Introducing The Main Characters

Hyuna Cho

Hyuna works in her parents’ KBBQ restaurant where she meets a young good-looking Mexican boy, named Julio Barrera, who recently started working there. Hyuna falls in love with Julio, but is engaged to an emotionally abusive yappie fiance named Bruce Yang. Her parents love Bruce because he is an aerospace engineer at SpaceX and more importantly, Bruce is Korean. Hyuna is an aspiring photographer, but her parents are forcing her to pursue medicine and become a physician. Hyuna’s parents start noticing the budding chemistry between her and Julio, which causes the already existing tension in the Cho household to increase to the point where Hyuna’s parents threaten to disown her. Hyuna has to choose between being a “good Asian” and following her heart. Will she choose Bruce or will she call off the wedding and choose Julio? Will she become the doctor her parents’ always wanted or will she follow her dreams of becoming a photographer? Only time will tell in the K-Town Triangle!

Bruce Yang

Bruce is an aerospace engineer at SpaceX and is currently engaged with Hyuna. He is a very traditional young Korean man and has very patriarchal views on relationships with women. He expects Hyuna to cook, clean, and have his children after they get married. Bruce is sometimes emotionally abusive towards Hyuna and criticizes her for wanting to pursue photography instead of becoming a doctor, calling her a “bad Asian” for wanting to do so. Hyuna’s parents love Bruce because he fits their mold for what the perfect husband is: Korean and has a good, stable career. All of Bruce’s friends are yappies like him, but Hyuna doesn’t want to live the yappie lifestyle and doesn’t have anything in common with them. Hyuna is very unhappy with her relationship with Bruce, but she wants to make her parents happy by marrying him. Bruce starts noticing that Hyuna and him are drifting apart and becomes increasingly emotionally abusive towards Hyuna due to his insecurities, pushing her further away towards Julio. Bruce loves Hyuna dearly, but cannot properly express his feelings due to his upbringing. Bruce eventually finds out about Hyuna’s feelings for Julio and tries to change his patriarchal views and his emotionally abusive personality to try and win Hyuna back. Will Bruce be successful in changing himself for Hyuna and win her back, or will Bruce lose Hyuna forever? Only time will tell in the K-Town Triangle!

Julio Barrera

Julio is a young good-looking Mexican immigrant who recently starting working at Hyuna’s parents’ KBBQ restaurant. Julio is from Sinaloa, Mexico and has a shady past that he decided to leave behind to start over in the United States. He has been in the United States for about five years and is currently attending community college where he is taking screen printing classes. Julio’s dream is to start a streetwear clothing brand and Hyuna loves that about him. Following his dreams gives Hyuna a taste of the type of lifestyle she’s always wanted, but never had the courage to pursue. Her relationship with Julio encourages Hyuna to abandon her parents’ dreams of her becoming a doctor to instead pursue her own dreams of becoming a photographer. Julio’s influence on Hyuna drives a wedge between Hyuna and her parents and her fiance Bruce. As Bruce becomes more and more insecure, it pushes Julio and Hyuna closer and closer together. Hyuna and Julio start falling in love, however she is unaware of his shady past as a teenager in Mexico. In an attempt to increase awareness of his developing clothing brand, Julio starts a YouTube channel that covers screen printing and his journey towards starting a streetwear clothing brand. When his YouTube channel starts taking off, someone from his shady past recognizes him and finds out where he is... Will Julio’s shady past come back to haunt him? Will Hyuna choose Julio over her parents and her fiance Bruce? Only time will tell in the K-Town Triangle!

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