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Hyuna Meets Julio

Hyuna Meets Julio Hyuna was staring out the bus window contemplating life, wondering if she’s following the right path. She was riding the bus home after lecture so that she could shower and get ready for work at her parents’ KBBQ restaurant. Hyuna is a bio major at UCLA and helps out at her parents’ restaurant part-time. Hyuna’s parents’ dreams have always been for her to graduate from UCLA and become a doctor, but those have never been HER dreams. Hyuna loves photography. Hyuna has always loved taking pictures ever since she can remember and she’s used photoshop ever since she got a bootleg version from her friend. She does photography on the side and edits photos for her friends...

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Introducing The Main Characters

Hyuna Cho Hyuna works in her parents’ KBBQ restaurant where she meets a young good-looking Mexican boy, named Julio Barrera, who recently started working there. Hyuna falls in love with Julio, but is engaged to an emotionally abusive yappie fiance named Bruce Yang. Her parents love Bruce because he is an aerospace engineer at SpaceX and more importantly, Bruce is Korean. Hyuna is an aspiring photographer, but her parents are forcing her to pursue medicine and become a physician. Hyuna’s parents start noticing the budding chemistry between her and Julio, which causes the already existing tension in the Cho household to increase to the point where Hyuna’s parents threaten to disown her. Hyuna has to choose between being a “good...

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