Clive Christian, Noble Collection VIII Magnolia, 50mL

Clive Christian

Clive Christian, Noble Collection VIII Magnolia, 50mL

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Brand: Clive Christian


  • This floral perfume is composed of 223 precious ingredients. Its scent draws on the fresh femininity of pink hues that were featured in the work of beloved, iconic Rococo-era artists
  • Powerful, fresh cassis adds tropical and fruity top notes. Its leaf buds are used to produce 100% pure and natural French blackcurrant bud absolute, which lends itself to a playful yet innocent aroma
  • This scent's sophisticated heart features magnolia, which is native to Southern Asia. Steam distillation extracts the flower's heady scent to be combined with charming tea rose for an intense floral burst
  • Oakmoss is wild-harvested from forests in Macedonia by hand to give this fragrance a seductive finish at its rich base for an earthy finish that is reminiscent of smooth leather
  • 25% perfume concentration for unparalleled longevity. This product is a genuine product backed by its original manufacturer

EAN: 0652638004341