Top 5 Reasons Why a Cat Body Pillow Will Improve Your Sleep


Reasons to Use a Cat Body Pillow

A good night’s sleep is one of the healthiest things you can provide for your body, however it is not always possible to get an optimal night of rest. Insomnia due to stress can lead to tossing and turning that result in low quality “sleep”.

Maybe you have been waking up groggy, tired, or achy starting off your day on the wrong foot more often than you would like. Sometimes our mattresses are too firm for the awkward positions many of us like to sleep in resulting in stiff achy joints and neck that lead to poor sleep quality. These situations that were just described are why you need a body pillow.

Our Kawaii Kitty Body Pillows are made for side sleepers who are yearning for an improved sleeping experience. We present to you five ways this body pillow will help give you the much needed rest you deserve.


  1. Relieving Pressure On Joints

It is easy to wake up with achy joints when you have a firm mattress. Joints such as your hips are vulnerable to discomfort over time when they are not properly supported, leading to pain. Normally your body instinctively shifts position to redistribute the pressure on your joints, resulting in improper alignment of your vertebral column and compression of your nerves. Compression of your nerves may sometimes result in numbness or tingling upon awakening. Joint discomfort is also fairly common in people with broad shoulders leading to similar spinal misalignment issues as people with wide hips.
Sleeping with a body pillow with its elongated and plump shape helps keep your spine aligned when placed between your arms and knees by preventing your body from needing to contort itself to relieve the uncomfortable joint pressure. The body pillow takes pressure off of your hips and shoulders allowing your body to relax for a proper night’s rest.



  1. Decreases Tossing and Turning

No one likes to feel like they just finished a complete exercise routine when they wake up and that’s exactly what tossing and turning all night can feel like in the morning.
When your body experiences discomfort it instinctively shifts to find a more comfortable position. When holding onto something while resting, your body is less likely to experience discomfort because the weight of your torso and limbs is distributed over a larger surface area. The result is decreased movement and an increase in quality of sleep.
But why can’t you just use your partner instead of a body pillow for improved sleep quality? Contrary to your significant other, a body pillow does not move or produce heat which are both things that can make it more difficult to fall asleep. A body pillow is superior to any human in this aspect. Body pillow power!
Have you ever heard of Pavlov’s dog? Well you can use the principles of associating objects with behaviors he discovered to trick your body and brain to feel tired by associating sleep with your body pillow. Over time the body pillow will become a symbol of relaxation and comfort resulting in an easier time falling asleep. A structured sleeping routine is essential for giving insomniacs the best chance at getting a good night’s rest.


  1. Stimulates the Benefits of Hugging

Most of us enjoy giving and receiving hugs due to the instant comforting feeling we get. Sleeping with your arms wrapped around a body pillow can simulate the joy and happiness felt during a hug to help you doze off when trying to fall asleep. Hugs have been shown to release oxytocin in the brain which is the ‘feel good’ hormone that potentially has a therapeutic effect that helps ease the racing thoughts and stress many of us experience when trying to fall asleep. Hugging a body pillow when going to bed not only helps align your spine but also induces the calming effect of holding someone else. If your partner is frequently out of town on business trips leaving you all alone in bed a body pillow can help get you through those lonely nights until they get home!



  1. Significantly Improves Spinal Alignment

When laying on your side all of your body weight is concentrated on your hip and shoulder joints and can occasionally result in discomfort or pain. Your torso twists instinctively to relieve this concentrated joint pressure however at the cost of misaligning your spine. Having a body pillow relieves pressure off of your shoulder and hip joints by distributing your weight more evenly to prevent your body from contorting itself. Sleeping with a body pillow is beneficial for anyone with broad hips, broad shoulders, has back problems, or is on the heavier side. Having a body pillow allows your muscles to relax for better rest.


  1. Cuteness Increases Effectiveness

Puppy Love Products is about providing its customers with the cutest, cuddliest, and chonkiest plushies possible. Our Kawaii Kitty Body Pillows comes in various colors and sizes for children and adults alike! Our body pillows are filled with the softest synthetic cotton blend available because only the best is good enough for our customers. Unlike organic cotton, synthetic cotton is soft AND durable so that our products maintain peak plumpness for longer thereby increasing the functional longevity of our body pillows. Puppy Love Product’s body pillows are exactly what any insomniac with achy joints needs for a good night’s rest!


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