Captain Chonkers Chapter Thirty-Seven


Thud... thud</em> I jerked up and opened my eyes, slightly disoriented. For a moment I felt confused and couldn't understand where I was. This wasn't my bed – but then it hit me. We were in the motel room. I looked at the clock on the bedside cabinet. My ears perked up at that. Through the curtain I could see figures moving. My heart raced slightly but when I heard a giggling female voice I realised it was just a few other humans. There was a jingle of a key before I heard the door to the room beside us open and shut and it went quiet again. I yawned and looked at Thicc Corgi. He was in a deep sleep. I really hoped that Chopsuey wasn't going to track us here. That was the last thing I needed right now. My father didn't need that stress either, he was stressed enough as it was. I lay back down and stared up at the ceiling. There was a piece of old gum stuck to it. I could also see a spider in the corner feasting on a bug. As much as I tried not to think about it, the thought of Mrs. Doggo resurfaced on my mind. I could just imagine her back at home, telling  Queen Floofy Floofer to stay away from me and Queen Floofy Floofer protesting it. I had every faith in Queen Floofy Floofer that she would defend me and as Thicc Corgi had said, defy Mrs. Doggo to find a way to be with me. While I would never do anything to defy Mrs. Doggo and make her hate me even more, she wouldn't be able to stand in the way of what Queen Floofy Floofer wanted. She had full control over Queen Floofy Floofer now as she was a child, but when she was older she was going to make her own choices and decisions. I was still unsure how Queen Floofy Floofer really truly felt about me, but hearing her confirm she wanted to be with me was what had been keeping me strong throughout all of this. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep again but sleep wouldn't come to me. I pushed down from the bed and quietly went outside to sit on the balcony and gaze at the stars again. The night was still. Occasionally a car would drive past. Standing up I decided to venture down to the pool. There were a few humans in it this time and one of them pointed to me. They looked like tourists. "Hey look at that dog!" I scampered past the pool to another area around the back, briefly noticing the shoes had gone. I wasn't in the mood to deal with anybody. This area was quieter, although that pub I spotted before had an outdoor area and I could see more humans there. Some of the adults were smoking and they were watching some kind of sport on the television. I didn't stick around for long because the smell was making me disgusted. This motel seemed a bit run down. It was probably on the cheaper side and a tourist hotspot being right next to the beach. I was glad that  Queen Floofy Floofer wasn't here with us. Some of the humans made me uncomfortable and I turned and headed away from that area. I explored a little more before heading back to the room. Thicc Corgi was still asleep. I turned off the television and climbed into the other bed, trying to get some shut eye.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>I woke up the next morning to more sounds, but realised shortly after it was Thicc Corgi in the bathroom as I heard the shower running. I sat up in the bed and turned on the television to see what was on. There were a few early morning cartoons that Queen Floofy Floofer and I usually watched together, but I didn't really pay attention to them. The shower stopped eventually and Thicc Corgi finally came out, noticing me awake. He walked past me and pushed a finger to the bridge of my nose, rubbing it. "Have good sleep Captain Chonkers?" I nodded. Truthfully, I hadn't. But I didn't want to tell him those thoughts had been bothering me again when he was trying to help me get my mind off things. He sat on the side of the bed and started pulling on his boots. "Want to get breakfast?" "Ih." "Okeydokey. Put back on." He tossed my suit over to me and I started to pull it on, but I paused and grit my teeth as the back of my head flared with pain again. Thicc Corgi had his back to me and was looking out of the window. Everything was going black. "P-pa...!" " Captain Chonkers!" he shouted, rushing over to me and catching me before I fell backwards. He disappeared beneath that fog again and suddenly that spotlighted chair appeared before me again. Two black hands grabbed me out of the fog and I was slammed down into that horrible chair. "NAGA!" I screamed, trying to get away but a heavy unseen force was holding me down. The black figured leered over me. I still couldn't see what it was but it was laughing. I pushed as hard as I could until I finally broke free and started to run. "<strong>There's no escape. You can't run forever."</strong> "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed. I hit into something solid and slumped down, holding my ears tightly across my eyes. " CAPTAIN CHONKERS!" I heard my father's voice above the deafening silence. The mist cleared and I was back in the motel room. "Relax..." I heard him say to me. "Keep still, don't move. Relax." I wondered why he was saying this to me when I caught sight of myself in the mirror opposite the bed. I screamed. The monstrous image I'd seen on the computer screen yesterday was staring back at me. "RELAX  Captain Chonkers!" I looked at him and tried to relax. "That's it..." I wheezed slightly. In the mirror I could see my body changing. Shortly after I was back to normal. Thicc Corgi looked into my eyes. I stared back at him, shaking. "None of this is your fault Captain Chonkers. It is mine and only mine. Never ever think otherwise." "Pa..." He closed his eyes before holding me close. "We will get through this." "M-monster..." I stuttered against him. He just held me tighter. He remained with me like that for a while, holding my head close and stroking me. I looked up at him eventually and he looked down at me. He took my paw up and held it tightly in his hand. "Listen Captain Chonkers. I know this is scary for you. Is scary for me to, because I do not know what is causing this. But you are not a monster. You may look like one on the outside, but is not your fault. Is entirely due to my programming. I cannot explain why this is happening to you. More than anything right now I wish I could, but all I can keep doing is trying to get to bottom of it. Is confirming to me that cell is somehow causing this, but is impossible as cell is dead. Is very bizarre." He rubbed his hand through his hair. "I will never give up on you, Captain Chonkers." I hugged against him tightly. "Would you still be liking breakfast?" he asked me and I peered up at him as he used a finger to wipe stray tears from my face. "No more salt-water eyes, okay?" "I-ih..." " Captain Chonkers can have biggest breakfast I can afford if you are wanting!" I wanted to smile at that, but I couldn't. He gripped my head between his hands and leaned down to me. "You. Are. Not. Monster." I stared at him. "And... Thicc Corgi loves you. Very much. Best thing to <em>EVER</em> happen to me and I will never think otherwise." I closed my eyes but managed a tiny smile. "Ah! Keep going! Did not say stop." I turned my head to the side. He leaned over to face me again. "You know you want to." "Mmph..." I pouted, turning in the opposite direction. He leaned over to follow my head again. "I better not be having any breakfast. Wouldn't want to be bursting out of only shirt that fits." I nearly choked. I tried to hold it back but I ended up snorting loudly and couldn't stop myself from grinning and laughing at that. He smirked at me. "Too easy. Let's go Captain Chonkers." "Feecha..." I sighed. I climbed down from the bed and he helped me clasp up my suit, before opening up the door for me.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Thicc Corgi held my paw as we walked down to the main lobby. There were more people there now as it was morning. We had to weave in and out of groups of tourists among being stared at. My father returned the key and led me over to the pub area I'd seen yesterday. "Try here first, ey?" "Okeytaka." We went inside. Around the back there was a restaurant and they had a breakfast buffet and menu. Thicc Corgi climbed into a booth and I sat in beside him. He read what was on the menu to me as I couldn't really read it myself. "You can be having whatever you want," he told me. "My treat." I eventually decided on a waffle platter with a large milkshake. Thicc Corgi left to go order and returned a little while later with a small platter of fresh fruit and pineapple. "Open." I opened my mouth and he gave me some pineapple. "Good  Captain Chonkers?" "Ih." Thicc Corgi started reading through a newspaper that was on the adjacent table. I picked at the table cloth with my claw. The restaurant reminded me of those old sitcom restaurants I'd seen on TV. I lay with my head against the table, watching people as they came through. One was a family with two young kids. They started arguing over a doll. Thicc Corgi grunted a little in annoyance but continued reading the newspaper. I stared at him from my position. He was wearing his fake disguise of a pair of sunglasses with an auburn mustache attached to it. I'd never really felt it hid the fact he was an alien but it seemed to do something at least considering he'd never been identified as an alien with it. Since people assumed I was a dog I didn't exactly need any sort of cover up. He noticed me staring up at him and put his hand on my head and scratched. I purred. "How are you feeling?" he asked me, putting down the newspaper. "Aka choota." He nodded. "Can imagine you would be having strong fear of reverting like before." "Coota ni kaphong haga blabla. Naga meega. Naga..." I moaned into the table. "Try not think about it, will only make you anxious," he looked at me worriedly from under his disguise. "Jinja chi." "Haga tay Thicc Corgi." He smiled. I closed my eyes for a bit before I heard a server bring over the meal. She left it on the table and Thicc Corgi pushed it over to me. "Try not devour too quick." "Eegalagoo!" I responded in delight. It looked delicious. "Dougabba papa!" "You're welcome." I grinned and began the meal. I left some for him but he just pointed to his stomach. He ended up just having a glass of orange juice. "Papa?" I asked a little while after. "Yes boy?" "Before makea meega yuuga live with 621, ih?" "Yes?" he asked, peering at me after pushing down his glasses slightly. "Why do you ask?" "Aga gaba ba tay?" He sighed. "621 helped around lab and such. Gamada never really liked him. Was always fearful she would rat on me about him. When 621 learned I was creating you he was indifferent, but leading up to creation, he kept disappearing. Not knowing where he went during those times." "Evil lady... mother?" Thicc Corgi stared hard at me for a while at that. "Biologically, no. But yes, in a sense, was parental figure in a way I guess. Only say this because we were married." "Would have been mother to Captain Chonkers?" Thicc Corgi sighed. "Had she not been such evil woman, most likely. You are only having DNA from me though so she would never have been related to you." "Miss her?" He rubbed my head. "No. I used to believe I did for longest time, hence I was scared of you finding those belongings and it re-sparking memories or programming, but you can never truly miss somebody that evil. I can in no way say death was accident as was my doing, but I do think was justified to extent. I just... went about everything wrong and put you into that position when I should not have. I made you suffer Captain Chonkers. For no good reason other than me wanting revenge and I detest myself for it." I put a paw on his hand. "Faamalee?" "No, Captain Chonkers. I do not miss them either." "Always so alone..." I muttered, pulling down to settle against his side. "Preferred it that way." "Naga achi-babas?" "Well... if you count Captain Chonkers Clone's, I guess they were friends up until cut off. Now being after me? Pfsh. Could not care less if ended up like Gamada." "Thicc Corgi, so cold." He sighed. "I had to be. Because I only ever had myself to count on." " Captain Chonkers naga think cold." He stared at me at that. "You don't? Even after...?" I shook my head. "Naga. Make mistake. Big mistake." "Big mistake indeed," he sighed. "But would not change because meant having you." I gripped against him. "Keep being good papa. I like this..." He smiled. "Am glad you do." I had some more of my milkshake and Thicc Corgi went back to reading the paper. "What think of name  Queen Floofy Floofer name me?" I asked curiously. " Captain Chonkers?" he responded. "Ih." "Wonder why little girl name you that for long time, but never thought to question it. Why did she call you so?" I smiled as I ran my claw in 8's on the table. "Her name isa mean lost. Name me Captain Chonkers 'cuz Captain Chonkersed faamalee back together. After Queen Floofy Floofer parents die." "Oh?" Thicc Corgi asked. "Certainly has more meaning than Captain Chonkers, however Captain Chonkers is sentimental name to me. I do not mind calling you Captain Chonkers." "Thicc Corgi have nickname?" I asked my father. He paused. "Few times Captain Chonkers Clone's referred to me as Big J." "Big J..." I repeated. "Big Thicc Corgi." "Or more rather, Big Jerk depending on situation." I laughed at that. "Fits you." He tried to scuff me on the head at that but I ducked. We sat for a little while longer before Thicc Corgi stood up. I got out behind him and looked up at him and he picked me up and set me on his head. "Let's go, yes?" "Ih." We walked out of the restaurant. As I looked back, I noticed Thicc Corgi had left a tip.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Shortly after we strolled along a footpath by the beach. Thicc Corgi had put me down and I was walking alongside of him. "Want to go for swim? Hot day?" he asked me and I was instantly apprehensive. He noticed. "Not to worry, I will be in water with you." "Uh... okay." We walked down onto the sand. Thicc Corgi kicked off his boots and headed into the surf, gesturing for me to follow. I did slowly. He picked me up and held onto me as we entered the water. He didn't go too far out considering my fear but just enough to cool off. "Here... how is this?" He had his hands underneath me as I lay on my back in the water. I could feel myself sinking but was stopped by him supporting me. It was actually quite nice. "Morcheeba." "Can relax for bit if you like. Tell me when want to move." I nodded. I closed my eyes and lay there. It did feel very nice. Every-time I was in the water I could see why Queen Floofy Floofer loved going into it so much. I had briefly got to experience underwater before on account of Chopsuey attacking me, but that was under bad circumstances and I knew I shouldn't look upon that as something good despite how beautiful it had been down there. I thought about Queen Floofy Floofer at that. Her smiling face danced across my vision and her joyful laughter echoed throughout my head. She was happiest when she was swimming. A few times she had collected me shells, which I treasured alongside those bunk bed notes she left me. Whenever she was happy, I was as well. Even if I wasn't in the best of moods, hearing her voice always made my day brighter. Mrs. Doggo would never realise the full extent of how I cherished and loved her. She'd done so much for me in my life. She'd helped me realise I had more than a purpose of just being a monster. I would always view her as a saviour after she'd saved me, and three times she had done so. The first being when she saved me from myself, the second when she stopped the Grand Councilwoman taking me away and having her documentation exile me to Earth instead and the third time being when she got me into the fusion chamber. She was an angel to me. I couldn't think of any other way to describe her. The thought of me turning into what I'd seen before in front of her horrified me more than anything. I didn't want her to see that. I never wanted to see her scared of me as Mrs. Doggo had been. If Mrs. Doggo keeping Queen Floofy Floofer away from me meant her not seeing that, I wouldn't protest it – but I still needed Queen Floofy Floofer even above that. My heart hurt at the thought of her being kept away from me. "What on earth are you thinking about?" Thicc Corgi's voice interrupted my thoughts. I opened my eyes and looked at him. "Gaba?" "Ditzy dumb look on face," he told me. "Is unusual for even you Captain Chonkers." I went red. He raised an eyebrow. "Let me guess... you are thinking of little girl? Could not think of anything else that would make you have such ridiculous expression." I looked away from him and he laughed. " Captain Chonkers... am knowing you like little girl, you may as well not act otherwise." I sighed. "Love  Queen Floofy Floofer." "I know. Little girl has done a lot for you, ey?" I nodded. "Save me." He helped me upright in the water, but held onto me so I didn't sink. " Captain Chonkers I really do not have any issues with you liking a human. I know larger sibling probably would have issues, but if you are in any way worried with what I am thinking – my advice is, and always will be – do whatever is making you happy, yes?" I smiled. "As mentioning, would rather not lose son due to being barrier preventing happiness. Even if I did not approve, you would no doubt defy me so really am having no reason to." I nodded sadly. " Captain Chonkers you are pure being. You are more than deserving of happiness and love just like any other human or alien is being so. If larger girl is having issues with you in regards to this if finding out, then she can be dealing with me. I am aware little girl is young, but if she truly is wanting to be with you when she is older, then I will be happy for you." I stared at him at that. I was happy Thicc Corgi was so supportive of me and not judgmental. "Need to get out though," he told me and carried me back to the shore. He stood and watched me as I pulled off the suit and shook my fur out. Thicc Corgi's species came from a planet where they had adapted to the severe weather and climate of space so he had no issues with being in the water. He was very thick skinned and barely felt the cold. The suit itself was waterproof. I reached into the pocket to make sure the photo was okay. It was. After we finished at the beach, we walked back up along the sand to the street. "So... think we should head back?" he asked hesitantly. I paused and gazed up at him sadly. Truthfully I didn't want this to end. This was one of the longest times I'd spent with my father and I was happy. I really enjoyed spending time with him and it had been helping me get my mind off things quite a bit. I clutched his hand. "Naga want go home yet..." "I understand Captain Chonkers." We continued walking up the street. Thicc Corgi paused and pulled out his wallet. "Am having little bit leftover. Is there anything else you are wanting for birthday?" My eyes lit up. "Really?!" "Of course Captain Chonkers." I grinned. "Lucha hagrea sofia?" "Okeydokey." And with that, we headed towards the mall.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Deciding on another present was harder than I thought. I changed my mind more than a few times. Thicc Corgi was patient with me however and not once did he get angry if I nearly got something and then put it back at the last minute. After a little while of looking and undeciding, we sat in the middle of the mall on a few benches. I sighed. "Can always come back another time if cannot make up mind?" "I will," I told him. "Just lot to choose from and need to think." He gazed at me as I sat in thought. "Your English is coming along nicely, Captain Chonkers. Only a year ago you could not even construct sentences properly. When we were first getting here you could barely speak any English at all. Remember when you only ever spoke to me in Tantalog back home?" I looked at him at that and nodded. "Isa?" He ruffled my head. "Keep it up. Am amazed at how much progress you have made simply by learning from others here." I smiled at him. He smiled back. "Very proud of you Captain Chonkers." I reached over and hugged him before a shop caught my eye. I pointed to it and he followed me as I went inside to look.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Shortly after we left the mall and I was carrying my new birthday present. It was a brand new CD player and I was super excited to start using it. Thicc Corgi had also got me some new CD's to listen to with my new headphones. I jumped about happily as we walked up the street in front of him. He seemed pleased to see me in such a good mood. We'd spent a few hours in the mall, so by now it was getting to mid afternoon. Thicc Corgi paused at a park and went to sit down on the grass. I sat down beside him. He put his hand on my back. "Has been fun, Captain Chonkers. Was real shame we never got to do this back on Kweltikwan." I nodded. I never really got to see much of my home planet other than that hill I remembered him taking me to. "Why Captain Chonkers illegal?" "Because tampering with life and genetics was illegal. Uncalled for and very unethical. Laws had not passed to permit such a thing. I was taking a massive risk and gamble by doing so. So much so I had to search for long time to find an area so obscure to create lab that nobody would ever think to track or find me there. Ended up being on asteroid belt in red zone. Is much same here on Earth and I guarantee any other planet in space." "Thicc Corgi make other experiments besides 621?" "I did, yes, but they perished. Were sentient, but not as complex. Some just lifeforms with arms or legs. One of such used to float around lab and watch me work. That was very first experiment I was creating." "Thicc Corgi feel proud?" "Yes, very much. But not as proud as I was moment you were born. Because I was finally parent." I snuggled against his side at hearing that. Thicc Corgi gazed out across the park. "Despite having to keep you hidden, I gave you everything I could before sending out on missions. Do you remember any of it?" "Vaguely." "You loved toy battleships. Used to keep Thicc Corgi awake when you were baby playing with them." I sniggered. He looked down at me. "When I sent you out on missions, I did so expecting you would be cold and ruthless. You were to an extent, but I still remember day you told me it was only to make me happy. That was the day I became aware that you were not who I truly intended you to be. The day my plans started backfiring." I looked at him sadly. "I should have seen it from start, but was far too blinded by revenge. Only after nearly killing you did I realise why you were way you were, but I was too stubborn. So blinded by my ambitions that I was still willing to make my own child part of my plan for revenge against own will. I was truly horrible to you  Captain Chonkers and I would not have blamed you in slightest if you had of turned on me back then. But you didn't." "Naga," I shook my head. "Why?" I sat up and stared at him at that. "Like said, Thicc Corgi papa. Hurt me... but I forgive you. Told you be better. All I wanted." He looked upset. "Was I better?" I nodded. "Ih. Make me happy. I love you." He hugged me close to him. "You too, Captain Chonkers. You give me reason to be better everyday." "Best papa," I told him. "Always will be." He did cry at that. I reached up and wiped a tear away with the back of my wrist. He just held me close. "Only have ever been thankful you did forgive me, Captain Chonkers. I should never have put stupid programming into you and you are still suffering because of it. Am terribly, terribly sorry." "Isa okay..." I told him. " Captain Chonkers strong. Thicc Corgi strong. Get through, like you said, ih?" He didn't answer me but instead he just rubbed the back of my head. We remained like that for a while. He put me down eventually, fixing his disguise. "Well... probably should be heading back now Captain Chonkers. I want to start on the cruiser. Something to keep distracting at least." I nodded. I wasn't looking forward to going home. "You can be staying in ship with me. I have no reason to be staying in house either." "Okeytaka." Thicc Corgi put his finger underneath my chin. "Be chinning up, okeydokey? I like seeing smiling Captain Chonkers and happy wagging tail." "Ih!" I walked ahead of him again, remembering I still had the CD player to look forward to. I didn't want the day to end just yet, but at least I'd been able to spend the time with my father. He really was trying his best after what he put me through. I appreciated it more than he could ever imagine.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>I was relieved that the house was empty when we got home, apart from a few agents still on the lookout. We did find a note on the fridge from Mrs. Doggo explaining where they were. Queen Floofy Floofer had also left a separate note for me in an envelope. I found that on my bed. I took it up to the ship with me, following Thicc Corgi up as he went to start work on the cruiser. I sat down against the wall and opened it. Thicc Corgi helped me read it.</p><p style='text-align:center;'><strong>Dear Captain Chonkers</strong> it read <strong>First of all I'm so so sorry about my sister and it's so unfair. She is making me stay with Shiba Chonkers's parents most of the time. She is not letting me near you. I miss you so much. I don't know where you are but I know that you are with Thicc Corgi so I hope you're okay. I know he will take good care of you. I just want things to be back to how they were before. Mrs. Doggo told me something happened yesterday but she won't say what. She seemed very scared and she is still in that angry mood. She is even being mean to Shiba Chonkers and Sir Chonky sometimes. I think the baby is making her do this. I heard her crying before. The agents are acting weird too. Nobody will tell me anything. Anyway, I miss you. I hope I can see you again soon.</strong></p><p style='text-align:center;'><strong>Lots of love and hugs,</strong></p><p style='text-align:center;'><strong> Queen Floofy Floofer.</strong> I clutched the letter close. She'd decorated it with glitter rainbow stickers. It really had only been a day since I'd seen her, as it was yesterday morning since I'd seen her last, but this was the longest we'd been apart. The only other time I recalled being apart from her for this long was when I'd glitched and she pushed me away. I'd spent the night outside. I missed her terribly and the letter heightened that even more. Thicc Corgi noticed. He gave me a smile and sat down beside me. "Little girl is going to be so excited to fly in cruiser with you Captain Chonkers. Remember, have that to look forward to." I smiled at remembering that. It made me think back to her gazing at the ship that morning and telling me how much it meant to her. Thicc Corgi looked at the letter before handing it back to me and I clutched it again. "She really loves you Captain Chonkers. As family, as friend. And I remember now, she married you too, correct?" I nodded. "Maybe she truly wants to be with you Captain Chonkers. You two are so close, cannot imagine it being otherwise." "Neesa... Captain Chonkers so different. Alien." "Perhaps is not mattering to her. Not everybody is caring so much about things others are caring about." I looked up at him at that in wonder. "Little girl looked out for you when nobody else did. If you are meaning so much to her, then I do not think what you are would be bothering her so much." " Captain Chonkers kaphong?" "She does not think so. Even belted you across face when you said it to her." I remembered that. I rubbed my cheek. "You have nothing to worry about Captain Chonkers. She will not give up on you and neither will I." I felt a little better hearing that from Thicc Corgi. He stood up and resumed what he was doing and I sat gazing at the letter until he asked me for help.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Evening drew in. Thicc Corgi and I were in the ship watching television together in the main area. My ears perked up as I heard Mrs. Doggo's buggy pull up in the driveway. Thicc Corgi noticed and looked at me. "Home are they Captain Chonkers?" I nodded. He sighed. "Remember, you are loved and you are not a monster." I gripped his hand at that. He stood up and picked me up and we exited the ship, headed down to the back door. Shiba Chonkers and Sir Chonky were in the kitchen when we went inside. "There you are!" Sir Chonky said. "Where did you two head off to?" Thicc Corgi and I looked at each other. "Stayed in motel overnight. Figured break would be best." "You two stayed in a motel?" Shiba Chonkers asked, sounding surprised. "Yes," Thicc Corgi told him. "Spent time with my son." Shiba Chonkers looked between us. "Oh. Mrs. Doggo and Queen Floofy Floofer are at my parents. Mrs. Doggo is... I really don't know how to describe it," he rubbed his head. "I think she is very stressed right now." Sir Chonky nodded, sucking the tip of his finger. "Mmm... she's not happy." "She will only talk to  Queen Floofy Floofer. We don't know the full details of what happened. Apparently Captain Chonkers scared her somehow but she won't talk about it." I clutched onto Thicc Corgi tightly. He sighed. " Captain Chonkers is dealing with a lot right now. Is malfunctioning on strange level that I cannot be figuring out. Is worse than glitch." Shiba Chonkers looked alarmed. "He's not... dying again, is he?" "No. I would be saying something if he was, but this is very troublesome. I am not knowing what might come of it." Shiba Chonkers nodded. "Seems like a very rough patch right now, with that other guy after Captain Chonkers too." Thicc Corgi sighed. "Even so, is best to carry on. Focus on Captain Chonkers's birthday and wedding." I pulled back from Thicc Corgi's shoulder and looked at Shiba Chonkers. " Queen Floofy Floofer?" He stared at me. "She misses you Captain Chonkers. She's not happy with Mrs. Doggo. Keeps looking out of the window and asking to go home." I sighed. "She left you a letter apparently. Mrs. Doggo dropped by this morning to leave a note. Did you get it?" I nodded, showing him the letter. I was still clutching it. "Write her one back Captain Chonkers. It will ease her mind. Mrs. Doggo wants to stay there again tonight." My ears fell. Thicc Corgi rubbed my back supportingly. "They will be home tomorrow. My father is having a visitor and they and cannot have them there during it." "Larger girl needs to understand this is not Captain Chonkers's fault. Not any of it. She can blame me for everything, I will take it. But I don't want her doing this to him." Thicc Corgi said to him. Shiba Chonkers stared at him. "I will tell her that. You know Mrs. Doggo, she is very hotheaded. She just does what she thinks is best for Queen Floofy Floofer." Thicc Corgi nodded. "Come Captain Chonkers, I will help you write letter." I sighed. Thicc Corgi carried me back up to the ship as the others remained in the kitchen.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>A little while later, I stared at my letter to Queen Floofy Floofer. Thicc Corgi had to help me write it considering I couldn't read or understand English very well. I told her that I missed her and that I had a fun day with Thicc Corgi so she didn't need to be scared or worried about me. I told her that something scary was happening to me, but I didn't want to scare her. I told her to be strong and support her sister as she was dealing with a lot. I did manage to write <strong>Love you lots from Captain Chonkers</strong> at the bottom. Thicc Corgi smiled. He folded up the letter and put it in an envelope. "Will give to surf boy. Sure little girl will be delighted." I nodded and watched him as he left. I put my head into my paws and rested against my knees. I'd experimented around with my CD player a little before. Listening to music helped a lot. But right now I just wanted to sit and think. I'd had such a good day on account of my father and I hoped it would be a day I could remember for a long time. He was trying so hard to be good to me and he was going that extra mile. Thicc Corgi and I never used to be as close as we were but after I'd died our bond had strengthened significantly. I always felt that he'd felt a little distant from me because he was so scared I would turn against him after what he'd put me through, especially after I remembered when he'd told me my past on the cliff. I wouldn't ever turn on him. He'd done a lot of bad things in his life and I'd been his puppet for some of them, but he was all I had. He understood me and supported me. And now knowing that I had his approval and support for liking Queen Floofy Floofer it really gave me that boost I needed. I'd always felt that Queen Floofy Floofer and Thicc Corgi had been the only members of our family that 'got me' in a sense. I felt bad for believing that Thicc Corgi wouldn't understand me. I had just never really tried confiding in him before. I'd always tried to be strong around him – after all, he'd created me to be strong. But even as strong as I was, I was still susceptible. Things hurt me. I was more than capable of feeling heartbroken and lost. To have a father that understood that after everything he'd done in the past was enough for me. I could handle his past abuse and forcing me to destroy Turo because he'd spent every waking moment trying to be better, keeping his promise to me since the day we'd been apprehended. He didn't want to die because he had that chance with me to try again. To try and be better. Because I'd wanted him to. I loved my father and always would. He was amazing. He put me first above anything else and had even basically sacrificed his own life he'd built on Kweltikwan for me. He was banished from his own kind and home planet for what he'd done but in turn he just carried on because he knew he had me to look out for. I was more than sure he felt homesick. I did, even though I'd never really seen much of my home planet. I just had that distant memory of that hill. My life had been up and down. I'd suffered a lot and still was, as he'd mentioned to me before. I truly didn't want to be a monster again. I wanted this horrible figure and voice to just leave me alone. I wanted Chopsuey to leave me alone and I wanted those other gang members to leave Thicc Corgi alone. It was tiring having to deal with so much at once and even worse now with that stupid rift. I hoped Mrs. Doggo could look past what she'd seen, as hard as I knew it would be. That image of myself in the mirror strongly played on my mind. I looked terrible and it had looked nothing like me. If anything, I'd looked more like Chopsuey, but much more evil and deadly. And that was only just the beginning stage of the Metamorphosis. If that was the beginning, the final would be even worse. I could only hope it never went that far. I'd briefly seen it before on the laptop, what I looked like – but seeing it in reality was something else. I needed to stay strong. For Thicc Corgi's sake and for Queen Floofy Floofer's sake. I didn't focus so much on Mrs. Doggo. As much as she was family and I did love her, if she turned on me for being who I was and kept me from Queen Floofy Floofer, I couldn't handle that. She did act like she cared, calling me sweetie – but the moment I was angry or moody she did a 360 on me. It could just be because of the baby and her hormones and stress and I hoped that was the case. I understood how important the wedding was to her. It still was important to me too – I'd always wanted to feel as a true part of a family. I yearned for that. Clutching my knees close, I waited for Thicc Corgi to return. I had no idea how tomorrow would play out.

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