Captain Chonkers Chapter Twenty-Five


Queen Floofy Floofer didn't say a word to me as I trudged home with her on my back. Just as before people stared at us, but we just ignored them. I was more so worried about how I was going to explain the situation to Mrs. Doggo. Those had been my good clothes. As I approached the staircase leading up to the front door, I nudged  Queen Floofy Floofer. She just gripped onto me harder indicating she didn't want to get off so I carried her up into the house. Shiba Chonkers, Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky were sitting on the couch and when I entered the front door, they looked up in alarm. Thicc Corgi's eyes widened at seeing us so solemn and Shiba Chonkers rushed over to pick up  Queen Floofy Floofer. "What happened?" he asked her and she started crying into his shoulder. She'd been holding herself back quite well as I carried her home. I looked at him and had been about to explain but Thicc Corgi must have seen my leg. He rushed over to me and quickly put me across his lap, holding up my leg and inspecting it. " Captain Chonkers, what on EARTH is this being? What happened to you?" He peered inside the bag. I'd put  Queen Floofy Floofer's bag in there with my clothes, but he pulled everything out and held up my outfit, seeing the bleach damage. "Hey... what happened to those?" Shiba Chonkers asked, taking them from Thicc Corgi and inspecting them. "This is bleach damage. I've seen this before. What happened to you guys?" Thicc Corgi looked alarmed. "Bleach? Captain Chonkers, is that being bleach in your fur?" I nodded. "Mertle... threw cup of bleach at  Queen Floofy Floofer. Captain Chonkers protect her. Hit me instead." "WHAT?!" he growled. "Jaz rhistex f'sz shata?" he added and I nodded, feeling numb. "Ih..." Queen Floofy Floofer peered at me from Shiba Chonkers's shoulder. "How did she get bleach?" he questioned, looking astounded. "I will call Mrs. Doggo first though, this is quite serious." He headed into the kitchen to make the call. Queen Floofy Floofer remained in his arms but I could see her reaching out for me as they walked away and I gestured to her by reaching back as Thicc Corgi picked me up. "Come  Captain Chonkers, I will try to repair damage." My father carried me outside to the ship and took me straight into his lab. He set me down on that same metal table once again, putting on his microscopic goggles and inspecting the fur around the lower part of my stomach and leg where it had hit me. "Does it hurt?" he asked me as he ran his finger through my fur. I shook my head. "Buso da tadcha." "How long did burn for?" "Haidas maichai." "Earth substance has most certainly had strange reaction to Captain Chonkers's fur. I think I can reverse damage, however." I sighed. He looked at me. "You okay my boy?" "Mertle know about me. Know I can talk." He looked alarmed as he set to work on fixing my fur. "How?" I explained the entire situation to my father in a mixture of Kweltikwan and Tantalog since there were a few words I didn't know in English. Once finished he stared at me. "Papa?" He growled. "Said such terrible things to you, did she now ey?" his fists clenched and he banged the table with one, making me jump slightly. "Once done with this I am heading straight to be seeing Mertle-brat's parents. You are coming too, I will not stand for this. The sheer nerve of such a petulant child." I nodded quietly. I had nothing against him doing so after Mertle had basically said I should have stayed dead. I had no idea if Mertle would have told her mother about me. I would only find that out by going there with Thicc Corgi. Part of me still believed she didn't but then again Mertle wasn't exactly a trustworthy human either with how she'd bullied  Queen Floofy Floofer and treated me. She needed a severe wake up call and from how furious Thicc Corgi was at hearing everything, including seeing the bleach damage to my fur, I had a feeling she was going to be in for a bumpy ride. Thicc Corgi-in-temper was a terrifying sight. Not to mention just how scary he could get as well, with having programmed me to literally slaughter the board members that betrayed him. All against my will. I shuddered. I was glad I didn't remember any of that but when he was this angry, and after having told me what he did about forcing me to go through with my programming, I was a little scared of that idea itself – that he could make me do something I didn't want to. It probably wasn't the best idea to bring up to him, but I needed to put myself at ease. I rubbed my paws together. "Uh... pa? He looked at me out the top of his eyes as he worked. He grunted in acknowledgement. "You isa... not going to make... meega hurt Mertle... like... like what you..." I trailed off, unable to look him in the eye. He literally dropped his equipment and I swore I saw a few tears form in his eyes but he was quick to hide it. "<strong> Captain Chonkers!</strong>" he shouted at me holding my shoulders and shaking me. "HOW COULD YOU THINK SUCH THING?! WHY... <strong><em>WHY?</em></strong>" I yelped. "I sorry! Just... meega remember..." "I know," he muttered melancholy as he clutched me against him. "Yes, I know Captain Chonkers. I know you remember what I did. Strapping you down like that, electrocuting you... because I wanted them to die. I <em>know.</em>" He pulled me back and I looked past him but he forced me to look at him by tilting my head upright. " Captain Chonkers. I would never, ever, in wildest dreams, make you do anything against your will like that again. When you cried to me... and I still made you do it..." he looked away. "I wasn't myself." I put a paw to his face and he clutched it with his hand. "I am not same Thicc Corgi as I was back then. Please understand this. I am not going to hurt child. I will not lose temper at her." I felt bad for underestimating him. "I know...  Captain Chonkers know..." I said to him. "I so sorry papa..." He pushed his nose against mine. "Don't be. I scared you. I understand." I nodded. He picked up his equipment and continued to try and fix my fur. After half hour or so, he pushed back his goggles. "There... is best I can do." I looked down at myself and noticed my fur, while not 100% restored, was much better than it was. "Bleach is tricky substance but with you is being worse, considering you are alien. Chemicals clash with those found in your fur since you are assortment of building blocks of different species, hence the damage. Is best way to explain to you." " Captain Chonkers got unlucky?" "Very much so. Hopefully over-time will darken again, but for now... eh... I am afraid no more can be done for you. I am sorry, Captain Chonkers." I smiled at him. "No be sorry. Not Thicc Corgi fault." "No... but is that petulant brat's fault. She has done this to you... caused you this damage," he sneered. "Come..." I raised my arms and he picked me up. " Queen Floofy Floofer?" I asked as he walked out of his lab and down the staircase to the garden. "No... just you and I." "Okeytaka." Thicc Corgi carried me away from the house and up the street. "So, where is she living?" I told him the address. Mertle didn't live very far from Queen Floofy Floofer's house and it was only about a fifteen minute walk. I'd been there once before when Mrs. Doggo had to deliver something to her mother and had taken me with her. Back then Mertle hadn't been home. Mertle's house was much nicer than ours but I knew her parents were rich. Thicc Corgi stopped and looked at me after he approached the house. I nodded. "Hmph." Walking up the pathway to the front door, he looked at me again before ringing the doorbell. I rested my head against his shoulder, but my ears perked slightly when I heard footsteps and a few moments later the door opened to reveal Mertle's mother. "Oh... hello?" she asked. Thicc Corgi stared at her. "You are being mother of Mertle-girl, yes?" She nodded. "Why yes, I am. Sally Edmonds," she laughed. She was a boisterous woman from what I could remember. "And you are...?" Thicc Corgi pulled me from his shoulder and held me up to her. "My name is being Dr Thicc Corgi Jookiba. This little one here is being my boy.  Captain Chonkers." She looked alarmed. "Oh... your... dog?" she asked hesitantly before reaching out and petting me on the head. She'd seen me before. I glimpsed at my father and he sighed. Mertle must not have said anything. As Thicc Corgi held me up I saw her behind her mothers legs. When she saw Thicc Corgi she paled. "May we come inside?" Thicc Corgi asked. "There is something I would like to discuss with you about your child." Again, Mrs Edmonds looked alarmed but she nodded. "Of course! Come in." Now Mertle was definitely freaking out. I wanted to laugh but knew this wasn't the time. Her mother offered us a seat on the couch. Thicc Corgi sat down and put me on his lap. "So... what can I do for you?" "Are you not being aware of what was happening today?" "No? Mertle came home from somewhere just before but didn't say anything to me. Why, did something happen?" Thicc Corgi sneered at Mertle slightly and she cowered. "As a matter of fact, something did happen yes. She threw bleach at Captain Chonkers. Look at his leg." Her eyes widened and she stood up at looked at me. Her mouth dropped open. "Wh-WHAT? Bleach?!" Thicc Corgi nodded. He explained the situation I had relayed to him just before, remaining relatively calm. Mrs Edmonds on the other hand was furious. She made Mertle sit beside her on the couch opposite us and gave her quite a long lecture. Mertle glimpsed at me briefly out the corner of her eye and I sat with my head in my paws, leaning forward and grinning. I was enjoying the show. Mertle was so red I almost snorted. I had to push my face into the couch. "So..." Thicc Corgi continued once Mertle had been scolded enough. "I have fixed him up best I could, but as you can see, damage is permanent." "Are you a vet?" she asked him. Thicc Corgi looked deadpan. I nudged him gently. "No. No, I am not being ridiculous vet!" he threw up his arms. "As I was saying before, Captain Chonkers is my boy." "Uh... your dog?" she just wasn't getting the picture. Thicc Corgi rolled his eyes. "BOY." She panned between us. "I am afraid I'm not following you. This is Queen Floofy Floofer's little dog, right?" "Mom..." Mertle spoke up at that but Thicc Corgi raised a hand. "He is NOT dog, he is my CHILD. My SON." Her eyes widened in disbelief. "Wh... what?!" " Captain Chonkers can talk mom..." Mertle said and Thicc Corgi swiftly looked at her in fury but I just sighed and put my paw on his arm. I knew he hated our secrets being out in the open like this. "Naga, she right. I can talk." Mrs Edmonds screamed slightly at that and held a hand to her chest. "Y-you can talk? Oh my goodness." I nodded. She looked uncomfortable with the situation all of a sudden, but I think I knew why. She clarified this to me when she continued. "Did Mertle really say such a thing to you? That you should have not come back?" she asked me gently. Thicc Corgi looked angry but seeing this his expression mellowed. I could tell he was hurt by it. I nodded. "I... die, over month ago. I me... mol-" "He malfunctioned," Thicc Corgi spoke up for me and I nodded. "I mal func chon. It made me die.  Queen Floofy Floofer, very sad. Family very sad. But I come back. Papa save me in machine." She nodded. "I am so sorry to hear that. That's awful," she faced Mertle. "Well then?" Thicc Corgi stared at her angrily. He held me close. "So you wish for him to stay dead, ey? Why is that?" It seemed to really sink in to Mertle at that moment that Thicc Corgi was my father and that she had to face up to him. She looked scared. "I'm sorry. I really am. I was jealous. Jealous Queen Floofy Floofer has a best friend like him and I have nobody. My dad never sees me." "Eh, is no reason to take out on them. Hurt him. Look what you did to him." "I know. I really didn't know it was bleach. I thought it was water. It looked the same. I know it can't be fixed. I don't know what to say..." Thicc Corgi looked at me. "Gaba tu jhista?" I looked at him before looking at Mertle for a moment and then looking back at him again. I put my paw on his hand. "Meega jhista aka taba... Thicc Corgi da chaka aroomba micha aba tooka tet Thicc Corgi chuba, bagata tay laba. Mertle soka isa chita coota meega." He closed his eyes. "I see," he scowled slightly. " Captain Chonkers only wants genuine apology from you. He believes you really didn't mean what you did. I think you did but is for him to decide." The two of them stared at us. " Captain Chonkers?" He nodded. " Captain Chonkers. Captain Chonkers." "Is that your real name?" Mertle asked me and I nodded. She crossed her arms and sighed. "Okay. Fine... I'm really sorry, alright? I know I had a bad attitude. I can be better. I won't ever do that again." "Never hurt Queen Floofy Floofer again," I said to her. "You deal with me." "Fine." There was silence in the room before Mrs Edmonds cleared her throat. "So... he is yours?" Thicc Corgi nodded again. "You two... look quite different to each other." "That is because Captain Chonkers was created by me." "Oh...I see," she looked intrigued. "How did you do that?" "Very hard work..." Thicc Corgi muttered. "But paid off." She nodded quietly. I knew Thicc Corgi wasn't going to say a thing to her. "I've never heard... that language? You were talking?" she continued, sounding intrigued. Thicc Corgi was straight to the point. "We are aliens." Mrs Edmonds was shocked again. She stared at us wide-eyed. "Oh. Wow, how amazing!" Mertle seemed surprised by this too. "Wait... so that's why you can talk and do those things in class? Because you're an alien?" I glared at her but nodded. She glared back. I knew things would never be one hundred percent between us. There was too much animosity. She'd hurt Queen Floofy Floofer far too much for me to ever care about her or if she tried to be our friend. But as long as she knew she had gone overboard, that was enough for me. As long as she cooled her bratty behaviour and treated Queen Floofy Floofer as an equal rather than outcasting her, I had no issue with her. I think she sensed this because she knew that I'd saved her from that car. If I hadn't of done so, I wondered if she still would have tried to apologise. Then again if I hadn't she might not even be here right now and in hospital. She knew she owed me. Especially since she'd destroyed part of my fur. I was sensitive about it of course, but I wouldn't have changed what I did to protect  Queen Floofy Floofer. At least I wasn't bald there, like with the back of my head. Thicc Corgi stood up. I jumped down beside him. "Come Captain Chonkers." "Oh, are you leaving?" Mrs Edmonds called to us. She went over to talk to him while I lingered back for a moment and Mertle and I stared at each other. "Did you tell?" She shook her head. "No tell others. About me. Okay?" "I won't..." she responded. "I know. You saved me." "Ih..." I glared at her as she approached me. I backed up slightly but she just reached out an arm and I recognised what she was doing. I raised my paw and we shook. She glared at me again. " Captain Chonkers!" Thicc Corgi called and I turned and went after him so that we could go home.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Thicc Corgi didn't take me home. Instead he headed somewhere else. I said nothing as I followed him from behind. I wasn't sure what sort of mood he was in but I knew something was bothering him. He turned and headed in the direction of the beach. I had been momentarily distracted by something but once I turned and saw he was a-ways ahead of me I darted after him. I rubbed my arm as I followed him down onto the sand. Eventually he sighed and sat down. The beach was fairly empty. I plonked myself down beside him. He stared out into the waves. I did too, still rubbing my arm. " Captain Chonkers, why bring up such thing to me?" I had a feeling it was about that. I sighed. He looked at me when I didn't answer him straight away. "Scared of Thicc Corgi temper." It was his turn to sigh. " Captain Chonkers, back then... I dealt with a lot of... bad things. Bad aliens. All out to use and hurt me. This was not just over small period of time, but over many many years. The board members did terrible things to me. Stole from Thicc Corgi, cheated Thicc Corgi... I was left with nothing. Literally nothing." I peered up at him sadly. "Even most highly classified designs. Gamada tricked me into believing she was a good alien. She shared so many beautiful pictures with me, truly captivating. But they were all built on lies. Every single one. And after that, they lost all meaning behind them. Were no longer beautiful." I rested against Thicc Corgi's leg. He put his hand on my back and gently stroked me. "Art software was just pre-programmed disguised malware. She was stealing everything from me. All my files. All my data. Even my most personal documentation. Exploited for them to see. For them to laugh at me behind my back. They took me from me – everything about me. My deepest desires and secrets became their laughing stock. Thicc Corgi nothing more than a joke." "Naga true..." I clutched his shorts. "And if that was not enough Captain Chonkers... they made me ill on purpose, to do all this behind my back. I got very sick. Nearly had to be hospitalised. I missed almost month of work. That month was their green-light to rob me. And then... and then you know what they did to me when they found no more use for Thicc Corgi, Captain Chonkers?" I looked at him sadly. "They try to kill me off, like pest. Strip me clean and then discard me. I was nothing to them. Just source of powerful information, since I have genius brains. They wanted to use my knowledge to rule galaxy with their stupid corporation. Greedy, horrible aliens with no care in galaxy about anybody else. Yes I was evil genius, but I never wanted such terrible domination. I was evil but not <em>that </em>evil." He looked down at me. "However... others made me who I was  Captain Chonkers. By hurting me. So much that I could not stand it anymore. Most of my life I was bullied for being big 'nerd' as they call it here on Earth, but when I was older, most just used me to get my ideas. They never cared about me, they just used me to please themselves. Not care that Thicc Corgi had heart under all of evil genius. So, I became cold. I became a killer and I knew because I was smart I could easily get away with it. I became somebody I was not. And because of all that... Captain Chonkers..." he looked away but I heard him sigh. "I hurt the one I cherished most." I crawled up onto his lap and hugged him. "I hurt you, Captain Chonkers. My own. First when you were like them... not agreeing with my intentions. Which I know now you were right all along – but back then, could not take hearing it from you. My own. The one that's supposed to be there for Thicc Corgi and do as I say." I cringed slightly. I couldn't look at him. "And then... those cries you made... begging me not to to make you monster after I had gone as far as to shoot you... I should never have done such a thing to you and I have suffered terribly for it. Haunts Thicc Corgi's dreams. Almost every night. Some nights I wake up to reliving shooting you, except I was never able to revive you. Since worst fear was not having you in life, always plays on mind heavily and disrupts dreams except... in dreams, is glimpse of life without you. Is very upsetting for me." I was quiet. "So... for you to think such thing when you see my temper. That I would ever do that to you again... makes me question all of efforts I have gone to. Making up everything to you. Does even matter to you?" My jaw dropped. "Naga! Naga Thicc Corgi, naga like that!" He stared at me. "WHY Captain Chonkers?" he looked at me angrily. "Can you not see how much I have done to make up to you?" "Ih, course I see!" "THEN WHY?!" I flinched. He pushed me off and I looked at him shocked. "I know I have hurt you... but you also hurt me badly too Captain Chonkers when you instantly assume such thing about me! One thing that haunts me the most yet... moment I get angry you think I make you hurt others again after everything we went through? After all that damage and destruction that I was left to live with because of my stupid stubborn desire for revenge?" "Naga assume! Captain Chonkers just scared! Not trying to be mean to Thicc Corgi but cannot help get scared!" "But you SHOULD NOT worry! That is what I am trying to get at! After ALL I do for you first thing that comes to your mind when I get angry is that I make you hurt mean girl, yes? Do you really think that low of me that I would actually do such thing to you again after how much you are meaning to Thicc Corgi? How can I deal with my own child fearing me? I can't!" My ears drooped. I truly hadn't meant or suspected he'd take it to heart like this. Now from seeing this I knew myself I'd gone over the line with that. I could tell he was suffering. He just never truly made it apparent in the past as he was now. I assumed he was always cold in that regard but he wasn't. He was just good at hiding things. "No... no!" I cried to him. He stood up and started to walk away from me further down the beach. I felt sick. "Naga, papa! Papa!" I called after him sadly and started to run after him but ended up tripping and face-planting the sand. He turned to face me as I picked myself up but he continued to walk away. I called after him again. He just kept walking. I continued to run after him but tripped again because I was so stupidly clumsy. He stopped this time and when he saw me trip again a pained look crossed his face. He stopped long enough for me to reach him and I clutched his leg tightly. "I soka! I soka!" He stared down at me. I buried my head into his leg. I felt him pull away and sunk down, very upset. I really didn't mean what I'd said in a bad way. I felt awful. I didn't want him to see me crying but after all we'd been through recently I couldn't hide it. I thought he had left but suddenly I felt two hands pick me up and Thicc Corgi placed me over his shoulder, rubbing my ears. "Let's go home  Captain Chonkers." "I'm sorry..." I told him quietly. " Captain Chonkers love you." "I know," he said. "And I forgive you." I closed my eyes at that.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>A little while later, I lay on Thicc Corgi's bunk curled up against his pillow. We'd got home to an empty house, but Shiba Chonkers had left a note saying that he'd gone with Queen Floofy Floofer to see Mrs. Doggo about what Mertle had done. Sir Chonky must have went with them. Since they were still gone, I figured something must have happened with Mrs. Doggo going with Shiba Chonkers to see Mrs Edmonds. Normally they would have been back by now and according to Shiba Chonkers's note they'd left a while ago. Thicc Corgi was doing something on his computer. I still felt bad from before. I turned over when I felt him tweak my tail gently and stared at him. "How are you feeling?" I sat up. " Captain Chonkers okay." He picked me up and pushed his nose to mine again before putting me on the floor. "Working on new schematics for new B.U.G prototype. Is improvement on old design," he explained to me when he noticed me staring at the screen in confusion. "Okeytaka." "What... are you wanting for birthday?" I perked up at that. "Meega present?" "Of course little one." I grinned. I needed time to think about it. " Captain Chonkers will come up with something," I said to him and he nodded. He went back to what he was doing. I turned and left the room. "Where are you going Captain Chonkers?" "Bored." He shrugged and went back to work. I headed downstairs to the kitchen and sat down at the table. I noticed Queen Floofy Floofer's colouring gear off to the side near the pantry and went over to pick it up when an idea occurred to me so I picked up some paper and started to draw.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p> Queen Floofy Floofer and the rest of the family arrived home a little later on. When they did, Queen Floofy Floofer ran up to me and hugged me tightly. I had just finished slipping something underneath Thicc Corgi's pillow while he was down in the ship momentarily. " Captain Chonkers!" I licked her across the cheek and she went red. Mrs. Doggo bent down to me. " Captain Chonkers, I heard everything from Mertle's mom. I made her apologise to Queen Floofy Floofer and at this point I don't think she's going to bother you guys again. Mrs Edmonds also gave me some money to buy you a new outfit. I know you liked that one. And it's okay, I'm not mad. It wasn't your fault." I stared at her wide-eyed. "Really?" She nodded. "She also told me that she knows about you. Being an alien." I nodded. Mrs. Doggo looked away. "Well, I don't think they are going to tell anybody else. I will tell Cobra though, just to be on the safe side." I raised my paw to speak but hesitated. One other person knew about me – Mr Kuakini – but if I told Mrs. Doggo about that I'd blow my secret about helping her out. I wasn't ready to do that yet, not when it had just been my first day helping him. Queen Floofy Floofer gripped my paw. "Want to go to the mall and look for some new clothes?" I grinned. "Okeytaka!" "Come on!" "Don't be too long," Mrs. Doggo told us. Dinner will be on shortly." Queen Floofy Floofer nodded. She pulled me out of the front door and we headed to the mall. Living in Kauai with Queen Floofy Floofer was great. Everything was in relatively close distance in Kokaua Town and we rarely needed to drive anywhere to get to where we needed to go. As we walked along the footpath leading down into town, I gazed at the area around me. Here was such a beautiful place. I couldn't imagine it being destroyed like I'd destroyed Turo. I hoped that would never happen. Queen Floofy Floofer was humming idly to herself, again seemingly in a good mood. I asked her what happened. "We went to Mertle's house. Mrs. Doggo spoke to her mom. It was funny because Mertle was scared of what was happening. When she saw Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers she knew she was in big trouble. But she told me that she'd spoken to you and Thicc Corgi too." I nodded. "Ih." "She said sorry to me and that she would leave us alone. I hope she does, Captain Chonkers." I nodded again. "I warn her to not hurt you. She have to deal with me now. And know that I alien – she scared of me. Of Thicc Corgi."  Queen Floofy Floofer grinned. "Yup!" She reached for my paw and we held hands as we walked along the street to the mall. Queen Floofy Floofer took me into the same store where Mrs. Doggo had purchased my original outfit and we started to look around for a new one. The shop owner eyed us. Queen Floofy Floofer dragged me to the kids section. "Hm... what about this one Captain Chonkers?" Queen Floofy Floofer showed me a red shirt with pineapples all over it. "Ew." "Okay... this one?" "Naga." "THIS one?" I scrunched up my nose. Green and orange? Queen Floofy Floofer had no taste. "Fine. YOU pick then." She hmphed at me and I just grinned, looking around for an outfit I liked. A short while later I found one. It was a deep sea blue shirt with hibiscuses on it and had matching grey shorts with a belt. I liked it. " Queen Floofy Floofer!" I called to my 'wife' and she came over to me. "Oh wow, that looks nice Captain Chonkers, it looks like the old one!" "Ih!" "Want this one then?" I put on my most girlish voice. "Yup!" She laughed at how I imitated her and flicked me on the nose. "Silly. I'll go get it for you." I nodded. I went out the front of the store and sat down by the wall, waiting for her. As I did so my vision literally clouded over and everything went black. I freaked out. My vision returned again and I held my head in fright. What the heck had that been? I rubbed my eyes. Now I was worried. These weird signs were getting worse by the day. I looked around in fright when I heard laughter but soon realised it was just an adult man laughing. My heart pounded. Since I was highly strung I ended up jumping when Queen Floofy Floofer tapped my shoulder and my head slammed into a table. "Oh no! Captain Chonkers!" I rubbed my head. "I'm okay, you scare me." She looked alarmed but she reached over and kissed my head better. "Sorry. Look, here you go!" I smiled at her before licking her across the cheek again and she giggled. "I found something for your ring too," she said, pulling out what appeared to be a black necklace. "You can wear it around your neck so you don't lose it." "Okeytaka, bootifa!" She beamed at me. "Come on, hubby!" she said loudly and proudly, raising up an arm as people stared at us. Ignoring them, I looped my arm around hers grinning and we walked home that way.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Later that evening I was just about to head up into the dome after brushing my teeth when Thicc Corgi's door opened and he peered down at me from the top of the stairs. I stared back at him. He beckoned to me and I dropped my pillow where it was, heading up to him. Queen Floofy Floofer and I had watched a movie together before with our blankets over us, but we had also had our pillows there too. I yawned and headed up to him slowly. Going up stairs was a chore for me when I was tired since I could barely get over them. Thicc Corgi noticed this and walked halfway down to pick me up and carry me back into his room. Sir Chonky was in there reading a magazine on fashion. He looked at me as Thicc Corgi carried me in and shut the door behind him. " Captain Chonkers... I... I found this?" Thicc Corgi asked me, holding up a card. I squinted but then remembered I'd put it there before. I nodded. "For you." "Well then... let's see." I watched him (and yawned again) as he opened up the letter and read what I'd wrote in Tantalog. He stared at my letter for a few moments before picking up my folded up picture and opening it. He smiled warmly. At times I wasn't the best at getting words across personally. So I opted to draw or write instead to put my feelings and thoughts down on paper. Today I'd done just that, writing Thicc Corgi a letter basically apologising to him and telling him why I'd said what I'd said. I'd also told him about how I felt about things and that I fully respected him as not only my creator but my father. I knew how much he'd done and sacrificed for me and I appreciated him. I drew him a picture of us together with my terrible art skills. Thicc Corgi stared at these for a long time before finally speaking. "Son. Come here." I smiled and went for him, jumping into his arms. "Thank you. Is meaning a lot to Thicc Corgi." I wrapped my arms around his neck the best I could. "Welcome." He sighed at that before pulling back to look into my eyes. "I created you to be monster. But you are most pure being I am ever knowing..." he said to me. Sir Chonky smiled at that. "I am so glad I created you  Captain Chonkers. You are best thing about my life and always will be." That made me very happy. I nuzzled into him. "I appreciate this Captain Chonkers. Will cherish." I nodded happily as he hugged me before putting me down and opening the door for me. "Goodnight, Captain Chonkers." "Night, Thicc Corgi. Papa!" I responded, smiling. We never broke eye contact as he shut the door. Smiling, I turned to head up to Queen Floofy Floofer in the dome.

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