Captain Chonkers Chapter Thirty-Two


Just as Mrs. Doggo had said,  Queen Floofy Floofer pushed all of us away over the following weekend. I was the only one she allowed near her for more than ten minutes at a time, although there were still times she pushed me away too. During the day she left the house and sat down on the beach by herself. I hung around to make sure she was okay, but kept my distance. Sunday was no different. I sighed as I watched her with my cheek resting against my paw. She was sitting in the same spot she'd been before, facing Pudge's grotto. I honestly missed her, even if it had only been two days. Before she'd never wanted to let me go, but now she didn't want anybody near her. Grief was a very powerful human emotion and I wondered if I'd be the same way if I lost Thicc Corgi. Even as close as we were, she just wanted to be entirely alone. The weather had cleared up again and had returned to being bright and sunny. A lot of people were back on the beach with the warmer weather, but  Queen Floofy Floofer was the only one down there that wasn't enjoying herself. Seeing her in so much grief had really shook me up. She wasn't anywhere near as bad as she had been when I'd died, but it was still hard to watch. Growing in the environment I had, with my father being basically a mass murderer, I'd never really been empathetic towards others. Of course, I knew it had bothered me a lot to destroy Turo and that haunted me everyday of my life, but emotions were an alien to me (no pun intended) and I'd developed more of them through meeting Queen Floofy Floofer. Seeing Queen Floofy Floofer's unwavering faith in 'ohana' had allowed me to begin to care. She had unlocked that side of me, and I would forever be in her debt for that. She'd shown me that there was more to my life than feeling empty. As though I'd had nothing to live for – which is exactly how I'd felt when I'd arrived to earth due to my memories being blank. She'd done so much for me and all I wanted right now was to be by her side. But, dealing with her grief, I knew she needed this. She needed to be alone. So I just remained where I was, watching over her. I would do it all day and night if I had to. "What are you doing here?" A voice interrupted me a short time later. I nearly jumped. Perking my ears, I flipped around to find Mertle standing behind me. She had her arms crossed but was raising an eyebrow. I growled slightly. "Never mind that." She ignored me and instead walked over and sat down beside me. I sighed. "I saw  Queen Floofy Floofer down there. You two have a fight or something?" I looked at her. "Well?" I didn't want to tell what had happened to Mertle because part of me feared she'd find a way to use it against Queen Floofy Floofer. But I knew she wasn't going to leave me alone either. I sighed again. " Queen Floofy Floofer sad. Pushing everybody away, even Captain Chonkers." "Why?" "Her fish died." Mertle blinked at that. "Fish? You mean that one she thinks controlled the weather?" I nodded. "Was it because of that oil spill?" I nodded again. Mertle looked intrigued, but didn't say anything. I would shut her down instantly if she started, but thankfully she didn't. Instead she changed the subject. "Aleka is still ignoring me. I guess we aren't friends any more. I saw them all hanging out just before. I wasn't invited." I tilted my head at her. "Mertle no friends?" I simply asked, but from her reaction it wasn't what she wanted to hear. She gave me an annoyed look but sighed. "No more friends," she put her head into her arms, slumping down across the table. "I'm a loner." Past me would have smirked or even laughed at her at that. For years, Queen Floofy Floofer had been a loner because of her. But I couldn't. Instead I just reached out a paw and pat her back awkwardly. She looked at me at that, but just sighed. "Why are you doing this?" "Doing what?" I asked, pausing. "Not making fun of me. I thought you'd be happy about it." I frowned at that. "Naga." "But why?" I stared at her. "Not like you. Queen Floofy Floofer, selfless. Isa why she kept trying to be your friend. But you no like her.  Captain Chonkers isa like Queen Floofy Floofer. You get on my nerves, ih, but isa naga right." She looked confused so I elaborated. "Not right to be mean to Mertle." She looked dumbfounded. "Oh. Well... thanks." "You're welcome." She looked out at Queen Floofy Floofer on the beach. "I guess I was wrong about you guys. I just thought Queen Floofy Floofer was really weird." "She can be weird, ih," I agreed. "But not a bad thing. She good person and I like her for that." "So... you think she's weird too?" "Not in mean way," I responded. "With things she does." "Like what?" Mertle asked me. I tapped the stub of my claw on the table as they were still retracted. "Well, she think Pudge protect her from storm. Nearly willing to risk dying. Foolish." Mertle just stared at me. "We very alike," I explained. "I weird too. Not dog." "You're an alien." "Ih..." She stared at my paw for a moment or so. "What happened to those?" "Hm?" "I thought you had claws." "I do." "Oh." Mertle nodded. I looked out to the beach again, only to see that Queen Floofy Floofer had gone. I stood up, alarming Mertle slightly. "Need to keep eye on Queen Floofy Floofer," I said before leaving. She just watched me, but didn't move as I headed down onto the sand to track Queen Floofy Floofer's scent.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Tracking her scent was more difficult than I thought. When I couldn't find her after ten minutes I started to worry. I ended up pacing the entire beach in search of her with no luck. My sense of smell was very accurate, but here on the beach there were many other scents too, making it all the more difficult to isolate  Queen Floofy Floofer's. Even more so with the water. The only place I could think of where she might have gone was actually into the sea, since her scent seem to disappear a few steps away from where she'd been sitting and I couldn't pinpoint a direction. Anxiously, I sat by the shore and looked across the water. I perked up when I saw a head poke up from the waves with a mop of long black hair, but as I got closer I realised it was another little girl. I sighed and sat down. Ten more minutes passed. Now I was scared. I waited until a few tourists passed by me for a small opening to call out to her without others hearing me. " Queen Floofy Floofer...? QUEEN FLOOFY FLOOFER!" I strained my ears. No answer. She had a unique breathing pattern and heart beat I could normally hear when she was close by, but I could hear everybody's now. Where on earth was she? Another five minutes passed but to me it felt like forever. I paced back and forth, looking out into the waves. I hoped she was okay. The stress soon got to me. I ended up beginning to walk out into the water, peering down into the waves. " QUEEN FLOOFY FLOOFER!" If I went forth I knew there was no coming back. As soon as I went into those waves I'd drown. But there was no other way to look for her. I felt torn. What if she was drowning? What if she'd got stuck down there somehow? In desperation (and utter stupidity) I was just about to dive under when I heard a voice yell – " CAPTAIN CHONKERS! NO!" I whipped my head up, looking up to see Queen Floofy Floofer was running towards me. "What are you doing?!" " Queen Floofy Floofer..." I said as she approached me and took my paws into her hands. "Why are you in the water?!" she looked panicked. "You know you're not supposed to go in there without me or Mrs. Doggo!" "Couldn't find you. Barambah... thought you might..." I told her honestly. "Don't EVER do that again!" she yelled at me. "You scared me half to death!" "So did you,  Queen Floofy Floofer," I responded quietly and her expression fell. "You've scared meega a lot. Since Friday." She said nothing to that, but instead hugged me tightly for a few moments, before pulling me out of the water. "I was over here..." she gestured towards the grotto. "See those rocks? Just behind those there's a sitting spot. You probably couldn't see me." "Naga tay feeba skreedah. Captain Chonkers... cho waba chuchotoo aroomba micha nigicha aba tooka... Doonga... eh... ih..." I trailed off. "I understand..." she said. "You panicked." I nodded. "I... got very upset," she told me. "I didn't want others to see me. I'm sorry for scaring you." I just looked at her. Her face was puffy. "I... know you've felt pushed away. I just need some time to myself. This is hard." "I know Queen Floofy Floofer," I told her. " Captain Chonkers really do understand." She leaned over and kissed my nose. "Go home now?" I asked her quietly and she sighed and nodded. "Yeah..." Taking my paw she picked up her towel and we started to head away from the beach. Mertle was still sitting at the table, watching us from a distance as we walked past.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Thicc Corgi was waiting for us when we walked up the driveway. Queen Floofy Floofer paused and stared up at him. "Larger girl is waiting for you. Go up to her," he said to her and she looked at me before walking away. I looked up at my father. "Gaba isa?" He sighed. "Come, Captain Chonkers. There is much to discuss." My ears fell. "Am... I in trouble?" He looked at me briefly at that but didn't say anything. Now I was worried. I followed him up the driveway to the ship slowly. Normally we sat in the lab however this time was different – this time he brought me into his bedroom. Now I knew something was serious. I stood hesitantly, but Thicc Corgi just pointed to his bed as he shut the door behind him. "P-papa?" I asked quietly. He sat beside me. " Captain Chonkers," he rubbed his eyes. "You are aware I have been working hard to find out what is wrong with you, yes?" I nodded. He put his hand on my paw. "I have still had no luck... however, I have also realised, I am not going to." "G-gaba...?" "I am unable to diagnose you. Is no explanation. I even had some equipment replaced, to no avail. Same results." "Oh..." I looked down. "So... what mean?" He sighed. "With how things are, I am very worried about you. Hallucinations, nightmares... all of them are unexplainable. I've run test after test yet everything is showing normal. Am not sure if my equipment is failing, or I'm just missing something obvious. Thicc Corgi is very unsure of what to do,  Captain Chonkers. I cannot seek help from the federation because... well, as you are knowing, they are wanting us dead. I very much doubt Grand Councilwoman would assist in such a case because is not involving family, only you." My heart completely sunk at hearing that. I felt myself quivering. "Gaba... happen to Captain Chonkers?" I asked him shakily. He just looked at me. "I wish I could be telling you Captain Chonkers, however for first time in life... I cannot. I cannot tell you what is going to happen to you." I looked away. "Meega... meega deketa? He couldn't answer me. "Can only hope for best. This passes. Or I can figure out what is wrong." "Neesa..." Thicc Corgi took my paws and looked me directly in the eye. " Captain Chonkers, I brought you here because I need to know from you, what you want me to be doing should something... go wrong." "Wrong?" I asked him. He nodded. I had an idea of what he was implying. "In rare case Metamorphosis activates, and..." he hesitated for a few moments before looking at me. "...if you were to... hurt or attack. Or even kill – any of those things – Captain Chonkers, what is it you are wanting me to do?" I clenched my paws. "If I hurt... ohana?" He nodded. " Queen Floofy Floofer?" He nodded again. I sighed. "Then kill me." " Captain Chonkers-" he started, but I cut him off. "I have lived with destroying Turo. Haunts me. Nightmares. Naga kaphong. Should have died long ago." "No, Captain Chonkers. Don't-" "I couldn't live with myself if hurt Queen Floofy Floofer!" I cried to him. "She make meega meega! Does Thicc Corgi not get?!" He stared at me. "If Queen Floofy Floofer die, I die! She my world..." " Captain Chonkers..." "I am a monster, papa. You make me one. Never had place here." "That's NOT true Captain Chonkers and you know it!" he snapped at me in response to that. "I am the monster, not you. I made you do those things. You had no choice under my control." I stared at him. "Well, aren't you giving meega choice now?" He went quiet at that. I flipped up my ears, sitting up straight and staring my father dead in the eye. "If I lose control, or turn into monster? Then I choose that I die." "And what if I can stop you, Captain Chonkers. Like last time?" We stared at each other. "Worst comes to worst, I certainly do not want to kill my OWN child. Do you think little girl would want that? Would destroy her!" "Would have no say if I destroyed her first!" Thicc Corgi stared at me. "What if... Captain Chonkers destroyed YOU? Nearly did last time! Who stop me then?" He went quiet at that. "I rather die than take everything away from Queen Floofy Floofer. She have enough taken from her already. Now, her fish too. Naga tay zoltcha bidas meech." "..." Both of us went quiet. It was a very unsettling subject. Even more so for me. Eventually Thicc Corgi drew in a breath. "Even if you hurt ohana, or  Queen Floofy Floofer, do you really believe she would be wanting you to die, Captain Chonkers?" I stared at him. "If Captain Chonkers take everything away, yes." "How do you know that?" "I-I don't." Thicc Corgi nodded. "Such drastic measures will only come about should situation take turn for worst, but even so, it would be absolute very last resort for me to be destroying you Captain Chonkers. Then again, would rather myself die alongside you than lose you considering past." I pulled at my ear and looked away. Thicc Corgi ran a hand over his face, looking very stressed. "I brought you here to discuss because as much as I do not want to accept it, is possibility considering I cannot diagnose you. We must be prepared to face the unknown." "I know..." I responded softly. " Captain Chonkers hope... nothing go wrong." Thicc Corgi scooted closer to me, taking me into his arms. "I know little one. I hope so too." It was quiet between us after that for a few moments. I stared at a small picture he had on his cabinet. It was of me as a baby. "Even if I cannot find diagnosis, I will not stop trying. I have other options to consider alongside. Such as being prepared for worst. Equipment to protect family. But for now, I am just wanting you to report any situations to me, as you have been doing. Has to be root of cause somewhere." "Okeytaka..." I responded bluntly. He put his hand on my head. "On lighter note Captain Chonkers, I went over your files. There is 59.3 percent chance during puberty you will be growing some sort of hair, despite having fur." My ears whipped up. "G-gaba? Captain Chonkers hair?" I asked excitedly. "Like Thicc Corgi?" "Perhaps. You have my genes." "Eegalagoo..." I breathed. He smiled. "Is meaning lot to you, yes?" I nodded. "I am curious Captain Chonkers," he continued. "Why is that?" "Because everybody have except Captain Chonkers." "Eh?" he looked surprised. "You wish to fit in?" "Ih... I like it. Queen Floofy Floofer think isa bootifa." "But Sir Chonky is not having hair. Shiny bald scalp." I giggled. "Has wigs. Some kind of hair." "Attrocious, is all I am saying. Wonder if larger girl is aware of him sneaking on her clothes." I snorted. "Keeps me up sometimes reading silly fashion magazines," he sighed. " Captain Chonkers?" "Ih?" Thicc Corgi put his hand on my shoulder. "Are you happy with how I am creating you?" "Eh... ih? Aga ba?" "Because Thicc Corgi is very much aware of how you are wanting to fit in with humans." I stared at him at that. He continued. "Often I am seeing little girl put sunscreen on you when at beach, or dressing you in clothes. Sometimes you wear hat. You are knowing you do not need any of it, being what you are, yes? But you still choose to." I nodded. "I know. Captain Chonkers... like belonging So different. To everybody else." "Not that different, no?" "Lucha at meega." My father stared at me at that. I stared back at him. He looked away after a moment or so and sighed. "Never expected such a lifestyle with you,  Captain Chonkers. But would not change for anything." "Naga," I agreed. "Though gets lonely being me." "Because there is nobody else like you?" "Ih." "Is nobody else like Thicc Corgi, or Sir Chonky," he said to me. "We are only ones." "On Earth, ih. Naga only one of species." "Well... what about 621?" I shrugged. "He no like me." "You are having few of his traits," Thicc Corgi poked my chest. I frowned. "Such as?" "Metamorphosis. You look lot like him. Likely when you are growing, you will take his form." "Gaba?" Thicc Corgi nodded. "I use same template for both of you. Though you are different to him having Thicc Corgi's genetics. Otherwise, if you were just experiment, you might look as he did before dis-configuration." "Really thin?" He nodded again. "You're fat because Thicc Corgi is fat." I blew a raspberry at him at that. " Captain Chonkers naga fat!" He just laughed and poked my stomach. "Wanting to be taking look in mirror?" "Could if Thicc Corgi wasn't blocking." Thicc Corgi rolled his eyes at that. "You have my genes. Kweltikwanians are naturally big, however was kind of... letting myself go, I admit." I tilted my head. He picked me up and put me on his shoulder. "That stupid lying piece of blitzkorp of a woman... should never have married her." I set my head on top of his, but remained quiet. He reached up and stroked my head. I knew this was hard for him to talk about. He rarely did. "Muto... papa work on being healthier?" I asked lightly, unsure of how he'd take that suggestion from me. He just sighed. "You are right Captain Chonkers. Will be hard work, but is not impossible." "Hegata no feebee." Arching his head up slightly at hearing that, I could see him smile in the reflection of the mirror. Thicc Corgi's bedroom wasn't very big, but he had a lot of stuff crammed into it. I jumped down from his head, becoming curious when I saw a small something poking out from the bottom of the cabinet that I'd hidden in before. I was about to pull it out when I felt him scoop me up and hold me in the air. "Ah-ah. No more snooping." "Naga bootifa." He sighed. "If you are must knowing, is just pile of old photos Thicc Corgi was digging up recently. Needed to look for older files of yours, they were mixed within." "Photos?" I asked. He put me down on his bed. "Of Thicc Corgi family. Many years back." I blinked. "Thought you have no family?" I asked. "That you tell me?" He just stared at me. "I pretend not to." "Why?" He looked a bit annoyed. I couldn't tell if it was from my persistence or from the subject. " Captain Chonkers, Thicc Corgi family were... nasty. Much like ex-wife. Outcasted and berated Thicc Corgi. Even though Thicc Corgi child prodigy. Brothers were jealous and parents well... too busy to care." "Parents?" He nodded. Did that mean that... "Yes Captain Chonkers, you are having grandmother and grandfather, as they would be calling them on this planet. Though believe me, is best that you are not knowing them. If knew you were my son would most likely laugh." "Why?" "Well... for one, were telling me that I would never find wife with my weight, which though was not as bad when younger, I was still battling regardless. And two, were not willing to support Thicc Corgi. Supported brothers, yes. I had to make my own way. Even if told you were my biological son, they would never believe it." "So... what happen?" "Exactly that. I left as soon as was able to. Never heard from any of them again. Though, they probably knew where I was being due to reputation at GDI." "Cha tay, Thicc Corgi," I murmured to him. "Nogoba. Tooba meega." He sighed. "I know  Captain Chonkers. It was quiet between us for a while after that. He walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a bunch of photos, showing them to me. I sat on his bed and sifted through them. I'd never seen my father as a child. He resembled me quite closely, despite the species difference. His hair stuck upright in a tight curl. Standing on either side of him were two other Kweltikwanians. Both of them were both much thinner and taller than my father and were grinning at the camera. Behind them were who I was guessing was my grandparents. Thicc Corgi's mother had blonde hair as opposed to black, and the man had black hair and a moustache of all things. Both of them were looking at the camera deadpan. It felt a little strange to me to think they were my uncles and grandparents. I think Thicc Corgi felt the same way about it because he was looking at my reactions with an odd expression. "You are not wanting to know them, Captain Chonkers. Is better that way." "Why would laugh at me?" I asked again. He knew I wanted an honest answer. "Because of what you are." I'd figured just as much. I could live with being different to Thicc Corgi, but being targeted for it was another thing. It saddened me a little to think my own real ohana out there in space were like those obnoxious tourists. "You are perfect to me Captain Chonkers. Is all that is mattering." I smiled slightly at that. "What become of family Thicc Corgi?" "Mother was not working. Father was working at factory. Jozhat wanted to be scientist, like me, but wasn't smart enough and Johbhor wanted to be rocket pilot." "Brothers?" He nodded. "Jozhat Jookiba and Johbhor Jookiba." "All start with 'J,'" I pointed out and he nodded again. "Call me Thicc Corgi due to being bigger. Brothers had more dignified names." "Daba patooka. Quala chifa ni polo Thicc Corgi." He nodded. "Noticed I was different from young age. I was ahead of my brothers due to being prodigy. For that, was outcasted from family because I stood out so much. Supported me, yes, but only because they felt they 'had' to. Don't think they could handle it. Very much jealous of Thicc Corgi. Mother was abusive to me more so than other two. Had little friends during education. Figured I was best alone so became evil genius. Last I was seeing of family was just after I'd enrolled into EGU. Not sure if father kept job or brothers pursued what they wanted, but pssht – Thicc Corgi does not care. Has you to look out for now." I could tell he did care, but he'd never admit it. He reached over and scratched my ear as I flicked through the photos. His family all seemed so... distant? At least, that's how it seemed to me. They looked so bland and boring in the photos, like they all hated each others company. Thicc Corgi didn't have to make it clear to me his family had been abusive – I could see it in the photos. The only one I found of them all smiling was what appeared to be them sitting at a dinner party – though even that looked fake. Even their clothes (except Thicc Corgi's) were bland. "Well... if Captain Chonkers were there, at least it would be more colourful." He stared at me for what had to be a full minute at that before he burst out laughing. He rubbed some tears from his eyes. " Captain Chonkers you are being little dickens, yes?" "Uh... gaba?" I asked in confusion and he translated what he'd said into Tantalog for me. I smirked. "But yes... family very... blunt. Boring, as you can see. You most certainly add colour to Thicc Corgi's life." He scratched my ear again and I purred slightly. Eventually he took the photos from me, but I latched onto one. I didn't let him see it. "Give it here,  Captain Chonkers." he reached out for it, but I refused. When he snatched at it, I concealed it in my lower right paw and retracted it into my body. He looked at me confused. "Naga. Mokeecha." "Hmph... well then." he responded, putting the other photos away. He looked irritated but he knew there was no way he was getting that photo back from me with my arm in my body. "Right... been in here for while now, out you go. I have things to do." "See more photos." "No. You are to be leaving now." I just stared. "OUT Captain Chonkers!" I growled when he pushed at me, but jumped down from the bed and headed for the door. He opened it and stared down at me. I was about to walk out pouting when he picked me up and rubbed noses with me. I closed my eyes. He said nothing as he put me down again and I headed out of the ship to go back up to the house, extending my arm again and looking at the now crumpled photo I'd taken with me of my father when he was a kid. He was wearing a blue shirt that had the same colours and markings as my fur.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>I was lying on the couch listening to my walkman later that afternoon when the door opened. Pausing the device, I sat up as Mrs. Doggo and Queen Floofy Floofer entered. Queen Floofy Floofer was carrying a bag almost as big as her. " Captain Chonkers!" Lunging for me, she dropped the bag and hugged me tightly. "What happened? Was everything okay?" I knew she meant before in regards to my talk with Thicc Corgi. "Ih..." I said gently. She could tell something was up. "Want to talk?" she asked me gently and I shook my head. She stared at me for a moment at that. "Well, if you want to... just tell me. But... was it about green eyes?" I looked away from her. I hated not knowing what was happening to me, but I really didn't want them hounding me about it either. Queen Floofy Floofer sighed and rubbed her hand on my back. Mrs. Doggo walked over to us. She pulled something out of a bag and handed it to me. "Gaba eiek?" "These are cuff links Captain Chonkers. You wear them with your suit. This also goes in the breast pocket." I stared at what she'd handed me. "I'll show you how to put them on when you put on the suit again." "Okeytaka." "You look so cute in your suit!" Queen Floofy Floofer grinned at me. It made me pause and stare at her. Earlier today she'd been so miserable. I guess Mrs. Doggo had found a way to cheer her up when she'd taken her out. She interrupted me from my thoughts when she pulled out a dress and put it up to her front to show me. "Look what Mrs. Doggo got me for the wedding!" It was a pale yellow and white dress with a large bow on the front. Queen Floofy Floofer also pulled out a pair of formal yellow shoes to match it. "Aren't they pretty!" "Ih, beautifa." Mrs. Doggo nodded. "They were on sale too. I used what was left over of the pay check you gave me." I wanted to smile at that, but I just couldn't. Both sisters sensed my mood and sat down beside me, Queen Floofy Floofer taking my paw. " Captain Chonkers... what did Thicc Corgi say?" Mrs. Doggo asked me slowly. I shook my head. I really didn't want to talk about it again. "Isa nothing." "I'm not so sure about that..." "Pleechi-ba, naga want talk about." I responded. "Did Thicc Corgi-" I growled at that. I couldn't help it. Having talking to Thicc Corgi about it was hard enough, but I really didn't need this right now. "I said, no talk about it!" I cried angrily, making Mrs. Doggo jump and tense up. She stared at me, as did Queen Floofy Floofer. "You're not yourself, Captain Chonkers..." she said to me slowly at that and I looked away from her. Her words had hurt. "..." Shiba Chonkers came in at that moment. "Hey Mrs. Doggo! I found-" he trailed off when he saw the three of us. "uh... everything okay?" The sisters didn't respond. Shiba Chonkers just looked at me before exchanging glimpses with Mrs. Doggo. "Thicc Corgi had that talk with him today," she told him and he nodded. "I don't think it went very well." "How come? What did he say?" Mrs. Doggo shrugged slightly. I could hear an edge of anger in her tone. " Captain Chonkers won't tell us." "And you are not to be pressuring him to," Thicc Corgi appeared in the doorway behind Shiba Chonkers at that. "Is between us for now." Mrs. Doggo stood up at that. "Are you forgetting what happened the last time you decided to keep a secret from us, Thicc Corgi? He died! And we had no idea about it!" Thicc Corgi stared at her at that, but glared. I refused to look at them and  Queen Floofy Floofer pressed me against her tightly. "I don't care what it is, you're NOT going to put us as a family through that again! Especially with the wedding coming up!" "I will deal with situation as I see fit to," he responded angrily. "This is being my problem to deal with and as of now, you are not helping either of us." "So if Captain Chonkers is dying, are you going to tell us?" she challenged. "Or not say anything?" "I cannot be telling you." "So you are going to keep it from us again?!" "Larger girl!" he growled. "I cannot tell you because I cannot tell him if he is or not!" Mrs. Doggo paused at that. "What?" "I DON'T KNOW!" Everybody went silent. Thicc Corgi put his hand to his head. "The LAST thing Captain Chonkers is needing right now is you pressuring him to speak. If he were to be dying again, I would be telling family, but as of now I cannot be telling what exactly is wrong with him. But what IS happening to him, is between us and for ME to deal with. Do NOT be pressuring him into talking about it. End of discussion." I could feel the tension in the room from where I was standing. It shouldn't be like this. It was like this because of me and what was happening to me. I felt like our family was just going to fall apart. " Captain Chonkers is needing support, not constant questions." Mrs. Doggo sighed. "I'm sorry. Thicc Corgi. Captain Chonkers." She sounded blunt. I looked at her. She looked back at me before starting to leave the room. I gently pushed out of Queen Floofy Floofer's grip and followed her into her bedroom. The others remained where they were, although Sir Chonky was hiding behind the couch. He'd never been a fan of confrontations. Mrs. Doggo had started packing away things in her bedroom from their shopping trip. When she sensed me behind her she paused. "Are you scared of me?" I asked her. She was quiet. She turned to face me slowly. "You are, aren't you." Mrs. Doggo sighed. "I can't hide anything from you, Captain Chonkers." I walked over to her and looked up at her. She looked at me for a moment or so before continuing what she was doing. "So how'd you figure that out." "Can tell. Like tell Naanee pregnant." "Then you know that I lied to you." "Ih..." She turned to face me. "You just seem so angry now, Captain Chonkers. I know I upset you a lot with the wedding, but even after that. I said I was scared of how you were acting, but when you lash out at me like that... I'm not sure what to think." I hesitated. I rubbed my arm. " Captain Chonkers scared too." She raised an eyebrow. "Of what?" "Himself." She stared at me for the longest time at that. "But why woul-" "Because I attack Mertle, okay?! I lose control. Captain Chonkers kaphong." She looked at me in shock, dropping a bag she was holding onto her bed. "You what?!" I sighed. "Naga tell you. Not upset at dance night. Queen Floofy Floofer dance. I got green eyes. Hurt Mertle and nearly hurt L- Queen Floofy Floofer," I shuddered. "Thicc Corgi make her forget." She put her hands to my shoulders and shook me. "Why Captain Chonkers?! Why didn't you tell me?!" " Captain Chonkers... kaphong." She thought about that. "You're a monster?" "Ih..." "No. No you're not Captain Chonkers. You're good now." I stared at her. "No... I am monster. Always will be." "You're NOT! How would Queen Floofy Floofer feel if she heard you say that Captain Chonkers?" I remembered when she'd slapped me across the face. My ears fell. "Naga understand. Captain Chonkers isa monster." "I understand that you might think that, but we all know you're not. You just had Thicc Corgi's programming but that's gone now, you're not like that anymore!" My eyes narrowed. "Naga Naanee. I <em>am.</em> And ohana should just stay away from Captain Chonkers!" " Captain Chonkers I-" I pushed her away and ran back past my family to the doggy door. Thicc Corgi and Queen Floofy Floofer shouted out after me, but this time I just kept going. I didn't care if Thicc Corgi tracked me. For now, I just wanted to be alone. Knowing that Thicc Corgi couldn't figure out what was wrong with me was like being stuck in a nightmare. I could hurt anybody at any given time and lose control of myself to that stupid thing... whatever it was. I <em>HATED</em> this <em>SO </em>much. Not only was I not myself, as Mrs. Doggo had told me, but this was negatively impacting the family too. Mrs. Doggo didn't need this right now. She needed the support, not me. I was just ruining everything, as per usual. She really was scared of me. I hated myself for that. I had no idea where I was even going. I only looked up after I ended up smashing my head into a tree and knocking it down, scaring a fair few birds away. Apparently some children had been playing there too. They screamed and ran away. Only at the last second did I recognise them as the brat brigade. "CHOOSKA NALA GRIBAS!" I roared after them, kicking at the dirt. I saw Elena look back briefly but didn't care too much if she heard me at that point, slumping down against the uprooted tree. I rubbed my head at that, but my heart skipped a beat when I felt a small bump towards the back of my neck. My eyes widened as I poked it and felt a small 'pop' as it burst under my skin, causing a jolt of pain throughout the back of my head. I grit my teeth and squeezed my eyes shut until it receded. I shuddered. What the heck was that? <strong>"Soon."</strong> "CHOOTA!" I cried, almost smashing my head into another tree as that voice once again boomed against my brain. I stood up, clenching my fists and growling. "WHAT ARE YOU?!" No answer. I had enough. I picked up the tree I knocked over and took my anger out on it, smashing it to pieces and almost fully destroying the area around me. This was so unfair. Wasn't me already dying enough for me to have to deal with? I yelped out when something hard and cold gripped my sides and yanked me up into the air. I looked up. It was a red flying robot I'd never seen before and it had encased me in a metal clamp. "Let go!" I cried up to it in a mixture of surprise and anger as I struggled. "Meega leka uaba!" It did the opposite. I narrowed my eyes, thinking it was a robot of Thicc Corgi's I'd never seen before – I didn't want to go home yet! But instead of carrying me home it carried me out towards the beach and out in view. My eyes went wide and I struggled frantically against it, trying to escape. People were watching the commotion from below. Looking up at the robot again, I saw small Tantalog letters encrypted into the base. I zoomed in with my binocular vision and just barely managed to read what it said, but was distracted instantly when I realised what the robot was doing. I struggled frantically. I couldn't escape. It carried me about 50 metres out across the ocean. "NAGA!" I cried and struggled frantically. "NAGA! AGABBA! LET ME GO!" The clamp opened up. I latched onto it with my paws, struggling to hold on. The robot made a weird whirring noise and I saw a gun come out of it and aim to face me. Thinking quickly, I unsheathed my claws on my extra arms beyond their normal length and plunged them deep into the side of it, causing it to spark and malfunction. The robot whirred again and while it was malfunctioning I spat into it. That did it. It exploded and began to plunge downwards... but at the same time I lost my grip. "<strong> QUEEN FLOOFY FLOOFER!</strong>" I screamed as I plunged down to the water below, the robot falling on top of me.

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