Captain Chonkers Chapter Thirty-Six


The following morning, I sat up in Thicc Corgi's bed staring at the wall. Everybody else was up already, but I hadn't felt like going out to them just yet. Cobra had sent along more agents so I could ease up on guarding and have some more time to myself. I was glad about that considering Mrs. Doggo was still avoiding me for unknown reasons and I felt more and more down from it. I was still angry she had accused me but still, I hated arguments. I had been sitting and staring at nothing for a while when that strange, onset pain I'd felt before resurfaced in the back of my head. I grunted and put my paw there, clutching tightly and gritting my teeth. <strong>"Almost time."</strong> I jumped slightly. That voice again. I knew it wasn't Chopsuey. I'd heard his voice during our fight. I still had no idea what the heck this thing was. I didn't feel scared (I had too much on my mind already) but I did get a brief vision of that strange spotlighted chair again and I shuddered. I just wanted this to stop. I hadn't had an attack for a while now so I feared one might be coming soon. Usually when one was coming I kept hearing that voice. I'd grown to recognise the signs. There was a gentle knock on the door and I sensed it was  Queen Floofy Floofer. She had a much softer approach than the other family members. She opened the door gently and gazed in at me for a moment or so. We stared at each other. I sighed and looked at the floor again. She closed the door quietly and climbed up beside me on the bunk, pulling me into her arms. We hadn't slept beside each other last night and I had missed her. I'd slept beside my father while she had slept beside Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers in the guest room. I nuzzled against her. I could tell she must have missed me too. She nuzzled me back. "Are you okay?" she eventually spoke. I nodded over her shoulder. "I want this to stop too." I pulled back to look at her. She put her hand to my cheek. "Naanee... say anything?" I asked quietly. Queen Floofy Floofer shook her head. "No. She's still being weird. Sir Chonky wanted something from the fridge and she wouldn't let him." "Sir Chonky?" I asked. She nodded. "Yeah. Thicc Corgi isn't very happy. I can tell." "Naga bootifa." "I know Captain Chonkers." She gazed at me before noticing my new headphones beside me on the pillow. She picked them up and stared at them. "These look so cool! Where did they come from?" I smiled proudly. "Mokeecha! Early birthday present from papa!"  Queen Floofy Floofer's eyes widened. "Really?! Oh my gosh! They are so cool!" "Ih!" Queen Floofy Floofer admired them for a while before putting them on my head. She stared before reaching forward and pulling my fur down across my face again. Since I knew she liked me now, she didn't react as embarrassed as before though she did have a reaction again and I heard her heart race slightly. "Is Captain Chonkers... good looking, Queen Floofy Floofer?" I asked her quietly. I needed to know from her. "Good... looking?" she repeated slowly. I nodded. "Ih... Queen Floofy Floofer chraba Captain Chonkers batrikaba...?" She swallowed. "I..." she closed her eyes for a moment or so but then smiled. "Yes." My jaw dropped. I held her hands in my paws. "Really?" "Of course. You told me I was pretty. I think you are nice looking as well. You're a cool alien." Boy that lifted my spirits. So much so that even the thought of Mrs. Doggo didn't really phase me so much. Maybe I did have a chance with Queen Floofy Floofer after all. If she could still think I was good looking despite not being a human. I was more than prepared to find a way to be human should it come to it, but if she accepted me? Despite being so vastly different? Well... I smiled happily. She noticed how happy I was and kissed my cheek, pulling back to stroke my ear. "You will always be the best thing to ever happen to me." I gazed at her for a long time. "Love you,  Queen Floofy Floofer." "You too Captain Chonkers." Queen Floofy Floofer snuggled beside me, yawning. I noticed she looked tired. "Sleep well?" "No," she responded truthfully. "A lot has been on my mind lately." " Captain Chonkers too..." I responded. " Captain Chonkers worried." "What about?" "Having another attack. Been while." She looked unsettled. "You think... it might happen again soon?" "Ih," I nodded. I looked at the blankets. "Very soon." Queen Floofy Floofer looked scared at that, but she continued to clutch me tight. I felt her stroke my ears before she ran her hands down my back. "It'll be ok Captain Chonkers." I purred against her. We remained in that position before my ears flicked up and the door opened, Mrs. Doggo peering in. I automatically let go of Queen Floofy Floofer and looked away. I could tell Queen Floofy Floofer was a little annoyed about it as well. "Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky are heading to the store to get some groceries. Shiba Chonkers is going with them as he is going to submit a few resumes. They want to know if you want to go too Queen Floofy Floofer." Queen Floofy Floofer stared at her before looking at me. I knew what she was going to ask, but I shook my head. "You go..." I told her quietly. " Captain Chonkers ok." "But..." I nodded. She sighed but stroked my ear again. "Fine... I'll go." She jumped from the bunk and looked at me again. I smiled at her. "I'll bring you back something  Captain Chonkers." "Barumba." She nodded. I knew she'd be safe with Thicc Corgi and the agents. The sisters left and I remained in the bedroom. Like Queen Floofy Floofer, a lot was on my mind too.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>I eventually went downstairs. The house was quiet with everybody gone. The agents barely spoke to each other, just did their job and guarded the house. It was a little off-putting with so many of them around, but I knew it was necessary. They didn't interfere with us in anyway, but it wasn't the most comfortable situation with them always knowing what we were up to or doing in the house. I went into the kitchen to get something to eat. Mrs. Doggo was in there. I avoided looking at her and went to the fridge, but there wasn't much in there, just a lone can of soda, some vegetables and the leftover tuna bake which I didn't feel up to eating after last night. Shutting the fridge, I was about to climb up onto the counter to look for any cereal in the cupboards when I heard Mrs. Doggo push out her chair loudly. "There is no point looking for anything. Why do you think they've gone to the shops?" "..." She spoke to me in such a matter I felt like an idiot for looking. I didn't want to say anything back to that so I just jumped down from the counter and headed into the living area. I wasn't going to put up with that. I sat down on the lounge and put on the television. I needed a distraction. I got one when the older Pelekai instantly told me to turn the volume down, despite it wasn't even loud. She did it again about five minutes later, complaining about a headache. I didn't believe her at that point and just left it as it was. It was already lower than normal volume. Mrs. Doggo was just finding reasons to pick on me. I was getting pretty fed up of it. Ten minutes later she came into me, holding up some washing of mine I'd placed with  Queen Floofy Floofer's in the laundry basket a week or two ago. "Can you please actually tell me when you need things washed? I did a big load three days ago and didn't even see these because you had them in the wrong basket." I eyed her briefly at that. "Pink wash, blue clean." "Well now it's the opposite." I shrugged. "No tell Captain Chonkers." "I was too busy dealing with other things," she responded. I just shrugged again and went back to the television. "Tell me, would not have happened." I heard her sigh through her nose at that. She huffed away. This was the worst mood I'd ever seen her in. I really had no idea what her problem with me was. She wasn't being like this to anybody else. I knew she was mad at me from the destruction I'd caused to the trees and from growling at her those few times, not to mention scaring the family by threatening to go over the cliff, but did she care about all those mornings I woke up at the crack of dawn to go out and work for her sake? Or was she just focusing only on the negatives of everything? I think the main reason for her annoyance was the thought of her wedding being ruined. Because Chopsuey was after me and her wedding was next week. It was bad timing, no denying that, but it wasn't my fault at all. She was blaming me because she could; I was an easy target because I'd already upset her with my attitude. I didn't think I was being rude to her at all. I got defensive easily when people touched me when I didn't expect it, like her just grabbing my head like that and making me face her. My past consisted of aliens attacking me and police grabbing me and shoving needles into my face, of course I was going to have a problem with being grabbed like that. I put my foot down at that point. I was sick of this and I wasn't going to put up with it any more. I stood up and was about to head back up to the dome when Mrs. Doggo blocked my way in the kitchen, leaning over to look into the living room. Now what? "Turn the TV off when you are finished with it! I shouldn't have to keep reminding you." I clenched my fist, grabbing the remote and turning it off before glaring at her. "Don't look at me like that. You know the house rules." I ignored her and proceeded back to the dome. Only to be stopped again by her. "You also left the tap dripping, make sure you turn it off properly next time. I'm trying to save for the next wa – " "WHY DOING THIS?!" Mrs. Doggo jumped. One of the agents came in behind me but I didn't care. "Would you quit picking on me!" I snapped. She went quiet at that. She definitely had not expected me to retaliate. "..." We stared at each other. She sighed and sat down on the kitchen chair. I crossed by arms and stood in front of her. "So mad at me!" I seethed. "Why? <em>Leave me alone!</em>" She looked at me at that. I was about to continue when I felt my mind cloud over. My vision darkened and that same spotlighted chair appeared again, only this time something was forcing me towards it. I screamed and tried to fight back. I had no idea what was going on. It felt like some kind of paralysis. Through my eyes I could still see myself, but the world had gone silent. I could see Mrs. Doggo reacting to me, as did the agent. She pushed back from the chair and backed up against the wall, the agent doing a similar motion. Both of them looked terrified of me. I had no idea why. The dead silence was unbearable. But then I could see what was happening even though I had no control over my limbs. I was getting slightly taller. My fur was bristling and my claws had fully extended. I could feel my lips curling back but I couldn't hear myself growl. Laughter was echoing around me. I fought and fought and eventually pushed away from the horrible looking chair. A black figure presented itself from the side with sinister glowing green eyes. <strong>"It's almost time yet you don't seem pleased! Perhaps you should be!"</strong> I roared. I pushed through the fog but it went on for what seemed like an eternity. When I finally escaped I felt pain explode through my face and head. Distant sounds returned. The cloud and figure disappeared again and I realised I was back in the kitchen. I blinked and stood up, holding my head. My fur had stopped bristling and my claws had been retracted again. I stood in shock, heart racing. Then I realised the agent was aiming a gun at me and Mrs. Doggo was crying. On reflex I pulled out two of my blasters and aimed them back at the agent. "Put down... why you aiming gun at me?" I said calmly. Even though I'd seen myself change I actually had no idea what had happened as everything had been silent. He knew he wouldn't win against me. I was used to having guns aimed at me so I wasn't scared, just more so alarmed. He lowered the weapon. "What... are you?" My heart sunk at hearing that and my ears fell. It wasn't from Mrs. Doggo, it was from him. I toppled slightly in a mixture of disbelief and shock for a moment or so before looking at Mrs. Doggo. She was staring at me with wide eyes. But she repeated what he had said. " Captain Chonkers... what... are you?" I lowered the guns. I put my hands to my head. "I... I– " I turned and ran.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p><em>What are you?<br></em><em><strong><br></strong></em>The words repeated themselves, over and over again. I sat with my paws gripping my head. I had crossed the river and ran into the forest. I needed to get away from them. <em><strong>What are you?</strong></em> What was I? A monster. That was what I was. I didn't know what had happened to me. But I had an idea. I'd never seen Mrs. Doggo look so scared. Even the agent had been scared. Did something happen to me that caused me to appear as I really looked? The way I looked during Metamorphosis? I was more than aware of how I looked when the programming was running. I looked nothing like me. Even I scared myself. I closed my eyes and pulled down my ears. What had happened back there? <em>What?!</em> Thicc Corgi had told me... <em>reassured</em> me... the programming couldn't activate. But if that was the case, then why had Mrs. Doggo and the agent been so afraid of me? Why would an agent sent to guard me feel the need to pull a gun on me? To protect Mrs. Doggo from me. The very being supposed to protect her. My worst fear was coming true. If my own family was asking what I was... and I couldn't answer that myself... I realised hope was lost at that point. The inevitable was going to happen. I didn't know how or when... but if I couldn't control my own body anymore... I wouldn't be able to stop the programming reactivating. I didn't know what to do. I was in too much shock. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I couldn't fathom this was happening – it felt too unreal. I needed to get to the bottom of what this thing was. Where it was coming from. I had no clue, no answers. I just knew it was something. Something out there, as I'd seen it on the rooftop. It had green eyes and when it had green eyes, somehow I did. Maybe this thing was controlling me. Was it the work of Chopsuey? I had no idea. It didn't seem like something he'd be capable of doing. Everything was so confusing. I was scared to go back to my family. To Mrs. Doggo. I felt shattered. Out here I was a sitting duck, but back there I had to deal with my own family questioning what I was. What was the best option for me at that point? Leave them all behind and keep running away? I couldn't do it alone. If Chopsuey tried to drown me again I'd have no chance. I was indestructible but I wasn't immune to everything. He knew water was my biggest weakness, and I'm sure he knew of more than one way he could exploit that against me. Even if I wanted to leave, I couldn't. I remained where I was because I couldn't break  Queen Floofy Floofer's heart. I just couldn't. I couldn't hurt her by leaving her. Thicc Corgi would eventually track me here. My head was throbbing again. A sharp, consistent stab at the base of my neck. Pain didn't bother me so much, but this pain wasn't receding. I stood up to try to keep walking but my vision clouded and I felt dizzy. The next thing I knew everything went black as I passed out.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>" Captain Chonkers!" I groaned. " Captain Chonkers... wake up!" The voice was distorted. I eventually managed to open my eyes and found myself staring up at Thicc Corgi. I was briefly aware that I was no longer in the forest. Sitting up in his arms, I looked around and realised I was in the ship, hooked up to what appeared to be a LOT of different equipment. Thicc Corgi let out a sigh when he saw I was fully awake. He handed me drink but I refused. "Drink it Captain Chonkers, will make you feel better." I pouted at him in protest but he shoved the straw into my mouth, forcing me to take it and drink it. "Larger girl... very inconsolable." I felt my heart pound briefly. I sighed and looked away. "What happen?" "Got home to her crying into agents. All of them on heavy guard. Something happened," he paused. "Something happened to you, Captain Chonkers." I stared at him at that before looking away. "..." "Do you remember what?" I shook my head. "Just... no in control. I think, Thicc Corgi wrong. I think program isa come back." Thicc Corgi dropped something he'd been holding. It made a loud clang on the floor. He shook my shoulders. "No... do not be saying that! It CANNOT be that!" "Then why they ask meega what I am?" My father stared at me for the longest time at that. "They... asked you that?" I felt tears build. I couldn't face him. "If ohana not even know Captain Chonkers... then I am just monster. Pull gun on me." Thicc Corgi couldn't seem to answer me. He tried to, but no words came out. Instead he just clutched me against him tightly. "Did they hurt you?" I shook my head. "Naga. I ran away." "You're not a monster Captain Chonkers, as I've said multiple times." I pulled back at him and stared at him at that. "Then what am I?" Once again, he couldn't answer me. He looked at his monitors and pointed. "See that? Cell still dead. Showing red. If was malfunction, would have already burned itself out, as I explained before. Remember, that is purpose of fail-safe." He pressed a button and the screen changed to show my vitals. "Nothing Captain Chonkers. See? Look!" He was right. There was no warnings. No errors. Nothing out of place. Yet I knew something was. "Scared of me..." I said quietly. "I change." He looked stressed. "Was telling me. Way they described appearance was sounding like altered to resemble how you appear when program first initates. Not sure, but was likely seeing this." He pressed another button and the screen changed to my file. I saw what Mrs. Doggo and the agent must have seen. I looked terrifying. All of my limbs had lengthened – I was taller. My face had contorted into something sinister and my claws looked like they could tear a car in half in one swipe. I looked horrible. This <em>wasn't </em>me. I looked away and pulled down my ears. "Naga! <em>NAGA!</em>" Thicc Corgi changed the screen. "I'm sorry Captain Chonkers." I quivered. Thicc Corgi silently just continued his tests and what he had been doing before. Eventually he spoke again. " Captain Chonkers, what was your mood like before this was happening?" My mood? "Naanee pick on me, lots," I paused. "I got mad." "I see. Perhaps this was caused by a disruption to Binulsal gateway. Or perhaps pathways inhibited by nuflax build up somehow... come to think of it, did not check there yet." I had no idea what he was talking about so I just let him do his thing and sat in deep thought as he put various sensors across my head. I felt even worse than I did before. Mrs. Doggo's wedding and my birthday was next week. At this rate and how things were going I had a feeling my birthday probably wasn't going to happen. If Mrs. Doggo was afraid to even be near me after my appearance had changed, the rest of them wouldn't want to be near me either. I couldn't explain what had happened to me to them, nor could Thicc Corgi, because that would be revealing the Metamorphosis programming to them – which in turn would result in telling them about our past. Thicc Corgi was well aware of this dilemma. He kept pacing and reading the monitors before him. This was the most stressed I'd ever seen him look and when he buckled slightly I had to jump down and catch him, helping him back up. "Thank you. Feeling dizzy." I nodded, sitting back on the table. I felt a bit dizzy too. "Where Queen Floofy Floofer?" I asked after a little while. "Inside," he responded. I sighed, looking down at my lap. I couldn't imagine Mrs. Doggo allowing Queen Floofy Floofer to be near me after this. Thicc Corgi put his hand on my shoulder in a supportive manner. "We both know little girl would be defying larger sibling to be with you. Would not worry too much." I looked up at him. "Am not caring who you like, Captain Chonkers. Human or alien – does not bother Thicc Corgi, as long as you are happy. I've done nothing but made you unhappy, you deserve happiness for once in life and if liking a human makes you happy then so be it." "Naga true," I instantly responded. "Thicc Corgi make Captain Chonkers happy." "How Captain Chonkers?" I stared at him. "By being good papa. Told be better – you were." He closed his eyes but he picked me up and put me over his shoulder in a hug. He held me like that for a long while. I jumped slightly as the door to the ship opened. He did as well but I felt him hold me tighter. I realised why when I heard Mrs. Doggo's voice. "...Thicc Corgi?" "Here larger girl," I heard him respond blankly. I heard Mrs. Doggo approach us and then pause. She must have seen me. "Is... is he still..." "No." Hesitantly I pulled back to look, although I kept my head to Thicc Corgi's shoulder. Mrs. Doggo sat down opposite us. "What was that, Thicc Corgi?" she asked. "Who is he?" Thicc Corgi went quiet at that. He looked at me for a moment or so. I wondered what he would say. "This is result of what is being wrong with Captain Chonkers. Is disrupting him. Not on level of glitch, but worse this time." Mrs. Doggo went quiet. "Who is he Thicc Corgi? Because I know that was not Captain Chonkers." Thicc Corgi sighed. "Larger girl, is Captain Chonkers. Has not changed. As mentioned, whatever is disrupting him is causing this." I knew then Thicc Corgi wasn't going to budge and tell her. Not yet, anyhow. Mrs. Doggo just stared between us. "You're keeping something from us, aren't you. Just as before." Thicc Corgi frowned at that. He put me down and Mrs. Doggo stared at me. I still had the sensors and equipment attached to me. "Is best not to be angering Captain Chonkers at this point," he responded to that. "Section of brain responsible for emotional response is tied to area I believe is problematic." I tilted my head at him at that. "If you are angering Captain Chonkers, is likely will cause malfunction you saw today." Mrs. Doggo looked bewildered. "He changed into that... that thing... because he was angry?" I looked away at that, her words reminding me of the first time she saw me as an alien and calling me a 'thing.' "Yes. As I mentioned before you need to stop this behaviour towards him. Have no idea why you are being this way." Mrs. Doggo looked angry at hearing that but then she sighed. "Because my wedding is next week. Shiba Chonkers may not be able to get a new job, the place is a wreck still from the trees being torn down and I am having all my family back here after the wedding. My own work is unstable at the moment as well. Mr. Wong is hinting at that more than he normally does." "But why are YOU being like this?" She stared at that, looking at Thicc Corgi before looking at me. "I... can't explain why. I'm tired of being frightened by him. Sometimes I guess I just feel like  Captain Chonkers is going to snap and attack me and I don't know why." "Naga true!" I cried to that. "I don't attack faamalee!" "Then why are you like this to me, Captain Chonkers? You growl at me the moment I'm near you or ask you things, and I still cannot get over how badly you reacted about the wedding. It still shocks me you were capable of so much destruction. Those trees have been there since I was a child. You ruined that area. And now today... I don't know what I saw. I'm scared to even say anything to you now. Even the agent was scared." "I..." I had no response to that. "I don't think Queen Floofy Floofer should be around you if this continues..." "No!" I cried to that, putting my foot down. "NAGA! Captain Chonkers never hurt Queen Floofy Floofer! Ever!" "You nearly scratched her again." I clenched my fist so tight I drew blood again even with my claws retracted. Mrs. Doggo noticed and looked a little alarmed. "N-nightmare..." I managed to get out. I was shaking. "Not know... trapped... not hurt her because want to." "Mrs. Doggo, enough," I heard Thicc Corgi say. "You cannot separate him from little girl. Would be disastrous and is last thing Captain Chonkers is needing right now. They are needing each more than you think." "My sister's safety comes first." "NAGA!" I cried again. "I not hurt Queen Floofy Floofer! No take away, please!" Mrs. Doggo stared at me at that. "..." "Larger girl..." Thicc Corgi started but Mrs. Doggo put up a hand. "I'll call Shiba Chonkers's parents. I'm sure Queen Floofy Floofer can stay there until you fix whatever is wrong with him." "NO!" I screeched. Mrs. Doggo stood up and started to walk out but I followed her and went in front of her. " Captain Chonkers need Queen Floofy Floofer!" She sighed. "I hate to say this, but there is a good chance you could do to her what you did to me today. I won't have it. Queen Floofy Floofer is going to Shiba Chonkers's parents." She went around me and continued to walk. I was crushed. "I <strong>LOVE</strong> HER NAANEE!" She stopped at that and looked at me slowly. "..." "Pleechi-ba... I need her..." Mrs. Doggo sighed. "Fine. She can stay for now. But if I say she's going, then she is. You're dangerous, Captain Chonkers. After what I saw today, I know that now." I felt shattered. I couldn't stop myself from sobbing brokenly this time and Mrs. Doggo paused at hearing that. She had started to walk away again. " Captain Chonkers..." I ignored her and ran back into the bushland. Thicc Corgi didn't try to stop me this time despite he'd been watching the scenario.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Later that evening I remained secluded in the dome. I'd missed dinner but I didn't care. Nobody had bothered me yet and I was glad about that because I didn't want them to. I was sure the family knew by now of my change before, including Queen Floofy Floofer. I didn't know what they were doing and despite I could just twitch my ears and listen in, I didn't feel like it. I didn't want to hear more talk about me over something I couldn't control. I hadn't seen Queen Floofy Floofer all day and I had a feeling Mrs. Doggo was behind that. Currently I was underneath our bunk, lying with my head on my paws. I didn't know what to do at that point. There was nobody I could talk to or confide in other than Thicc Corgi but I knew he was down with the family. But then a thought struck me. I heard movement down by the dome door and quickly scampered up the wall and out of the skylight before whoever it was came into the dome, running down the side of the structure and then up the driveway. <hr size=1 noshade><p>Fifteen minutes later I stood facing a house, opening and closing my fists nervously. I shouldn't be nervous. I wasn't designed to be nervous – but I was. Apprehensively, I approached the entrance to the house and reached up and rang the doorbell. I heard footsteps and the porch light switched on. The door opened up and an older Hawaiian woman looked out and around before noticing me standing there just as she was about to shut the door. She did a double take and opened it up, staring at me. She was confused. "Hello?" she called out. I just looked up at her unsure of whether to speak or not. She looked at me again before turning and calling into the home. "Uh... John?" I rubbed my arm anxiously but then perked up as a familiar face appeared by her side. " Captain Chonkers!?" Mr Kuakini exclaimed, coming out the door to me and bending to my side. "What are you doing here?" I stared back at him before I couldn't hold back any longer and broke down crying again. He instantly pulled me into a hug. "John?" I heard his wife ask again in confusion. "Get some tissues and a blanket. Looks like we have a guest," he told her, carrying me into the house.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Shortly after that I sat in a blanket on Mr Kuakini's couch. His wife and daughter sat opposite me, staring at me in disbelief. His daughter looked about sixteen. Mr Kuakini was getting me a hot drink. He returned shortly after and handed it to me. "Here Captain Chonkers..." I nodded. I still wasn't sure whether to speak or not but it soon became apparent he'd kept my secret.<br>"Honey?" I heard his wife ask. "Who is this... this dog?" Mr Kuakini looked at me. I looked up at him.<br>"Oh um..." he started, putting a hand to his head. "Well love, remember I told you I had somebody helping me out at the store?" "Yes?" He gave a soft laugh, but I could hear a little apprehension in his voice. "Well... this is who has been helping me." "Wh... what!?" was her bewildered response. "A... a dog has been helping you? John, are you sure?" "Yes. This is Captain Chonkers." I gave them a meek wave and they looked beside themselves. "Oh wow! How can he do that?" his daughter asked and Mr Kuakini looked at me. I figured either way, I could trust Mr Kuakini considering he had kept my secret and this was his family so I gave him a nod. Mr Kuakini smiled. " Captain Chonkers is very sentient. Aren't you Captain Chonkers?" I nodded and again they looked bewildered. I would have laughed if I wasn't feeling so down. "Anyway... Captain Chonkers, this is my wife Alanna and my daughter Kalia." I hesitated for a moment. "Aloha." Their eyes went wide. "Oh my–" Kalia started, but Alanna jumped up, interrupting her. "HE CAN TALK?!" "Yes," Mr Kuakini responded laughing, putting a hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry Captain Chonkers. Your secret is still safe, I assure you." After the shock wore off, they sat down. "I've never heard a dog talk before. You are incredible." "Thank you." They just stared. " Captain Chonkers... is everything okay?" Mr Kuakini asked me and I sighed. "Came to talk to you. Isa okay?" "Of course." I looked at his family. Mr Kuakini seemed to know what I was thinking. "Oh um... I think Captain Chonkers wants to talk to me privately." They looked at each other. "Oh. Well, I'll put on some dessert then. Do... would you like anything Captain Chonkers? We have some left over cake." "Yes please." Alanna smiled at me. She left the room with Kalia, who looked back at me briefly and shut the door. Mr Kuakini smiled. "They are a great family Captain Chonkers. They won't tell." I nodded, looking at my lap and clutching the blanket close. "Now, what is wrong? Why have you come to me like this?" I drew in a breath. For the next twenty minutes. I told him everything I could to the best of my ability. I told him about being targeted by Chopsuey. I told him about Mrs. Doggo's mood and how she'd been getting angrier with me. I told him about Thicc Corgi's stress of not being able to find out what was wrong with me, and also about how I'd changed in appearance and scared them. I told him how I felt; how this was destroying me and the thought of not being allowed near Queen Floofy Floofer was crushing me and that there was a rift between the family now. Mr Kuakini looked shocked. He rubbed his head, not knowing what to say. "Well... I'll start by saying that I am glad you came to see me, Captain Chonkers. It is not always the easiest to confide in those closest to you sometimes." I looked at him sadly. "The main reason I would say Mrs. Doggo acting how she has been is due to pure stress. I recognise the mood swings. I know she is pregnant, yes? That would heighten it. Stress can change people, sometimes in the worst ways. Having to deal with this much in such a short span of time? Yes, it is a lot for somebody to handle. Now even more so, with her being the only one providing an income for the family. Well, aside from you working for me. Perhaps she should see a doctor about it, that might help her." I sighed. He rubbed my back. "Look  Captain Chonkers... none of this is your fault. I don't know what you are exactly, or what sort of past you might have had, but you are a selfless alien. I've never met anybody like you before and I truly meant it when I said you reminded me of my son. It takes a special kind of heart and I believe you have that. Even though things are rough just remember – they always get better eventually. Even if the worst has to happen first. It just makes you stronger." "I know how close you and Queen Floofy Floofer are and I do agree that Mrs. Doggo removing Queen Floofy Floofer for the time being isn't the best solution. She's just trying to protect her. But... how did you change exactly? Was this from those hallucinations?" I stared at him at that. I really had no idea what to say. I couldn't just say the real reason I changed like that was because I was a monster and I had no idea what sort of reaction he might have. I didn't want to push away somebody I considered a friend because I'd make him scared of me too. He seemed to sense my turmoil with this and sighed. "It's alright. You don't have to tell me. I just want you to remember though... even if you scared your family, they still love you no matter what. You are welcome to come here any-time Captain Chonkers, like you did tonight." I nodded. "Dougabba..." He stood up. "I'll go see how that dessert is coming along." I watched him as he left the room. Mr Kuakini's home was nice. It seemed much cosier than our home. There were a lot of pictures on the walls and a few of them I noticed a boy with the family. He looked very frail. I stood up and went to inspect a framed picture closer to me on a cabinet. There were dates below it, similar to the dates on Queen Floofy Floofer's parents gravestones.</p><p style='text-align:center;'><strong>Mitchell Makanui Kuakini</strong> I stared at the picture. It still baffled me that Mr Kuakini had said he thought this boy might be me reincarnated as an alien. It made me feel weird. As far as I knew, I was Captain Chonkers and I was only ever Captain Chonkers. Before I was Captain Chonkers, I was Captain Chonkers. I never had any other memories before that, of anything. I'd heard that humans claimed to have memories of 'past lives' from time to time on account of the television, but I'd never believed it. It was a nice sentiment and I wasn't going to detest it if it made the man feel closer to his son in a way through me, but I couldn't shake it being weird. I wasn't going to say anything to him though – he was good to me. The door opened again and I sat back down on the couch. Mr Kuakini and his family entered with the desserts. They sat down and Alanna handed me a piece of coconut cake on a plate. I smiled. "Thank you." "You're welcome Captain Chonkers." I felt a little better than I had before. Like Mrs. Doggo, I was actually stressed too. Being in an environment like this where I was accepted rather than pushed away and judged for things beyond my control eased my mind a lot. I felt relaxed. I would always confide in my father first and foremost, but at times I just wanted to be away from all of them. Like Queen Floofy Floofer when she'd wanted to grieve alone for Pudge. Mr Kuakini and his family all watched me as I ate. Once I finished, I put the plate aside. "Are you planning on heading home again Captain Chonkers?" I sighed at hearing that. I honestly didn't want to go back home. I didn't want to be thrown straight back into that rift. "I mean... you are welcome to stay with us if you like, that couch is quite comfy. But I am sure your family would be worried about you." With what had happened today, I wasn't so sure about that. If anything I felt that Mrs. Doggo would like me being away from the family, since I was the cause of her stress. Queen Floofy Floofer was the only thing on my mind though. I was worried about how she was faring. I felt so lonely without her. I curled up slightly on the couch and Mr Kuakini looked sad. He stood up and came over to me, rubbing my shoulder again. My ears perked up when the doorbell rang. Mr Kuakini looked at his wife. "Are you expecting somebody else John?" she asked and he shook his head. He looked at me. "Hang tight Captain Chonkers." I nodded as he left to go answer the door. Alanna and Kalia looked at me curiously. "Did you like the cake Captain Chonkers?" I nodded. "Ih." I heard voices in the corridor before the door opened and my eyes widened slightly as Thicc Corgi looked in and entered, seeing me there in the blanket. " Captain Chonkers!" "Pa?" He walked over to me and scooped me up into a hug. Mr Kuakini stood behind him and his family joined him. "He was looking for you Captain Chonkers." I sighed into my father's shoulder. He put a hand over my back. "He was being here whole time?" Thicc Corgi addressed Mr Kuakini and he nodded. "Yes. He came here. Told me what was happening. He is very down and I think he just wanted to be away from it all." "Understandably. Has been very rough," Thicc Corgi responded to that. "Still though... you are not to be leaving like this again Captain Chonkers. Is more stress for me not knowing where you are." "Why care?" I asked. "Naanee don't." He looked shocked to hear that from me. "Why care?!" he yelled at me. "Because you are my son<em>,</em> is why I care!" I saw Mr Kuakini's wife and daughter look at him. "This is Thicc Corgi..." he explained. "He is Captain Chonkers's father." "Father?" Kalia asked curious. "But... I thought that Captain Chonkers was a dog?" "Eh... he actually isn't. But we'll leave that for another time." Thicc Corgi wasn't really minding them at that point, just holding me close. "Look Captain Chonkers, I know today was a very bad day. But you are making yourself sitting duck out here like this. Come, I will take you home." "Neesa naga chigida! Meega ipu naga." He sighed but ignored me. "Thank you for looking after him." "No problem, he is always welcome here." I felt him carry me out of there. I looked at Mr Kuakini and his family sadly over Thicc Corgi's shoulder and waved as he carried me out. "I hope you feel better Captain Chonkers..." Mr Kuakini said, the family watching us as Thicc Corgi carried me away.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>I nearly fell asleep on Thicc Corgi's shoulder as he carried me back through town. There weren't a lot of people about but it was a humid night. He stopped outside of Kiki's and put me down. I stared up at him. "Want something to eat?" Even though I'd had the cake at Mr Kuakini's I was still quite famished from not eating all day and skipping dinner. "Ih!" "Very well." I followed my father into the cafe. As per usual both of us drew stares. Thicc Corgi from his size and me from still being in my suit. I remained close to him as he went up to get us some food. I overheard a snobby looking tourist in there make a remark about Thicc Corgi and growled an insult back at them. He just sniggered and pet me on the head. Once we had the cakes, Thicc Corgi led me outside and sat down at a table. I sat beside him. " Captain Chonkers?" I looked at him. "You know it is greatly stressing me out with what is happening with family. I understand you are not wanting to deal with this, but please for crying out's sake or whatever saying is being, TELL me where you are next time okeydokey? I had to find you through chip." "Naga understand." He put his chin in his hand and stared at me at that. "Try me." I sighed. " Captain Chonkers feel... sometimes... nobody can understand meega. I different. I not like you, or faamalee. Cannot... talk about being different because scare family. Different – monster." "Are you forgetting that I created you?" I stared at him at that, eating another bite of cake. "I am knowing you better than anybody else, Captain Chonkers. Any human on planet, any alien. I know you and your programming. I know how you work and I am also knowing how your mind works. Really does not matter if you are different in appearance. If anything, I can be helping you feel less 'different' as you say. You just are needing to trust me as father – not push me away to confide in other friend because you think I would not be 'getting' you." I just stared at him again, a little speechless. I had no idea how to respond. "Perhaps you feel as though I could never fully understand you, but really Captain Chonkers who else is there to besides little girl? You may find you will feel better, yes?" I put my cake down and my ears fell. I pushed out of my chair and walked across the table to sit in Thicc Corgi's lap. And much like with Mr Kuakini... I just spilled. I let out everything – how Mrs. Doggo was making me feel, how I felt so alone and outcasted. How I felt about Chopsuey being after me and my feelings for  Queen Floofy Floofer and having to suppress them out of fear of backlash. Once I finished, I just lay against Thicc Corgi's stomach. He was quiet for a long time after that. We ended up being the last customers there and the owner stared at us as she locked up her store and left for the night. Once she left we were alone. It was relaxing in a way with crickets chirping around us and different coloured party lights casting a glow over the area. "I can tell you Captain Chonkers little girl is very worried about you. Has been all day. Unfortunately larger sibling is not allowing her to be near you after what was happening today. She is not listening to me either. I left her to cool off for a bit to go look for you. I wanted to bring little girl with me, but larger girl was not having it." I grunted into him. He put his hand over my head. "I want you to just focus on other things for while. Not family, not little girl. Even if hard, trust me, will help a lot. I think for time being, we are needing break from each other. Tonight we will be spending night in motel." "Motel?" I asked. "Yes," my father responded. "Perhaps change of environment may help ease mind. Being in ship is only reminder to you of problems and frankly I am not in mood to deal with this rift between family either. Agents are on duty and high guard and Grand Councilwoman has sent through UGF guards as well. Best protection besides you." "Okeytaka..." I responded glumly. I'd never been in a motel before. Thicc Corgi remained there with me for another twenty or so minutes before picking me up again and walking back through town. I had no idea where we were going.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>The motel was very basic. My father checked us in as I looked around. There was a lone black and white TV on behind the service desk and a few magazines on a table. Another room off to the side opened up into what I guessed was a pub. Thicc Corgi got the key and led me back outside. We passed by a pool surrounded by a fence but there was nobody in it. A few deck chairs were there and a pair of forgotten shoes lay beneath one of them. I was nearly tempted to run over and steal the left one but became distracted as Thicc Corgi led me up a flight of stairs. The room was small with two double beds. I jumped onto one of them and bounced a little. My father looked inside the bathroom. "Eh... is far cry from ship, but will do. This is more so for you if anything." "For me?" I asked, perking my ears up. He sat down on the other bed, kicking off his boots and lying across the bed with his arms behind his head. "Yes. To help you get your mind off situation." I looked down at that. I knew it would be hard for me to forget about it, but I appreciated Thicc Corgi doing this. He really was trying to be a good father and I was glad he was spending the time with me. I jumped across to him on the bed and sat back against him as he flicked through the television for something to watch. He eventually landed on a movie and left that on. I felt him unclasp the back of my suit and he pulled it off before stroking my back and tummy. I reached into the pocket of it and pulled out a folded up picture. He stared curiously. I opened it up and he looked bewildered. It was the picture I'd taken before of him as a kid. Well, stolen from him. He looked at it before looking at me. "Why did you keep this one?" I shrugged. "Think cool. Think shirt cool." "Ah..." he responded. "Was most favourite shirt of mine." "Isa Captain Chonkers markings?" I asked him and he chuckled. "Yes, is where I was inspired from. Pattern on that shirt is pattern on your back. Blue is also favourite colour." I gazed at my father at that. "Make me like things you like?" He stared for a moment trying to understand what I was asking, when he smiled again. "Yes. Put little bit of Thicc Corgi into you as well as DNA. You are truly mine, Captain Chonkers." "Ih!" I agreed, snuggling up to him again. "Why take four years make me?" "Because you are a very complex creature. Two of those years I spent trying to figure out how to make everything work in such a way your body would be compatible with itself. Assortment of creatures led to various difficulties, like immune system attacking itself. Also had to figure out how to make limbs retractable without damaging internal organs. Was very difficult process to make everything work, but eventually got there. Was worth all the late nights and stress I endured; Captain Chonkers turned out better than ever dreamed." That made me happy to hear. " Captain Chonkers is best ball of fluff." I giggled. He poked my nose before watching the movie again. I returned the favour and poked his and he swatted me away. I pulled on his hair. "OUCH!" I stuck my tongue out at him and he booted me off the bed. I walked over to the window and looked out. It had a nice view over the surrounding area and beach. The moon was round and bright in the sky. I walked out to the balcony and looked up at the stars for a little while trying to pinpoint where I believed Kweltikwan was. Of course that star would never be visible from Earth, but sometimes I did miss where I'd originally come from. When I went inside afterwards, Thicc Corgi had fallen asleep. I could see the stress on his face and bags underneath all four of his eyes. I reached over to put a paw to his cheek and he reached up and put his hand on top of it. Yawning, I curled up right beside him on the bed, the television getting blurry before my eyes shut and I drifted off to sleep.

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