Captain Chonkers Chapter Twenty-Three


Queen Floofy Floofer was sitting on the porch when we walked back up the driveway. She looked terrible and her hair was frizzy. It seemed as though she hadn't even bothered to dry her hair earlier in the day from after her shower and something told me that she'd been sitting there all day waiting for us to come back. My heart sank at this. I think Thicc Corgi's did to. "...oh, look  Captain Chonkers..." he said to me. "Little girl looking very sad." As we walked closer, Queen Floofy Floofer looked up and saw us. Her eyes widened and she screamed, jumping up and charging at us. "YOU'RE BACK!" Thicc Corgi barely caught her as she leaped at us. She threw her arms around both of us the best she could. "I was so scared... I didn't think you'd come home..." Thicc Corgi put both of us down and  Queen Floofy Floofer clutched onto me. I put my head against her shoulder. "Of course we come back," Thicc Corgi told her softly, tilting her chin up so she was looking at him. "We're o'hana, yes?" Queen Floofy Floofer nodded, clutching his finger with both hands. The door opened and Mrs. Doggo and Shiba Chonkers stepped out. Mrs. Doggo gasped at seeing us both. "You're back! We were about to go out and look for you guys..." she said, holding the phone in her hand. "We've been worried about you." Thicc Corgi just stared at her at that. I did too. Mrs. Doggo approached us. She looked miserable. "Look guys... I'm so sorry for this morning and what happened in regards to the wedding. I truly never meant it in a bad way, but I can see how much it has hurt you both. I know  Captain Chonkers is your kid, Thicc Corgi. I would feel just as insulted about Queen Floofy Floofer if the same thing happened to her. I spent the day reflecting about it. Captain Chonkers..." she put her hand to my cheek. "...oh Captain Chonkers... after all you've done for me lately... I-" she sighed. "I'm sorry. You can talk to my family at the wedding. Of course, I am worried about your safety and identity above all, but you were right Thicc Corgi. I should not be so distrusting of my own family. After all, auntie helped us out so much when our parents died and... well, uncle has been very close to my father. I was just so scared of Captain Chonkers being discovered that I was willing to push him aside like that to protect him, but it was wrong. I was alienating you. No pun intended..." she smiled sadly. I could see she had been upset about this for a while. Thicc Corgi sighed. "Very well, larger girl, all is forgiven. Is just very hurtful to have my boy treated in this manner when he already has to deal with it on a daily basis. Being part of a family is meaning a lot to him." "I know... I've seen it more than enough times myself," Mrs. Doggo replied. "I know how fond  Captain Chonkers is of that book." She smiled at me. "By the way," she continued. "To make it up to you guys, I'm going to personally take care of your suits myself." Thicc Corgi looked surprised at that. I was also surprised myself. "Gaba eiek?" "That's right!" she responded and Shiba Chonkers smiled beside her, putting his arm on her back. "I'm going to get two special matching suits done for you two. It's going to be a complete surprise." Thicc Corgi looked at me at that. "Oh... okay then." Mrs. Doggo noticed his slight hesitation. "Y-you're still coming to my wedding, right?" she asked slowly, sounding scared. "No larger girl. Already told you that," Thicc Corgi snapped and Mrs. Doggo looked mortified before he bellowed loudly and thumped her on the back. "KIDDING! Of course Captain Chonkers and I attend wedding!" She looked relieved. We headed inside after that. Thicc Corgi sat with me on the couch and I snuggled against him. Queen Floofy Floofer sat beside me. Thicc Corgi stroked my head gently. I knew today had made us a little closer than before. I would always hate what Thicc Corgi had put me through. The reason I was so clumsy and made an idiot of myself the majority of the time was because he'd shot me in the head. It wasn't just me. My right arm had always been slightly weaker than my other three arms and I knew I had that big scar there from Chopsuey ripping it in half. I'd been through a lot in the past. I'd suffered terribly at the hands of my father. Most humans would not put up with that. I knew it was called 'abuse' from being on earth for two and a half years. Most would say that Thicc Corgi was an abusive parent, but I couldn't see it that way. Abusers never learned from their mistakes. They lacked sympathy and compassion and the worst types were serial killers that killed their own family and parents for money. Despite Thicc Corgi had killed me, he'd also saved my life. Twice. The different between heartless abusers and my father was that Thicc Corgi truly hadn't meant what he'd done. He had big heart under that 'evil-genius' ruse. Ever since the incident with me destroying Turo, he'd been more of a father to me. He'd been there for me every step of the way. Apart from the time he'd tried to capture me, of course, but I'd also learned that was a farce too. He did so to keep the federation happy. But it didn't matter much in the end because we both got exiled. It was no different had we'd been exiled on a deserted asteroid, except we got lucky and got exiled to a beautiful planet with a loving family that took us in and forgave us for nearly ruining their lives. We both redeemed ourselves through change and that had been enough for the Grand Councilwoman. We'd never be accepted back on Kweltikwan or Turo; after the countless deaths and destruction I'd caused we'd be man-hunted, but we were fine with that. Earth was our home now. Kauai. Thicc Corgi had killed those that deserved it. But I'd killed because I had no control over myself. I never wanted to. Even before when I'd killed the aliens that attacked me on my missions, I still hated doing it. But I had to, otherwise they would have hurt me. I also did it because Thicc Corgi liked it, not because of my programming. I hated my programming and had from the start. I'd just wanted to make him proud so in turn I would feel proud. I was supposed to be the ultimate heartless monster, but Thicc Corgi had a heart and had passed it through to me when he'd given me his DNA. As much as he claimed he was remorseless and evil, he wasn't. He was just pretending to be somebody he wasn't. I could understand his pain at being used and targeted for extermination. I really could. In some ways he'd felt relieved that I'd killed the board members and Gamada, but he also had his regrets about it and wished he'd never done so in the manner he did. There was no changing the past and we never would be able to change it. We were still scared of what would happen to us if  Queen Floofy Floofer and Mrs. Doggo found out. And now that I remembered what I'd done, I was sure that Queen Floofy Floofer wouldn't want to be near me if she knew that I'd eaten aliens and destroyed an entire planet's city. That I was basically an organic doomsday device. I shuddered slightly at the thought. She thought it was me being cold and lay herself over me. I sighed. She was precious. She truly was. I just hoped she would never find out the truth about me. Later that evening I sat on my fathers bunk. Thicc Corgi was having a shower. Sir Chonky was downstairs on the computer again and Queen Floofy Floofer was with Mrs. Doggo in the kitchen. Shiba Chonkers was watching the television. I lay down against his pillow and just thought to myself about everything. About my past. About the Metamorphosis System. I wondered how on earth Thicc Corgi had made me so powerful. How he was smart enough to make me as powerful as I was. I had the capability to destroy planets and cities. As dumb as it sounded, it was like my father was some kind of alien god. Either that or he was the smartest living being in existence. In the galaxy! I sighed. I was all powerful but I wished it wasn't. I wished I could just burn that section of my brain out and destroy that drive. But I would just end up killing myself if I did that. I could smell Thicc Corgi's scent all over the pillow. I could also smell Sir Chonky's from his pillow on the bunk below. I could smell a lot of things. Like Sir Chonky's candy stash under his bed that I'm pretty sure Mrs. Doggo wasn't aware of. I knew old flowers had been in the bedroom shortly before. I could smell those too. My nose was super-sensitive. Enough so to even smell dirt trails from their shoes where they had walked in the bedroom. I wanted to see Sir Chonky's candy stash and what he was hiding, so I jumped down from the bunk and crawled under his bed. I lay on my back and looked up. There was a small box taped to the underside of the bed. I snorted. So that was how Mrs. Doggo kept missing it when she cleaned under the bed. I was about to crawl out when something glinted out the corner of my eye, just being towards the edge of the bed enough so that it wasn't visible but the light of the bedroom just nicked it. I turned myself back around and pushed myself over to it, picking it up before sliding out. I held it up to the light. It was a strange little contraption that looked like a circular disc. When I pushed it down in my paws, it turned into a cube. I heard somebody coming up the stairs and Thicc Corgi walked back into his bedroom with a towel around his waist, clearly not expecting me to be there. I stared at the sight. He looked embarrassed and quickly shut the door. " Captain Chonkers!" he hissed at me. "What are you doing in here? Get ou-" he started, but cut himself off when he noticed what I was holding. "WHERE YOU BE FINDING THAT?" I flinched and cowered against the bed. "No, no no, I am not angry..." he said to me in a softer tone. "Give to me." I reached out and handed him the device. He looked at it before sighing and sitting down on Sir Chonky's bed. I knew Sir Chonky wasn't going to be happy about that but Thicc Corgi didn't care, seemingly getting lost in staring at the device. I climbed up beside him. "Gaba isa?" He sighed again. "Is spidget spinner. First device I was selling to GDI. Is how I made most of my money." My eyes widened slightly. "Thing tell Captain Chonkers about?" He nodded. I reached for it again and he let me hold it. I spun it with my claws. "Why have this?" I asked, staring into the disc as it spun around and glittered different colours in the light. He shrugged. "Belonged to long dead alien you killed that first interviewed me. When you kill him, it fell to my feet. I kept it." I frowned. "Why?" "I don't know, Captain Chonkers. I guess in a way, I never wanted to let go of past. My life at GDI before it turned bad. Is reminder of way things used to be. But also reminder of bad things." "If remind you of bad things, why keep?" He sighed. "I don't know. I find it hard to let go of past, as you know with Gamada's items in ship bedroom. Her jewellery she wore when you..." I looked down. I didn't remember how I killed her, but Thicc Corgi did. I knew it disturbed him more than he let on. "I guess I just keep to remind myself that those times passed. I had chance to redeem myself and am still doing so. Compels me to keep going." I put my paw on his finger. "Does  Captain Chonkers remind you of bad times?" He looked at me at that. "Yes and no. But is different because you are mine." I handed him back his spidget spinner. He put it into his drawer. "Was wondering where that had gone." "Under bed," I told him. "Sir Chonky has candy stash." He snorted. "I knew it." My father picked me up and put me down. I looked up at him. "Okay, out you go, am needing to change." I nodded put paused. "Um... Thicc Corgi?" "Yes?" "How make Captain Chonkers so powerful?" He stared at me at that. "What do you mean, Captain Chonkers?" I tapped my foot and rubbed my arm. "Well... Metamorphosis makes Captain Chonkers huge monster. Able to destroy cities, leave planets ruined... how you do?" He put his hand to his head. "Ah... well, with that I did that yes, but I wanted to go further. Your true purpose was to destroy cities, however your ultimate purpose... the one I kept hidden from you... was that you are a doomsday device." I knew it. "But... why make me that way?" He shrugged. "I collected DNA samples of most powerful creatures in galaxy to create you, but what makes you so powerful is not just that." "Gaba isa?" He walked over to me, bending down and pointing to my chest. "Inside of you is cell. I called it a 'power-cell' and is very tiny. Is beside your heart." I stared at him. He continued to explain. "During years I was creating you, two planets were set to collide on particular date. I went there and harnessed energy from the collision. That energy I converted and put into power-cell. Power-cell does not need to function in order for you to survive, Captain Chonkers-" he poked my chest. "-but is very reason why Metamorphosis System is making you so strong and makes you able to become big monster." I stared in disbelief. " Captain Chonkers... has... power of two colliding inside of him?" "That's one way to put it. More like... focused energy from two planets colliding. Very powerful energy runs through you. Is what makes you doomsday device. Captain Chonkers has potential to wipe out planet and life via Metamorphosis System. However, since system is shut down by two very powerful encryptions, power-cell is not functional. Only activates when system does. This ensures that you are not only safe, but your power does not exceed that of what you are currently capable of exerting. Is why you get tired, sleep... normal functions. You are, in reality, key to destruction. Most powerful creature in galaxy." I went quiet, just staring at him. He stared back at me. He must have loved the look on my face because he actually grabbed his camera and took a photo of me while I was frozen in extreme shock. "Ahh... will cherish this one." I shook my head and pulled down my ears. It was an overload of information; I could barely handle it. "... g-gaba... GABA? GABA?! GAAAAABAAAAA...?!" I screamed. "Y-you... you MAKE me like this? WHY?!" "Wanted to outdo myself. I suppose I did." "DID." He chuckled again. I clutched his skin. "Kaba... keeba baramba..." "Ah yes, I know it sounds so Captain Chonkers, but you are perfect, genius design. Is why I spent four years making you. To ensure I could create you as a true doomsday monster, but one that is also very safe outside of Metamorphosis coding. Glitches or malfunctions will not interfere with power-cell. Is useless with Metamorphosis System shut down. Understand?" That didn't make me feel better. "Can... take out? Remove?" I asked hopefully. "Sorry Captain Chonkers. Removing would kill you. Is part of you." I sighed. "Encrypt cell?" "Already has two layers of encryption. Tied to Metamorphosis System." I quivered. He noticed. "Calm down, Captain Chonkers. Nothing is going to happen to you with cell. Is very powerful, yes, but as I said, you are perfect GE-NI-US design. Cell is designed not to react outside of system activating. Is just tiny little dead piece of circuitry all times otherwise. That help make you feel more assured?" I sighed. "Not really." "Look..." he carried me over to his computer, opening up my file and accessing a part of it I'd never seen before. It was a diagram of me, but showed my nervous system. He pointed. "There is cell. See this? Red light?" He pointed to some Tantalog text beside the diagram. There were three circles, one green, one yellow and one red. The red was glowing. I nodded. "Indicates dead cell. Yellow light only goes on if cell is 'switched' and green light indicates in operation. Has been red for years, Captain Chonkers and I have monitored this every single day we have been being on earth. Will never change from that. If it does, has fail-safe, like in your brain. Fail-safe is ultimate. Is designed to burn out cell instantly if malfunctions for ANY reason without causing you pain. Now... be listening when I am telling you, this is MOST SAFEST precautions in all of safe-precautions that are being available. I should know. I designed you and created you." I just looked up at him, twisting the end of my ear around with my claw. "Also  Captain Chonkers, I have worked for over year updating you and making sure everything works how I want it to and with my intelligence, I am very confident in this. This assure you?" I sighed. "Feecha... Captain Chonkers... trust Thicc Corgi." He nodded. "Will do best for you up until I die!" I felt a little better hearing that. I jumped down. Thicc Corgi stared at me for a moment, before reaching down and poking my nose. "Now, go, GO! Am getting cold. And cheer up! I don't want to be seeing sad ball of fluff." He pushed me out. I giggled and left him alone, heading back downstairs to join Shiba Chonkers at the television. Both he and Sir Chonky looked up at me, simultaneously greeting me as I jumped up onto the couch. Shiba Chonkers looked at me a few minutes later. "Boy Captain Chonkers... never seen you that angry today. You looked very scary," he said to me. "I did not know you were so strong!" I looked at my lap. Strong indeed. "Light to Captain Chonkers." Sir Chonky was listening in. He looked at Shiba Chonkers. "Oh, that Little Monster of Thicc Corgi's is capable of destroying whole plan-" I put my claw to my throat in a slicing motion at that. Sir Chonky realised his screw up and covered his mouth. Shiba Chonkers was staring at him. "Destroying... what now?" "PLATES! WHOLE PLATES!" Sir Chonky screeched and went back to whatever he was doing on the computer. My heart pounded as Shiba Chonkers stared at me. "Oh yes, I remember now. Mrs. Doggo was not too happy 'bout that." I let out a sigh of relief, before glaring at Sir Chonky. I could see him looking at me sheepishly. Mrs. Doggo came into me at that moment holding a measuring tape. I stared, as did Shiba Chonkers. "Alright Captain Chonkers, stand up." "Gaba eiek?" I asked her. "I need to get your measurements for the tailors." While Mrs. Doggo measured me, I stared at the TV. There was report about bombings in another country in the world and it showed footage of the destruction of their city. It pained me. I'd made Turo look exactly like that. Thankfully Shiba Chonkers changed the channel and Mrs. Doggo noticed my discomfort, but she'd also heard the story too. "Very sad what happened to that city today. Hundred's were killed. I cannot believe how monstrous people can be in this world. War is never the solution." Shiba Chonkers nodded. I closed my eyes tightly. I HATED hearing that word. "You okay sweetie?" Mrs. Doggo asked me as she put the tape around my waist. It made me open my eyes and stare at her. I wasn't expecting that her head was right near mine and she seemed to get lost in my eyes for a few moments before snapping herself back around. I tilted my head. "Your eyes are very pretty," she told me. "I really cannot tell what you're looking at." "Naanee," I responded. "I know... but it's just hard to tell sometimes." I shrugged at that. Queen Floofy Floofer had said this to me once before as well. Mrs. Doggo seemed to stare at me. Thicc Corgi came in at that moment in his pyjamas and joined us on the couch. He watched Mrs. Doggo measure me. "Eh... what are you doing?" he asked. "Measuring him up for his suit. I called the tailors just before. They need the numbers. I'll have to measure you up as well Thicc Corgi." "Eh, I can easily tell you sizes myself," Thicc Corgi waved her off looking at the television. Whatever station Shiba Chonkers had changed the channel to flicked to a news update and of course, that same destroyed city was shown. As soon as Thicc Corgi saw it he picked up the remote and changed it of his own accord. He looked at me and I looked at him. Shiba Chonkers had noticed this. I could tell he was thinking something was going on from how I'd acted before and how Thicc Corgi had changed the channel, but he didn't say anything. "Hey Thicc Corgi..." Mrs. Doggo said suddenly, panning back and forth between me and my father. She did this a few times. "Yes larger girl?" "How come you didn't give Captain Chonkers four eyes like you have?" Queen Floofy Floofer came into us at that moment, stuffing her face with tinned ravioli. She said something but Mrs. Doggo gently swatted her on the back of the head for speaking with her mouth full. "Yeah! I wondered that too!" she spoke up when her mouth was empty, trying to open her mouth and give Mrs. Doggo a ravioli lick. Mrs. Doggo cried out in sheer disgust and pushed her back. Thicc Corgi was absolutely stumped by that question. I was myself. I'd never even thought about it. Apparently he hadn't either because he stared at me before scratching his head. "Uh... I... I really do not know. I just... didn't I guess? Captain Chonkers has 20/20 vision with his eyes, they are acute binocular lenses, so that was probably why. Was no need for it." "Binocular lenses?" Shiba Chonkers asked. "Like binoculars?' "Yes. Captain Chonkers's eyes are excellent. Can see colours outside of normal spectrum and has heat, xray and infrared modes. Not to mention can zoom in and out of distances, that being, acute binocular lenses and superior ability to see in dark." "He... can do all of that?" Mrs. Doggo asked. She sounded like she was unable to believe it. "Of course." She stared at me again. "Does... he actually have any pupils? Or are his eyes just really black?" I felt a little put on the spot with all this attention directed at me. But I appreciated their curiosity. "No pupils.  Captain Chonkers's eyes are fixed lenses. Cannot move eyes around in the way we can, he has to move his head to see, however his peripheral vision is far larger than ours. Looking at you, Captain Chonkers is probably able to see up to ceiling above him and also ground directly below him." Mrs. Doggo nodded. "Is that why you made him with four arms instead? Because of not giving him four eyes?" Thicc Corgi shook his head. "No, extra arms was idea from seeing bug climb up wall." "What?" she looked stumped, as did Queen Floofy Floofer. "Way limbs moved," Thicc Corgi explained. "Intrigued me, so I designed Captain Chonkers to be able to crawl up walls, extra arms for support." Mrs. Doggo sat down beside us on the couch. "So... how come, if you don't mind me asking, Captain Chonkers is so different from you? I know it's because you sourced other creatures or something, but the difference is uncanny." I sighed. I knew I was very different from my father. Thicc Corgi picked up on that and rubbed my back. "Simply to make him superior. If he was like me, he would not be able to adapt to extreme environments, like being in space without suit, or would not be able to run at super-speeds and lift buildings. And before you even think of saying so, the whole 'dog' thing is only sheer coincidence. He is pure alien." Everybody stared at me at that. I felt my face heat up. " Captain Chonkers can go into space without a space-suit?" Shiba Chonkers asked. Thicc Corgi nodded. "COOL!" Queen Floofy Floofer yelled. "Human's explode when that happens!" " QUEEN FLOOFY FLOOFER!" Mrs. Doggo snapped at her. "Well it's true!" "Actually, is not so true," Thicc Corgi told her and she stared at him in shock. "But that's what happens in movies?" "Mhmm," Thicc Corgi responded. "But is not accurate. Ebullism occurs due to reduction of pressure and would cause skin to expand, but not explode. Holding breath however is very bad – due to lack of pressure, remaining air in lungs would expand and rupture. Even if humans were to survive, UV rays and gamma radiation from sun would mutate DNA, causing cancer or burn human to crispy crisp the closer the exposure to sun is but with humans not lasting more than a minute without protection, bah.. good luck!" Queen Floofy Floofer just stared at him. "Of course, Captain Chonkers is being immune to all of this. His body is composed of 62.7% snootonium and the fluids that circulate his body are not susceptible to gas build up as in humans. He also has many amino acids that are not found in terrestrial organisms and his body temperature is 44.4 degrees due to the stronger covenant bonds of his pDNA. Space would be only mildly cold to Captain Chonkers, but would freeze human gradually. Creatures I sourced DNA from were also vastly spread over galaxy. Their DNA enabled them to survive assortment of environments and was assorted in properties. Captain Chonkers is a building block of some of the strongest chemical compounds in the galaxy!" I could tell this went over Queen Floofy Floofer's head. I could see her trying to comprehend what Thicc Corgi had said to her but the look on her face told me otherwise. Thicc Corgi loved any opportunity to show me off. Mrs. Doggo was in disbelief. "Well... uh. Okay then. He's strong and amazing, I guess is what you're saying." "Psh," Thicc Corgi waved his hand. "He is perfect, genius design. My greatest success AND my child." I smiled a little at hearing that. "What's... what's soo- snu- sna-" Queen Floofy Floofer began to ask. "Snootonium?" Thicc Corgi clarified. She nodded. "Here on earth is known as mucus." "Mucus?" she looked disgusted. "Wait... like, <em>mucus</em> mucus?" Thicc Corgi nodded. "SNOT?" Mrs. Doggo rolled her eyes looking absolutely disgusted and Shiba Chonkers put his head into his hand laughing. Queen Floofy Floofer could be very straight to the point at times but this was one time Mrs. Doggo clearly didn't approve of it. "So Captain Chonkers is full of snot?" she continued. "Mucus. Yes." "GROSS!" she yelled. "BUT STILL COOL!" I stared at her and she walked over to me and prodded me a few times with her finger. "But he doesn't feel squishy?" Thicc Corgi looked dumbfounded. "Of course not. Does have layers upon layers of protective fat, muscle and skin first." " it green?" Mrs. Doggo had enough of it. She stood up and grabbed Queen Floofy Floofer's hand, pulling her into the kitchen.</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>Mrs. Doggo gave both myself and Queen Floofy Floofer some strawberry ice-cream later on after dinner, but she put some green jelly alongside of it. Queen Floofy Floofer stared at it curiously and then looked at Mrs. Doggo. "Considering how much you seemed to love the fact that Captain Chonkers is made up of snot, I made you some green jelly," she told us as she washed up dishes in the sink. I snorted. Queen Floofy Floofer was highly intrigued. "Hey Mrs. Doggo, are humans made up of-" " QUEEN FLOOFY FLOOFER! I gave you jelly!" she yelled. "That's NOT a cue for you to keep bringing it up! And no, humans are made up of water!" I smirked at Mrs. Doggo as she left the kitchen after finishing up what she was doing. " Captain Chonkers?" she asked me and I perked up my ears. "What do you think will happen with Mertle?" I shrugged. "Hopefully isa taught lesson. No more bullying." "Do you think we went too hard on her?" "Psh..." I waved my paw at her. "Naga,  Queen Floofy Floofer. Kom week of Mertle being in trouble naga compare to 3 years of bullying." "Yeah, you're right. She started bullying me lot before I met you and when I did meet you and we became best friends it got worse," she poked at the jelly with her spoon. "I wonder why she was so sad though." I shrugged. "Probably because others no pay attention to her. Always has to be center." "Yeah." " Queen Floofy Floofer, no worry bout her. Mertle isa very nasty girl. Had it coming." "I know Captain Chonkers..." I could tell she was thinking about me attacking Mertle but not saying anything about it. I'd never wanted to attack Mertle. As much as I hated her. Queen Floofy Floofer finished her desert and went to play on her game boy. I remained at the table. I sighed. I kept thinking about what Thicc Corgi had told me. I didn't remember much of what I did when the Metamorphosis System was activated last time. After dinner just before Thicc Corgi had shown me a diagram on his computer of my 'true' form and what it looked like when it was activated. It had bothered me a lot because I knew that wasn't me. But it was. Since I was designed for planetary destruction, I was huge. A big bigger than my own favourite monster, Godzilla, but Thicc Corgi explained I had two modes. One with guns and one without. When I had the guns I was even bigger. About 200 ft tall from what he'd shown me. I was just glad I wasn't as big as the planet itself and actually relieved I wasn't as big as I feared I was. I was expecting myself to be over 1000ft or something beyond ridiculous like that. I had no idea I had guns inside of me. They looked weird to me to see them growing out of my back on the screen. I didn't like the look of them. I looked terrifying. My spines looked really sharp and my claws on my hands and feet were twice as long as what they normally are. The fur on my head spiked up into a slight mohawk. It reminded me of 621 and I was also a bit thinner too. I was easily capable of destroying buildings taller than me. GDI had been 800ft and I'd managed to rip the entire top of it off and toss it aside. What scared me the most was my face. My eyes were red. When the cell booted up alongside the system, it turned my entire face see through. I looked truly terrifying and that image of myself stuck with me. I looked really evil. I told Thicc Corgi to never let Queen Floofy Floofer see this, let alone Mrs. Doggo or Shiba Chonkers. He knew though. Reluctantly, I'd asked him how many deaths I'd caused that day. It was countless thousands and that wasn't including the aliens I'd killed on my missions so I knew there was far more than that. He showed me newspaper articles he'd documented of Turo how it was before I'd destroyed it all. It was a beautiful city. I couldn't even comprehend that I'd been the one to completely desecrate it. It looked like a nuclear warhead had hit it. I couldn't imagine how aliens actually survived that. They must have got off the planet. Thicc Corgi did show me something that cheered me up a little though. Turo was being rebuilt, bit by bit. I shuddered. I was glad I was banished to earth. I couldn't even begin to imagine how many aliens wanted me dead, let alone Thicc Corgi. We were very lucky things turned out how they did. I'd gone quiet and left the room. He understood though, he knew it was a lot for me to take in. It would probably take me months, if not years to accept the fact I was the 'key to destruction' or so he had put it. I don't get why he couldn't have just killed the board members and Gamada without me wrecking the entire city. But then again, I was also aware that his plan had backfired. I was supposed to only go after the targets but I don't think even he predicted his own system was so powerful. Thicc Corgi was a madman, but I knew he did feel remorseful for what he'd done. After all, why else would he have kept that spidget spinner?</p><hr size=1 noshade><p>I didn't go into Queen Floofy Floofer afterwards, instead I went outside to the tree-house. I climbed up, only to see Mrs. Doggo sitting there, much to my disbelief. She stared at me. " Captain Chonkers..." "Gaba eiek?" I asked her and she patted beside her. "Just thinking about things. I came back out to see the damage you caused earlier but ended up sitting up here instead." I sighed. "Soka..." She pet me on the head. "No, it was my fault. I never should have done that to you." After gazing at me for a few moments, she looked down at the river. "My family might not even come to the wedding. I don't know." "Would really tell about Captain Chonkers?" "Probably not. But... it's hard to judge a family member when you barely know them. That's why I was so adamant on you not talking." I shrugged. "Don't know unless take risk." "Yeah..." she shuddered. I could tell she was cold. I hesitated, before curling into her lap. I felt her stop shivering shortly after. "You're so warm..." she said to me. "You must barely feel the cold." "I feel it," I responded. "Not as much as Naanee." She sighed. "By the way... what was that strange langauge you were talking in before? It didn't sound like your normal one. The 'Tantalog' one, right?" I nodded. "Naga. Was not Tantalog. Kweltikwan language." She looked amazed. "Wait, that was <em>Kweltikwan</em> you were speaking?" I nodded. "Native," I told her. "I see..." she responded. "I still can't believe you and Thicc Corgi are the same species." "Aga ba?" "Hm?" "Why is that?" "Because you're so different to each other." "I know..." I nodded. "Thicc Corgi still  Captain Chonkers papa." She went quiet after that, just sitting there and staring out at the river. I could tell a lot was on her mind. A lot was on mine too. A lot of things would be for a long time.

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