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Shiba Inu Hoodie

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Is yours or a fellow furry's yerfday coming up? No matter who it is, a yerfday is a special day that must be celebrated. Whether it's yourself or someone else you love, make their yerfday that much more special with an amazing and thoughtful gift that can be cherished for practically a lifetime. Made with only the highest quality faux fur fabric available and stitched together by hand with tender loving care, our Shiba Inu Hoodies are an awesome gift for any furry's yerfday!

Look hella kawaii in one of these super duper warm and cuddly Shiba Inu Hoodies! Whether it's lounging around your apartment or going out on a date, you ALWAYS have to be prepared to look kawaii! Being cute is of utmost importance in today’s anime-centered world. Whether you're an independent woman or a co-dependent mother of two, you ALWAYS have time to look kawaii! Look kawaii AF today with one of our premium Shiba Inu Hoodies.

Whether you're a fur, furfan, furitan, furvert, or just fur-inclined, acquire some legit AF furrie attire today! Have some fun and blur the lines between RL and fantasy even further. Go as far as your mind will take you. Schedule a get together with all of your furry friends and have a good 'ol time rolling around in a furpile or get intimate with a fellow furry and engage in acts straight out of a furotica. Do what you want when you want. Anything is possible when you have a swaggy AF Shiba Inu Hoodie by your side. Don't let the fursecution and furrie hate get in the way of expressing your fursona! Be yourself and cop yourself a Shiba Inu Hoodie.

The only limit to your fun is your imagination… and the moneys. Are you a furry on a budget dying to express your fursona? Tired of being a hyooman in RL, but can't afford that expensive faux fur fursuit and still want to act out your furotica dreams? Live your furverted kinks of role-playing anthropomorphic characters with one of our Shiba Inu Hoodies! Being a furvert has never been so affordable. Whether you’re an older hyooman by day and a graymuzzle by night or a netfur ready to make the transfurmation in RL, it does not matter. Our Shiba Inu Hoodies don't discriminate. This is a fursecution free zone. Be your furrie self today and leave your hyooman self behind with one of these swaggy AF Shiba Inu Hoodies today!

Are you a plush-o-phile tired of only acting out your yiff fantasies through online furdom? Are you ready to elevate your transfurmation and looking for some plushies in RL? Check out the rest of our store to satisfy all of your plush-o-phile needs. Every single plushie is handmade to order, so these yiffy thicc boys are extra special. All of our stuffed animal plushies are made with the highest quality materials available to fulfill the most sensual furotic plush-o-phile yiff desires. Our yiffy plushies are super durable and very easy to clean, perfect for any dakimakura situation! Murr, imagine performing dakimakura with one of our yiffy plush toys.

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