Captain Chonkers Chapter Twenty-Eight


Mrs. Doggo, Shiba Chonkers and Sir Chonky lunged from the car at seeing  Captain Chonkers's body slump to the ground. "Thicc Corgi!" Mrs. Doggo cried out to him, running to  Queen Floofy Floofer's side. Ignoring their cries, the Kweltikwanian stepped forth, pushing a frantic  Queen Floofy Floofer gently behind him. Approaching the cliff ledge he bent down, carefully picking up the tiny blue body of his son into his hands.  Queen Floofy Floofer growled and fought, eventually pushing her way around him. "What did you do to him!" the child cried, pounding a set of tiny fists against his leg. "Why did you do that to him?!" Thicc Corgi closed his eyes. As much as he hated the situation, he knew there was no other choice.  Captain Chonkers was acting irrational and there was no telling what he would do. Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers surrounded him, looking concerned, and the sisters held hands. Staring down at the unconscious experiment in his hands was almost like reliving the moments of his death. More than once he had to feel his pulse to convince himself that  Captain Chonkers was alive, just unconscious. This hadn't been a light decision but it was the most rational one to the former scientist. "I cannot be calming him down without some type of intervention. This is safest way for us to be bringing him back home. No telling what Captain Chonkers is capable of doing not in right state of mind and last thing I am wanting is to have to be chasing him across island."  Queen Floofy Floofer sniffled. "He'll be okay though, right?" Thicc Corgi never answered her. He cradled Captain Chonkers in his arms as they headed back to the buggy to head home. The trip home was one of silence, a strong tension among the members of the family. Nobody knew what was happening to their little family member. Queen Floofy Floofer clutched Captain Chonkers's paw tightly as the experiment lay across his fathers lap. She wasn't crying but she looked solemn. She stroked  Captain Chonkers's eyes gently, occasionally running her hand across his forehead. Ever so often Captain Chonkers would give a small twitch in his slumber. Thicc Corgi was stoic. Rarely he let his emotions show. Once back home and out of the buggy, Thicc Corgi approached Mrs. Doggo with Captain Chonkers in his arms. He handed him over to her and Mrs. Doggo gently placed his body over her shoulder. "Thicc Corgi...?" she asked concerned to that, unsure of what she should do with the alien child. Thicc Corgi picked up on it and responded. "He is fine larger girl, just sedated. Am needing equipment from ship. Will be back shortly," was all he said, turning before he added. "Keep him warm." Mrs. Doggo nodded. The four of them proceeded back inside with  Captain Chonkers. Queen Floofy Floofer refused to leave the young alien's side. Mrs. Doggo offered up her bed, gently placing Captain Chonkers down and Queen Floofy Floofer clutched onto him tightly, burying her head into the crook of her friends neck. Mrs. Doggo pulled the covers over them both before leaving to make Queen Floofy Floofer a cup of hot chocolate to calm her nerves. As soon as she was alone with Captain Chonkers, she buckled. "I know you didn't mean it..." she sobbed against him. "I don't want you to run away to protect me... please..." There was no sound from Captain Chonkers beside her. Queen Floofy Floofer clutched onto the tuft of fur on his chest, listening<br>to his heart beat as she lay her head against his chest. "You're my o'hana... no matter what comes between us, nothing will ever change that..."  Queen Floofy Floofer felt his ear twitch beside her and clutched onto him harder. She had no idea what was going on. Captain Chonkers's nightmares were coming back and it wasn't a good sign. Queen Floofy Floofer didn't know if his glitch was returning. She had no idea what was happening to her friend. The thought of losing him again was too much for her to bear, despite he'd reassured her countless times he wasn't dying again. Just as much as he needed her, she needed him. "I love you..." she whispered softly as he slept, looking almost peaceful. She put her hand to his cheek before nuzzling against him. "I always will Captain Chonkers."</p><hr size=1 noshade><p><em>Darkness. </em> <em>More darkness.</em> Was it ever going to end? A distant voice. My ears perked. I sat up and looked around. Was I awake? What had happened to me? I tried to recall what had happened but I couldn't. I had no idea where I was, it was just a flat plane. Similar to that beach I'd been on before where everything seemed to stretch out for infinity. This was different though. Something wasn't right. As I rubbed my eyes, something was slowly appearing before me. I couldn't quite make it out so standing up shakily, I ventured forth, approaching it with caution. I reached out a paw to the shape. I couldn't tell what it was, but yelled out and fell backwards when a narrow beam of bright light flooded the area. I shielded my eyes. As my vision adjusted I could see what it was. The light was illuminating a lone wooden chair. I could tell this wasn't a normal chair though - it had ropes on it. I could tell they were restraints. What was going on? Something told me that this chair was bad. It was spotlighted for no purpose other than me to see it. I needed to get away from it. I pushed myself up and ran. And ran. And then I hit something, hard. I was knocked back again. Groaning I rubbed my eyes, looking up to see what I'd hit. There was a dark outline. A set of glowing green eyes stared back at me, but a gleaming white grin manifested beneath it. That same laugh I'd been hearing erupted. I pulled down my ears. The thing started forcing me back, further and further. It was pushing me to the chair. I screamed and thrashed about. "NAGA!" A rushing noise, like a burst of wind and a tearing sound. It was deafening. And then it was over. Everything went black. <em>"Why won't he wake up?!"<br>"THICC CORGI!"<br>"DO NOT BE TOUCHING HIM  QUEEN FLOOFY FLOOFER!"</em> Distorted familiar voices. Touching me...? That was when my memory kicked in. The dream had ended. I opened my eyes slowly. I felt groggy. Once my vision cleared and adjusted to the light I found myself staring into the eyes of my family, all leaning over me and staring at me. I jumped in fright. "Gaba eiek?!" " Captain Chonkers!" I heard Thicc Corgi shout at that. "Is okay! You are safe... you are being home." Home? That's right. I'd been on the cliff ledge. I'd run away. I didn't want to hurt my family! Thicc Corgi had fired something at me and I remembered the dart in my leg. I must have blacked out. I snarled, and they jumped back in horror. Queen Floofy Floofer was crying. "Why bring me home?!" I screeched. "Hurt Queen Floofy Floofer! Hurt o'hana!" I tried to jump out of the bed, but Thicc Corgi grasped me firmly and forced me back down. "DON'T EVEN BE THINKING ABOUT IT!" I glared at him. He glared back. "You are stubborn boy, Captain Chonkers. I will not allow you to run from this. We will fix this, together." " Captain Chonkers..." My ears perked and I looked up at Mrs. Doggo. "Please don't run from us. It was just an accident. Queen Floofy Floofer is fine..." I looked beside Mrs. Doggo to see Queen Floofy Floofer beside her, tears streaming from her eyes. My saviour. My angel. She was upset. Once again, I'd made her cry. I couldn't hurt her anymore. I just <em>couldn't.</em> I started to shake. "No... no, Queen Floofy Floofer. Stay away from me!" "S- Captain Chonkers!" she stuttered. "No...!" I pushed myself out of the bed again and Thicc Corgi instantly pulled me back by grabbing my leg, forcing me to kick him off. I lunged forward, only to yelp when he grabbed my tail quite firmly. "Sorry Captain Chonkers, cannot be letting you go..." He picked me up and put me back into the bed, but I struggled to get free. <strong>"ENOUGH!"</strong> he bellowed at me and I cowered from him. When he saw that he looked regretful. "..." I avoided looking at him. I hated when he was mad. They needed to understand my reasons. I was perfectly justified in wanting to be away from them. "No!" I sobbed. "I no want hurt you! Need to leave!" "NO!" Thicc Corgi roared at me but he looked upset now. "You are not leaving! That is final!" I looked down brokenly, ears falling down across my back. " Captain Chonkers... it's okay..." Queen Floofy Floofer cooed at me, putting her hand across my cheek. "I promised you we will get through this together. And we will." I stared at her. She gazed back at me. "Leelo..." She pushed her forehead to mine. "I love you..." I closed my eyes and clutched her tightly in a hug. "I soka..." "You have no reason to be..." she responded as I held her. "As Mrs. Doggo said, it was an accident." I pulled away from her. Everybody was staring at me and they all seemed to agree with that. I sighed. "Feecha..." Thicc Corgi stroked my head. "Will continue monitoring you. So far, results still showing as normal." I sighed. Fantastic. I knew something was wrong with me at this point. Very wrong. I shouldn't have been having these nightmares again. I shouldn't be acting like this. I was highly strung and snappy. Even though I felt justified in it, I'd been snappy towards Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers about the wedding and Mr Kuakini over his business. I was reserved and placid and I wasn't like that. So why had I been on edge more than usual? What was setting me off? If Thicc Corgi's results were showing as clear, then was it really just me and I was loosing the plot? Especially since I was hearing this weird laughter over and over, and that strange voice and NOW seeing a weird chair too? I grabbed my ears and pulled them down forcefully. "Ookata kadoona meega!" Thicc Corgi rubbed my back at that. "I will get to bottom of this... I promise." I looked at him tearfully and he handed me a tissue.  Queen Floofy Floofer snuggled up beside me. " Queen Floofy Floofer go..." I said. "Pleechi-ba." "No way Captain Chonkers," she said firmly. "I'm not leaving you. I really don't care if you scratch me again." I sighed. " Captain Chonkers, pushing Queen Floofy Floofer away from you to protect her is not the best thing to do. We know you're scared. But don't push us away. We just want to help you get through this, okay sweetie?" "But..." Queen Floofy Floofer nodded at me and I just sighed. "Okeytaka Naanee." She nodded. "Call me if you need me. You can stay in here for now." I looked around. I hadn't realised where I was from the commotion. I was in Mrs. Doggo's bed. That surprised me. Queen Floofy Floofer clutched me tightly as the other members of our family left. " Captain Chonkers...?" Queen Floofy Floofer asked me quietly and I rested my head against her shoulder. "Would you have... really done that?" I was quiet. "Naga Queen Floofy Floofer. Just wanted to keep you away." "But... but why?!" she said sadly. "Why push me away?!" "Because Captain Chonkers have to." "No you do-" " QUEEN FLOOFY FLOOFER. I HAVE TO!" I yelled at her and her eyes went wide. I put my paws on her shoulders. "You don't understand... I LOVE you. And if meega... if... if I <em>ever</em> hurt you... I... not forgive myself. Ever." She swallowed. " Captain Chonkers..." " Queen Floofy Floofer, I rather die than hurt you," I told her, holding her close. "You save me. Change meega... Captain Chonkers not Captain Chonkers without you. Care about you the most." She didn't respond but her silence said enough to me. She clutched at my chest. "I can't live without you." "Me too Captain Chonkers..." she responded. I sighed, resting back down against the pillow. She did as well but never let go of my paw. She gazed at me solemnly before tiredness overwhelmed her and she drifted off. I pulled some of her hair away from her face so I could see her. Thicc Corgi's monitors beeped softly beside us. I felt like I was in a hospital, despite never actually having been in one myself. To ease my mind, I thought back to my birthday coming up and Mrs. Doggo's wedding. I was excited about them. The thoughts of them only eased my mind so much though. At the back of it there was always that worry of what was going to happen to me. I'd snapped and hurt Mertle and almost come close to giving Queen Floofy Floofer more scars. It was getting harder to deal now with and deep down I knew things were going to get much worse. It was only a matter of time before they did.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>I barely slept that night. I didn't want to fall back asleep and have that awful vision of that chair, or hear that thing laughing at me from wherever it was, so I forced myself to stay awake. I think I had twenty minutes sleep tops. The hours ticked by and by the time it came to leave to help Mr Kuakini, I was exhausted to the point I felt like a zombie. I could barely keep my eyes open as I walked into town. Mr Kuakini looked up at me when I pushed open the door and stared in shock at me. " Captain Chonkers? Are you okay?" "Okay..." I mumbled, heading past him to start to go out the back to unpack. He followed me and I wondered why he kept staring at me. I could barely process him standing there. " Captain Chonkers, that's the bathroom, not the loading dock..." "Wha...?" I rubbed my eyes and realised I was trying to push open the bathroom door. I paused. He bent down beside me and peered at me. "You don't look okay. You look like you're about to collapse. Did you sleep?" "...Ih?" "You're lying." I sighed. "I still come, help," I said. " Captain Chonkers, you really don't look well. I..." he hesitated, but then I felt him pick me up. I was too tired to care though I did register he was tense. He put me down on his office chair. I must have drifted off for a few moments because I felt him shake my shoulder and woke up. "I awake!" I said, forcing my eyes open wide. That made him stare in shock for a few moments. I guessed it was from my eyes being so wide. Mrs. Doggo often had a similar expression when I did that too. I don't think they were used to the fact my eyes were so different to theirs. Eventually he tapped his chin. He didn't look so sure about it. "What is wrong,  Captain Chonkers? This isn't like you at all. Did you have another nightmare?" I shook my head. "Stay awake to not have nightmare. Getting worse." "Why are you having nightmares?" I rubbed my eyes again and yawned. "Something isa wrong... with meega." "What do you mean?" he asked gently. I sighed. There was too much to talk about. "I... not working right. Half computer," I muttered tiredly. "I glitch not long ago. Die. Feels coming back. No want hurt... hurt Queen Floofy Floofer, not control." He stared at me. "What?" I must have dozed off again because he shook me awake again. I growled at the intrusion but then remembered where I was. " Captain Chonkers, I think you should go back home. You're not in any state to help me this morning." I shook my head and slapped myself across the face to wake myself up but he grabbed my paws in his hands. "Stop that. Your health is important." "Let you down though..." I said tiredly. "Not do again, fire me. No money for Naanee." "I'm not going to fire you..." he said gently. "Does your family know about this?" I swallowed a lump in my throat at that. "Ih..." He picked me up from the chair and put me down, but I ended up slumping to the floor. That alarmed him. " Captain Chonkers!" he helped me sit up. "Soka... just very tired..." I barely managed to explain before nearly drifting to sleep in his arms. Only when I felt my head slump against his arm I woke up. "Soka..." He shook his head. "You'll fall asleep on the street in this condition. Stay in here, have a rest for an hour or two until you can head back." I felt him set me down on the comfy chair again and I just barely processed him putting a heavy jacket over me before I fell asleep.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>" Captain Chonkers!" "Eiek..." I uttered, feeling somebody shaking me. I opened my eyes and as my vision cleared I realised Mr Kuakini was shaking me awake. "Come on... I'm about to open store." I blinked in confusion. "Gaba?" "The shop. It's almost time to open. You should head home." "Wha...?" I started to ask but then sat up as it clicked where I was. "No wake me? No help?" He sighed. "I was going to, but you were in a deep sleep. It was just better to let you rest. You can come back and help me tonight." I looked down. He pulled the jacket away. "I'm not mad at you for this. You really didn't look well. In fact, you looked stressed. Something is eating at you, yes?" I nodded. This situation really was stressing me out to the max. I pushed myself down from the chair and he led me out to the entrance to the store. I could see some customers standing outside waiting to come in. "If you want to chat about it with me later tonight you can. Maybe will be good to get things off your shoulders, ey?" I stared up at him. He nodded. "Go on..." he said as he opened up the door. I sighed but then lowered my ears and walked out to head home. I could feel the humans staring at me. "What on earth was that dog doing in there?" I heard one ask in a snide voice. I was about to say something back, really not in the mood to be mocked, but then to my surprise I heard Mr Kuakini speak up. "He is fine, leave him alone. Why he was in here is my business. Now... come on in, great specials this morning!" I looked back at Mr Kuakini as the customers went inside. He winked at me and I stared back in disbelief before he went inside and the door closed. Today had confirmed one thing to me. Despite how he'd been towards me before, he did genuinely care about my welfare. That made me feel a bit better and I started to head back home.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Mrs. Doggo was awake again when I crept through the doggy door, but I managed to avoid her, sneaking back up to the dome. Queen Floofy Floofer was still asleep. I crawled into my own bed and snuggled up when I noticed another message taped to the underside of Queen Floofy Floofer's bunk. I reached up and pulled it down. It was in Tantalog, but it was Queen Floofy Floofer's writing so most of the letters were off and not drawn correctly. I could still make it out though. I knew she'd been trying to learn how to write Tantalog recently with Thicc Corgi's guidance. I sighed, feeling touched by her effort. Basically she had tried to explain on there that she would never give up on me or leave me to deal with this alone. She'd drawn a little picture of her hugging me surrounded by stars and hearts. This was exactly why I had wanted to push her away. She was my reason to get up each day. I had her to look forward to and I couldn't ever begin to imagine a life without her. Hurting her again was my worst fear and the only way she would be safe from me was if I was away from her. Humans were a delicate species, but to me she was the most delicate of all. Many things that could kill her would not even so much as scratch me. She wasn't immune to things as I was. If she accidentally scratched me it would be a slight irritant. On the contrary if I accidentally scratched her with my claws I risked ripping her skin apart and permanently damaging her. I looked at my claws underneath the blankets. Often I kept them partway (not fully) extended all the time because they served useful to me with daily life. But today I decided to make a change. I held up my paws and retracted my claws. All of them. I would rather limit myself to not being able to do stuff properly than hurting  Queen Floofy Floofer with those things. I normally always kept the claws on my toes fully retracted, but today onwards I would start doing it with my paws too. It wasn't a big change to me, just something I pretty much never did so I wasn't used to it. Thicc Corgi had designed me to have a lot of retractable features, like my extra arms and spines. If I fully unsheathed my claws they were capable of being double their length. I could use them like blades or scissors but I never made them go that far though as it felt weird to do so. Thicc Corgi really had created me to be a monster even though I didn't look like one. I think that was part of it. He'd made me fluffy and 'cute' on purpose just to mislead everybody, or like a defence mechanism. A small snort from above made me perk up my ears and I heard Queen Floofy Floofer sit up. I rolled over and closed my eyes. I heard her climb down and a few moments later felt her soft breath near my face before she kissed my cheek. I pretended to sleep. When she left, I sat up and sighed. Queen Floofy Floofer had done so much for me. She'd cared for me and accepted me. She appreciated me. She was the only human on the island that went out of her way to make sure I was first priority. I'd never had anybody else care for me in such a manner, besides my father. I liked her quirks and the little things she did that made her unique. That made her Queen Floofy Floofer. I often thought about my fate and if it was my destiny that Queen Floofy Floofer and I had ended up together despite originally being worlds apart. I came from thousands of light years away in space. Yet... because my ship had managed to reach earth – we had met. Out of all the aliens I'd encountered the one that I cherished the most was an alien from a planet I never knew existed. To her, I was an alien but she was an alien to me as well in a way, being a human being. I liked humans. I found them interesting. It also amazed me how their species had managed to survive for so long being as limited and weak as they were, but I figured it was all down to the environment of the earth. Humans didn't need to be big or strong. They had literally no threats to them besides other humans or dangerous animals. The environment they lived in posed no real threat either and they weren't under attack from predators on a daily basis so their species had adapted to that. They were simple beings that just went about day to day life, making money because if they had no money they'd be homeless. It was a lot like that on Kweltikwan. There was an economy, there was infrastructure and the planet was constantly under development. The aliens there were big and strong. They could survive the harsher conditions of space. Kweltikwan did also have a similar environment to earth with oxygen, as did Turo, but there were other aspects of the environment there that humans wouldn't be able to thrive as well they did on earth. Sometimes I wondered how Queen Floofy Floofer would react to seeing where I came from. I didn't see much of my home planet myself, but I did have one distant memory of sitting out on an isolated grassy patch on a hill with Thicc Corgi one day. From Kweltikwan, two moons and two other planets were always visible in the sky. I remembered Thicc Corgi pointing to them and explaining what they were to me. The sun was setting and the sky was a mixture of orange and green. This was before everything went down. It was one of the more peaceful memories I had of my home planet. I did miss there. I would have had liked to see more, but I was illegal. Thicc Corgi could never take me out without hiding me. And of course, after being exiled I'd never be able to see it again. Thankfully, earth had sunsets like that nearly every night. Despite the environment was vastly different and there was only one moon in the sky. I was thankful to have landed here. I got so wound up in my memories that I didn't realise nearly an hour had passed. Pushing myself out of bed I headed downstairs, wondering if any breakfast was left. As I approached the entrance to the kitchen, my ears perked at hearing my name. They were talking about me. I frowned slightly. I climbed up the wall quietly and clung to the ceiling, in case they came out and saw me. Something told me they thought I was still asleep. "...but what if he does that again?" I heard Mrs. Doggo say. "You saw how he lost control." "He didn't know he lost control, he was having nightmare – but yes and as you saw I was being there to stop him," my father responded. He sounded mad. "He ran off though Thicc Corgi. Then threatened us with almost... almost suicide! Going over the cliff! That's not right!" "Was in irrational state of mind by running away, however he was just wanting us to back off. He is smarter than you think. Whatever is wrong with him is severely affecting his mental state and health. I darn well know that Captain Chonkers would <strong>never</strong> ever do anything to upset or hurt little girl. Is not his fault." "I don't want him to hurt Queen Floofy Floofer. He came close last night." "He does not want to hurt <em>anybody</em> larger girl. Not just little girl. Why think he ran away?" Mrs. Doggo sighed. "Just... he's extremely scary when he's angry... you saw how he ripped out those trees! They were like toothpicks to him! If one of them had hit us, he would have killed us!" "And was entirely <em>YOUR</em> fault that day for provoking him!" Thicc Corgi retorted. "You were saying to him he couldn't even talk at your own wedding! How do you think that made him feel? I am thinking ripping out trees was being more than evident enough how much you hurt feelings.  Captain Chonkers would never direct trees at property or endanger you either. Is not like that. Is aware he looks similar to earth creature and is scary when in rage, but is insulting to him when his looks take priority over who he is being – young Kweltikwanian, not dumb earth creature to fetch bones." "Yes Thicc Corgi, I know that wasn't right, but as I said before, it was more about protecting him. I don't want him to be taken away from Queen Floofy Floofer. From any of us. And you don't know that Thicc Corgi, he lost control. He did when he crashed the ship too. He was being irrational then too, trying to leave as well!" Thicc Corgi growled. "I went back through surveillance footage from when he lost control of ship. Was moment his circuits literally exploded inside of him and was what... what killed him. Captain Chonkers went through worst pain imaginable," he drew in a breath. "Is keeping leaving because he knows he can hurt us. He accidentally scratched little girl back then, does not want repeat on her, nor anybody else. I don't want him to be running away, I want to help him." "Mrs. Doggo..." Shiba Chonkers said softly, but none of them answered him. "Thicc Corgi, I just don't think you really know Captain Chonkers, let alone what he's capable of." "Oh REALLY now larger girl?" Thicc Corgi snapped right back. "I think I AM knowing Mrs. Doggo, considering he is MY son and I spent four blasted years making him. Am knowing him better than ANY of you and I know he would NEVER hurt you nor anybody else on purpose. Has my heart. Is half me." Mrs. Doggo went quiet. Thicc Corgi continued. "Tell me, can you name his favourite past-time? Or what his most favourite thing in world is? And no, is not being that book, though is one thing he cherishes very much." "I-I" Mrs. Doggo stuttered. "No..." "Bah, course not. So don't sit there and try tell me I don't know my own flesh and blood." "I just meant... how he acted so violently about the wedding..." Mrs. Doggo responded quietly. "I'm pretty sure you've never seen that side of him Thicc Corgi." Thicc Corgi went quiet. I knew what was on his mind. But then my heart sunk when I heard a small voice speak up. "Please stop..." Queen Floofy Floofer said. She sounded upset. "None of this is Captain Chonkers's fault." "Exactly," Thicc Corgi backed her up. "While the Little Monster is destructive he would never do anything to intentionally harm you Mrs. Doggo," I heard Sir Chonky say, also backing them up. "He's fully reformed." "I..." Mrs. Doggo responded. "I just have a lot to worry about right now. The baby... Queen Floofy Floofer... money. With Captain Chonkers acting like this, it just is adding more stress on top of it all. I want to pick him up, but what if he flipped out like last night and hurt me? He really scared me with the damage he caused to those trees. The area out there is a mess now. I don't have the energy to clean it all up on top of everything else to deal with before the wedding. I cannot afford to have somebody to come and get rid of all the excess wood. I'm worried about him but at the same time, there is no denying there is a risk with him after those incidents. He scares me." Everybody went quiet. I climbed back down and headed for the doggy door at hearing all of that from Mrs. Doggo. I felt very numb. I knew they all saw me since I had to pass by the entrance way to get to the front door. " Captain Chonkers!" Queen Floofy Floofer cried, bolting up from her chair. " Captain Chonkers!" Thicc Corgi also added, sounding alarmed. They stood behind me. Mrs. Doggo, Shiba Chonkers and Sir Chonky also stood up to look at me. "Oh Captain Chonkers..." Mrs. Doggo said gently. Nobody knew what to say. They clearly hadn't expected me to be there. I avoided looking at any of them. I just pulled off my pyjamas where I stood before climbing through the doggy door and starting to walk away. "No!" I heard Thicc Corgi and Queen Floofy Floofer simultaneously shout. They opened up the door after me and started to follow me, Queen Floofy Floofer bolting forward and grabbing my paw. "Don't leave Captain Chonkers, please!" I pulled away. "Just leave me alone." She looked broken and welled up. A lump formed in my throat. "I'm sorry Captain Chonkers..." she said. "Not your fault," I simply told her, turning to head away. I didn't get far, Thicc Corgi scooped me up into his arms tightly. "Not this time." I avoided looking at him. He pushed my head into his shoulder. I couldn't see what was happening but I heard it. I knew he was facing Mrs. Doggo. She went to speak but Thicc Corgi cut her off. "ENOUGH larger girl. I don't want to be hearing another word from you and you are not to be going near Captain Chonkers." "But..." "Be quiet! I've had it and you do not want to push my buttons any further right now!" he growled. He was shaking. I knew he was mad but keeping his cool as to not lose his temper. He ignored her and carried me away. I wondered where he was taking me but soon realised he was taking me to the ship. Queen Floofy Floofer ran after us. Thicc Corgi allowed her in and locked the door behind us. He set me down on the bed. Queen Floofy Floofer instantly crawled up to me and put her arms around me. I felt so blank. " Captain Chonkers, am deeply sorry you had to be hearing all of that. Larger girl clearly is having problems, yes. I know she is dealing with a lot of stress and hormonal changes due to baby. Is no excuse to be solely taking things out on you because you are unwell." I shook my head. "Naga, she right. I am risk." Thicc Corgi stared at me at that. "Lose control, almost hurt Queen Floofy Floofer." I continued. "You make me monster. I still am monster."  Queen Floofy Floofer actually belted me across the face at that. I was shocked. So was Thicc Corgi. "NO YOU'RE NOT!" she roared at me. "DON'T SAY THAT!" "You're the best thing about my life!" she screeched. "You're not a monster! You're NOT!" Thicc Corgi had to calm her down. I rubbed my cheek. Her belting didn't hurt, it was more so the shock. I didn't expect such a reaction. Thicc Corgi sighed. Queen Floofy Floofer sniffled. " Captain Chonkers you can stay in here today. Help me with things. Frankly, am tired of dealing with all this too. Larger girl needs to be more understanding." "My sister is rotten," Queen Floofy Floofer said to that. I pulled my knees to my chest. Queen Floofy Floofer stroked my ears. I knew what Mrs. Doggo said about me was true. That's why I ran away last night. But she had to give me some credit. Yes, I'd been furious when I'd ripped out those trees. But not once did I ever think about throwing the trees towards the house or doing anything to hurt Mrs. Doggo or Shiba Chonkers. I just had needed to vent my frustrations. I was aware it had left a huge mess. I'd found Mrs. Doggo sitting in the treehouse that night staring at it. It didn't sink in until later that it might have been a problem and I was going to clean it all up. I'd just forgotten to. I wasn't really going to fall off the cliff. As Thicc Corgi had said, I just wanted them to back away from me and couldn't think of any other way to make them at the time. I was well aware that I could hurt anybody if I lost control again. Mrs. Doggo was being a bit of a hypocrite though, telling me that running away or pushing people away wasn't the solution yet there she was saying that very thing I'd known from the start – that I was a risk. I couldn't tell things with her any more. Her behaviour was too confusing for me. Part of me thought how she was being was because of the baby but I was getting sick of feeling like a target too. I couldn't help what was happening to me. I didn't know why it was happening. Mrs. Doggo was right to feel worried, they all were, but it didn't make me feel good at all to be singled out. Despite it all I was still trying to help her with getting extra cash for her too. Would she even care? "Not my fault..." I said into my knees. "Had nightmare..." "We know," Queen Floofy Floofer responded, rubbing my back. "Mrs. Doggo needs to understand that." "Will go back up and talk. Don't need this stupid tension," Thicc Corgi said. I looked at him before he unlocked the door and left. He didn't show it but I could tell he was upset by it. I rubbed my cheek and Queen Floofy Floofer's expression fell. She pulled my paw away and started rubbing it herself. "I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me!" she cried. "I just... couldn't handle it. I couldn't handle hearing you say something so horrible about yourself." I was quiet. She had no idea I really was actually a monster. "Leelo?" I muttered to her quietly. "Yeah?" she cuddled me. "What... you think of Godzilla?' She looked at me as though she didn't hear me right. "Uh... Godzilla?" "Ih?" She blinked a few times. "Um... well. I think he's cool. I like that he's a big scary monster that is so tall that he can storm through a city and destroy it. Nobody can hurt him. He's so powerful. Kinda reminds me of you, though. You were designed to destroy cities right?" My heart sunk. "Ih..." She laughed. "You're so tiny. He's so big. It's hard to imagine you destroying a city Captain Chonkers," she giggled. I wasn't laughing. She noticed. "Well... isn't he your favourite monster Captain Chonkers?" I nodded. She tilted her head at me and it looked so comical that I almost did laugh. "What made you bring that up?" "Ju curisota." "Oh..." I looked at my lap. "Even if you did destroy cities Captain Chonkers, it wouldn't ever change how I feel about you." My ears perked up at that and I stared at her. "Gaba?" She nodded. "You can't help how you were made. It would be like me holding something against you that you can't control, right?" I was surprised to hear this from her. It certainly wasn't an answer I had been expecting, but boy did it lift my spirits, if only slightly. Surely she wouldn't feel the same if she knew just how badly I could destroy a city. I pushed myself around to face her and took her hands into my paws. " Queen Floofy Floofer... Queen Floofy Floofer saying that, even if Captain Chonkers bad, ruin city, she would still love me?" "Of course. I made a promise... I love you. No matter how bad you might have been once... by hurting those soldiers... or whatever it was you did. I know you Captain Chonkers. I know the real you. And that's the Captain Chonkers I love as my family and best friend." I stared at her. She stared back at me before reaching over and kissing me on the nose. " Queen Floofy Floofer?" "Mm?" "Do... do you like me?" I tried again. "Marry me?" She stared at me at that before she looked away. I knew this time she knew what I was asking her. I wondered if she would answer me this time. My ears perked when she drew in a breath. "I-" The door opened and Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky stepped inside. Of all the moments. I looked at Queen Floofy Floofer again but she couldn't face me. I sighed because I knew she probably wouldn't answer me after that. " Captain Chonkers, larger girl and surfer boy have decided to spend night at surfer boys house." Queen Floofy Floofer perked up. "Mrs. Doggo is staying at Shiba Chonkers's?" Thicc Corgi nodded. I looked away. "Aga ba." "To clear head. I told her to go and Sir Chonky and I will look after Queen Floofy Floofer. She knows she has upset you Captain Chonkers." I nodded. Sir Chonky's communicator started ringing at that moment and he answered it. "Oh, hi mom! Oh, things have not been so great. Not at all! It's horrible," I heard him say. He walked away into another area of the ship to talk to her. Thicc Corgi ran his hand through his hair.  Queen Floofy Floofer mimicked him shortly after. I stared at this, almost wondering for a moment what having hair would be like, when Thicc Corgi spoke again. "Well, hopefully day will be better now with larger girl out of picture. That being said, I am having surprise for you." "Gaba eiek?" Queen Floofy Floofer looked curious as well. "Be coming with me." Queen Floofy Floofer and I looked at each other before standing up. We followed Thicc Corgi down to the back of the ship to his repair bay. Something was in there, covered by a tarp. It looked oddly familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. "Wow, what is that?" Queen Floofy Floofer asked, sounding excited at the prospect of something new. Thicc Corgi smiled. " Captain Chonkers will be having birthday soon. Had no idea what I could be getting him, then idea struck me. Is basically it." He went over to the tarp and pulled it off. "Tada!" My jaw dropped. It was the cruiser. Still in the same shape it had been when I saw it in town last week, but there it was. Queen Floofy Floofer cried out in amazement. "WOW! It kinda looks like the hovercraft but all banged up!" Thicc Corgi snorted. "Well, is what is being based on." Queen Floofy Floofer looked surprised to hear that. "It was? Then what is it uncle Thicc Corgi?" "Is ship Captain Chonkers took during original escape to earth." Her eyes went as wide as saucers. "NO WAY! You mean...?" I nodded at her when she looked at me. "What you saw when saw falling star. What go big boom!" She looked giddy with excitement. "But why is it here? I thought Mrs. Doggo said Cobra had it or something." "Had nowhere to store. Contacted me, I decided would be good to restore for Captain Chonkers's birthday." I beamed. This was a wonderful birthday surprise. "You're restoring it! Does that mean...?" "Yes. Captain Chonkers will take you flying in it." Queen Floofy Floofer pumped the air with her first. "YES!" "Will be ready by birthday Captain Chonkers. Of course, this is not all of present, but the other will be a surprise." I smiled up at my father. He picked me up and hugged me. "Hope this makes you feel better little one, yes?" "Ih." He put me back down before covering my old ship back up with a tarp. "Alright out now." Queen Floofy Floofer and I headed back on into the main lab. She sat down by the window and I sat up beside her. Thicc Corgi sat down on his computer and started doing some work. "I'm sorry Captain Chonkers," Queen Floofy Floofer said to me after a few minutes of silence. "Why?" I asked her. Thicc Corgi looked across to us. "For how Mrs. Doggo is being lately. You didn't deserve any of that." I shook my head. "Naga, she apologise, not you. Queen Floofy Floofer do nothing wrong." Queen Floofy Floofer sighed. She picked up my ear and stroked it, before pushing me down so that she could stroke my back. I purred. She massaged my temples. It was quiet between us again. Sir Chonky eventually came out, shaking his head. Thicc Corgi started talking to him but I didn't really pay attention to it. " Captain Chonkers... I..." I looked up at her. She sighed. "I don't want you to leave me. Please don't ever leave..." I peered hard at her before pressing myself against her. "I never leave you Queen Floofy Floofer." She held me tight. "Then why do you keep doing it?" "Naga leaving. Just need to be alone. Away. Numb..." She looked devastated. "Numb?" I nodded. " Captain Chonkers hear Naanee. Say he scary. Made me feel numb." She didn't say anything but instead hugged me so tight that she nearly cut off my breathing. When I struggled slightly she realised and loosened her grip. "Everything will be okay..." she soothed me. "I promise." I just gazed at her. She slipped her hand into my paw and squeezed it. Thicc Corgi watched this for a moment or so before turning back to his work. "Bah... scary. What does she know," I heard him mutter. Queen Floofy Floofer stared at that before looking at me. "...?" I just gave her a slight shrug and she went back to stroking me.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Later during the day I helped Thicc Corgi around the lab with Queen Floofy Floofer. We had a great time. We went into hysterics when he gave me a little white lab coat to wear with matching goggles, identical to his. Queen Floofy Floofer even pulled out my old black Elvis wig from my old Elvis costume and flattened it down so that it looked like Thicc Corgi's hair. Once I put that on underneath the goggles, Thicc Corgi actually did fall over from laughing so much, alarming Queen Floofy Floofer. I had to catch him. For a while, I forgot about my problems. About the stress and everything that had been happening. About Mrs. Doggo. It was the best I'd felt in a long time. When I was with Thicc Corgi and Queen Floofy Floofer, it felt like nothing else mattered. Queen Floofy Floofer took a few pictures of us. She set the timer on her camera and took one of the three of us together. I knew this day was one that I wouldn't forget about for a long time. We took a break for lunch and all sat together with Sir Chonky outside. It was a sunny day and the weather had warmed up again. I was in a good mood. "One for you, one for you and one for you..." Thicc Corgi approached us, carrying four plates with freshly cut mahi fish and pineapple. My mouth watered. Sir Chonky grinned. "Since when did you learn to cook?" "Ey... give me some credit, yes? Cooking fish much easier than making genetic experiments." Queen Floofy Floofer was grinning as well. "Thanks uncle Thicc Corgi! This looks delicious." "Ih, bootifa! Bo ninga." He smiled. "Dig in." Thicc Corgi maintained eye contact with me as I ate. I noticed that he wouldn't look at the others, he was just focused on me.<br>I knew I made him proud and I knew that I made him happy. I also knew that nothing would ever change that. He had created me, given me his heart and also given me his love as a father. As he said, he knew me better than anybody else, even  Queen Floofy Floofer. Nothing, especially not Mrs. Doggo's blatant opinions would ever change that. "She is wrong about you, Captain Chonkers." he spoke, seeming to know what was on my mind. Queen Floofy Floofer and Sir Chonky went quiet at that and watched us. I paused and looked at him. "You are pure being. You are not monster." Sir Chonky nodded at that. He knew everything about my past. He was the only one besides Thicc Corgi in our family that did. "He's right Captain Chonkers. That side is long past." "I agree too," Queen Floofy Floofer spoke up. "You might have been bad once, but you are good now and you always will be good." I smiled at my family. "Bajo bo. Bagata tay." Queen Floofy Floofer hugged me and Sir Chonky ruffled my head. We ate our lunch and I watched as Thicc Corgi helped Queen Floofy Floofer learn some more Tantalog. I liked when he helped her. He treated her like his own daughter and not once did he ever show any impatience towards her when she make mistakes. I already knew Thicc Corgi was a good father and this proved why. Like he said Mrs. Doggo was wrong about me, I knew those board members had all been wrong about him too. After lunch we worked again. We spent most of the day outside in the ship, though once evening drew in I almost forgot about Mr Kuakini. I knew it would be hard to sneak out this time, considering what had happened last night. Thicc Corgi wouldn't want me out there alone. I had to wait for the right moment. I managed to briefly make a run for it when Thicc Corgi was busy on his computer and Queen Floofy Floofer was helping Sir Chonky tidy up. Mr Kuakini was surprised when I entered. " Captain Chonkers! Feeling better?" I nodded. "Ready to work?" I sighed. "Barely snuck away. Mrs. Doggo not home, so if gone long, wonder where Captain Chonkers is. Need to be quick. I have tracking device." He stared at me. "Oh, well alright then. If that's the case, just do a bit tonight and finish the rest in the morning." He paused. "Wait... a tracking device?" he added, looking confused. I nodded and tapped my head. He looked surprised and I thought he would question me about it but instead he just showed me what needed to be done. It was quiet between us as I worked but eventually he addressed me about this morning as I expected. "So... what are these nightmares you are having?" I did my best to explain to him the situation. It was a struggle considering my limited English. I didn't tell him about my past; I couldn't know how he would react to that – but I did tell him about how my glitches had made me temporarily lose control and revert to my destructive programming. I told him about how I'd tried to leave the planet and crashed the ship. He was gobsmacked to hear all of this from me, but seemed understanding. "I see... you just wanted them to leave you alone, yes?" he responded to me when I explained about running away and going to the cliff. I nodded. "Not sure what else do. Mrs. Doggo... scared of me." He walked over and put his hand on my shoulder. " Captain Chonkers, I know this is a difficult time for you and I'm sure that Mrs. Doggo didn't mean what she said about you in a bad way. She is just cautious. She is becoming a mother so her first priority right now would be her baby. As a mother, she will do anything in her power to protect her child. It's like you and your father, Thicc Corgi, yes? He would do anything to protect you?" I nodded. I had told him about Thicc Corgi. "While you know you aren't a threat, when you lose control like that, she's just scared of you hurting her. It doesn't mean she's scared of who you are Captain Chonkers, there is no way she can be scared of you - she's just scared of what you're doing. I am sure she does love you very much and I know you deeply care about her too, considering you are sneaking off here to work for me." I nodded again, looking away. "If these...spasms? Or whatever it is you wish to call them, make you lose control like that, it cannot be held against you. I think... perhaps your family should just monitor the frequency of them and when they occur. Maybe there is some way to intervene?" I perked my head at that. It was actually a good idea. If there was a pattern to it, then perhaps I could recognise it before it happened and try to stop it! "Bakata! Judo eidas bo chifa!" He stared at me. I walked over and looked up at him. "Isa good idea. Captain Chonkers tell Thicc Corgi." He nodded. "Alright then. I can finish up for tonight Captain Chonkers. I'll let you get back to your family before they see you're gone and I'll catch you in the morning. Good luck." "Dakida," I told him turning to the entrance. "Oh and one last thing." "Ih?" I flipped up my ears. "If you ever feel hopeless or that there is nobody to talk to, come straight to me next time. You know my address if I am not here, yes? I might not know you as well as your family but I do not want to hear you threatening to fall over any more cliffs. Got it?" I was surprised. "Care about Captain Chonkers?" He gave a brief nod. "You remind me of somebody I used to know." I was about to ask him who, but remembered I had to get home before my family got suspicious. "Go on Captain Chonkers." I waved goodbye and started back home.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>As I went through town I thought about what he'd said about monitoring the frequency of the attacks. Or spasms, as he had called them. Maybe Thicc Corgi could find some way to block them from happening. If I was in control of them, or at least knew when they were going to happen, I could stop myself before I hurt anybody else. Mrs. Doggo would feel safer around me. What she had said to me today had hurt a lot, but I understood Mr Kuakini's viewpoint as well. She was worried about her baby. If I accidentally hurt her, I risked hurting the baby too, especially if I scratched her too deep. Maybe that's why she was so afraid. I looked at my claws. I'd had them retracted all day. Queen Floofy Floofer hadn't noticed, but Thicc Corgi had. He didn't say anything though. I wondered why  Queen Floofy Floofer hadn't noticed, it was an evident thing. I looked up when I realised I must have taken a wrong turn. I frowned, looking around. Surely this was the right way. I'd come this way home the past few days. But no, before me was a building I didn't seem to recognise. It looked old and run down in the dark. I felt creeped out by it, that was for sure. I backed away from it and ran over to the left towards the main street. There was another way I could go. I ran up the alley only to once again come to that same weird building. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was still awake. I was. I pinched my arm, hard and even slapped myself across the face... but no, the building remained. I looked around and to my horror I realised the surrounding buildings were much the same. Vacated, broken down... empty. Everything looked dark and decrepit. There was no lights, just the glint of the moonlight above. I let out a startled moan and backed away from there too, trying to find somewhere familiar. But everything looked the same. I fled. I ran and ran before I eventually approached a junction. At the end of this junction was a huge building looming over me with a big flight of stairs leading up to it. I looked up slowly. It had to be at least 80 stories tall. This was creeping me out. I didn't ever recall a building like this in Kokaua Town. Somehow the building looked familiar to me. The height, and the fact the whole top half of it seemed to be missing made that apparent. Around me was clutter and debris. I noticed a destroyed sign lying on the ground a-ways from it and slowly walked over to read it. I squinted but soon realised the text on it was in Tantalog.</p><p style='text-align:center;'><em><strong>Galaxy Defence Industries </strong></em> I screamed and backed away. The more I looked around, the more things became familiar. No... this wasn't Kokaua Town – this was a wasteland. I was on Planet Turo. "No..." I gasped. "No... no! <strong>NO!</strong>" I spun around. Everything was the same. Every direction I ran in, nothing changed. There was nothing here, just hundreds of buildings that spanned forever into the distance and every single one of them had been destroyed. "Wake up!" I commanded myself as I tried to find a way out of this hell. "Wake up!" I couldn't. I kept running when I saw a huge mountain in the distance. The closer I got to it the more the stench of whatever it was became apparent. This wasn't a mountain, I eventually realised. It was a tower of carcasses. Alien carcasses. Men... women... even children. Their eyes were soulless and infinite. Some had been disemboweled. Others mutilated beyond comprehension. I wanted to throw up and felt myself going into shock from the sight. I fell to my knees. Standing on top of the pile of dead bodies was a black figure with green eyes, and that evil laughter I'd been hearing started to flood my ears. I couldn't make it out. I pulled down my ears and closed my eyes. "NO!" This couldn't be happening... I opened my eyes when my head was yanked up suddenly. There was nothing there. <strong>"Marvel! Rejoice!"</strong> I refused to open my eyes again after that. I didn't want to see that horrible sight again. This was the same thing that had told me I was weak. <strong>"ANTICIPATE!" </strong>the voice suddenly screamed and I felt my hearing almost give out. I howled. Please.. somebody let me out of this nightmare... " CAPTAIN CHONKERS! Oh my goodness...!" a voice broke through. I felt a shift in perspective. My vision cleared. I blinked rapidly, looking around instantly. There were no destroyed buildings. No pile of dead alien bodies. I was back in Kokaua Town. Mr Kuakini was leaning over me. I shook before just breaking down into tears. I wailed. "Naga... naga!" He was shook up. He picked me up. "I watched you go but then you just seemed to lock up! You went over to a wall and just stood there, staring at it. I went over to see if you were okay but you looked like you were in a trance... and then you started yelling." "G-gaba?" I asked shakily. "I think you were hallucinating." I went quiet. I felt sick. I just barely managed to pull away from him and threw up into the bushes beside me. "Come, I'll take you home." He picked me up again and I put my head into his shoulder. This was terrible. That was by far the worst attack I'd had and it had been out of nowhere. It was so bad I couldn't even distinguish the borderline between reality and insanity any more. If I'd locked up like that and stared at the wall, I wasn't just putting others at risk with hurting them – I was literally putting my own safety at risk. What if that happened and I walked into a river? I'd drown! I shuddered. Mr Kuakini felt it and put his hand on my back. I felt him stroke the nape of my neck in an attempt to calm me. Eventually I manage to settle. "I can see why you did not want to sleep," he told me. "From the way you were yelling, whatever you were seeing must have truly been horrible." "Ih..." I responded shakily. "Don't feel as though you have to come in tomorrow Captain Chonkers. I will understand if you want to give it a miss. I can cope myself." "O...okeytaka." I opened my eyes again when I smelled the area surrounding our driveway. Mr Kuakini was walking up to the house. I blinked when I noticed everybody on the porch. " Captain Chonkers!" Thicc Corgi roared out and Queen Floofy Floofer cried out as well. Sir Chonky looked frantic. This scenario seemed a common thing nowadays. My father approached Mr Kuakini and he handed me over to him. Thicc Corgi took me into his arms. "What happened! Why are you bringing him home like this? Where did you go Captain Chonkers?" Mr Kuakini stared at how he addressed me. "You're Thicc Corgi, yes?" He stared. "Yes, who are you being?" Queen Floofy Floofer came forward before he could answer. "Mr Kuakini? Why are you here?" The man looked at me. "I found Captain Chonkers in town like this. He was having a very bad... hallucination? I don't know what he saw, but it scared him badly. You should look after him well tonight..." " Captain Chonkers?" Thicc Corgi addressed me and I looked up at him. "Zuilchaga nilzlaks, znk bazys," I told him tiredly.  Queen Floofy Floofer looked a bit alarmed though I knew there was no chance she understood me. Mr Kuakini just watched us. "Where <em>were </em>you?" she asked me. "You keep going off like this! WHY?" I sighed. I had a feeling they'd pick up on it soon enough. "Was just finishing up new B.U.G to look for you... little girl could not find you after helping Sir Chonky. We looked everywhere." "I..." I started but Mr Kuakini held up his hand. "He was with me." "W-what?!" Queen Floofy Floofer asked, looking shocked. "You? But why?" Mr Kuakini looked at me. " Captain Chonkers approached me last week, by himself. He asked me about work. He did this without telling the three of you, or Mrs. Doggo. He wanted to keep it a secret. Each morning, he's been coming in to work for me, or during the evening." "But why?" Queen Floofy Floofer asked. Thicc Corgi stared at me in disbelief. "He wanted to help out your sister, Queen Floofy Floofer. Earn a bit of extra cash to help her out." Queen Floofy Floofer's hands went to her mouth in shock. "Oh Captain Chonkers... you... you told him?" I knew what she meant. "Ih. He know." Mr Kuakini nodded. "Yes, I know about your family. About Captain Chonkers. And about these nightmares he's having as well." Thicc Corgi stared at me before looking at the man. "You are knowing we are aliens?" "Yes. Do not worry. I have no ill intentions. I am worried about Captain Chonkers. He told me that you're his father?" Thicc Corgi seemed surprised. "Yes, I am." Mr Kuakini nodded. " Captain Chonkers only means well. Please do not let Mrs. Doggo or Shiba Chonkers know about what he is doing. I will let him work for me as long as he wishes too. He's been good, getting up at five-thirty each morning to come in and help me. Otherwise, he comes to help me in the evening, which he did tonight. He's been worried about how you'd take it. He told me it wouldn't sit well with the family." My family stared at me at that. "Mad at Captain Chonkers?" I asked slowly. Thicc Corgi put his hand through his hair – a move he'd become accustomed to doing when he was anxious or stressed about something I had noticed. "Well, you should have at least told me Captain Chonkers. Or Sir Chonky or little girl. We were worried. Not mad about it though." Queen Floofy Floofer nodded. "No. We're not mad. It's so thoughtful of you to help out Mrs. Doggo like this. It's disappointing how things are with her right now." I sighed. "As I told you Captain Chonkers, I am sure she will be nothing but thankful for what you are doing," Mr Kuakini told me. "Now I need to head home. As mentioned, if you do not wish to come in tomorrow morning I will understand. You don't have to let me know. Just show up or no, yeah?" I nodded. "I best be off. Keep me updated on how he is." "Okay... bye Mr Kuakini..." Queen Floofy Floofer said slowly. He waved to us as he left. I could tell she was still shocked. Thicc Corgi carried me back inside, Sir Chonky and Queen Floofy Floofer following. We sat down on the couch. "B.U.G started giving weird indications, Captain Chonkers," my father said to me. "It showed you in town, but not moving. Brainwaves erratic. What happened?" I sighed. I told them about the nightmare but I explained the worst of it in Kweltikwan to Thicc Corgi, who paled at hearing about Turo and the pile of dead aliens. He knew exactly what it was. Queen Floofy Floofer noticed, looking scared. Sir Chonky was scared too. He put his hand on my arm. "What is it?" Queen Floofy Floofer asked. Thicc Corgi swallowed. "Nothing, Queen Floofy Floofer. Just... very very bad nightmare. Not for you to be hearing about, too graphic." She stared at that. "Graphic?" He nodded. "Aw..." "Come... I will monitor you tonight Captain Chonkers. Little girl can be staying in with us too." I nodded. Queen Floofy Floofer kissed my nose and Sir Chonky fetched us our pyjamas. Thicc Corgi hooked me up to monitor me. We all sat together on the couch and watched a funny movie to try and forget about what had happened, though it was on my mind the entire time. Every so often, the three of them would look at me or occasionally scruff me on the head. I felt so appreciated and loved by their concern. I let out a sigh as I thought about Mrs. Doggo. I just wished she was as understanding. I liked it when she cared about me, but the way she'd been talking about me made me feel otherwise. I decided to tell Thicc Corgi about monitoring the frequency of the attacks tomorrow. For now, I just wanted to relax and enjoy the movie. Once it was finished, we called it a night. Queen Floofy Floofer and I slept beside Thicc Corgi in his bed. Sir Chonky sat up to read for a little while in his own bed. Thicc Corgi and Queen Floofy Floofer fell asleep easily but I lay staring up at the ceiling. I was so scared of having another hallucination like that. I didn't want to sleep, but I couldn't do the same thing I'd done to myself this morning where I hadn't slept at all. I realised Thicc Corgi had stopped snoring. He was staring at me. I turned and faced him. "Sleep, Captain Chonkers. I'm right here. If something happens, I will wake you instantly. I promise little one." I nodded. "Okay... papa." He smiled. He pushed his nose to mine and closed his eyes again. That gave me reassurance. I didn't know what was to come, but that eased me up enough to close my eyes. I didn't know what the future held. If it held more of these nightmares, or hallucinations like the one I'd had in town. If that strange evil thing was real or not and was after me. I just didn't know. I was scared but as long as I had the support of my family, something told me I'd be okay. I just hoped I had Mrs. Doggo's support too.

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