Pond King Honey Hole Tree Fish Habitat (1 Pack)

Pond King, Inc.

Pond King Honey Hole Tree Fish Habitat (1 Pack)

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Brand: Pond King, Inc.


  • Artificial fish structure designed to attract and hold sport-fish species that associate with cover, like Bass, Crappie and Catfish
  • Internal refuge areas are ideal shelters for smaller fish, as openings are designed to exclude larger predators
  • Larger internal cavity offers refuge for intermediate sized fish species
  • Ideal Depth for Placement, 6 to 10 feet.

Binding: Lawn & Patio

Details: This fish attractor provides a permanent haven for Crappie, Bass, and Catfish. The cone and limbs are made from environmentally friendly polyethylene. You can fish through the artificial fish habitat structure's flexible limbs without snagging, which puts more fish in the boat and less tackle lost below. This fish structure has over 15,000 square inches of surface area for algae, eggs, and insect larvae to attach to. The dozen slots around the exterior allow baitfish access to a place to hide, which in turn attracts larger fish. The Honey Hole Tree artificial fish habitat is best utilized in water that is 6 feet deep or higher. A cluster of at least three trees in a triangular pattern is the most effective. Sink trees on points or coves, or any spot where there is a sharp contrast in water depth to create an ideal habitat for fish. Another prime location is under a floating dock or pier. In deeper water you may want to suspend the tree off the bottom. Most fish, especially Bass and Crappie, like to suspend off of the bottom when water depths exceed 15 feet. The Honey Hole Tree is the only artificial fish habitat on the market that can be suspended from the bottom. Specifications; Height, 4.5 feet; Coverage Diameter, 7 feet; Limb Count, 93; Estimated Usable Surface Area, 116 square feet; Ideal Depth for Placement, 6 to 10 feet. Includes: (1) Cone Base, (93) 36-inch Limbs, (1) Steel Weight Ring, (1) Eye Bolt.

Package Dimensions: 45.0 x 21.0 x 21.0 inches