Captain Chonkers Chapter Twenty-Four


When it came Monday morning I knew setting my alarm would wake up  Queen Floofy Floofer and she would want to know where I was going, so I snuck out once everybody was asleep and slept on the couch in the living room, setting my alarm to wake me up at five twenty. I was confused what I was doing there when it did wake me up but then instantly remembered today was the first day I was helping out Mr Kuakini. I went outside through the doggy-door but the early morning cold made me reel back for a moment or so. I went back inside and pulled on some of my winter clothes (hand-me-down's from  Queen Floofy Floofer with a few slight modifications for my alien features) and raced into town. It was strange running through the streets this early in the morning. Since nobody was about it was kind of eerie and for a moment or so I wondered if this was what Turo was like for a long time – just an abandoned waste-town. The light was on in Kuakini's store. I approached the door and looked inside. He looked up at me and came over to let me inside. "Ah, you remembered." I nodded. He stared at me in my clothes as he had done so before, but did not say anything. "Alright then, come and I'll show you what needs to be done." The man took me out back and had me moving boxes around for most of the morning before unpacking them and putting stock onto shelves. It was really boring for me but I just kept quiet and did what he asked of me, remembering the purpose of it all. He watched me the majority of the time but did his own work. I think he was still amazed by what I was. "So, how is your family?" he asked me, eventually breaking the silence. I looked up at him. "Naanee announce baby. Everyone happy. Shiba Chonkers happy." He smiled. "Oh, that's good to hear indeed. I presume you have not mentioned about this?" "Naga," I shook my head. "So then, how are you going to explain where you earned the money?" I paused at that. He was right. That had completely slipped my mind. Mrs. Doggo would know instantly what I was doing when I gave her the money. There was no other possible way for me to obtain it and she would just find out if I was lying to her. I sighed. "I'm sure it will be okay," he told me, noticing my expression. "Nothing wrong with wanting to help out family, ey?" I nodded, continuing what I was doing. As the time approached seven, Mr Kuakini had me finish up. "Right, I will be opening in ten minutes. You best get a move on,  Captain Chonkers. Thank you." I nodded. "Na quala?" I asked and he stared at me in confusion. I cleared my throat. "Money?" "Oh. Yes. At end of week, I will tally the hour count and work out how much to give you, sound fair?" I was a bit reluctant as I wanted to start paying the money to Mrs. Doggo, but I didn't want to be selfish either. I could wait. "Okeytaka." "Good, good. I'll see you back here tomorrow morning." "Ih." I left the store and headed back home, shivering. I could feel the sting of the cold in my fur even though I had my clothes on. This weather was indeed weird.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Once home, I snuck up to the dome and climbed into the bed beside Queen Floofy Floofer after discarding my attire. She woke up as I climbed in, yawning widely and giving me a good view of her mouth. " Captain Chonkers?" "Ahua shalom bye..." I responded, also yawning. I wasn't used to getting up that early. She giggled and poked my tooth. "You're so cold! Here, let me warm you up." She wrapped her arms and body around me tightly and I closed my eyes feeling her love and warmth wash over me. I purred into her shoulder and we remained like that for a while. I was drifting off again when Queen Floofy Floofer suddenly told me something very unusual. "I divorced the rat in the garage last night." I opened my eyes at that and stared at her in disbelief. "Uh... gaba?" She sighed. "I... just don't love him anymore. I knew it would be hard for both of us, but I need to move on with my life. I hope he understood." She had <em>married </em>a rat in the garage? " Queen Floofy Floofer... marry rat?" I asked her in astonishment. "It was just pretend, but yeah. His name was Milo and he was best friends with the spider on the roof. We married shortly before I met you. I had a little ceremony and invited Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers along." I just stared at her. "But... I think... I like somebody else now," she said almost dreamily. "I think... I want to marry somebody else instead." I sat up at that. "G-gaba?" She smiled at me. " Captain Chonkers, I..." she went red. "Whenever I see him, my heart feels happy. He is kind and buys me things and takes me to the beach. He sticks up for me when I need it the most and he took me dancing. Milo just didn't do any of those things. As much as it hurt to divorce him, I want to be happy. I want to marry him..." she sighed. "Yeah..." "Who?" I asked. "His name is  Captain Chonkers..." she responded and I felt my face heat up. I thought back to before when she'd been staring at me funny the first time I wore my costume. " Queen Floofy Floofer marry meega?" I asked softly. "Just pretend..." she responded. "But I want to marry you now instead of Milo. If we marry, it means we will be together forever. I want to be with you forever, Captain Chonkers." I stared at my saviour. My angel. I wanted that too. I reached out and took her hand into my paw. " Captain Chonkers want to be with Queen Floofy Floofer too..." She beamed at me. I'd danced with her to make her happy because I loved her and she was my best friend and family, but I had always wondered deep down if she possibly liked me with how well we had bonded and how attached she was to me. Her bond had definitely gotten much stronger after I'd died and I had simply related it back to what Mrs. Doggo had said. The possibility of her having feelings for me had crossed my mind a few times, but I'd never said anything because I could never really tell how she was feeling. I'd never been able to read her in that regard. Queen Floofy Floofer was also only a child and I knew that young girls like her dreamed of being swept off their feet by prince charming and carried away into a golden carriage to ride into the sunset. She dreamed of being a princess despite claiming she hated girly things, but I knew even so it was one of the many fantasies she enjoyed. I'd seen her with this same ridiculous look on her face after watching a movie with her one night. Mrs. Doggo had it too. I had figured it was a 'girl' thing as Shiba Chonkers had just looked bored at the movie. Maybe after dancing with her she'd started seeing me as her prince charming. There was no way she could like me... right? We weren't even of the same species and I was convinced that she would find a boy she liked when she was a bit older and start leaving me behind for him. For now she was still young. Her marrying the rat told me she longed for her prince charming. I decided to go along with her. She was staring at me as I thought about this. Queen Floofy Floofer loved to play, especially dress ups. I figured her pretending to marry me was just another way of her playing too because she could dress up like a bride. "D-do... you want to marry me Captain Chonkers?" she asked, sounding a little hesitant. I knew she was afraid of my answer. She didn't need to be. I smiled at her. "Ih!" She looked delighted. "Great! Let's go out and tell Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers and Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky." Perhaps  Queen Floofy Floofer was just really excited about the prospect of Mrs. Doggo getting married and wanted to have her own wedding with me to not feel left out. It seemed logical. Queen Floofy Floofer and I were close enough she would pretend marry me. I just thought it was a cute idea and it showed how much my best friend truly appreciated and cared about me. If she did like me though... I really couldn't tell. She'd never directly said anything to me and I wasn't going to pressure her to or anything of the sort. I knew when she got much older and hit puberty she would start liking boys. We would never be together otherwise as that species barrier separated us. I just hoped I was still a part of her life then too.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>"Everybody! I have an announcement!" Queen Floofy Floofer announced loudly at the kitchen table, while I boosted her up on my paws from below. Mrs. Doggo paused what she was doing and Shiba Chonkers, Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky just stared. "Last night, I divorced Milo. As much as it pained me, things just weren't working out for us." I saw Mrs. Doggo smirk at that and Shiba Chonkers gave a small laugh. Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky just looked confused. "Who is Milo?" Sir Chonky asked Queen Floofy Floofer. "The rat that lives in the garage," Queen Floofy Floofer told him. "I married him when I was five." I could not begin to describe the look on Thicc Corgi's face at that and Sir Chonky looked disgusted. "But!" Queen Floofy Floofer continued before they could say anything. "I've decided to marry somebody else!" "Oh, and just <em>who</em> might that be?" Mrs. Doggo asked and I saw the four of them turn to automatically face me. I went red. " Captain Chonkers!" Queen Floofy Floofer said proudly. "We are going to get married today and you're all invited." Thicc Corgi looked extremely alarmed by this. "Wait... you are marrying Captain Chonkers? Like larger girl is marrying Shiba Chonkers?" "It's pretend, Thicc Corgi," I heard Mrs. Doggo whisper to him and he seemed to understand. They didn't seem to care too much, although they said they would come, with the exception of Mrs. Doggo, who had to work. They just thought it was cute. That being said, shortly after, Thicc Corgi, Sir Chonky and Shiba Chonkers were sitting on chairs out in the garden, waiting. Queen Floofy Floofer was dressed in her best formal-wear, a lovely yellow dress with pearl earrings and a ribbon in her hair. She had on a veil but there was no bride costume. Mrs. Doggo said she'd put it in a garage sale a little while back. Queen Floofy Floofer had dressed me in my tuxedo with a bow-tie and top hat that I wore on special occasions. Mrs. Doggo had to leave to work shortly after, but I could see her holding back laughter as she escorted  Queen Floofy Floofer down the 'aisle' with me waiting for her at the staircase. Queen Floofy Floofer picked up on it. "What's so funny?" she asked her sister. "Oh, nothing nothing," she responded, kissing her on the head. "I gotta run baby. Congratulations!" Mrs. Doggo winked at me before she left. Queen Floofy Floofer beamed at that. We faced each other. " Captain Chonkers... I am so happy you are a part of my life," Queen Floofy Floofer said, taking my paws in her hand as she spoke to me. "Without you, my life would have been so much worse with Mertle bullying me and I would never have made any friends. I thought you were cool from the moment I met you. Things were kind of bad when you showed me you were really an alien and I almost hated you for ruining everything and blowing up my home but then you saved me from Mr. Pupper. You came back for me. I've lived with so much guilt from how I treated you before..." she sighed. "I was so lucky to get you back. You make me so happy and I want to marry you so we can be together forever. I love you, Captain Chonkers." She leaned over and kissed my cheek before showing me a silver ring. "This is a ring that my dad gave to me before he died. He told me that it was a 'medal-of-honour' and I wore it proudly. Now, I want to give it to you." She pulled up my finger and slipped the ring onto it. "You're my hero, Captain Chonkers." I sniffled, trying to fight the strongest urge to cry. I pulled her into a hug. "You're my hero too, Queen Floofy Floofer." "Well then," Shiba Chonkers said from his seat. " Captain Chonkers, do you take Queen Floofy Floofer to be your lawful wedded wife and promise to cherish her at all times, both in sickness and good health?" I stared. Queen Floofy Floofer nudged me. "Ih!" "And you Queen Floofy Floofer, do you take Captain Chonkers to be your lawful wedded husband, promise to cherish him at all times both in sickness and good health?" "Yes!" Queen Floofy Floofer said happily. "Then I pronounce you husband and wife!" Thicc Corgi, Sir Chonky and Shiba Chonkers clapped and Queen Floofy Floofer hugged me. "Now we are together forever!" I sat down on the staircase, feeling a little overwhelmed. " Captain Chonkers! What's wrong?" Queen Floofy Floofer asked sitting down beside me instantly. I looked into her eyes. " Queen Floofy Floofer... like meega?" "Of course I do!" she responded. "You're my best friend and now you're my hubby!" she grinned. I sighed softly. Maybe she'd understand what I meant when she was older. For now, I just was happy she wanted to 'marry' me. "Want to go on a honeymoon?" Queen Floofy Floofer asked me as Shiba Chonkers, Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky packed up the chairs and headed back inside. "Gaba honeymoon?" I asked, automatically thinking of a moon covered in honey. "When people get married, they go on a holiday with each other." "Where we go on holiday to?" I asked. She shrugged. "Uh... I don't know. Is there anywhere you want to go?" I also shrugged. "Naga...  Captain Chonkers just happy to be with Queen Floofy Floofer." "Me too," she smiled and hugged me tightly. "Naga na quala for honeymoon." "Oh yeah... and I have hula class again soon. Oh well. Thanks for marrying me." I licked her across the cheek and she went red this time as opposed to looking disgusted. This was the first time I'd seen her do this. Only time would tell if Queen Floofy Floofer did ever start to like me as more than a best friend, but it was very unlikely with me not being human. As happy as I was she had married me now, it did make me wonder about the future. If and when she did meet a real boyfriend and spent all her time with him – would she remember this day? Or would she forget about it? I certainly hoped she wouldn't forget this day because I knew I wouldn't. I was still a little shocked she had asked me to marry her but it was really nice. The family didn't see it as anything big, knowing that Queen Floofy Floofer was a child and loved to pretend. I could tell that's why Mrs. Doggo was laughing. Queen Floofy Floofer seemed serious about it though, going as far as to dress nice and have a ceremony with me. I wanted to show her that I appreciated it. " Queen Floofy Floofer?" She looked at me. "Yes hubby?" "Go to beach? With Captain Chonkers?" "Uh, sure!" she smiled. "Let me change first." "Okeytaka," I told her. As she went up, I took off the tuxedo and put it back in it's place before pulling on my favourite tropical shirt that Mrs. Doggo had bought for me last year and some shorts. She came back down shortly after wearing one of her much nicer purple mumus I'd rarely seen. She had a flower in her hair and had a small bag that she wore out on special occasions around her shoulder. "Ready?" She nodded happily. Queen Floofy Floofer called to the others that we were heading to the beach. Thicc Corgi eyed me at that and I knew what was on his mind. "Sending B.U.G too, Captain Chonkers," he told me. "Promise will not spy or listen, but I also need to keep an eye on you. Robot will monitor brain activity." I understood. Queen Floofy Floofer looked a little alarmed. "Is... is this about Captain Chonkers's green eyes?" "Eh?" Thicc Corgi asked her, confused. "Like on Friday... when he accidentally hurt Mertle." Thicc Corgi nodded. "I'm monitoring him very closely now." I sighed. Queen Floofy Floofer noticed. "Come on Captain Chonkers! Let's try not to worry about that for now," she told me as she held my paw and we started to leave the house. As we walked down to the end of the driveway, Queen Floofy Floofer asked me if this was our first date. I giggled. "Ih!" To me it felt more like a not-a-date considering I still believed that Queen Floofy Floofer could not possibly like me in such a manner and I strongly believed her pretend marrying me was one of her special games. Still though, the amount of effort she was going to did not pass by me and as we walked I gripped her hand. Passing through town a few people stared at us. Queen Floofy Floofer seemed in a small daze that she barely noticed. We walked down onto the sand and I brought her over to her favourite grotto where her fish liked to reside. "Wait here  Queen Floofy Floofer," I told her and she looked at me curiously. "I'll be back soon." I smiled at her before darting off to Luki's stand. Luki had seen me in the past with Queen Floofy Floofer a few times so he was aware of me. This time I approached him myself and he stared down at me. He knew something was special about me but he was like Moses in that regard where he respected me. "Hi Captain Chonkers. The usual?" he asked and I just stared at him before handing over some money to him. "One for Queen Floofy Floofer too? Where is she today?" I pointed behind me. "Ah... okay. Clever boy you are!" He handed me over two shave-ice shortly after, one of them with Queen Floofy Floofer's favourite flavours – pink, blue and black. I just had a pink one. I carried the treats over to my best friend and she looked delighted. "You bought me a shave-ice?" she said in delight and I nodded happily handing it to her. The smile on her face was huge. "Thanks Captain Chonkers! You're the best!" she said as she started eating her shave-ice. I grinned and sat down beside her to eat mine as well. It was quiet between us and she stared out into the ocean. It was mid afternoon by that point and thankfully the weather had warmed up a bit from before. That storm I'd seen with Thicc Corgi from the cliffs must have been headed in the other direction over the weekend. There were a few grey clouds but thankfully there was no hint of rain for now. I gazed at Queen Floofy Floofer as she sat beside me. The wind was slightly blowing back her hair. Her gaze was content as she stared out into the sea and I could see so much happiness in her eyes. It was a wonderful sight to me and I was delighted to see her happy again. The events of Friday night had made her the happiest I'd ever seen her. I'll never forget the look on her face when I'd asked her to dance. The image was burned into the back of my mind. I think she felt complete now considering her first dance was done only just when she realised something was wrong with me. Queen Floofy Floofer was a beautiful girl. Not just in appearance, but in personality too. When she grew older I knew she was going to be a very pretty girl with lots of guys probably taking an interest in her and asking her out on dates. The thought made me feel a little sad. I wish I knew how she<em> really </em>felt about me but I kept telling myself over and over this was just pretend. It had to be. I would be envious of any male that did take her out on a real date; I couldn't help it but I had to let her move on with her life if she chose to. I couldn't be selfish in that regard and stop her. I loved her enough to respect any decision she would make and her happiness mattered to me above anything else. I just hoped she would not leave me behind or abandon me because I wouldn't be able to handle it. I wouldn't know what to do without her. I was also terrified that I'd make her abandon me. Now that I was aware of the Metamorphosis System, I wasn't sure what was going to happen to me. I was terrified of losing control again like I'd done with Mertle and hurting her. If I did so and lost control, as much as she promised me to be there for me every step of the way, I could not imagine she would want me in her life if I hurt her beyond repair. She'd broken her wrist when she was younger. I'd desecrated and ripped aliens in half. What if I did something similar to her and had no idea I was doing it? She would have no chance against me. I choked. The thought alone made me quiver and tears pool at the corner of my eyes. I would honestly kill myself if that happened. I couldn't lose her.  Queen Floofy Floofer was my everything – she'd saved my life and she'd saved me from myself. She was the reason I had a purpose and she'd even gone as far as to 'marry' me which was an insight to me just how much she cared about and appreciated me. Losing her was just too much for me to bear. It was my worst nightmare. I grit my teeth as I stared out into the ocean, trying not to let her see me in my current state. I didn't want to ruin such a special occasion for her with me being like this. Unfortunately she noticed. She looked alarmed and then scared. She put her hand to my face. " Captain Chonkers...? Why are you so upset...?" she asked gently. I drew in a stuttered breath. "S-so scared..." "Of your green eyes?" I nodded. "Ih... lots of things." She didn't say anything more. She didn't have to. She simply put her arms around me and cuddled me, once again humming that lullaby. It relaxed me and I felt better. Her lullaby seemed to have a powering affect on me. I sighed. " Queen Floofy Floofer... Captain Chonkers love you. So much." "Me too..." she responded, gently kissing my nose. "I know you're scared, Captain Chonkers, but we'll get through this together, okay?" I nodded. I hoped she was right. We sat there for a while. Queen Floofy Floofer eventually stood up and walked to the shore, bending over and peering into the grotto. " Captain Chonkers. Look!" "Hm?" I stood up and walked over to her. She was pointing at something and I peered closer to see what it was. A little fish was poking its head out. I stared. "That's Pudge!" she told me. "Pudge, meet Captain Chonkers!" The fish just ducked back into the water and continued swimming. I looked at Queen Floofy Floofer. "Thankfully I don't have to feed him today," she told me. I stared at her. " Queen Floofy Floofer?" "Yeah?" she replied, though she continued to look in at her fish. "Why feed Pudge sandwich?" She sighed. "Pudge controls the weather. I give him sandwiches to keep him happy so that he won't cause bad weather." "But... storm?" She looked sad at that. "I have been feeding him..." she told me melancholy. "I don't know why there is such bad weather lately. I think he's just in a bad mood. Like just then, he only came up to us for a second. Normally he lets me pick him up." I remembered very clearly Queen Floofy Floofer believing she needed to keep this little fish happy to prevent herself from losing anybody. It broke my heart to see how she was staring into the water. "I hope he's not mad at me..." she said. She was very worried. I rubbed her back and she sighed before standing up. "I hope Pudge cheers up." I nodded. "He will. You here now." She nodded, gazing into the water. Eventually she smiled at me and took my paw. "Come. I want to show you something Captain Chonkers." I walked with her back along the beach. After a short walk, she led me to an area I had not yet been to before. It led to a small clearing into the forest surrounding the island. She led me in here and then up another path to a large tree. I stared up at it. "See this Captain Chonkers?" She pointed to something engraved in the bark. I peered closer. It was a heart with two sets of initials in it. It was worn due to age, but I could still make it out. I noticed a few other similar things on the tree. It seemed popular for it. "Ih?" I asked. "This... this is my mom and dad's initials," she smiled at me. "Right here... I was wondering..." I tilted my head. "Could you... could you use your claws to engrave ours?" My eyes widened slightly. " Queen Floofy Floofer... want this?" I asked her in surprise. She hugged me. "Yeah. We're married right? This can be our vow to be best friends forever and ever, no matter what happens. Promise  Captain Chonkers?" I put my paw to her heart instead of mine. " Queen Floofy Floofer, Captain Chonkers will always be there for you. We will always be best friends. Captain Chonkers promise." She kissed my nose and stood beside me, watching as I engraved our initials into the wood, just below her parents. I could tell this meant a lot to her. I traced a heart shape, like her parents, before clawing in our initials -</p><p style='text-align:center;'><strong>LP<br>SJ</strong> Queen Floofy Floofer was beaming. She stared at this for a fair while before finally speaking. "Thank you, Captain Chonkers." I nodded. She reached for my paw and we headed back out of the clearing to walk along the path. This area was quite beautiful. I was surprised I hadn't seen it before. Queen Floofy Floofer took me over to a small bush filled with hibiscuses and plucked one before turning to me, putting it over my ear so that it sat on the side of my head. It was a beautiful flower and it's colours were a mixture of pink and blue. Queen Floofy Floofer was smiling at me the whole time. As I stared back at her, I realised how much she meant to me and I now knew deep in my heart that I wouldn't ever want to be with anybody else. I couldn't imagine a life with her not in it. Only time would tell if she wanted the same and could accept me as not being human.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p> Queen Floofy Floofer seemed a bit distant as we walked back through the forest to the edge of town. She wasn't distant in that she was sad but more so in the fact she seemed to be in some sort of bliss. To me it represented she was at her peak – we had won the dance competition, scared Mertle and we'd also danced together. Now were were 'married' and had also carved our initials in that tree. She was well over the moon. I could see it in her eyes. They sparkled with pure happiness and joy. Nothing could ruin that for her. ...Until, Mertle Edmonds stepped in front of us. I really <em>wasn't </em>in the mood for her right now, NOT when my best friend was this happy. Mertle would ruin everything! I snarled at her. Queen Floofy Floofer stood behind me quietly. "Mertle, please go away," she said softly. "Are you two on a <em>date</em> or something?" Mertle said to us, eyeing our outfits with her eyebrow raised. "I saw you both at the beach before. You're <em>dating </em>your dog?" she looked disgusted but then laughed. "Oh my gosh, I knew you were a freak Queen Floofy Floofer, but this tops it for sure. I always found it strange how close you two were." Queen Floofy Floofer just stared at her. " Captain Chonkers and I are best friends and he is my family Mertle. Now will you go away?" Mertle just scoffed. "No, a matter of fact I won't. I followed you here specifically to see you, freak-lo." "You... followed us?" Queen Floofy Floofer asked hesitantly. "Mhmm," she smirked, crossing her arms and leering at Queen Floofy Floofer. I growled. "I saw you go to that tree too. I saw him carve your initials..." Queen Floofy Floofer paled. That shut me up and I stopped growling. "Why did you carve initials on that tree?" Mertle wanted to know. "That's none of your business, Mertle," Queen Floofy Floofer responded, looking upset. "It's something special to me and Captain Chonkers. It doesn't concern you." Mertle looked angry. "Whatever! I also KNOW you two did something to me on Friday night. I can't remember what it was exactly, but my costume was ruined and you're going to pay for it. My mom and I spent a long time on that costume." "If you can't remember then how do you know we did anything?" Queen Floofy Floofer retorted angrily. I snarled. " Captain Chonkers and I worked hard on our costumes too!" "You did!" Mertle yelled. "Who <em>else</em> could it have been, freak-lo? You both did everything in your power to ruin that night for me and make me as miserable as possible! I should have won!" She could not be serious.  Queen Floofy Floofer was crying now and I was absolutely furious. She had looked beautiful and done herself up nicely just for me and yet once again here was this horrible girl slandering her and making her feel as low as possible. I went to push Mertle away but I heard Queen Floofy Floofer cry out and paused in surprise. "No we <em>didn't </em>Mertle!" she cried. "<em>MISERABLE?!</em> What about all the years I've tried to be your friend and you just bully and harass me! Who are you to call yourself miserable? Whenever me and Captain Chonkers finally are happy or win something, you always have to shut us down for it! We worked so hard on that dance. I couldn't even do it the first time because Captain Chonkers died... why can't you just accept we deserved to win!" Mertle went quiet for a moment or so. "He... died?" "YES!" Queen Floofy Floofer yelled. "He died because he was malfunctioning. He wasn't himself but you said he was trying to kill us! He would never do such a thing!" Mertle looked shocked to hear that but then she looked angry. "You're a liar Queen Floofy Floofer! If he died then why is he here now?" "BECAUSE I WAS LUCKY TO HAVE HIM BACK!" Queen Floofy Floofer yelled at her. "I got to him just in time and saved him!" Mertle was staring at me. She looked annoyed. "I bet you drove him away Queen Floofy Floofer." Those words stung Queen Floofy Floofer because she knew they were true and even though Mertle didn't know the context of the situation, she'd guessed accurately enough. Queen Floofy Floofer looked at me before sighing. "Yeah, I did. I made a terrible mistake and I paid for it with almost losing him. I ignored him when he needed me the most and blamed him for ruining my dance. Does that make you happy?" Mertle just stared at her. She went quiet. Queen Floofy Floofer sighed. "Why do you hate me and Captain Chonkers so much?" she asked her quietly. Mertle just looked away from her, crossing her arms. "Because you're both freaks, that's why! You punched me in the face because I didn't believe you about your stupid fish and then you both stole my tricycle! That was a gift from my dad! You like weird and creepy things and you're just... weird, Queen Floofy Floofer! You can't act normal!" She gestured to my outfit. "And this proves it! What kind of dog dresses up or dances or wears clothes? What kind of dog has pink blood?" I flinched at that. So she had seen. I recalled her staring at my paws back when she'd come to our home that time. Queen Floofy Floofer went quiet. " Captain Chonkers is special," she simply said. "He's not like other dogs. He's my best friend and he's the bestest friend I've ever had." Mertle still looked a little surprised but hearing that it was like something about it made her snap entirely. "YOU DON'T DESERVE ANY FRIENDS QUEEN FLOOFY FLOOFER! HE SHOULD NEVER HAVE COME BACK!" she yelled at us and Queen Floofy Floofer froze up. "N-never come back...?" Queen Floofy Floofer choked. "W-why?" "BECAUSE IF YOUR STUPID DOG HADN'T OF COME IN THE FIRST PLACE THINGS WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER!" I actually howled at that. It scared the living daylights out of Queen Floofy Floofer. Unable to stop myself I grabbed Queen Floofy Floofer's bag from her and belted Mertle across the face. She cried out and held her cheek. " Captain Chonkers no!" Queen Floofy Floofer cried behind me. How I wanted to beat this little brat senseless. I really did. And this was me thinking this, not any overriding thoughts. I had lost my patience with her long ago. I had felt remorseful for attacking her but after hearing that from her, I found it hard to. Not only did she berate and attack the one I cherished, but telling her she deserved no friends after ALL she had been through, including me dying, made me lose my temper. Mertle had NO idea of the extent and depression Queen Floofy Floofer had endured over the past few months and she had just made things even worse for her. She just would not stop. And now saying I shouldn't have come back? That I should have <em>stayed </em>dead?! Why? So  Queen Floofy Floofer could be miserable and suffer even more after already losing her parents? Yeah, I personally thought I deserved to die after wiping out Turo, but Queen Floofy Floofer truly didn't deserve any of this! She didn't deserve to have me die so that she would be all alone and Mertle could be happy she had nobody. She was such a twisted little... <em>little</em>... I was so angry I could barely think straight. "You STUPID dog!" Mertle yelled at me as Queen Floofy Floofer tried to hold me back. I roared and clawed at her. All I wanted to do was sink my claws into her head. I hated her so much. She was horrible and she was nasty. She was one of the worst humans I'd ever encountered. She made my best friends life so miserable and now she was trying to hurt me too. Queen Floofy Floofer held me back tightly as Mertle stood up and brushed herself off. "I'll get you for this," she spoke softly before turning and running off. Yeah, no. Queen Floofy Floofer continued to hold me tightly. "I'm sorry Queen Floofy Floofer..." I told her softly before forcing her grip off as gently as I could and I bolted after Mertle. " CAPTAIN CHONKERS!" Queen Floofy Floofer screamed after me, picking up her bag and chasing me. She'd never catch me. I caught up to Mertle easily and when she saw me chasing her furiously she screamed and tried to change direction, which was unfortunately out onto the road. Since she was a STUPID child, she didn't grasp the concept that by doing so she might be running out in front of a car coming the opposite direction and blocked from view by other cars parked. STUPID IDIOT! I bolted forward and pushed her hard out of the way of the oncoming car. The driver ended up slamming on the brakes and stopped within an inch of my face. He got out of the car and roared at us, mostly Mertle, about how we could have been killed, before getting back into his car and driving off. He was shaken up. It was a close call. I was unfazed. If the car had of hit me I would have likely ended up hurting the driver from the car crushing into my body, not the opposite way around. That would have been fun to explain. Mertle didn't seem to notice as she was too busy staring at me. I seethed at her. Queen Floofy Floofer came running up behind us. " Captain Chonkers, you okay?" Mertle picked herself up and brushed herself off. She had a cut on her knee but otherwise seemed unharmed. We faced each other in a stand off and I took a step forward. "Don't you dare come any closer to me!" she said. I growled savagely at her. She wasn't getting away with what she said. I bolted at her again and she screamed and ran into the first building behind her, which was the dry-cleaners. Queen Floofy Floofer ran after me as I followed her inside. "GET AWAY!" she cried. Normally I would have dropped it by this point. But telling me that I should have basically stayed dead for the sake of Queen Floofy Floofer being miserable was the final straw. A few people were in the cleaners and jumped back when we ran in like that. Queen Floofy Floofer came forth and tried to pull me back but she slipped on something on the floor and I ended up falling down on top of her. Mertle took the opportunity to try and run from there but I latched onto her shirt with my toes as she did so and she also fell down as the force dragged her back. I helped Queen Floofy Floofer up. She was distraught. But just as I turned around I saw Mertle stand up and grab a cup of something from a dryer before she went to fling it at Queen Floofy Floofer. On instinct I dove in front of her and the liquid hit me instead. " CAPTAIN CHONKERS!" Queen Floofy Floofer screamed. I cringed as I felt something burn against my shirt and shorts, some of it getting in the fur of my lower right leg. I quickly pulled everything off and Queen Floofy Floofer and I watched in horror as the liquid went through my clothes. The smell was extremely over-powering to me, making me slightly dizzy and I started to realise what had happened. She'd thrown a cup of bleach at me. I looked down at my leg and noticed a patch of my fur lightening slightly. The bleach was reacting strangely with it. I was mortified. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!"  Queen Floofy Floofer screeched in panic as she saw that and my now damaged outfit. One of the adults rushed over to us. I could tell he was the owner. He had a cup of water and he threw it at my lower half quickly before wiping my leg with some tissues. Mertle tried to sneak out as this happened but he grabbed her by the arm. "Why did you do it?!" Mertle was terrified. "I-I thought it was water!" "IT WAS BLEACH, I am helping a client bleach some outfits! I just put that there for a moment or so to answer the phone!" he was furious. "I'm calling your mother, what's your name and phone number?" "Please don't! I'll get grounded for life!" Mertle cried. "I'll leave!" He growled and pushed her to the door. "Get out and STAY out. Don't ever come back here!" He looked at me and Queen Floofy Floofer. "Oh dear..." he said seeing my fur once he dried me the best he could before looking to my ruined shirt and shorts. "Are you okay boy?" I grit my teeth and he looked at Queen Floofy Floofer. "You should get him along to the vet straight away." Queen Floofy Floofer sniffled. "He'll be okay, his dad is a doctor." He nodded but looked confused. "Dad?" "Uh... I mean, his owner." "Is there anything I can do?" "Thank you, we'll be okay." Queen Floofy Floofer said softly and helped me back out after the owner put my clothes into a bag for her. Mertle was outside. I put my paw on Queen Floofy Floofer's shoulder as she looked at me hesitantly before looking at my leg. I didn't care too much about myself at that point, only about Queen Floofy Floofer. She began to speak, but Queen Floofy Floofer shut her down. "Just go home Mertle. Don't ever come near us again." She stepped forward but as soon as I saw that I just snapped. Not only had she ruined our day but she'd thrown bleach at me and ruined my fur as well as my favourite outfit. I really hoped Thicc Corgi would be able to help. I stormed over to her and was about to punch her in the face but Queen Floofy Floofer stopped me. "No Captain Chonkers... please..." Mertle had a strange expression as she inched back from my fist, shaking. She kept staring at my leg. "I didn't mean to! It comes off, right?" Queen Floofy Floofer pulled me but I stood my ground. Both girls stared at me. "Come <em>on</em> Captain Chonkers..." Queen Floofy Floofer gripped my arm gently and pulled. I spat at the ground beside Mertle before letting her pull me away. She put her arm around me as we left the area and started to head around the corner. "I hate her so much Queen Floofy Floofer!" I said against my best friend angrily. "Tell Captain Chonkers deserve to die, better off without. Tell Queen Floofy Floofer she no deserve me! Ruin my clothes, fur! Unfair!" "I know..." Queen Floofy Floofer said. "She's so mean and she always has been, Captain Chonkers. And after today, I don't want to ever talk to her again." My ears perked suddenly at that and I flipped out of Queen Floofy Floofer's arms to face backwards. Mertle was <em>right </em>behind us. There was no way that she couldn't have heard me talking. My suspicions were confirmed from the look on her face. Queen Floofy Floofer paled. She gripped me close to her. We stared at each other. "Y-you..." she started, pointing at me before looking at Queen Floofy Floofer. "He... he can talk?" Queen Floofy Floofer looked mortified for a moment or so but then she just slumped down. I could tell she was so done with the girl now to the point now she just didn't care. "Yes," Queen Floofy Floofer snapped. "Yes, Captain Chonkers can talk, okay? He's more than just a 'dog' he's my best friend. Now go away." Mertle refused. She ran around to the front of us and blocked our path but she never broke eye contact with me. I snarled and she flinched. "Look, I'm sorry okay? I know you saved me back there. I really thought it was water!" Queen Floofy Floofer looked puzzled. "Saved you? What do you mean?" Mertle sighed. "When he was chasing me, I ran onto the road but didn't see a car coming. I would have been hit but he pushed me out of the way." Queen Floofy Floofer looked at me in shock. She hadn't seen because she arrived only just after that had happened. "Is that true Captain Chonkers?" I sighed and nodded. "I heard what you said..." I growled at that and just put my arm around  Queen Floofy Floofer to pull her away but Mertle wouldn't let up. "I didn't mean it, honestly! I didn't know you really died! I just wanted to make Queen Floofy Floofer feel bad! I thought she was lying!" I paused at that and stormed over to her. "That's ALL you do, make Queen Floofy Floofer sad!" I snapped and her eyes widened at hearing my voice. "Want me to die, so Queen Floofy Floofer sadder! Make you happy, ih? Queen Floofy Floofer sad, no achi-babas!" She was in shock. "UGA TABA NALA TOOBAGA," I roared at her and she looked terrified. "Come on Queen Floofy Floofer..." I gripped her hand and pulled. "I'm sorry!" Mertle cried. "Too late," I snapped back at her. "Ama gunda tay uga taba." " Captain Chonkers, I-" "LUCHA! LOOK WHAT YUUGA DID TO MEEGA!" I roared at her, pointing to my leg. "You make Queen Floofy Floofer so miserable... sad... unhappy. She so sad, I work so hard to cheer her up and you ruin everything, all time! Queen Floofy Floofer no want your sorry and Captain Chonkers naga want eichiba. Get LOST." Mertle looked miserable. She tried one more time and went around me to get to Queen Floofy Floofer but I threw out my arms protectively. "Li-" "NO GO NEAR HER! GO AWAY!" She stared at me wide eyed before turned and bolted away. For a moment I was scared she was going to blabber my secret to her mother and those other brats, but something told me she wasn't going to. Queen Floofy Floofer just sighed. She said no words, but fell against me and I cradled her. I held her like this for a few moments to calm her down before hoisting her onto my back and we both headed home slowly. I just hoped Thicc Corgi could fix my fur and my clothes.

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