." I slumped against the bars of the cage. This couldn't be happening. "Be staying in there for now, Captain Chonkers. I'll be back soon." Thicc Corgi left me alone, shackled and locked in the cage. I wanted to cry, but no tears would come. I felt broken and blank. I just felt nothing. Was this my life now? My final hours? Just sitting here like a wanted criminal, awaiting a death sentence? Three days before the family wedding that I'd yearned to attend so badly? I knew now that I was never truly going to belong. I'd been created as a monster. A label that would stick with me for my entire life, no matter how good I knew I was or how good I tried to be. It wasn't like the family ever trusted me that much to begin with, but now they never would. My relationship with Mrs. Doggo was over – that much I knew. As for Queen Floofy Floofer? My angel? I sighed. She probably would side with Mrs. Doggo now. How could she possibly ever want to be around me now, after I'd taken her away from her home? After I'd scared her like that? I'd managed to hurt her again. I'd been the one to put her into that situation, and put her in danger. That fear I'd seen in her eyes was going to haunt me. Just like the scar. I had never wanted to scare her, I'd just wanted to be with her. They would never understand that now, especially with how I'd gone about it. I'd been forced to do it but I'd also made the choice to as well. I didn't have to do that. I was just to stubborn to consider any other options. Perhaps it was best for me to just go and jump in the ocean at this point. At least then I'd drown before the programming had a chance to activate itself. Everybody would be safe and I wouldn't hurt anybody. Nobody would be scared of me and I wouldn't wipe out Kauai like I did Turo.  Queen Floofy Floofer would have a chance to grow up. To meet somebody and have a child of her own. I wouldn't be preventing it and she wouldn't have to worry about being with me and whether or not we'd be accepted loving each other. If she desired a family as an adult, I would never be able to provide her one in which the way another human male could. We were different species. I felt selfish that I had to love her. Why did I have to? Why did she make me feel so happy when I was around her? <em>WHY?</em> Because she was the only one to understand me. To listen to me and appreciate me. I couldn't let go of that but I knew the programming would destroy that anyway. I contemplated. If I was gone, then Mrs. Doggo would have her sister back, without the worry of me being around to hurt her. That distrust she had of me would dissipate for good. I'd always felt like I'd wrecked her family. Blowing up their original house – putting the extra stress on her because she had three extra mouths to feed on top of raising Queen Floofy Floofer. And now, a new baby to feed and care for as well. I'd watched her decline over the years due to stress. I'd heard her cry at night when she didn't think anybody was listening. Even worse now that Shiba Chonkers had lost his job. She missed her parents terribly. I couldn't begin to imagine how it must have felt for her to lose both parents. To have to tell Queen Floofy Floofer the terrible news her own family was never going to come back home. I'd been taken away from Thicc Corgi, but we'd found a way back to each other eventually. Everything had worked out well for us. But not for Mrs. Doggo. I closed my eyes. It was all my fault. I'd approached Queen Floofy Floofer at the pound, not the other way around. If I hadn't of done that, none of this would have happened. Mrs. Doggo wouldn't have this stress and she wouldn't have ever had a reason to distrust me. My mind was made up. I couldn't stay here. The Metamorphosis System would never activate. Because tonight I was personally going to ensure it wouldn't.

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