Cutie Patootie Octopus Plush Toy

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Cutie Patootie Octopus Plush Toy

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These super squishy Cutie Patootie Octopus Plushies are super soft, super super cute, and make the perfect pillow. Can't sleep? Well, these thicc boys are super warm, cuddly, and snuggle up for the perfect night's sleep. There's no tossing or turning with a Cutie Patootie Octopus Plush like this one by your side! Made only with the highest quality materials available, the soft texture of the fabric and the squishy, stretchy, elastic faux cotton filling make this stuffed marine animal plush the ideal snuggle partner.

These stuffed marine animal plushies make a great armrest while sitting on the couch or put one on your lap for typing away on your laptop! Watch television or browse the internet with the upmost comfort. But wait, there's more! The soft texture and compressibility of our stuffed marine animal plushies are essential for stress relief. Imagine coming home from work or class tired and frustrated and seeing this super cute Cutie Patootie Octopus Plush on your bed. One hard squeeze and poof, all of your stress and frustration is gone!

Treat yourself by purchasing one of these stuffed animal Cutie Patootie Octopus Plushies today, you know you deserve it! Every stuffed animal plush is handmade to order, so these little chubs are extra special.

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