Captain Chonkers Chapter Twenty-Six


Captain Chonkers!" I sat up and rubbed my eyes.  Queen Floofy Floofer stood before me, only twice as tall as what she used to be. I looked around. We were on a beach except there seemed to be nothing but beach. No buildings. No Surf Shack. No Luki's. I was confused. "Leelo...?" " Captain Chonkers, this is Keoni. He's new to the island." I stared at the male beside her. He was tall, like her, with ginger hair. He was on the thinner side but with traces of mild abs. He was grinning at me and holding up a weight in his right arm with his left around  Queen Floofy Floofer's waist. "He and I are moving in together," Queen Floofy Floofer swooned over the male, putting her arms around his shoulders. My eyes widened. "I don't have time for you anymore. I'm an adult now. I have my own life to live. It was nice you were there for me Captain Chonkers, but I have Keoni now and you'll have to find a new best friend." "L-Leelo...?" I choked, feeling my heart break. "Wh-...g-gaba?" "Bye Captain Chonkers!" Queen Floofy Floofer said to me, petting me on the head before turning and leaving with the male. I stood up and ran after them but kept tripping and tripping. They got smaller and disappeared. The beach stretched on for miles. As hard as I tried to reach them everything kept warping and stretching. Everything was becoming decrepit. It felt infinite. " Queen Floofy Floofer, please don't leave me!" I cried. " Queen Floofy Floofer!  QUEEN FLOOFY FLOOFER!" " CAPTAIN CHONKERS!" I jerked upright gasping for air. My heart was racing. As my vision cleared, I realised I'd been having another bad dream. I was safe in my bed at home, not on a forever-spanding beach. Queen Floofy Floofer was before me. She wasn't twice as tall as she had been in the dream – she was my height. I stared at her before wrapping my arms around her and nuzzling into her shoulder. " Captain Chonkers, what's wrong?! I heard you crying my name over and over... were you having a nightmare?" she asked me over my shoulder and I felt her stroking my ears. "I-ih..." "Shh..." she soothed me and started humming 'Aloha 'Oe' to me. When my breathing returned to normal she lay down beside me but never let go of my paw. " Queen Floofy Floofer..." I breathed to her. " Queen Floofy Floofer... never leave Captain Chonkers, right? Always best friends?" She stared at me. " Captain Chonkers, I would rather die than leave you." "But...  Queen Floofy Floofer... grow older. Grow up. Find boyfriend?" I quivered. In the past I had been scared to bring this up to her out of angering her or causing tension, but that nightmare had made me realise just how much I needed her. That scenario possibly happening in the future would destroy me. If she left me behind like that my heart would shatter. She stared at me at that. "I-I don't know, Captain Chonkers. I don't know what the future holds. But I know as long as you aren't in it, then I have no future." I sighed. She clutched my paw tightly. "I'll never leave you, Captain Chonkers. Boyfriend or not. We made a vow, remember?" "Ih..." I responded. "Always be together." "Forever..." she responded, yawning, clutching my paw tightly as sleep overwhelmed her. I stared at her for a long time before eventually drifting back to sleep myself.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>I woke up fairly early the next morning and squinted at the window, seeing sunlight. Sunlight? DAMN IT! I'd completely forgotten about Mr Kuakini! Let alone to set my alarm! That stupid dream had disrupted me. I flew out of the bed (feeling awful for scaring  Queen Floofy Floofer) but I had no time to worry about that now. I charged outside and bolted on all fours into town. As I approached Kuakini's shop I saw the door open. 'Oh no...' I thought. 'Too late...' I slowed my pace as I approached and peered inside. Mr Kuakini was in there setting up some items on the shelves. Nervously I stepped in and he turned from hearing me. "Uh... Captain Chonkers soka... for being late..." He stood up and stared at me. "Oh... you remembered. Thought you'd forgotten. I'm due to open in twenty minutes, so there isn't really time for you to do anything today Captain Chonkers." He hid it well but I could tell he was a little annoyed with me. I sighed. This was bad. "Though, feel free to come by tonight to make up for it." "Mad at me...?" I asked hesitantly. He put his hand to his head. "No. No I'm not. I wonder where you were, but what's done is done, ey? I did need a hand with this stock, but it just means I won't be able to put it out until tomorrow, is all." "I had bad dream. Overslept," I said to him. He looked surprised to hear that. "Oh. Sorry to hear. No biggie, just try not to let it happen again  Captain Chonkers as this work is important. But as I said, come back tonight. You can help me after close if you still want to get paid for Mrs. Doggo." I nodded. I waved and headed back home sadly. "Stupid..." Only my second day on the job and I'd already blown it. I donked myself on the head with my fist a few times as I trudged home.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p> Queen Floofy Floofer was sitting on the porch when I walked back up the driveway. She was in her pyjamas. As soon as she saw me she ran towards me. " CAPTAIN CHONKERS!" she screamed. "What happened?! Is everything okay?" I stared at her, but then remembered I'd woken her up when I jumped out of the bed like that. "Fine, Queen Floofy Floofer..." I told her. "Soka for scaring you." She put her hand under my chin and tilted me head up. "Are you sure?" "Ih. Is naga about green eyes, no worry." "Okay..." she responded hesitantly. She turned to head back inside with me but then paused and faced me again. I tilted my head. She stared at me before leaning over and kissing my nose. I giggled. We went back inside for breakfast. Thicc Corgi and the rest of the family were already there and when  Queen Floofy Floofer and I approached, he pulled out the chairs for us to sit up with them. Mrs. Doggo put our breakfast on the table. "We've confirmed a date for the wedding. I got in contact with my auntie and uncle. Both of them are able to come." Thicc Corgi, Sir Chonky and I stared in alarm at that. Thicc Corgi looked at me. Mrs. Doggo noticed this. "Yes, I do remember about before. I've actually explained to my family the situation with you three. They are really excited to meet you." I was surprised to hear that. "Know we aliens? Captain Chonkers naga act like dumb dog?" Thicc Corgi's eyes narrowed slightly at that. He put his hand on my head. Mrs. Doggo stared at me for a moment before smiling. " Captain Chonkers, they know you're all aliens. They're super excited about it. I underestimated them." I nodded. I understood all about that. Thicc Corgi was smiling. "Can be betting I will be showing off my greatest success on big day!" Mrs. Doggo laughed. "As long as you don't overtake MY big day Thicc Corgi, then all is good." I noticed at that moment the card was on the table. He must have shown the others. In fact at that moment Queen Floofy Floofer reached across and picked it up and stared at it. When she saw my drawing she snorted. I groaned in embarrassment. "Good try  Captain Chonkers!" "Leave me alone." "Is fine, Captain Chonkers. Perfect as is," Thicc Corgi encouraged me. Queen Floofy Floofer just rolled her eyes and smiled. "Your suits will be ready next Monday. The wedding isn't for two more weeks after that. Uncle needs to wait until he has a week off work and auntie has plans too. But so far it seems everybody is able to come. Shiba Chonkers and I are making official invitations at the moment. In fact-" Mrs. Doggo left the room for a few moments before returning with three envelopes. She handed me a blue one, Thicc Corgi a green one and Sir Chonky a yellow one. They had a slight marble gloss to them in the light. I thought they were pretty. Thicc Corgi and Sir Chonky both started opening theirs, so I opened mine. It was a card. It was decorated with palm trees and there was a small picture of a hammock with the sun in the background. I tried to read what it said but some things I couldn't understand, so Queen Floofy Floofer ended up reading it out to me:</p><p style='text-align:center;'><strong> Captain Chonkers<br></strong><strong><br></strong>You are formally invited as a respected guest to the wedding of</p><p style='text-align:center;'><strong>Mrs. Doggo </strong>and<strong> Shiba Chonkers Kawena</strong></p><p style='text-align:center;'>To be held at the <strong>Birds of Paradise Resort</strong> on the</p><p style='text-align:center;'><strong>23rd of February 2000</strong></p><p style='text-align:center;'>2pm until 7pm. Dinner included</p><p style='text-align:center;'>See you there! "Ah! Is being one full day after  Captain Chonkers's birthday! According to Earth years, I created Captain Chonkers on the 21st February," Thicc Corgi said upon reading his. Mrs. Doggo and the rest of the family looked pleased to hear that. "Well then, I guess we have two celebrations coming up," she responded, gently running her hand along my ear. "How old will you be Captain Chonkers?" Shiba Chonkers asked me. "Three." Shiba Chonkers was just as surprised as Mrs. Doggo had been. Queen Floofy Floofer and Sir Chonky knew my age but Shiba Chonkers was never aware of it from what I remembered. "Oh, wow. I had no idea you were so young." Thicc Corgi beamed. "Promised him a party," he said putting his hand on my back. "Am wanting occasion to be special, being first." The others were quiet but I knew they agreed. "What would you like for your birthday Captain Chonkers?" Queen Floofy Floofer asked me. "Hmm..." I put a claw to my chin in contemplation. The others all watched me. "Surprise me!" Queen Floofy Floofer laughed. "Fine!" We had breakfast. Mrs. Doggo left for work shortly after but Shiba Chonkers remained home with us. His shift had been cancelled apparently. He sat with his hand in his head staring out of the window. Queen Floofy Floofer had gone off to watch something on TV as there was no hula class today, but Thicc Corgi and I remained in the kitchen with him. Thicc Corgi sat me on the table before him and inspected my leg. Shiba Chonkers watched him curiously. I could tell something was on his mind but he didn't say anything to us. My father started muttering to me in Kweltikwan and I responded. Shiba Chonkers looked out of the window again as we conversed. He was asking me things about my birthday. "Rslizk nze nahyrvhat js dvas?" "Kex." "Jis'za lxiu zna eeb?" "Scil." "Lxils nlsa eihca  Captain Chonkers. Syzwe nchas b'zoick." "D'zla rygys deix nchils zna tvuhbix." Thicc Corgi put his hand on my head. During that time Sir Chonky had poured himself a latte and sat down beside Shiba Chonkers to read the paper. "Do you understand them?" Shiba Chonkers piped up shortly after and both Thicc Corgi and I looked at him. "Nope." Shiba Chonkers looked surprised. "But I've seen you understand them before?" Sir Chonky looked at him. "I understand Tantalog. Tantalog is the equivalent of English from where we come from. The one they speak now I can't understand, it's from Thicc Corgi's home planet. Their native one. Mine's Plorginar. Likewise they wouldn't understand Plorginarian." Shiba Chonkers seemed very intrigued. "So... space has it's own English?" "Yes, Tantalog." "Sounds cool," he responded. "Thicc Corgi and Captain Chonkers, you should show the family." "Eh... we shall see," Thicc Corgi responded. He looked distant. "Accata Thicc Corgi?" I asked him. Sir Chonky looked at us at that. He sighed. "Wondering if made right choice today Captain Chonkers, telling Edmonds woman about us." I paused at that. "No think they tell." "Can be sure though?" I paused again. I'd definitely seen a change in Mertle after I'd saved her from that car. Despite we still hated each others guts, I think my father seeing her and her throwing that bleach at me and actually causing me permanent damage to my fur had made her wake up to herself. She hadn't told her mother straight away about me when she got home, which made me think that she wasn't going to be the type that would spread our secret around. She called me weird so much in the past I think it had just confirmed to her that she was right about that. In the sense that we were 'weird' because we weren't from Earth. I honestly didn't think she was going to tell myself. But I knew humans weren't entirely trustworthy. Still though, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and I would see how she behaved in class tomorrow. "Wait and see," I said to Thicc Corgi. "Papa change, maybe she do too." Thicc Corgi stared at me for a long time at that before nodding. "You are right,  Captain Chonkers." Shiba Chonkers watched us again but didn't say anything. Thicc Corgi picked up on his mood though. "What is being wrong?" "My shift was cut today. I have a feeling same will apply for the rest of the week. If it continues, then I know they are cutting me. I'll have no job and it's hard to find a new one here nowadays." I looked up at Thicc Corgi. He just shrugged at me. "Sorry to hear," he told Shiba Chonkers. "Well... I know there isn't anything you guys can do about it. I'll just have to deal with it." "We look after Shiba Chonkers baby," I said and he stared at me. "No worry." "Thanks Captain Chonkers," he responded. I felt awful watching him as he got up and left. I just hoped I'd make enough to help out Mrs. Doggo working for Mr Kuakini and that he wasn't going to be too angry with me for forgetting to go in before.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Later that evening after dinner I snuck out and walked into town. I left a lot earlier this time so I didn't have to rush there. Kuakini's closed at 7.00pm so I left at 6.30pm. The sunset was a blazing orange as I walked and it made the sky light up a mixture of pink, blue and purple. It was a very stunning sight. As I walked I passed by the barber. A while back now when I'd glitched I had shaved his moustache off, but then tried to make it up to him by helping out and making him a wig. After that we'd become a bit more acquainted with each other and he trimmed my fur for me when it got too long free of charge, which was nice. He didn't mind that I wasn't human. I paused and looked in the window, pressing my paws up against the glass. He was inside holding up a mirror to a man's hair. He saw me looking in, making his customer look up briefly, and waved to me. I walked to the door and went inside. "Hello Captain Chonkers," he greeted me. His name was Paul. I grinned at him and sat down. He was finishing up with the customer. The customer paid for their haircut and stared at me as they left. I jumped up and started to sweep for him. I often did this whenever I visited. "Oh dear... what happened there?" Paul asked me, and I realised he was looking at where the bleach had hit me. He bent down to inspect. I hadn't actually spoken to Paul before. He thought I was a smart dog, as did the majority of the residents on the island. So I said nothing. "Hmm..." he stood up and pointed to a chair. "Jump up  Captain Chonkers." I did so and he turned for a moment before approaching me with a special looking comb. He began to brush the fur around my stomach and leg in a particular manner. When he stopped and showed me, I realised that he'd brushed it so that it wasn't at all evident that there was bleach damage. I was amazed. He took note of my face. "Fourty years experience as a barber, I know a thing or two. If you cannot hide something, then dress it up!" I stood up happily and looked in the mirror. My fur looked normal again. I jumped down and hugged his leg as thanks and he pet me on the head. "Anytime, little friend." Waving goodbye to Paul I headed out and resumed walking to Kuakini's. Once I got there I saw a few customers inside so I sat down by the entrance. Customers walking in and out stared at me and one of them even pet me on the head. I was thankful that the majority of the islanders respected me. Most of them were used to me, but on the odd occasion there were a few tourists (residents too in some cases) that weren't aware of me and tended to make remarks about me. I had one such case sitting there when a stuck up looking woman and her husband headed towards the store. They had to be tourists from how they were dressed. They both stopped and eyed me and the woman pulled down her sunglasses. "What on earth is that?" "Something must have went wrong during breeding, dear. It looks like a mutant koala. Come... don't get too close to it. We don't know what diseases it might have." Insults I could take as they were few and sparce; most of the islanders were accepting folk but directly attacking me for how Thicc Corgi created me – now that made me angry. Tourists like this were just stuck up and stupid. Their accents told me they were very posh. I stood up and snarled at them, raising my claws. The woman freaked out and went behind her husband. They looked scared. A few customers had walked out and stopped to watch. It must have caught Mr Kuakini's attention because he came outside too. " Captain Chonkers!" I looked at him, but snarled at the tourists again. They backed off. "I think... we will find another mart," the woman said and the pair of them walked away. The other customers dispersed. The man took my paw and brought me inside, shutting the door behind us. "What did you do to them?" "Meega?! They insult me!" I responded, pointing to myself. "Rude to  Captain Chonkers!" He stared at me before sighing. "I see. Look.. I can't have you making commotion like that out the front of my store, it looks bad to the customers. Those tourists might have wanted to come in and I could have had a final sale. It's not everyday we get rich tourists around here. Often when they come they buy a lot from me and also buy my souvenirs." Seriously? "Tell me I'm mutant koala! Tell Captain Chonkers... something go wrong and have disease!" He stared at me. "You have to ignore it. People are rude, Captain Chonkers. Especially tourists. I've had plenty of people ask me if I speak English." "But no attack how you look, jutaba?" He looked away. "Forget it, Captain Chonkers. Come... there is a lot to be done tonight." I wasn't sure I wanted to help him after this. But I had to consider Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers's situation. I hated it when money and sales were deemed more important and Mr Kuakini was clearly that type. I growled at him slightly but went to help. Things were already rocky from me not showing up this morning but at that stage and how he brushed my situation off like that had angered me. I'd done nothing to deserve being treated like that. If he valued a sale from two stuck up snobby tourists over how I felt then it made me wonder how he would treat actual employees. I did understand he was a small business owner and of course, money was important to him but I was helping him because I wanted to. He could have been a bit more respectful to me about it. He could sense I was mad. I think it scared him a little as I moved the boxes out the back. To me, the boxes were as light as toothpicks, but most of them towered over him. I knew it would startle him if I was a bit more forceful than usual, but I couldn't help it. He kept his distance as I worked. An hour so so later, I'd finished out the back. We hadn't spoken at all during that time. Mr Kuakini was sitting on a chair with a newspaper. I stared at him from the entrance to the loading area. Really? He was lounging around making me do all his labour? I cleared my throat and leaned against the door-frame. He looked up at me. "Done?" I had to bite my tongue from speaking back to him. "Ih..." He put the newspaper down and went to look. "Good work. Now I need you to do this area." I held back and he turned to face me. " Captain Chonkers?" "Were doing anything at all?" I asked him. "Or reading all time?" "Why do you want to know,  Captain Chonkers?" "Want my help, but yuuga naga do anything." "I've worked all day Captain Chonkers. I'm currently paying you to help me." "Naga. I am not here for you to sit back and meega do all your work cuz' Captain Chonkers strong." He stared at me. I narrowed my eyes. "Don't get mad at me, Captain Chonkers. You didn't show up this morning, and then you scared those people." "I still come. Captain Chonkers eh... ah..." Great. I couldn't remember the word. He stared at me as I racked my brain for another similar word I knew in English. I grit my teeth. " Captain Chonkers... tell you reason why. Had nightmare, made me oversleep." "I know Captain Chonkers, but it's only the second day. If you were a hired employee of mine, I'd fire you. It's not a good look on the first week of work." "You no care when I called mutant!" I responded. "Rather money!" "Yes, because this is my welfare Captain Chonkers. How I keep my home and pay my bills. After the storm damage I had to pay out quite a bit in repairs and new stock. My insurance only covered so much. I am tight with money at the moment and barely have enough for myself." I sighed. I did understand his situation. "I know you are upset Captain Chonkers. If you truly do not want to be here, then go home. I will find somebody else." "I'm here to help Naanee," I told him. "You know I alien. Cannot keep telling. Big secret." "Then let's just put this behind us, okay?" I looked away from him. He irritated me but what good would it do me just continuing to argue with him? Nothing. Sure I screwed up. I could accept that. I felt disrespected by him and that he was rude to me, but he was right too. "Fine," I told him bluntly. "What want me do." "Over here Captain Chonkers." He stood up and showed me what he wanted done. I sat down and just kept to myself as I worked, ears flat across my back. I truly wasn't in the best of moods. Another hour or so later, he approached me again. I looked up at him and he handed me something wrapped in aluminium foil. I took it hesitantly and opened it. It was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was surprised by this. I looked up at him. "Figured you might be hungry." I stared at him as he went back and sat down at the counter. I sniffed it slightly and ate it, wondering why he'd done such a thing for me. He must have expected I'd go up to him and ask because he was waiting for me at the counter as opposed to occupying himself. He sat down beside me against the side of the counter. " Captain Chonkers, when I started this business many many years ago, I had literally nobody to help me do it. I had to scrape together funds by begging on the sidewalk as my family was very poor. I started off with a stall on the side of the road, selling drinks and snacks. It took a long time for things to get better for me. But I will tell you this. I dealt with the worst kinds of people. Not the islanders, no... they are good! But the tourists. They said things to me... commented on my stall. Talked about me as if I understood no English. It was hard. But I had no choice but to ignore it all. You expect all people are nice... well I'll tell you  Captain Chonkers, they aren't." I tilted my head at him. "If I let them all get to me, I wouldn't be where I am today. Sometimes... you just have to suck it up because at the end of the day, really all that matters is what those that care about you think, yes? Not mere strangers and people you will never see again. Get what I am saying?" I nodded slowly. "I know you were mad at me. I know what you are capable of... I do not like seeing you that way. You are so strong and even scary when you are angry. I am not trying to be mean to you Captain Chonkers, I assure you that I have no issues with you. But I do have my limits. I need to. Alien or not, you are no different to me than if it were any other person I employed. If the same thing had of happened to them, I'd be no different. Get me?" "Ih..." He nodded. "If you respect me and my business, then I'll respect you too. I do sympathise with you being called horrible things. It's really a very cruel thing to be insulted for how you look. But as somebody that's also dealt with such a thing – I want you to not let it get to you, okay?" "Okeytaka." I sighed. He nodded. "Good, good." I watched him as he stood back up and went to sit down. " Captain Chonkers, you are good. Helping out Naanee like this. But I also understand this is a new experience for you. Working, yes?" Well, he was right about that. "Ih..." "Did you work where you come from?" I shook my head. "I.. do other things." I most certainly was not going to bring that subject up. "I see," he responded but thankfully didn't question me further. "Anyway, there isn't much more to do. You can just leave that stuff there and finish the rest off in the morning if you like." "Can go home now?" He nodded. I started for the entrance, but paused and turned to look back at him. "Don't forget your alarm this time, okay?" " Captain Chonkers... won't..." I said, proceeding to head out but I turned back again. He smiled this time. " Captain Chonkers, everything is okay. Really. All that stuff before... no worry about it. Things happen. But... all you need to do is shrug it off. Who cares, better things to worry about and I am not angry with you, alright?" I looked at him sadly. "Okeytaka..." "Cheer up. I'll see you here in the morning, yes?" I forced myself to smile. "Uh... ih." "Good good. Off you go." I looked at him before falling onto all fours and heading back home.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>I stared up at my home from the end of the driveway. I had no idea how I was going to explain why I was gone for so long to Queen Floofy Floofer. Before I could ponder on that, the door opened and she charged down to me. "Where on earth did you go?!" "Uh... beach?" She looked at me weird. "Why?" " Captain Chonkers need... time alone?" "<em>This late?!</em> Why didn't you tell me?" "Soka..." She sighed and kissed my cheek. "I missed you. I was worried. Please don't do that again Captain Chonkers!" I smiled at her and licked her cheek in response, making her giggle. "Ew!" We headed back inside. I guess they had been watching another movie because there was food on the table in the living room and strewn about blankets. " Queen Floofy Floofer watch movie?" I asked upon seeing that. She shook her head. "No, I was waiting for you. Thicc Corgi was about to send off that buggy thing." Buggy thing? Oh, the B.U.G. " Captain Chonkers!" I heard a voice and Thicc Corgi peered around the door-frame. "Papa!" I smiled at him and he picked me up. "Where you go off to? Was about to look for you." I knew I couldn't blow my cover and oversleep again from this. If Thicc Corgi had of sent that B.U.G my secret of helping out Mrs. Doggo would have been ruined.  Queen Floofy Floofer and Thicc Corgi would be angry with me if they knew that I'd trusted a complete stranger. By now, at least four people knew about us. If things got out of hand I knew that Thicc Corgi would be able to handle it; we had some of the most powerful weapons systems and equipment ever created stored in the ship, more powerful than any nuclear weapon on earth. I knew those would never need to be used here on Earth, but Thicc Corgi was more than prepared to defend me from any type of situation which would involve me being taken away from him. He would never allow such a thing to happen. Since we were exiled here for life, the Galactic Federation did not have any reason to go after us. They deemed Earth as unimportant and the Grand Councilwoman didn't consider Earth a priority planet although she <em>did </em>somewhat care about us enough to keep tabs with us – like when Thicc Corgi requested the ship to be repaired and the global orbit during the storm. However, she was the only one. Most of the Galactic Federation committee wanted us dead but she was unlike them – she gave us another chance after what I'd done. She had accepted we had redeemed ourselves. Since she was the highest-in-power the federation had no choice but to accept her word was final. We had always been confused by her decision to spare us but we were quite lucky she wasn't like the others in that regard. The only real threat we had here was the government. But really... what could they do to us with all of our training and the technology at our disposal? This was a different planet. They couldn't exactly arrest us for being former terrorists. They couldn't do a thing to us. I was skilled in combat and fighting and Thicc Corgi was an ex-assassin. We were more than capable of dealing with any humans that would attempt to harm us. Of course, I hoped it would never come to that as I <em>hated </em>fighting and conflict, but I could deal with it if I was forced into such a situation that threatened both myself and my father. I would never let anything happen to Thicc Corgi and likewise I knew he would never let anything happen to me. I snapped out of my thoughts when Queen Floofy Floofer tugged at my paw. Thicc Corgi was still holding me. "You guys gonna watch the next movie with us?" Thicc Corgi and I looked at each other. He pushed his nose to mine before putting me down and ruffling the top of my head. I swatted at him but he was too quick. "Sure. Why not," he responded to Queen Floofy Floofer. Queen Floofy Floofer beamed at us before taking my paw and we sat on the couch together to wait for the others.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Later on in bed that night, I stared up at the bottom of Queen Floofy Floofer's bunk and thought about the events of before with Mr Kuakini. The more I thought about it, the more I realised how stubborn I must have come across to him. Only wanting him to care about the fact I was insulted by two stupid idiot tourists. I was upset though. When humans insulted me, it did hurt me. Thicc Corgi had also been the brunt of many jokes too due to his weight. He'd always had trouble with his weight and couldn't keep it off once he put it on. Eventually he got to a point he gave up and just focused on what made him happy instead. Me. I did get scared that he would develop health problems from it. Thicc Corgi wasn't old just yet and had a long way to go until he was, and his species was stronger than the average alien so that eased my mind, but I did hope he would make some attempt to lose some of the weight he'd put on. I knew my father's biggest fear was losing me but for me, it was the same for him too, as well as Queen Floofy Floofer. Since we were on Earth now, we didn't have access to alien hospitals or technology. If Thicc Corgi got sick and something happened to him... I'd be all alone. Being the only one of my kind, if <em>I </em>got sick? I'd have no chance. Thicc Corgi was my creator and he was the only alien in the entire galaxy that knew my anatomy and how I worked and how I could be fixed if I needed to be repaired. Since I was an assortment of species, I wasn't like humans who were all the same and could just go to a doctor and be treated. Thicc Corgi had created me to be superior. That did mean not getting sick, but even so I was still susceptible to things. I wasn't a super invincible machine that was going to live for all eternity. Even if I was capable of destroying planets, I wasn't immune to dying. I was stocky myself, but nothing like my father. I just hoped nothing would happen to either of us. I knew the chances of anything happening to us were extremely unlikely, but it was one of my fears too and with how things were going for me with these weird occurrences that kept happening to me it just served to heighten my worry even more. I sighed and rolled over in the bed, making sure I did set my alarm this time. I was scared I'd wake  Queen Floofy Floofer with it but I didn't want to be forced to keep sleeping on the couch. It was too uncomfortable. I'd just shut the alarm off the second it buzzed. If Queen Floofy Floofer did end up waking up from it and asking me what I was doing... well, I'd just tell her I needed to use the bathroom or something. I couldn't do another no-show like I did today. All I could do was hope for the best.

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