Hyuna Meets Julio

Hyuna Meets Julio

Hyuna was staring out the bus window contemplating life, wondering if she’s following the right path. She was riding the bus home after lecture so that she could shower and get ready for work at her parents’ KBBQ restaurant. Hyuna is a bio major at UCLA and helps out at her parents’ restaurant part-time. Hyuna’s parents’ dreams have always been for her to graduate from UCLA and become a doctor, but those have never been HER dreams. Hyuna loves photography. Hyuna has always loved taking pictures ever since she can remember and she’s used photoshop ever since she got a bootleg version from her friend. She does photography on the side and edits photos for her friends and family. She does this for the extra cash, but more importantly she uses this hobby as an outlet for her passion for photography. Hyuna can’t follow her dreams of being a photographer because that’s not what her parents planned for her. She is unhappy with the life that her parents want for her, but she understands the sacrifices her parents have made and continue to make for her and wants to makes them happy. You see, Hyuna’s parents are Korean immigrants that came to the United States, like many immigrants, in hopes of a better life. They started a KBBQ restaurant because they had family already in the business, so they went with it. Little did they know how much hard work it would be, living each day with the mindset that the future will be easier, but that future never came. Hyuna’s family struggles financially, so there is a lot of pressure for her to do well in school and become a doctor. Her parents’ are very unhappy with the lives they’ve lived, but get by with the glimmer of hope that one day Hyuna’s success will make their struggles and suffering worth it. The thing is, her parents’ don’t understand that they are forcing their daughter into an unhappy life like theirs.

Hyuna just got out of her animal physiology lecture and was heading home to get ready for work. Like every other day, today was long and tiring. She volunteers at Ronald Reagan Medical Center, works in a research lab, goes to lecture, and studies in between classes… Oh and she doesn’t have a car. This is her life and she’s come to terms with it, mostly. She still fantasizes about her imaginary life as a photographer renting studios, traveling, and mingling with the stars. She has little free time, but whenever she gets the chance she’s out snapping pictures. She always has her camera on her, well because the only free time she seems to have is walking between classes and riding the bus home. Hyuna is in her spring quarter of her senior year at UCLA. She’s never seen herself as an adult, but lately she’s been feeling more and more uneasy as her graduation date approaches. It was a “like oh shit, this is really happening” kind of feeling. She was slowly realizing that her life as an adult was starting after graduation. Her dissatisfaction with the life that her parents’ wanted for her increased as it became apparent that it was becoming a reality and her dreams of becoming a photographer were slipping through her fingers like sand through the funnel of an hourglass. *DING* This was her stop. Hyuna gets off the bus, walks home, takes a shower, and walks downstairs to start her shift. As she’s walking she notices someone new behind the register. He looks over in her direction and they lock eyes.

“Hi, I’m Julio. Nice to meet you,” he said.

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