Clive Christian, Noble Collection XXI Cypress, 50mL

Clive Christian

Clive Christian, Noble Collection XXI Cypress, 50mL

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Brand: Clive Christian


  • Composed of 203 precious ingredients, this cirtus oriental perfume is bold, bright, and zesty, delving into hidden depths for a suprising scent that conjures the spirit and presence of the jazz era
  • This scent opens with a burst of citrus and bergamot while basil adds a fresh surge of energy. At the top, petitgrain — from the orange tree — is green and sweet like neroli for bright woody character
  • Woody and fresh with a pine-like accord, cypress forms the heart. Clove, ginger, and nutmeg merge with hints of oakwood to add an exotic warmth — inspired by brandy barrels of the prohibition era
  • Rich, sensual amber creates a warm base with its honey-like, mellow scent. A scattering of soft powder grounds the comforting, musky blend of complementary notes
  • 25% perfume concentration for unparalleled longevity. This product is a genuine product backed by its original manufacturer

EAN: 0652638004280